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Full text of "English-Japanese conversation dictionary, preceded by a few elementary notions of Japanese grammar"

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( I ) 


ace. accusative 

adj. adjective 

aff. affirmative 

aux. auxiliary 

comp. compound 

cond. conditioned 

dat. dative 

dist. distinct 

expr. expressed 

fig. figuratively 

foil. followed 

intr. intransitive 

lit. literally 

n. noun 

opp. opposed 

p. Pfige 

tran. transitive 

v. i. verb intransitive 

v. t. verb transitive 
.Three points preceded by tlie first letter of the 
"principal word in a paragraph indicate the 
rc'jitition of this word: nbovo, a. . . 

A dash has been wod to indicate the omission 

of a word or sentence. 
tdberu A decimal point shows the way the verb has 

to bo conjugated. Seep. 12. 
/ A slanting line follows and indicates the proper 
particle to be used in connection with the word 
translated: e.g. to take charge of wo/azukaru; to 
take charge of a parcel nimotau wo azukaru. 
[ 1 Within brackets will sometimes be found a 
serai-literal translation of the foregoing Japanese 
sentence. . 

( ) Words are often placed in parenthesis to 
illustrate the meaning of the context. 

( n ) 

PRONUNCIATION (approximate) 

a a in father 

ai ai in aisle 

au ow in cow 

ch ch in child 

e e in pen 

ei ei in rein 

g sometimes as in goat; 

sometimes tlie sound of ng in king 

i i in machine 

o o in more 

Ou ou in though 

« s in sat 

u u in put 

The other letters as in English 
Double consonants must be pronounced double; 
long vowels must be pronounced long 5, e, o, u; and 
short vowels (i, M)are hardly pronounced at all. In 
the very common case of verbal terminations in suf 
the u is practically silent: e. g. desu is pronounced 

Japanese words are pronounced with an equal 
stress on each syllable except: 1) the syllable 
preceding a double consonant which has a longer 
sound; 2) the syllable containing a long vowel; 
3) a short vowel makes the syllable short and as a 
consequence often throws an accent on a neighbour- 
ing syllable. 









( in ) 




big; pre at 


small; young of animals 








means interrogation or doubt 


added to noun to form adj. 


added to noun to form adverb 


shops; occupation of workmen 


concrete noun 


abstract noun 


added to adj. forms an abstract ndun 


plural (polite) 




plural (less polite) 



'■ atu deau=de arimaaa 


-de atta deaiiita—de arimaahita 


=de arimaaho daro=de aro 



ya—wa after indefinite form of the verb (2nd base) 


g. ahi ya ahi-nai 

cha=te iva; e.g. ahicha^shite wa 


-te ahimau 


=te ahimaita: e.g. waaurechatta 




tc=to itte mo ; to iu ; to itla 

( 5) 


The compiler is indebted for the idea of this book 
to that very practical series of little dictionaries 
called Nutf s Conversatioii Dictionaries. Tho ex- 
ecution of tho work would have proved an inipossi- 
bility but for the excellent English- Japanese 
Dictionary of the Spoken Language by Hobart- 
Hai'.ipden and Parlett, mIucIi has been consulted 
continually. Frequent use has also been made of 
Imijrie's Etymology. 

This book is intended for the use of tourists 
and now residents who wish to speak a little 
Japaneio. The compiler has endeavoui-ed to mako 
the book as practical and simple as possible, at 
the sacrifice sometimes of other good qualities: he 
will l^a more pleased to receive the thanks of the 
beginner than the praise of the learned. 

It will bo found that the Japanese in this Dic- 
tionary is, on the whole, the ordinary, every -day, 
homo-like, middle-class, colloquial language that 
one generally hears: the very rude and the extra- 
polite ways of speaking have purposely been 



Abbreviations I 

Pronunciation II 

Prefixes, Suffixes, Contractions Ill 


Writing 7 

Conjugation of the Verb 12 

Voices of Verbs L5 

Transitive and Intransitive Verbs Ifi 

Compound Verbs 16 

Observations on some Verbs 17 

Adjective 19 

Comparison of Adjectives 21 

Pronoun 21 

Article 22 

Noun 22 

Cardinal Numbers 23 

Auxiliary Numerals 24 

Ordinal Numbers 26 

Fractional Numbers 27 

Honorifics, Polite Words 27 

Postposition 29 

Interrogations 29 

Order of Words 30 

Homonyms 30 

Weights and Measures 31 


List of words with dialogues IV 

Common useful phrases V 

( T ) 



The Japanese characters are of three kinds: 

o) The Kan-ji, a collection of several thousand 
signs or ideographs of Chinese origin, in which each 
sign corresponds not to a sound but to an idea. Three 
or four thousand of these characters are known to 
people of moderate education, and this niimber is 
enough to read the newspapers and write about 
everyday matters. 

0) The Hira-Gana, a collection of 50 cursive signs 
in which each sign corresponds to the sound of • 


c) The Kaia-Kana, a collection of 50 angular 
signs in which each sign corresponds to the sound 
of a syllable. 

In the following table the first sign is Hira-Oana 
and the second Kala-Kana. 


a hr 




8 ) 



u 5 :> 

ba \l.<f 




a t*|bo 


bu Jk y- 



da /r^' 





\\x X.y 








gU CiJ'' 

ha U^> 






ka ii>^ 




|5 ^ 


C 3 

ku < if 

ma ^ -sr 







mutf A 

na lli- 







nu lO^ 

pa (jfvN 


•^ ^ 





pu J^7' 

ra ^ ^ 


^. IX 


i> J? 



ru S>'ix 

sa ?-3^ 







s>\x "^ :^ 





c h 

tsuO 5^ 

wai) 7 





ya J?3^ 





yu ^9 J. 

za ^r 





zu -^^X 

final m or n A/ i^ 


All Japanese writing begins at the top right-hand 
corner and is written in columns downwards. Odd 
words and short sentences are sometimes written 
in horizontal lines: they are usually, though not 
always, to be read from right to left. It is impor- 
tant to notice the little accents^^ (or °) wliich 
modify certain sounds; these modified sounds are 
called nigori These accents show us that in Japa- 
nese ga, for instance, is only a modified pronuncia- 
tion of ka and not a totally different sound. This 
may very frequently be observed when words enter 
into composition; thus, from akai (red) and kane 
(metal) we have akagane (copper). 

The following syllables are written by means of 
two kana symbols. 

cha sha cho sho chu ahu 

-f x/" i- ^ 'f ^ 

+ -y 3 3 a, 3. 





or ^-i 


or '^ 

^' or 













































































( iw ) 

The double letters in Japanese are : kk, mm, nn, 
pp, as, tt, ssh (— shsh), tch (= chch), tts (= teU). 

Except ?nm and nn, they are generally written ia 
kana by replacing the first component by tsu (o or 
)!> ), thus : 

rippa is ^Titten ri-tsu-pa ^i ^ ^ 
dolchi is wTitten do-tsu-chi Y ^ ^ 

Double m or n would, of course, be written thus: 
mi-n-na i y -)- 

The correct wn.y to write long vowels is not easy 
to explain ; they m^^.y, however, be written by the 
novice by simply repeating the vowel : thus : 
Tokyo Y ir ii-3 ir 

Without pretending to go into details as to the 
Kan-ji, some of the simpler numbers are given* 
as they can frequently be recognised in the prices of 
things or the hours of trains. 

1 — M -Y 20 n 30 H 70 -fc U7 

2 - - + + -t- ^ 

3 H 12 j; 20 iJ- 30 flf go ^-^ « 

4M -21-400 + -b 

5 3£ 13 -f -Y -t qn -I, 

«^^ - - 5oi ^'^orsimply 

l^ ''1 ''1 -t- 100^ H 

8 A ^ 

9 ii etc. 
10 + 


60 ^.c 1000 =p 

( 11) 

The numbers 1, 2, 3 and 10 ore abo written thus : 

1 ^ 2 jj; 3 # 10 js> 

The following characters may often be seen : 
^ gozen, (morning) X gogo, (afternoon) 

kudari, (for down-trains from Tokyo) 
nobori, (for up -trains to Tokyo) 

T z. 

^ deguchi, (way out) '^ iriguchi, (way in) 

;^ A;m, tanc, (monej% metal) E or p^ yen, 

ifj s/ii, (city) PJ" viachi, (town) ^ or ^ sen. 





^ Nihon, ^ banchi, (house- ^ Taisho, 

^ (Japan) ^ nimiber) ]£ (year-name) 

ip ncn, (year) ^ getau, tsuki, Q nichi, hi, 

(month, moon) (day, sun) 

Bf ji, (hour) ^ /mm, (minute) i^ adma, (Mr) 

S ri, ( = 2-4 X cho, (=120 A. 'li'o. (human 

miles) yards) being) 

H otoko, (man) -^ onna, (woman) ^p. ko, (child) 
■^ okii, (big) /]> chiisai, (small) ^Jc mizu, (water) 
^ Tnaru, (suffix to names of ships) Jjt iori, (ice) 

When the characters are written with a brush, 
sometimes the form is the same as the printed 
characters, sometimes another form is employed ; 
just as in English the written letters are different 
to the printed ones. 

( 12) 

The following is not an attempt at giving a com- 
plete or scientific conjugation of t^e Japanese verb; 
this is long and complicated. We have only endea- 
voured to show the easiest way of forming those 
parts of the verb in most common use. This book is 
only intended for begianers; and we believe that the 
novice will derive more benefit from learning a short 
abstract of the verb such as given here, than by trying 
to remember all the forms of the full conjugation. 
TABLE I. (Bases) 


































































































( 13 ) 



1 yobu 

1 yobu , 

3 yondE IRU , 

2 yoMMASC , 

3 yondK laiSV 

3 yondx , 

3 yond'E ITA . . . . , 

2 yoftlMASHITA 

3 y07tdE IHASUITA . 

8 yobo , 

2 jtoWmasho . . . . , 

1 yobu DESH5 

8 yondE IRD DESBo 

3 yoiutE 

8 yonds ITE . . . . , 

2 J/ofriMASHrTB . . . , 

2 o yobi , 

3 yonds , 

3 yotidTj o KURE . , 

2 O yobi NASAI . . . , 

3 yondE kfbasai 

2 o yobi kudasai . . 

2 yobiTki , 

6 yob'KBA. , 

3 yonds IKEBA . . . . 

3 yondARA. 

3 yonds ITARA. .... 

3 tfo*^*^5 , 

3 ponds ITAKS . . . . , 

to call 4 yoba-'Sii 

call, or 


or was 


call, or 





wish to 

if call 

if called 

4 yoba-TSKl 
3 yondE I-NAl 

2 2/o6iMASEN 

3 yondE XUASES 

4 j/06a-NAKATTA 

3 yandE i-nakatta 


3 yondE iuasgn deshi- 


4 yoba-THkl DESH5 

3 yondE I-NAI DESH3 

2 yobiUASEV DiBHO 


4 yoba-'SAl DH 
4 yoba zv KI 

4 yeba-SAKVVS 

1 yobu ft A. 

4 t/oiXt-NAI DE ETTKl 
3 yondE WA IKE-NAI 


4 yoba-V AI DE n 


2 yobiliAKV NAl 

4 yoba-V AKEViSBi. 

3 yond& I-HAE^ZSA 

4 t/oto-NAKATTABA 


probably 4 yofta-iTAKATTAR5 
called 3 yoTids i-nakattaro 

( 14) 

With regard to Table I, the column 1 gives the 
terminatioii of the verbs as found in the Dictionary, 
As the bases of all verbs ending in and iru are 
not formed in the same way, some have been dis- 
tinguished by a decimal point (cru; i-ru): be care- 
ful to note whsther the verb has or has not tloia 

Table IT shows what terminations are to be 
added and to which base they niust bi added. 

In order to conjugate any verb, first f&rm the 
bases as per Table I and then add to the proper 
base the termination shown in Table II. Take the 
verb yohu, for instance. According to the second 
line of Table I we shall have as bases 1 yohu, 2 yobi, 
3 yond, 4 yoha, 5 yob, 6 yobd. 

'Many tenses have in Japanese a simple form as 
yohu corresponding to the passing act and a com* 
pound foiTn (composed of the gerund and the au- 
xiliary verb i'ru or oru) as yonde iru which corres- 
ponds to the contmued act. Thus yobu means I 
call, yonde iru I am calling. 

Yohu and yonde iru have the same meanings 
respectively as yohimasu. and yonda inuisv. but the 
latter arc more polite. In each case in which a 
distinction is to be made, the polite forms will be 
found at the end of the tense. 

In the imperative, the forms in kudasai are the 
only really polite ones. The othera savour more or 
less of a command and should be used only. to 

The meaning of the Japanese affirmative 
future tense is not so much futurity as uncertainty. 

( 15 ) 

Besides the forms given of the probable past 
tense we may also obtain others by adding daro or 
desho to any form of the past tense. 

The gerund is often used for continuing sentences 
without the use of a conjunction. For instance : 
I bought a book hon wo kalmashiia; I bought a 
book and returned home hon wo katte uchi ni 

The conditional serves not only to express a con- 
dition, but is often used to indicate other relations 
especially that of time. _ The present or past of 
the verb followed by n'ara, the 1st form of the 
present followed by to^ and the gerund followed by 
■U'a, are often about equivalent to a conditional. 

The desidorative form of the verb is equiva- 
lent to a true adjective and has the inflexions of one. 
For instance: I wish to call, yobitai; if you 
•wish to call, yobitakereba; I do not wish to call, 
yobitaku nai ; etc. See pp. 10, 20. 

It is well to remark that the second base of a 
verb is frequently used by itself, and in this case 
it is generally equivalent to a noun. It is called 
the stem and is met with frequently as the first 
component of a compound. 


The Passive is formed by adding re'r\i to the 
4th base. In verbs ending in e-ru or i'ru, add rareru 
to the same 4th base. E.g.: korosu to kill, koro- 
aare-ru to bo killed; tahe-ru to eat, taberare-ru to 
be eaten. 

The subject of the Japanese passive is the person 
affected by the action of the verb ; 1 herefore not 
necessarily the direct object. The use of the 

( 16) 

Japanese passive is very different from the English 

The Causative voice is obtained by adding se-ru 
to tlie 4th base. In verbs ending in e-ru or i-ru, 
sasp'ru is added to the same 4th base. E.g.* kau 
to buy, hawase'ru to have bought (by somebody); 
koshirae-ru to make, koshiraesase'ru to have made; 
I shall liave a tal)le made lebdm wo koshiraesase- 
mavho. The causative may have two meanings : 
(a) to cause to do ; and (b) to allow something to 
be done. 

Tl'.e Potential: — The Passive does service as 
a Potential also. Besides this, most verbs (not 
those ending in e-ru or i-ru) have another form of 
potential obtained by adding e-ru to the 5th base. 

Passive, Potential and Causative verbs all end 
in e-ru ; they may be conjugated regularly. 


In English it often happens that the same verb 
is both transitive and intransitive: in Japanese such 
verbs have usually only the stem rn common. E.g. 
kowasu (trans.), koware'ru (intr.) to break. I broke 
the plate sara wo kowashimashUa; the plate broke 
sara ga kowaremashita. 


Besides the compound forms of the simple ten- 
ses, of which we spoke above, the Japanese have 
a very large number of compound verbs: e.g. from 
noru to get on to, and kae'ru to change, we obtain 
nori-kacru, to change trains, carriages, etc. The 
first component is the 2nd base of the verb. 

' 17 ) 


The negative form of the verb aru to be, to have, 
must be earefuUy noticed and remembered. 



aru . . . . 



arimash'ii i 

aru . . . . 


atte . . 
areba . . 
attara . 
attaro . 





arimasen deshlta 

nai dexho 
arimasen desiio 

gerund nakitte 

confl. present nakereba 

cond. past nakallara 

probable past nakattaro 

The different contractions of the verb de aru are 
somewhat confusing to a beginner; as this verb is 
of such frocjueut use we shall give it in the form of 
a conjugation. 



de aru, 

da = de aru 

desU = de arimasH . 

datta = de atta 

deshlta := de arimashila 

daro = de aro 

desho = de arimasho . . 

datlara = de attara . . . 

dattaro = de attaro. . . . 




cond. past 
probable past 

de wa nai 

dewa nai 

de toa arimasen 

de wa nakatta 

dewa arimasen deshlta 

de tea nai desho 

de wa aritrtasen deshS 

de nakattara 

de wa nakattarS 

( 18 ) 

Tho following list of forms of common verbs 
that are pronounced alike or nearly alike may be 

He gerund of i-ru to be 

itte gerund of iku to go, of iu to say, of iru 

to need 

vru to be 

iru to need 

kacru to come back 
kae-ru to change 

oru to be, oru to break 

orimasu present of oru to be, present of oru to 
break, present of ori-ru to get o2 

kiru to cut 

ki-ru to put on 

suru to do (irrecular) 

8ur^ to shave (regular) 

toru to take 

tcru to pass 

imasu present of vru to be 
iitnasu present of I'm to say 

shite gerund of sitru to do 

ahitte gerund of shiru to know 

kiite gerund of kiku to hear 

kite gerund of kuru to come, kiru to wear 

kitte gerund of kiru to cut 

ii second base of iu to say 

ii colloquial form of yui, second base of yuu, to do 

up a woman's hair 
ii the adj. good. 

( 19) 


Adjectives in Japanese, as in English, have no 
gender, number, nor case. 

There are three principal classes of adjectives: 
true adjectives, adjectives in na and no, presents 
and pasts of verbs. 

The adjective may be used in four ways: 

1) as an attribute, in which case it is placed 
before the noun: e.g. high house takai uchi; kind 
man sh insets il na hito. 

2) as a predicate in ordinary sentences: e.g. this 
house is high kono vxhi tea takai : that man is kind 
ano hito ua shinselsu de ariynasu [desu]. The verb 
'to be' need not be translated when followed by a 
true adjective. 

3) as a predicate in polite sentences with the verb 
gozaimasu: e.g. that tree is high ano ki wa iako 
gozaimasu ; that man is kind ano hito wa shinsetsU 
de gozaimaaH. 

4) as an adverb: e.g. that tree has becorne high 
ano ki wa takaku narimashlta; that man behaved 
kindly ano hito wa shinsetsix ni ahita. 

True adjectives end in at", ii, oi, ui, their termi- 
nations according to the way in which they are used 
are shown in the following tables. 

attribute takai 

predicate takai 


with \- tako 






> 1 

\ tako yasaahiu shird aamu 

u J 

takaku yasashiku ahiroku samuku 

( 20 ) 

What remains after suppressing the final » of a 
true adjective is called the stom; it is ofto:i used as 
the first component of a compound. 

True adjectives have a kind of conjugation whicii 
is obtained from the adverbial forms; 

adverb takakv 

past taLa/:\Tri. was high 

future takai.AiKb will be high 

gerund takahi th being high 

cond. present takatKHEnx if is high 

cond.past takak\TTAiiA if wlis high 

probable past takaksTTARb i^robably was high 

The negative forms of the true adjective are 
obtained from the adverbial; they are illustrated 
in the following example: 

yoku well 

yoku nai not good 

yoku nalcu not well 

yoku nakatta was not good 

yoku nakaro will not bo good 

yoku nakide not being good 

yoku nakereba if is not good 

yoku nakatlara if was not good 

yoku nakcUlaro probably was not good 

No desu (sometimes abbreviated to n' desu or 
to desu) is often added to true adjectives used as 
predicates : e.g. this house is high kono uchi wa 
takai (no) desu. No desii is likewise often added 
to the final verb of a sentence. 

Adjectives in na (or no) change na (or no) into de 
when used as predicates, or gerunds, and into n» 
when vised as adverbs. 

( 21 ) 

The presents and pasts of verbs are frequently 
used as attributes; but as predicates in ordinary 
sentences they again become true verbs. Their use 
will bo understood by this example: a fat woman 
fulotta onna; that woman is fat ano onna wa futotte 


The comparison of adjectives is geneitilly not ex- 
pressed but implied in Japanese: which is the cheap- 
er? dotchi ga ydsiii? dotchi no ho ga yasui? which is 
the cheapest? dore ga yasui? These sentences all 
mean: which is cheap? 

This is the clieapest (of two or more) kore ga ya- 
sui; (of two) kono lid ga yasui. 

The use of the word 'than' is shown in the Dic- 

The superlative may be translated by ichiban: 
this is the best kore ga ichiban ii. 


The personal and possessive pronouns are 
seldom used in Japanese; the context and use of 
humble words or honorifics are usually enough to 
show which person is being spoken about. As the 
sentences translated in this Dictionary have no 
context, a much freer use of the personal pronoun 
has been made than is usual in ordinary speaking. 

There are no relative pronouns in Japanese: ex- 
amples of how sentences containing relative pro- 
nouns can be translated, may be found under the 
words That, Who, Whom, Which. 

( 22 ) 


There are no articles in Japanese. 

Abstract nouns are formed by adding: o) koto to 
an adjective or to the present or past of the verb; 
Jiayai rapid, hayai koto rapidity; ki ivo tsukeru to be 
careful, kl wo tsukeru kulo attention; 6) sa or mi to 
an adjective stem; takai high, takasa height; amai 
sweet, atnami sweetness; r> kc to a noun: shio salt, 
ahiokr. saltncss. 

Concrete nouns are sometimes formed by adding 
mono to nouns, or to the stems of adjectives or 
verbs: e.g. inaka the country, inaka-iitono a rustic; 
aoi green, aomono vegetables; kau to buy, kaimono 

The names of Trades, Artisans, Shops and Shop- 
keepers are formed by adding ya to the name of the 
article dealt in: e.g. sakana fish, sakana-ya fishmon- 
ger (the man or the shop). 

The sex of the animal is seldom referred to; when 
it is necessary to do so, it can be done by prefixing 
oloko no or o for the males, and onna no or me for 
the females : e.g. ushi any bovine animal, oloko no 
uslii or o-usfii a bull, on>}a no nslii or me-ushi a cow. 

The plural number may be expressed by adding 
domo, lachi, or gata (which is more polite). These 
suffixes, however, are rarely neccssarj' and seldom 



This subject is somewhat complicated. In tho 
first ten numbers there are three different sets of 

1 ichi hitotsu hii 

2 ni jutatsu ju 

3 aan mittsu mii 

4 shi (or yo or yon) yottsu yb 

5 go itsutsu ii (or itau\ 

6 roku muttsu mu 

7 shichi (or nana) nanatsu nana 

8 hachi yatlsu ya 




kokono (or / 

10 ju 



11 ju-ichi 




12 ju-ni 






20 711-/5 



21 ni-ju-ichi 



22 niju-ni 


rop pyahu 

30 san-ju 



40 shi-ju 



60 go-ju 



60 roku-ju 


ichi -man 

70 shichi-ju (or 




80 hachi -ja 


hyaku -man 

90 ku-ju 


( 24) 

The third set is used in counting over things, e.g. 

linen to be sent to the wash; one. two, three 

hii, fu, viii In otiicr cases the sot to be used 

depends on the noun to which tlio numeral refers: 

a) a few nouns, (units of time, money, weight or 
moasiiro), tako the first sot witliout any auxihary 
numeral ; in this case the numeral precedes the 
noun: e.g. two yen ni-ycn; fifty son go-jis-scn; three 
o'clock san-ji; six hours rokti-jlkan. 

h) most nouns take the first sot with an auxili- 
ary numeral; in this case the order is: noun, 
n'.imeral. auxiliary numeral: e.g. six men hito roku- 
nin; eiijht plates sara hachi-mai; three books hon 

c) a good many nouns take the second set; the 
numeral is placed after the noun: e.g. two eggs ta- 
mago juiatsu; three chairs isu mittsu; four boxes ha- 
k9 yottsu 

d) a few nouns tako the second set after suppres- 
sing^ the final tsir. the numeral comes before the 
noim: e.g. two nights ftita-ban; three boxfuls mi- 
hako; eight months ya-tsuki. 

House numbers are expressed by the first set of 
numerals followed by ban if they refer to the Euro- 
pean part of tlie town, or banchi if they refer to the 
Japanese part. 


The auxihary niunerals are very numerous; we 
shall only name a few of the most common ones. 
In every cose we have followed the numeration far 
enough to show the irregularities there may be. 

( 25) 

NIN fr>i' men: 1 hitori, 2 fulari, 3 san-nin, 4 yottarif 
or yo-nin, 5 go-nin, 6 roku-nin, etc. 

HON for cylindrical things, such as sticks, trees 
pens, etc: I ip-pon, 2 ni-hon, 3 sam-bo7i, 4 shi-hon, 

6 go-hon, 6 rop-pon, 7 shichi-hon, 8 hachi-hon, 9 kti- 
hon, 10 jip-pon, etc. 

MAI for flat things, such as, shoots of boards, 
coats, rugs, etc: 1 ichi-viai, 2 ni-rnai, etc. 

DAI for rikishas, carriages, etc: I ichi-dai, 2 ni-daif 
4 yo-dai ^ etc. 

HiKi for animals, excepting birds: 1 ip-piki, 2 ni- 
hiki, 3 sani-biki, 4 slti-hiki, 5 go-Iiiki, 6 rop-piki, 

7 ahichi-hiki, 8 hachi-hiki, 9 ku-hik , 10 jip-piki, 

WA for birds : I ichi-wa, 2 ni-wa, 3 sam-ba, 4 shi- 
wa. 5 go-wa, 6 roku-wa, 7 shichi-wa, 8 hachi-iva, 

9 ku-wa, 10 jip-pa, etc. 

HAi for glassfuls, cupfuls, etc. 1 ip-pai, 2 ni-hai, 
3 sam-bai, 4 shi-hai, 6 go-hai, 6 rop-pai, 7 shichi- 
liai, 8 hachi-hai, 9 ku-hai, 10 jip-pai, etc. 

FT7KU for scrolls, sips of tea, whiffs of tobacco, 
doses of m.edicine, etc. 1 ip-pulai, 2 ni-fuku, 3 sam- 
buku, 4 shi-fjikm, 5 go-fuku, 6 rop-puku, 7 shichi- 
juku, 8 hachi-f-uku, 9 kujuku, 10 jip-puku etc. 

8ATSU for books I is-satsu, 2 ni-sat»u, 3 san-acit- 
au, 4 ahi-aaisu, 5 go-satau, 6 yoku-satsu, 7 $hichi- 
aatsu, 8 haa-satsu, 9 ku-aatsu- 10 jia-scUau, etc. 

SOKtJ for pairs of socks, boots, clogs, etc. I ia-ao- 
ku, 2 ni-aoku, 3 aan-zoku, 4 ahi-aoku 5 go-aoku, 
6 rokusoku, 7 ahichi-aoku, 8 hcu-soku, 9 ku-aokUf 

10 ji»-»oku,' etc 

( 26) 

When yoii don't know wlDch is the proper auxi- 
iiary number to use you had better ennploy the 
second set of numerals. It may not be correct 
Japanese, but you will be understood; whereas if 
you use an incorrect auxiliary numeral you may 
not be understood at ?.ll. For instance, if instead 
of sara ni-mai [two plates] you say snra jutatsn, it 
is not right but it is intelligible, sara ni-hon is 


The ordinal numbers are formed from the car- 

In cases a) and d) (page 23) you add me to the 
noun: e.g. the tiiird ho\iT aan-jikan-mc; the second 
night futaban-7ne. 

In the case of nouns belonging to class b) you fidd 
me no to the auxiliary numeral. The order of the 
words is: numeral, auxihary numeral, me no, noun; 
the auxiliary numeral can always be replaced by 
ham. E.g. the sixth man roku-nin-me nohito, roku- 
bam-m,e no hito; the third book san-aatsu-me no hon, 
ean-bam-me no hon. 

In the case of c) add me no to the numeral and 
put the noun at the end: e.g. the third chair "mittsu- 
me no iau. 

( 27 ) 

a half 
a third 
a quarter 
three quarters 


aani-bun no ichi 
ah i -bun no ichi 
ahi-bun no aan 

three quarters of an apple ringo no ski -bun no aan 
_ B bun no A 

Miscellaneous numerical expressions will be 
found under the words : how, age, time, year, 
month, day, date, money, etc. 


Honorifics are in constant use in Japanese. They 
largely take the place of personal and possessive 
pronouns of the second person: thus o tomodachi 
the honorable friend, means, your friend. 

The honorific particles are o and go; they are 
very frequently placed before nouns, and some- 
times before adjectives. 

In verbs it sometimes happens that there is a 
special verb for the action of the second person, if 
this second person is being treated with respect : I 
saw mimashUa; you saw goran nataimasM t a 
[deigned to glance]. When no special word exists, 
the verb may sometimes be rendered more 
respectful thus: 1) the honorific o; 2) the second 
base of the verb ; 3) naaaru, ni nam, or d« goxaru- 

( 28 ) 

Besides this use of honorifics in verbs, which con- 
sists in distinguishing my act which is ordinary 
from your act, which is honorable, there are some 
polite forms of verbs and some special verba 
which are to be used when speaking to a superior, 
irrespective of the person who performs the 
action of the verb. The commonest example of 
this arp the forms of the verb ending in tnasa, etc: 
aruku [I walk, you walk, he walks] does when 
speaking to an inferior or a chum; but ariikiiyiasu. 
should be use when speaking to anybody to whom 
we owe respect. Likewise desu, dc.-^liita and d^sho 
are more polite than da, datta and daru. By fre- 
quently replacing the verb aru by gozaru, we can 
make our conversation still more markedly polite. 

Women as a rule, use honorifics and polite words 
much more freely than men 

It is not possible to put every sentence in this 
Dictionary in both the familiar and polite forms. 
The reader must mrxke the changes which the 
circumstances may demand. 

It has become the custom always to use an 
honorific prefix before certain words, as : o yu hot 
■water; o cha tea; and in these cases the honorific 
means next to nothing. Indeed, in some instances, 
the honorific has become incorporated m the word 
and has etitirely lost its meaning, as: onaka [honor- 
able inside] the abdomen. 

Be careful not to mix up in one sentence polite 
and impolite expressions. Go hon wo kasJilte o kure 
lend me your book, would be wrong, because go hon 
is pohte and kashile o kure is a non-polite form of 
the imperative. 


A certain class of Japanese words are called post- 
positions because they are always placed after the 
word or clause to which they belong. They corres- 
pond generally to English prepositions or conjunc- 

Wa or ga are used after the subject of a sentence; 
wo after the accusative case and ni after the 
dative. Wa is also used after a word or phrase, 
placed at the beginning of a sentence, to which it is 
desired to draw special attention. 

It is very diflficult to give a rule for the use of wa 
or ga after the subject of a sentence. 


Questions are expressed by putting ka after the 
verb. When there is already an interrogative 
word in the sentence, the final ka is not always 
necessary. Ikaga desu? or ikaga deau ka? are both 

The Japanese 'yes' or 'no' refers not to the 
objective fact nor to what you have said, but to 
what they think is in your mind. You may often 
hear things hke th-« : Doko de katta no desu ka ? — 
lie, jihun de koshiracla no desu. Where did you 
buy it ? — No I made it myself ; i.e. your question 
supposes that I bought it somewhere, that is not 
so, I made it mj-self. 

The result of this custom is, that when answering 
a negative question they often, but not always, say 
'yes' aayo de gozainvasu, where we would say 'no', 
and 'no' He, where we say 'yes'. Supposing you 
ask somebody : Kyo ikimasen ka ? 'areu't you going 

( 30) 

today ?' If he does not intend to go he will say : 
Sayo de gozaimasu, and his meaning will be . 'The 
suggestion implied in your negative question is 
correct ; I am not going'. If on the other hand he 
does intend to go, he will answer : lie, and he 
means : 'It is not as you suggest ; I am going.' 
However, if the question is : Tetsudatte kndnsaima- 
sen f:n ? won't you kindly help me ? he will think 
you are counting on hi-s help, and his answer may 
be : K, trtsudattc agcinasu to mo. of course 1 will ; or 
lie. lets ltd a i.» as en no, I won't. 

The bogiuner will lind at safer always to answer 
que.stions by a verb in the affirmative or negative 
inflexion, and not merely by yes or no; and he had 
better always ask questions in the affirmative form. 


In Japanese qualifying words precede the words 
they qualify; postpositions, of course, come after 
tho word or clause to which they belong. E.g. the 
red book akni lion ; of tho red book akai Hon no ; 
the price of the red book akai hon no nedan. 

The Older of a Japanese sentence is generally 
as follows: adverbs of time or place, or any word on 
which enphasis is laid; subject; clauses; dative; 
accusative; adverb; verb. 


The beginner must bear in mind that in Japan- 
ese homonyms are extremely numerous. A large 
number of the words of one or two syllables have 
several meanings; not a few of them have as many 
as ten or more. Even among words of three syl- 
lables homonyms are frequently met with. 

( 31 ) 


With approximate equivalent in European units. 
Linear Measure 

10 bu 

= 1 sun 

= 1-2 in. 

=0-03 metre 

10 sun 

= 1 shaku 

= 11-93" 

=0-303 " 

6 shaku 

=:1 ken 

= 5-97 feet 

= 1-818 " 

60 ken 

= 1 cho 

= 119 yds. 

= 109 

36 cho 

= 1 ri 

:=2-44: miles 

=3927 " 

1 inch 

=0-84 sun 

1 foot 

= 1-006 shaku 

1 mile 

= 14-8 cho 

> metre 

= 3-3 shaku 

1 kilom 

=9-2 ch5 

Cloth Measure 

10 bu 

= 1 sun 

= 1-5 in. 

=0-038 metre 

10 sun 

= 1 shaku 

= 14-9 in. 

=0-379 " 

10 shaku 

= lj5 

= 12-4 feet 

=3-79 " 

1 foot 

=0-8 shaku 

1 metre 

= 2-64 " 

ISl.B. — The shaku of ordinary linear measure 
is called kane-jaku, that of cloth measure kujira- 
jaku. The latter is J longer than the former. 
1 knnc-jnku- 08 kujira-jaku 
1-25 kane-jaku=l kujira-jaku. 

Square Me.\sure (for land) 
1 teubo =6 kane-sliaku 8q.r=3§ sq. kane-shaku 
=i3-05 sq. yards =3*30 sq. metres. 
300 tsubo=l tan 10 tan=l cho. 

1 sq. yard =0-253 tsubo 
1 acre =1224 " 

1 sq. metre=0-303 " 

( 32) 


10 shaku 

= 1 go 

=0-318 pints =0-18 litre 

10 gr, 

= 1 sho 

r=3-lS " =1-8 " 

10 sho 

= 1 to 

=r3-97 gallons =18 

10 to 

= 1 koku 

=4-96 bushels = 180 " 

1 pint 

= 3-15 g5 

1 htre 

= 5-54 g5 


10 fun =1 mome. =212 dram =3-75 gram 

IfiO momc.= l kin =1-32 lbs .=G00 

lOOO mome.= l kan =8-27 lbs. =3-75 kilogr. 

1 lb. =:121 mome. 

1 ton ^271 kamme. 

1 kilogr. =267 nnome. 

The picul equals 100 kin or 132 lbs. 


A There is no indefinite article 
in Japanese 

1 A means one 

pleiirJ" p:vn nie a pear nashi 
no lutottn /.iidasai 

2 A r.wans eacli 

how much a toot? shaku (de) 
four times a month Isuki (ni) 
Abacus sorobun 

Abandon yaine'ru ; (a person) 

to a . . . hope omoi-kiru 
Abdomen onaka; hara 
to the he?t of my a... de- 
kiru dake 
a man of great a. . . rikd na 
See CAN 

to be a . . . deki'ru 
a. . . bodied iobu na 
Abortion (dead) ryilzan: (pre- 
inuiuio birth) Uukitarazu; 
(wilful) datai 
1 Ajpproximate amount: gu- 
rai; nodo; bnkari 
a... how nuicJi (quantity)? 
donn ijurai arima.sii ka? 
(price) ik:ura ourui dcsii ka? 
a. . . this much kano tjnrai 
a. . . ten sen jis-sen (lurai 
a. . . how long does it take? 
jikan wa dono gurai kakari- 
masii ka? 

it t;vkes a ... 2 hours ni-jikan 

a . . . as big as this ko)wi gurai 

ni.nke it a... so high kono 
iiurai no takasa ni shite mo- 
ra iud 

1 liaven't seen him for a. . . 3 
months mi-tsuki bakari ai- 

there were a . . . a liundred 
sciiolars hyaku-nin bakari 
srito ija iUi 

2 A))proximate moment or 
date: (icrj 

come here at a. . . .5 o'clocV 

Ov-ji froro o-ide naani 
It was just a. . . tlii.^ time last 

year chiido sakunen no ima' 

i/uro dcfih'ita 

3 Almost but not quite 

I have a . . . linislied the book 
hon ivo mo sukoshi d-e yonde 

that's a . . . it sonna mon' de- 

4 Somewhere round 

a. . . (around) the house uqhi 
no mfuvnri ni 

he is looking a... (every- 
where) hobo mite imasC, 

have you got a pencil a... 
you? anata wa empitsU too 
motte imasu ka? 

I walked a . . . the garden ni- 
wa wo arukimashita 

where a . . . doko ira 

a . . . here koko ira; kono hen 




is there a house to let a . . . 

here? kono hen ni Icashi-ya 

ga arimasu ka? 
5 Concerning, occupied with 
what is it all a. . .? do shUa 

no liesu? 
while you are a . . . it sotw 

tsuide ni 
I know nothing a . . . that 

sono koto loa nani mo shiri- 

ma sen 
he was talking a... you 

anaVi no koto too hanashUe 

I spoke to your father a . . . 

goinz tomorrow o to-snn ni 

ashlUi iku koto wo iimashUa 
I'll speak to him a. . . it (and 

see what can be done) haiM- 

shU". miinusho 
I'll speak to him a. . . it (for 

him to dUcoiitinue the bad 

practice) .<''• iimasho 
I'll speak to him a. . . It (and 

see whoMier he can do it) 

kiUe. ■niiiruisho 
what a . . . the letter? tegami 

what did you say a... the 

letter? (when one has heard 

only the word "letter" and 

not the rest of the sentence) 

tegnmi ga do shiUt to iu no 

wnat can I do a . . . this? kore 

voa ri/i sureba ii desfio? 
there is no doubt a . . . it ^ore 

nt ckwii nai 
the carpenter has come and 

say- sometliing a. . . his not 

being able to come perhaps 

tomonow dailcu ga kite nxki- 

ta wa korare-nai ka mo shire- 

masen to ka nan to ka iima- 

t Near future 

I am a . . . to start dekakeru 

tokoro dfsu; dekakeyo to sum 

tokoro desii 
it began to rain just as I was 

a ... to leave chodo dekakeru 

tokoro e ame ga luri-d<tshUa 
as tlie train is a... to start 

buy your ticket mo kishii ga 

demitsu kara kippu wo o kai 

Above no we ni 
a bird k flying a... the 

lake tori ga muu no ue ni 

tonde ima!:ii 
a... all I like the iri? shobu 

ga irhi-bin suki desii 
a... all don't forget to buy 

some sugar snto dake uxi 

kitLo wisare-nai yo ni 
Abroad (in foreign countries) 

gaikoku ni 
Absence rust* 
has anybody come during 

my a....» rusn ni dare ka 

kiina^hJtJi kn! 
ha.s anything happened in 

my a . . . ? rusu ni nani ka 

knwatta koto qn attn kaf 
if anyb.)dy sliould come during 

my a. . . say I will be baokat 

five o'clock rusu ni d'tre ka 

kitara go-ji ni kaeru to itte o 

if Mr.Tanaka come during my 

a. . . ask him to wait rum 

ni Tanaka San on. kitnra o 

m*rhi kudasai to itte o kure 
to be a . . . rusu de aru; i-nai 
he is a . . . rusu desii; ori- 

he i« a. . .-minded ano hito uxi 

bonvari da 

that is a. . . tore v>a muri dem 
(font be a... (in Pii^ech* 


baka na koto wo iu-na 

dont be a... (in acts) baka 
na koto wo suru-na 
Abundance takOsan; dossari 
Abuse (bad custom) heigai; 
warui shUkan; (rude speech) 

to a... (misuse) ranyo suru; 
(revile) akutai wo tsuku 
Accent hatsuon; on 

you have a very good a. . . 
anata no ImUuon wa taihen 
yd gozainiasit 

he speaks correctly, but he 
has a bad a. . . ar^o hito wa 
m'lcliiiitiva-nai dc haiaishi- 
nuisu i.eredomo on ga unrui 
Accept ukeru; (consent) iltochi 
suru; (a favour) osa.'ue ru 

please a. . . this dozo kore wo 
osamete kudasai 

not to a . . . kntoiiaru [to refuse] 

he did not a. . . my otfer to 
go with him trnttakfishi ga is- 
sko ni iko to ittemo kotauari- 

there was an a. . . lui na ko- 
to ga vkorimashlta; jihcn ga 

I have had an a... (wound) 
kega wo shiinashita 

free from a . . . buji 

it was done quite a...aiiy 
hoiUo ni soso deshita 
Accompany to issho ni iku 
[to go together with]; soe'ru 

to a ... a letter by a pre- 
sent okuri-mono ni legaini 
wo soe'ru 

documents a letter 
tegami ni snele aru shorui 
please a. . . Mr. Tanaka to the 
door chotto Tanaka San wo 
de-guehi rnade o nii-ukuri wo 
shite o kure [to see him off] 

35 Account 


of its own a . . . Mtori-de ni 

of one's own a. . . jibun-gatte 

of your own a . . . go katte ni 

in a . . . ance with no tori ni; 
no tori de 

in a. . .ance with my promise 
yakHsoku no tori ni 

this is not in a. . .ance with 
your agreement sore wa 
o yakUsoku to chinaimasCi, 

a ... to ni yoru to; ni yotte 

a . . . to your letter o tegami ni 
you to 

a. . . to what this person says— 
ano hito no ha)iashi rfe tva — 

a. . . to tlie laws of this coun- 
try kono ku7n no horitsU de 

a ... to circumstances baai ni 
yotte; ttiki ni yoltr 

the postage differs a... to 
the weight of the letter 
tegami rw mekata ni yotte 
ykbin-zei ga chigainmsti 

a... to the Asahi Shimbun 
there lias been a great earth- 
quake in America Asahi 
Shimbun ni yorrUi Amerika 
ni o-jishin <ja atta so da 

1 calculation kan/u: (written 
bill) kanjo-gal.i 

pleast! let me have the a... 
(bill) kmnjo-gaki wo kudasai 

please ^end me my a. . .kanjo- 
gaki wo okvtte kudasai 

please make out the a... 
(c.ilculatiou) kaujo wo shite 

have you not made a mis- 
ta'Ke i:i the a....' kanjo ni 
yiiac/iigui arinmsen ka/ 

an a . , . giving details meisai 
no kanjo-gaki 




put this down^ to my a... 

kore too banjo ni ireU ku- 

1 will pay the a. . . at once 

kanjo teo sugu ni haraima- 

kindly receipt the a... uke- 

tori ni shite kudascn 
this anjount Ls still owing 

kono kanjo wa mada suitde 

to pay an a . . . kanjo wo 

to settle definitely an a... 

kirei ni kanjo wo sunt; seisan 

to collect an a . . . kanjo wo 

torn (or morau) 

1 have an a . . . at the Mitsui 
Bank watakHshi wa Mitsui 
Ginko to toriMki shite ori- 

you need not pay 1 have an 
a. . . tliere kaj/oi da kara 
haraioa-nai de mo ii 

charge it to my a. . . tsukete 
oite kudasai 

2 Narrative hanashi 
according to his a. . . — 

ano hiU> no hanashi de wa — 

3 Reason 

on a . . . of wo tame ni 

I did it on a. . . of yonanata 
no tame ni shiinashlta 

I am leaving on a . . . of the 
bad food lafte-mono ga wa- 
rui kara demagA [because 
the food is bad I am leav- 

1 didn't go on a... of the 
rain ame ga jurimashUa kara 
ikimasen deshita 

everybody is in difficulties on 
a . . . of this war kotio senso 
ni wa minna komatte iru 

ou no ii. . . let anybody see 

my letter keshUe iegami too 
dare ni mo mise-nai de 

4 Estimation 

you must take the circimi- 
stances into a . . . baai too 
kangae-nakercba nara-nai 

it is of no a . . . nan de mo 
nai koto desa 

5 Verb 

that a. . .s for it sore da kara 

6 Various 

does this include everything? 

kono kanjo ni minna haitte 

imasu ka ? 
what is this? kore toa nan 

desn ka? 
I know nothing of this item 

kore wa watakUshi wa shi- 

1 have only had three bot- 
tles of beer biiru wo sam- 

bon tottu kiri desU 
the charges are too high 

liedan ga taka-sugimasU 
I wish to see, the landlord 

shujin ni aiiai 
I shall not pay this kore wa 


Accusation kitsiimon; togameru 

Accustomed (to be - a ... ) na- 

rete i'ru 
to be a. . . to using tsiUcai- 

narete i'ru 
to be a to eating tabe- 

narete iru 
to be a ... to hearing hiki- 

narete i'ru 
I am a ... to foreign towels 

toatakushi wa taoruwotsukai- 

narete imasu 
I am not a ... to Japanese 

food watakUshi toa Nihon no 

gohan wo tai>*-narete ima- 






I have an ear-a... mimi ga 
to a. .. iiamu 

my head a... 8 oAama ga 
itamimaiH; atama ga itai 
Acid (adj.) sui; suppai 
Acknowledge (admit) mito- 

Acquaintance shiite iru hito 
Acquire (obtain) e'ru 

a . . . the road miehi no muko 
he went a . . . the park ano 
hito wa koen wo totfe iki- 
how can one get a . . . the 
river? do shiie kawa wo 
toatirimasii kaf 
I came a. . . a friend yes- 
terday sakujitsA tomodachi 
ni aimashUa 
Act (deed) okonai; shiwaza 
to a. . . suru; (of the bowels) 
tsuji ga aru; daiben suru 
my bowels have acted twice 
this morning kesa ni-do 
tsUji ga arimashUa 
in the very a . . . sono ba de 
Action (act) okonai; shiwaza; 
(gesture) miburi 
I will bring an a. . . (at law) 
again&t you anata wo uttae- 
Active kappatsU na; mame na 
Actor yakusha 
actress onna yakushx; joj/U 
Actual (true) makoto no; hon- 

to no 
the a. . . facts jissai 
the a. . . cost moto-ne 
the a. . . condition genjo 
Add (calculation) yose'ru; shi- 
' me'ru ; (one thing to another) 

please add it up yosete kuda- 
Address (in words) tokoro; taku,' 

(in writing) tokoro-gaki; (of a 

letter) -ate-na 
what is your a . . . .' anata no 

tokoro wa doko desa ka? o 

ta-ku wa doko desa ka? 
this is my ft. . . (refering to 

something written) witakiishi 

no tokoro-gaki toa kore desa 
my a . . . is — watakUshi ruy 

tokoro wa - — desu 
give me your a . . . (written) 

please o tokoro-gaki wo kudo- 

please write down the a. . . 

in Japanese Nihon no ji de 

tokoro-gaki wo kaUe kudasai 
please a . . . this letter for me 

uwagaki too kaite kudasai 
a. . . it to — — ni atete 

to whom is ttiis letter a...- 

ed? kono tegami wa dare ni 

kita no desA ka? 
ask for his name and a . . . 

namae to tokoro too kiite kure 
For house-number see p. 16 
Adieu saj/onara 
Admirable kekko na 
Admiral kaigun-taisho 
Admire (personal action, etc.)' 

kanskin suru 
la... that (somebody's art) 

kanshin shimashlta 
la... that building ano tatt- 

monowarippada to omqiriM- 

sd [I think that building 

la... the colour of that sash 

ano obi no iro wa taihen ii 

is a... free.' tada desa kaf 
a. . . ticket ni/uiSken 



Admit (let in) ircru; (ac 

knowledge) milomerti 
Adopt (a-i a ^oii) voshi wo 
sum; (of a daiialiter) yojo wo 
a. . .ed cliild morai-ko 
Adult n/imi 

Adulterate mize-mono suru 
I ff.'l Kur? tli.Tt this milk is 
a . . .d l\'n)io /ji/uin/ri y:a tuini 
hi iiuize-r.iono ga aru ni chi- 
na i mil 
Advince (improve) suxumu; 
(p;iV out on account of 
another) tatek-neru 
to a. . . in price ne-age wo 

to pay in a . . . saki-barai 
mu't I pay in a. . .? saki-barai 

dcsi't kat 
Adv.'intaKe rieki; toku 
there is no a... toku ga 

to take a... of the circum- 
'^tance^ baai wo riyo suru 
lo fiave an a... lik'^n ni au 
a.,.r (injiio-t'ir) jiiimashi 
Advert Iscitijnt '.'livha 

t 1 idverti^e h'lku'-n mru 
Ad .'Ice (counsel) chdkoku 
a IKtPr of a . . . annni-jo 
whr.t do you a... (your 
opinion)? anata wa do onio- 
iiTi isU ka> 
I a. .. you to do it -w sum 
hi) ga a dcxli/i fparhaps it 
w.i'ijd lie better to do it| 
Affair ^ce 
Afford (spend without serious 
detriment) vovH ga aru [to 
have spare money) 
I to be a... 'in t'v sen=p of 


real fear), generally trans- 
lated by the aid of the adj. 
kowai ; sometimes the verb 
knuvgaru; osoreru, 

I am a. . . kowai 

I am not a. . .kowaku nai 

ynu (he) are a. . . kowai no de- 

you (lie) are not a. . . kotcaku 
nai no dcsho 

are you a ... of me? anata wa 
wn/'ikOthi ga kowai no 
den a kat 

dout be a.,, kowagara-nai 
de mo a 

1 am a . . . of cro^fiiin; the 
river tViitnknshi wi kc.wa wo 

wut'tru no ga kowai 

2 Anxi.'tv 

what are you a... of? nnni 

ga kizukui na no di'^u.' 
I am a... of spollinq my 

dres? kiiiumo wo lioim^n no 

ga aliiniijdi d<'.<:i 
I was a... Ill; wmild not 
like it vionhi-iia « ki ni ira- 

vai ka to omottf uliii/ipai 

I am a . . . you are tired ki:t'iH- 

ri't/i dr'iko 
I am a... I j-liall nut arrive 

in time jikan ni mn ni aioa- 

nai dirro to oindimusn [I 

think that probably 1 AiaXL 

not arrive in time! 
I am a... lie will be anLn"y 

rtjio liUo ga okoru daro to 

I am a. . . it won't be ready 

dckini'ifiUDvii til onioiiiuixn 
I am a... lie will not come 

today ky'i wa ko-iiai to omoi- 

he is a. . . he (his friend) will 

not come tc.d.iy /.'"> toii ko- 




nai to omoimasii 'tie [he says 
he is a . . . etcj 

lam a... we shall be late 
osuku nam ka mo shire masen 

I am a. . . something has hap- 
pened nani ka alta no ka mn 

don't be a. . . to speak A-awi«i"- 
niasen kara go enryo naku o 
hanaslii 7Hisai 

1 Witii verb 

he came live minutes a... 
you had gone anata ga dete 
kari: <,o-lun bakari tattnra ki- 

a. . . he arrived I went to bed 
watakiishi wa ano liiio gu Isu- 
ite kara nemashita. Wata- 
kiifihi ira ano hUo ga txuiia 
kura nnmiahita would mean: 
I w ent to bed because he ar- 

a... I have said something 
I never go back on my words 
ichi-do ii-dush'itit (sic) kara 
ni I'M afo e wa. hika-nai 

1 shall go out a... dinner 
(a. . . I have eaten my din- 
ner) gohan tco tabete kara de- 

how shall we manage a... 
tathei' is dead? chichi ga shin- 
da suki wa do shile ittara 

a. . . looking carefully into it 
I found it was a mistake 
yoku sliirubctara rhigatte iru 
tU) ga wakariinashita 

2 With noun 

I came in a . . . you watakushi 
wa arw.ta no ato ni kimashita 
a . . . that sore kara; ato de 
a. . . that I went out sore kara 

you ato kara 

I'll come a . . 

a . . . you (please go Qrst) dozo 

o saki e 
I can go any time a. . . the 

fifth itsuka sugi nara tteie de 

mo ikarcmusa 

3 Duration 

a. . . three years san-nen ato; 
san-nea t^ilie 

4 Past (of the hours) 

we won't arrive till a. . . four 
yo-ji sugi ni tsakimasU 

it is a. . . twelve now mo jUr 
ni-ji sugi da 

I shall go a. . .5 o'clock go-ji 
sugi ni ikiinasho 

5 Various 

a. . . all toto; tmmari 

I went a . . . all toto ikimashita 

a ... a short while sukoshi 

the day a . . . tsttgi no hi 
day a . . . day hi-bi; mai-nichi 
month a. . . mouth tsitki-zuki 
year a . . . year nen-nen 
to run a. . . a person hito wo 

to ask a, . . t person hito no 

koto wo lazuneni 
a... whom are you enquir- 
ing? dare wo tazuneru no 

desvL ka? 
one a . . . the other jun-jun ni 
a. . .wards ato de 
Afternoon gogo; hirurkara 
good a . . . konnichi wa 
1 Definitely, once more 
once a . . . mo ichi-do 
write it a . . . please (as I want 

one more copy) mo ichi-do 

kaite kudasai 
don't do it a... (not even 

once) mo shite wa ike-nai 
as much a . . . mo sore dake 


2 Vaguely, another time or 

please come a... mata o-ide 

raininR a... I mala ante ya 

are you Roiiig to Tokyo a. . . 

toinoirow? as/iita mo Tokyo 

e irai.ihaimasu ka? 

3 Ketuni to former state 
to come hack a . . . kaeru 
to get well a. . . naoru: yoku 

are you quite well a. . .? vin 
yok-u varimush ita ka ! [already 

4 ]Jo a... so as to correct 

write a . . . so as to correct 

write it a... f^lease (as this 

has some mi-takes) kaki- 

naotiltile kudasai 

5 Various 
a. . . and a. . . iku-do (dc) mo; 

read it a... and a... until 

you know it by heart sora 

de vhoeru nuide iku-do (nw) 

yonde f/oran 
now ;iiul a. . . tnki-duki 
we are gouig a. . . th»: wind 

kaze ni mukuttc ikimasu, 
1 have notliing to say ". ... 

it sore ni taishUe iu koto tea 

what a. . .are you.' o toshi tea 

ikutsii desii ka? 
I am eight years of a... 

UHitaku.iM wa yattsu desu 
When speaking of age, you 

use the .second set of nu- 
merals; see p. 15 
'i'he Japanese count their age 

40 Agree 

by adding 1 on the fir>t of 

January. A baby is 1 from 
birth until the New Year, 
it becomes 2 then, even if 
only one day old. 
Agent d,nri 
Ago mae 

a long time a... (According 
to circumstances this may 
mean in English anytliing 
from a few hours to several 
centuries. The first expres- 
sion given is more or less 
general: the other three cor- 
respond to different lapses 
of time.) zutto mac; shiba- 
raku mae: sen; mukashi 

he woke a long time a. . . 
(e.g. 1 hour) shibarnku mae 
me wo aahuishimashUa 

I lived in that house a long 
time a... (e.g. 2 year?) sen 
wutakiishi wa ano uchi ni 
tunde orimaskita 

a lung time a. . . a great bat- 
tle was longht here mukashi 
knku ni <'i-ii:i'is(i ija attu 

I knew tliat long a. . . mu sen 
kara s/iitie iiiiasu, 

my father died a long lime 
a... (e.g. 20 years) chichi 
wa zuUu nifte ni shiuimashita 

a short wliile a... (hours) 
Sfikki; senkoku 

a few days a . . . senjitsU; kv.- 

3 years a. . . san-nen mae 

not long a. . . sonna id mae 

no koto de wa nai 
Agony kulsu; haimnon 

do you a . . . to this.' sore de 
ymoshii ka? 

do you a... with me (my 
opinion)? anata mo so omo:- 
masii ka.' 




I cannot a. . . to that shochi 

ga dekimasen 
I cannot a . . . with you so de 

ma nai desho 
■we had a...d to this and 

it cannot be altered yaku- 

soku shita kara kaeru koto 

wa dekimasen 
Japanese tea does not agree 

with me Nihon no o cha wa 

waVikHshi ni yolcv, arimasen 
Agreeable see NICE 
Agreement yakiisoku; yaku jo 

to make an a. . . yakujo sum 
Ahead (first) saki; (in front) 

I will go a... c saki ye iki- 

you go a. . . (to an inferior) 

saki e o-ide 
go straight a... massugu ni 

vmko e o-ide nasai 
I cannot see a... muko ga 

Air kaki 
pure a. . . ii kiiki 
close a . . . wand kuki 
to a ... a room heya ni kaze 

wo ireru 
to a... a mattress ffiton wo 

liosi'i fto dry a mattressl 
a. . . (t\ine) jushi 
to put on a. . .s kidoru 
Alcohol anikoru 
Alight v.i.oriru 
to be a . . . nite rru 
they are both a. . . ryoho 

onaji desH 
exactly a. . . sakoshi mo 

Alive (to be a . . . ) ikiie on* 

(not polite) 
is your father a . . . .« anata 

tea tu-san ga arimasii ka! 

my father is a. . . but my 
mother is dead chichi wa 
ikiie ima&U ga haha wa 
All mina; minna. 

all .lapanese houses are very 
clean Nihon no ie wa 
minna taihen ni kirei desU 

I don't understand it all min- 
mi ire nakariniasen 

in all minna de 

how much all together.' minna 
de ii.ura dem ka? 

taking it all together (on the 
whole) daitai kara ieba 

all of us mina 

all of you mina san 

all day long ichi-nichi'jii 

all night long yo-iit, 

all tlie year round nen-ju 

all one's life ixsho; shinu made 

all the time shijH 

all right (in answer to: may I 
do this?) yoroshii; ii; (in 
answer to: shall I do this?) 
e; (in answer to: let's do 
this) ttie verb in the future 

all at once (suddenly) /ct,amV 
(all at the same time) ichi- 
do ni 

once tV,r all mo kore kiri 

all the better nao ii 

all tlie worse nao warui 

not at all (none, by no me- 
ans) siikoshi nw with neg; 
kesshite with neg; (after: 
thank you) do iUtshimashite 

1 am not at all angry sUko- 
sh2 mo okoUe im/isen 

I don't understand it all chit- 
to mo toakarimasen 

this will ' not do at all kore 
de wa totemo ikemasen 

nothing at all nan de mo nai 

at all events do shite mo; to- 
nikaku mo 




all over (finished) mo o shi- 

mai; (covering everything) 

ifhimfn: (in great ouantity) 

it is all over tno o shimai 

de^'i; mo shi-lcaUi ga nai 

[there is no Jielp for it] 
all covere ith snow ichi- 

men ni yUKi ga /urimashita 
all over mud dcrro-darake 
all over the place doko ni de 

all to pieces mecha-mecha ni 
for all that sore na nn ni 
he will come on Sunday if he 

comes at all moshi mo ano 

hi to ga kuru to mreba ni- 

chiijd ni kimasil 
it is all the same onaji koto 

all the same (nevertheless) 

all four died yottari tomo 

all know shira-noi mono wa 

nai [double negative]; minna 

thitte imasu 
all men love money dare de 

mo kane wa suki desi'i 
after all tsumari; tolo 
after all I foraot it tOlu want- 

rele shiniatia 
after all he's only a boy of 

fouiteen taka ga ju-shi 710 

kodmno ja nai ka? 
by all means zehi 
it id all gone mo nakunari- 

this is all there is kore kin 

it is all soid out uri-kire- 

thatV all sore dake 
I have all I want mo takHtan 
with all my heart knkorn 


throw it sway box and all 
Jtako no mama de sMete o 

I inquired at all the books- 
ellers' finbo no hon-ya de kiile 

did you two go all by your- 
selves? jutari dake de ikiina- 
maslvta ka? 

I pulled with all my strength 
chikara '-.vpai tii hippatta 

it will take all next year raU 
nen ippai knkaHmasA 

there is all this konna ni takO- 
san arimasii 

fir^t of all mazu 

nearly all taigai 
Allow (permit) yuntsiX 

did your father a... you? 
o to-san w't yurushimashUa 

will you a . . . me.' yurushi 
kudasaimasen ka? 

a... me to offer you — See 


is smoking a...ed here? 

koko de tnbako too nonde 

mo kaniairivasen ka! 
la... him to do as he likes 

ano h'llo no sUki na yo ni 

don't a... that to prevent 

yon .^onna kuto u>a kamatoa- 

ntti de mo ii 
you must not allow him into 

tlie house kesxhite uchi ye 

irete wa nara-nai 
a. . . him to go ikasete yari 

even that sore ni 

shite mo 
I am a . . . ready md tuko- 

thi de dekimasu 






leave me a... please kuma- 

wa-ruii de ktidasai 
all a. . . hitori de 
leave it a... siltitt uite o 

kure; (don't touch) ijira-nai 

de kure 
are the childrei; all a...' 

kodomo duke desu ka? 
did you two go &. . J fUtuii 

dake de ikinwshita Kai^ 
are are going a . . . ? o hitori de 

o-ide nasu imasu ka? 
he a . . . can do it sore ga 

dekiru no wa ano hito bakari 



a. . . the river kawa ni sote 
I knew it all a . . . ha,ime 

kara sore wo shitte orimasu 
come a. . . o^ide nasai 
1 will go a.'. . with you wwo 

ni ikiinasho 
to bring a. . . witk o;.e ic 

person or anijnal) Umrete 

kuni; i-\ thing) itujtte kuru 
Aloud oki na koe de 
Already mo 
I A single act mo 

1 have a . . . seen it toaUi- 
kdshi wa mo tore too mima- 

2 Kei)eated act mae ni mo 

I have a... heard that sore 
wa mae ni mo kikiinashita 
Also mo 

Bend ttiis a. . . kore mo yatte 

I will buy this a. .. kore mo 

not only — but a... — 
— bakari de naku — mo 

put in not only this but 
a . . . that kore bakari de 
naku sore mo irete o kure 

Alter v.t. (change) teerw; (cor- 
rect) naoxu 
I want this a . . . ed kore wo 
naoshite moraitai 
Although kcredomo; mo; no ni 



how much does it come to 
a. ..? minna de ikura desa 

it is a . . . impossible do thite 
mo dekimasen 

it is a... wrong marude chi- 

he is not a . . . happy son- 
vo- ni onioshiroku nio nai sS 
See ALL 

Always (without exception) itsa 
dc mo; (without intenuption) 

he is always out when I go 
wataknshi ga iku toki ni 
wn ilau de mo rusu desU 

the kitchen of that house is 
a. . . kept clean ano uchi no 
daidokoro wa itsd de mo kirei 
ni nalte, imatif< 

that child is always crying 
0410 ko wa shijii naite iru 

are you a... in pain? shijii. 
itamimasit ka? 

have you a... lived in To- 
kyo (from the beK'inning)? 
hajime kara Tokyo ni o 
sumi desrX ka? 

has Japan a... been divi- 
ded into ken (from a long 
time ago)? mukashi kara Ni- 
hon wa ken ni wakarete 
in^U ka? 

are crows a . . . black (every 
one of them)? karasu wa 
minna kuroi mono desH ka? 
XmAtein shirdto 
Ambassador tniRJii 



America Amerika; (in com- 
pounds) liei 
I am an American wataku- 

shi wa Amerika-jin desO, 
the American legation Bei- 

koku koshi-kan 
Amiable yasashii 
Among 710 naka ni; no uchi ni 
a . . . friends, tomodachi no 

naka ni 
a. . . these people there's not 

one that 1 know kono uchi 

ni shi tie iru hUo wa hitori mo 

an ma sen 
please choose from a. . . these 

kono uchi kara erande kuda- 

there are some good ones 

a . . . them naka ni wa ii no 

mo am 
Amount taka; minna de 
what is tlie a....^ minna de 

ikura desu ka? 
:t depends on the a... of 

luggage nimotsu no taka 

ni yorimasu 
whole a . . . so-daka 
to find the a. . . shime'ru 
Amuse tanoshimaseru; aso- 

baseru; omoskirogarase'ru 
it is very a... iug taihen omn- 

those children are a . . . ing 

themselves over that game 

ano kodomo-tachi wa taiso 

omoshtro-so ni asonde imasu 
I am a...d at the monkey 

watakHshi wa saru ga omo- 

shiroi no desu 
to a ... a baby akambo wo 

Ancient mukashi no 
And The conjunction of nouns 

is expressed by placing 

to after each, but the last 

to i« generally omitted. 


bring my hat and umbrella 
boshi to kasa wo moUe kite 


I have bought a pen, a pen- 
cil and some paper pen 
to, empitsu to, kam-i wo kaima- 
The conjunction between two 
clauses of a sentience is ex- 
pressed by putting the verb 
of the first clause in the ger- 
undial form. 

the boy caught a bird and 
gave it to his friend kodomo 
ga tori wo totte tomodachi ni 
you ought to work and not 
talk hanashi wo ahi-nai de 
hataraku fiazu da 
The conjunction of adjective? 
may generally be expressed 
by putting all, except the 
last, in the gerundial form. 
a loug and interesting letter 
nagakixte omoshiroi tegami 
pretty and dear kirei de takai 
fat and dirty (Utotte kitanai 
the letter that came this 
morning was long and in- 
teresting kesa4ciUi tegami wa 
nagakute omoshirokatta 


to be a . . . okottf i'ru 

to get a. . . okoTU 

he was very a. . . taihen oko- 

are you a . . . ? okotte iru nd de- 
su ka ? 

1 am not a . . . okotte imasen 
I am a . . . with you anata no 

koto da okotte imasti 
don't be a. . . with me wata- 

kHshi no koto wo okora-naide 

1 hope he is not a. . . anohito 

ga okotte i-nakereba ii 




to make a . . . okorase'ru 
how &nnoyins komatta mon da 
I can't stand it tamara-nai; 
gaman ga deki-nai 


stupid donkey ! manuke ! 
you are a liar ! uso-t^uki ! 
you are a nuisance ! urusai t 
don't talk nonsense baka na 

koto ivo iu na 
you are a rude fellow shitsHrei 

na yatsH. da 
you are very lazy anata vxi 

namakemono da 
if you don't look out I'll call 

a policeman ki wo tsUke-na- 

Icereba junsa wo yobu zo 
shut up 1 damare 1 
you are cheating me anutri 

baka ni shite iru 
what a noise! a yakamashii\ 
it is none of your business 

kore wa omae no shitta koto 

ja nni 
I don't want it soon (tadaima) 

I want it immediately toda- 

ii7ia ja nai 6-isogi da 
you are a slow-coach noroma 
you are very careless sosok- 

I wont give you another cent 

mo ichi-rin mo yara-nai 
it's no use fyour talking, I 

wont give in) dame desu 
that's quite enough ; I don't 

want to liear anything more 

about it sore de ii, mo nani 

mo kikitaku nai ^ 
can't you understaiTT) that I 

don't want it when i say 1 

don't ? ira-nai to itta no ni 

wakara-nai no ka ? 
get out of the way and let me 

pass doki nrntai 


he is a terrible liar osaroshii 

uso-tsUki da 
he is not to be depended upon 

ate ni narimasen 
he is not a very good sort of 

pereon amari yoku naihitoda 
he is a nasty fellow iya na 

hUo da 
he is a chatterbox zuibun 

o-shaberi da 

Animal dobutsfi 
Anniversary kinem-bi 
Annoy (cause inconvenience 
to) korruirase'ru ; (tease) tVi- 

to feel a . . . ed jireru ; (trou- 
bled) komaru 
Annual reinen no 
Another (one more) mo Mto- 
tsU; mo ichi-mai; etc accord- 
ing to what Ls referred 
to; see p. 24; (a different 
one) hoka no; betsii no; (in- 
stead of) hoka no; (separate) 
bctsii no 

Dring me a. . . peach nwmo 
wo nw hitotsU motte kite o 

a . . . bottle of beer please 
biiru wo mo ip-pon o kure 

1 have not a . . . cent mo 
is-sen mo nai 

I want a . . . (different) news- 
paper hoka no shimbun ga 

he came by a . . . boat betsu 
no tune de kimashita 

k . . . two years mo ni-nen 

a. . . day (not today) itsuka; 
(not the same day) hoka no 

one after a... hUotsU zutsU; 
Mtori zutsU 




a. . . time (next time) tsu{;i 

ni; kondo: (once more) niata 
one a . . . ( persons) o tagai ni 
Answer henji 
to a . . . fieiiji wo sum 
what is yoiir a....' fienjiMa 

ikaga desiif 
I want a w vlttem. . .tegami 

de hen'd wo shite o kure 
I wart a plain a... hnkkiri 

shlti henji uo flute o kure 
I want a plain a... yes or 

no inaya no henji wo ghite i 


please let me have an answer 
yes or no as 'ioon as po^-^ible 
dekirn-dake fiaynku inaya no 
heniiwo siiitc tudasai 

your reply is not an a. . . to 
my qucVtion go henji wa 
uatashi no kiifc yatla koto no 
henji ni natlc iituisen 

wait for an m... henji wo 
vwUe kuru no dcsii 

immediate a. . . sokvto 

I shall not a... henji wo 

I ciinnot a. . . henji tea deki- 
ma sen 

a... me henji wo sh'de o 

Europeans consider it very 
rude when a question i< 
leit with Mit any a. . . at all 
seiyo de w: henji wo shi-tuii 
no wa tai/icn warui koto 

that does not a . . . sore wa 
dame df^u 

1 cannot a... for it trito- 
kfiihi wa kore wo ukeae- 

to a... back kuchi-hento 

Ant an 

Anxious (to b« a...) shimpai 

I am very a . . . about my 
friend watakushi no tomo- 
dachi no koto wo shimpai 
shite imasu 

I am a... to know watatd- 
shi wa shiru made wa shim- 
pai desu 

not to be a . . . anshin sura; 

shimpai shi-nai 

have you any bread* pam 
ga arimnsi't ka? 

there is not any arimasen 

ha- any letter come for 
me.' wntnknshi ni tegami ga 
kimashlta ktf 

have you any money with 
you.' aiuila wa koko ni kartt 
u-o motte iiiiasen kaf 

hnven't you any money? 
kane iia i,<ti no dexu ta.' 

any more (in aff. senten- 
ces) mtid'y; Cm neg. sen- 
tences) »(o witli nes. 

have you any more ? mS 
arimasen ka f mada arimasH 

I liave not any more mo 

not any more, thank you 
mv tahisan 

I cannot wait any longer 

rtio hir.tte irireinasen 

L-' there any coal ftill left ? 

sd.iijin tea made nrimtisu kaf 

there is hardly any left silko- 

shi l.iri nokotte imusen 
arc you any better.' si'iko- 
shi wa ii no dcsii kaf 
in any case do shite mo; t»- 
nUcaku mo 

iu any case 1 shall not go 
out do shite mo dekakema- 




any time will do ittH de mo 

any time this week fccmo 

shiikan nara iisu de mo ii 
tliis inn is as good as &\\j 

kono yado-ya wa wari ni ii 
any one (thing) dore; (pereon) 


wont any one of these do.' 

kore wa dore mo ikcmaserx 

any one will do dor» i* mo 

axe any of these to your taste? 

dore ka o ki ni irimashiia 

any soft wood will do nun de 

mc yauarakai ki de ii 
It is not of any consequence 

taisfiita koto dr wa nai 
any way will do do d» rrw ii 
Anybody dtire ka; (no matter 

who) d«re dc mo 
was there a... .there.' dare 

ka soko ni orimashita ka? 
has a... been here.' d*rt ha 

kimasen deshita ka? 
have you set-n a....' dare tea 

tco niiiiiasen deshita ka? 
a... can say so dare de mo 

so iimasii 
can a . . . go in? dare de ma ha- 

iremnsu ka t 
1 don't mind what a. . . says 

dare ga nan to itte mo karna- 

Anyhow (at all events) tcni- 

kak-u; do shite mo; (in any 

way) do de mo; (notwith- 
standing that) sore de mo 
(hat won't do a... do shite 

mo ike-nai 
a... I shall go out tonikaku 

mo dekakemashA 
do it a... diO de ma o shi na- 


a... (notwithstanding that) 

sore de mo 
a . . . it is none of your busi- 
ness nani mo anata no shitta 

ko'o de wa nai 
a . . . it seems that he went 

himself nan de mo jibun de 

itta yo desa 
a... will do nan de mo ii 
have you a... more to say.' 

mada iu koto ga arimasH 

I do not need a. . . more mono- 

ni mo irimasen 
he refused to believe a... 

I said nani ivo itte mo sUkoshi 

mo shiniimasen deshita 
I wouldn't do it for a. . .donna 

koto ga atte tno shimasen 
it is a... but cheap yasui 

dokoro de wa nai 
to say a.„ that comes into 

one's head detarame wo iu 
is there a... in my eye? me 

ni Tiani ka haiUe imasu ka? 
Anywhere doko de mo; doko 

e de mo; doko ni mo 
a... will do doko de mo ii 
put it a... doko e de mo o 

oki TMtai 
theri- are nou-. to be had 

St. . doko ni MO gozaima- 

to be a... Jianarete i'ru 
to be far a... kake-luinarete 
Aperient gezui 
Apologise ayfimaru 
the least you can do is to 
' a... ayamaru gurai wa suru 
hazu desCi 

please accept my apolo- 
gies yurushite kudasai 
Apothecary kfisuri-ya 



Apparatus kiiai 
Appear (seem) mieru 
it a...s so to miemaga 
it a... 3 to mo toatakiifhi no 
omou ni tea 

Appearance votii; (si^ape) kata- 

for »... ^ko nil* wo Juim 
tame ni 
to save a.. .8 taimen wo ta- 
have you any a....» *n*ka ga 
gHkhnashita kaf 
I have no a... onaka ja suki- 
Apple ringo 

Apply ,. . ; 

to a... for a situation xuenx 
too tanomu 
to whom must la...? dare ni 

tanomimasho hat 
this does not a... to me kore 
toa watashi ni wa kanRei ga 

for farther particulars a... 

to num. 60 kuwashii koto wa 

roku-ju-bun de o kiki nasai 

Approve ii to omou 

I a... <ji that sore ico ii, to 


I do not much u.„ of tnat 
sore \i"j, 'imari ii to emci- 
Apricot amu 
April ski-gatsU ~ 
Apron mue-kak* 
Arch (in front of a Shia«o 

temple) iyrii 
do not let us a . . . the subject 
Bono koto ni tstiite voa nani mo 
iioa-naihoga ii 
don't a . . . about it (with that 
person), it is no use ikura 


giron wo sMte mo dame da 
kara o yog hi 7uisai 
Aristocracy kizoku 
Arm (of the body) tide; (we»- 
'.■•oris) buki' 
with folded a . . . s ude-gumi un 

to carry a child in the a. . .■ 
Army guntai 
Atoaad no tr.awari ni 
«... sh*-. house uchi no ma- 
tfitri ni 
Arrange kat-irulrnt: totonoe'ru 
to be a...d l-ntazuite i'ru; 

totonolte i'ru 
.1... those things nicely are 
WTO uirei, ni kutaztikete o 

they are ail nicoly a...d 
kirei ni kaiazuiie imasiX 

OTi his a... i-.'. Vokoham» 
Vokokama ye tsukimashUa 
toki ■^i 
Arrive triiku 
at wiiat timn does the steam- 
er a...? nan-ji tti kisen ga 
tsukiiiiasii kaf 

has my boy not a...d yet? 
f^atakashi no t>6i wa mada 
kimafin ka? 
1 have only just a. ..d by 
the train watahtshi tea ki- 
sha de iina tsuita bakari desd 
to a. . . safely buji ni tsuku 
to a . . . at ni/tsuku 
to a. . . from knra/kuru 
Arsenal heikiseizo-jo 
Art gijitsU 
fine a. . . (njitsU 
works of a . . . bijitsii-hin 
Certain things are coupled to- 
gether in Japanese art in sudi 
a way that if one is represent- 


ed the companion is almost 
invariably also to be found : 

take ni suzume ; bamboo and 
sparrow * 

matsiini tsuru; pine and stork 

O/me ni uguisu; plum-tree and 

shishinibotan; lion and peony 

yabuni tora; bamboo-thicket 
and tiger 

hotan ni eho; peony and but- 

yanagi ni tsubam^; willow and 

ine ni hotaru; stalk of rice and 

tsUki ni usagi; moon and rab- 

ike ni funa ; pond and fish 

Article shinamono 
Artificial koshiraeta 
this is an a... thing koshi- 
raeta mono desa 
a. . . flower zoka 
is this true ivory or a....* 

Aonto no zoge desH ka tiso no 

desa, ka? [is this true ivory, is 

it false.*] 
Artist 1njitsi(,-ka;(pB,ixitcT)e-kaki 
1 (in the same way) tori; 

(similar way) yd 
as I have already said mae ni 

hanashita tori 
it is as you say o hanashi no 

tori desu 
do it as I tell you watakushi 

no iti tori ni sh ite o kure 
the same as usual itsa mo no 


just as I expected omotta tori 
as I have just said tadaima 

itia tori 
as you see goran no tori 
as per sample mihon no tori 

49 Ag 

as follows koko ni kaku (Sri; 

tsugino tori 
I heard a noise as though 

something had broken nani 

ka kounreta yd na oto ga shi- 

do as you please anata no ii 

yd ni nasai 
leave it as it is sono mama ni 

shUe o oki nasai 
tell it to me just as you heard 

it kiita mama wo o hanashi 

you may go in just as you are 

with your boots on Initsu no 

mama de fiaitte mo yd gozai- 


1 felt as if I were dreaming 
yume wo mile iiu kokoro-mo- 
chi deshita 

2 AS (when) toki ni 
do the men-of-war always fire 

a salute as they leave port? 
gunkan wa minato wo deru 
toki ni Usa de mo shikuhd teo 
HchimasH kaf 

it began to rain just «* we 
itrrived iiome ehddo uchi e 
tsuita toki ni «m< ga furi- 

3 AS (while, (HI the way) gake 

I met a friend as I was going 
to the office mise ye iki-gake 
ni tomodacki ni aimashita 

as I returned kaeri-gake ni 

4 AS (while, of two Actions 
carried on simultaneously) 

he laughed as he spoke hana- 
shi wo shi nagara warai- 

I wiU read as I go to the 
office mise e iki nagara 


60 AS 

It struck me as we were 
speakini; havashUe iru uchi 
ni ki ga tsukimaxhUa 

5 AS (opportunity) tntide ni 
as you are about it o tsuide 

as you are going to Tokyo 

you might get it for lue 

Tokyo e iku o tsuide ni sore 

too katte kite kudasai 
as I am going to Nikko I 

shall visit Cliuzenji NikkS e 

iku, tmiide ni Chuzenji e 


6 AS (because) 

I wl«li to pay my account to- 
night as I am leaviri;: tarly 
to-morrow iiuiniing mi/ojsa 
hayaku del.akcuixii ka;a 
kombun kanjd wo haTaimasu 

as you will not come with me 
anataoaissho ni ika-nni Inra 

as It has been raining the 
roads are in a bid condition 
ante (ja jvUe luichi o't- uanii 

I got up tliis momiiiK eiirlier 
tTian u^ as I wiinlcd to 
go for a \\alk krsa iia sampo 
tii ihi V^iiie ni Judan yon 

7 AS (httle by iiltle, by d<;g- 

as one grows old one's eyes 
get bad toi/ii. wu torn to dan- 
diip 1-ie ija warakit ncru 

as I climbed noboru vi Vmrete 

8 AS — AS fc-onipi.ristjii aff/- 
you are as tall as T aruita v,a 

wataL-fisid to ovMii gurai sei 

'ga takai 

is Vumoto r;3 high as Ashi- 
uoyu? Vuniotu wa Ashinuj/u 
to ona/i (jurai takai tokoro 
desit kai [sua high a place as] 

I have as much money as you 
wataki'ishi wa annUi to ODuji 

gurai karu ga arcmasd 

you hase as many oranges as 
I aetata uia watakushi to 
onaji gura mikan gr, ari- 

I go to Tokyo as often as you 
wafakushi wa anata to onaji 
gurai Tokyo e ikimant 

it is as cheap sitting as stand- 
ing to.Ue iru no mo kakete iru 
no mo nedan zva onaji 

I arrived as sc^jn as he did 
0710 hlto to onaji gurai ni 

about U3 big as iliis koiw gurai 

it IS as good as done mo sako 
shi de dfkimmni (nearly done] 

♦ not as — as; not so — as (com- 
parison neg.) /lodo 

I don't go to Yokohama as 
often as I used to Yokotaima 
t Vi! sen hodo tabi-tali iki- 

not as bad as that sor« Aodo 
uamku wa nui 

it is i;<)t as easy as yon think 
ansti: nooniou fiodo j/ii sa.':/iiku 
tra »>ffi; smina ni yasrishiku 
wa nai 

10 AS--AS(s\;perLative degree) 

run to the house as fast as 
you can dfliru dale hayak-u 
uchi i! kokHe itte •> intre 

take as inncl; a-* you want 
iru dake u tori tiasai 

as many a» there are aru dake 

conif as sooti as possible dcki- 
rti duke hayaku o-ide nasai 

do it as soon as i)ossible 
dfkiru dake hayaku shite o 

as well as you can dekiru dake 
teinH ni 

is that man as big a cheat as 




all that? ano h%fo wa sonna 
ni zurui no desa ka? 
It is not as cold as all that 
sonna ni samuku nai 
11. Various 

as a friend tomodachi to shite 
as a precaution nei\ no tame 

as for you anata wa 
as (example) Viioeba 
as yet muda; ivM mad* 
I thought as much sore mita 
koto ka; so dnro to omntta 
be that as it may sore wa so to 
as far as, see f.vr 
as much as, see much 
as long as, see long 
as often as, see OFTEN 
as soon as, see soox 
as well as, see well 
Ascend noboru; 4igaru 
Ascent (hill) nobori-zaka; saka 
aren't you a. . . of yourself.' 

hazukashiku arimufen ka? 
1 am a . . . to say o hazukashii 

hnnashi desn riii 
1 feel a . . .(oi ii j.-mitl memboku 
ga nai; hazukashii; (shy) ki- 
mari tia aarui 
Ashes hai 

take me a. . . oka e agete 
Asia Ajia 
Aside waki; soba 
to iiut a... (in order) kata- 
zukeru; (t') keep) totte oku 
Ask (imjuire) kiite mi ru; Uizu- 
neru; (request) t<iiiomu; 

please a. . . kiite mite kudasai 
I will a. . . kiite mimasho 
you had better a. . . kiite 
miru ho ga ii 
please a . . . if the bath is 

ready oyuga dekita ka kiite 
mite kudasai 

1 want to a. . . you some- 
thing sUkoshi kikitai koto an 

a. . . him if he can call to- 
morrow evening mydban 
irassharu koto ga dekiru ka 
kiite o kure 

has anj'one a...ed for meJ 
dare ka watakushi wo tazunete 
kimasen deshlta ka? 

a... permission to see the 
garden niwa wo mite mo ii 
ka kiite o-ide 

a. . . him to come at 'i o'clock 
san-jini kuru yo ui tanonde 

a. . . for a glass of water miz» 
wo ip-pai morattc o kure 

he has not yet a . . . ed for 
money o kane wo riMda morai 
ni ko-nai [he has not yet 
come to receive moneyj 

1 would- like to a. . . a favour 
of you sukoshi o negai shitai 
koto nil arimasA 

yi'ii mu-t not go out without 
.i...;ng pernus.sjoii dumatte 
uchi wo detc wa 

if r.nybody comes a... him 
to wait dare ka kitara mata- 
sh''>c o oki nasni 

midit 1 a. . . for a few? dozo 
sukoshi kudasaimascn ka? 

I will a . . . somebody to cor- 
rect it for nic dare ka ni ruxo- 
nhifji moraimasho 

to be a. . . nem^tte i'ru; nete 

to J^all a. . . in one's seat ine- 
muri wo suru 

he is fast a. . . yoku nete 
Ass roha; (fool) t>aka 




Assist tets&dau; (for more im- 
portant things) sewa wo 
suru; (ill case of absolute 
bodily need i tasukeru 
a. . . ance sewa 
thanks to your kind a. . .ance 

o seiva sama 
Association kumiai; kai 
Assure ukeau 
X a. , . you it is so maHaku 
so na no desii 
Astonish odorohasu; hikkuri 
to be a. . .ed odoroku; bikkuri 
I am a . . . ed bikkuri shima- 

it is a . . . ing odoroita 
I am a . . . ed you should say 
such a thins anata ga sanna 
koto wo iwij to iva omoimasen 
deshlUi [I didn't tliink you 
could say such a thing] 
At (object) wo; (place) at 
which something is done) 
de; (place in which some- 
thing exists) ni 
1 am looking a. . . tlie civstle 
shiro wo mite itnasd 
I bought it at Tokyo Tokyo 

de kaimnxhUa 
is your mother a. . . home? o 
kd-sanwa o uchi niorimasu 

you will find me a... my 

friend's house tomodachi no 

uchi ni orimasho 

at your house o taku ae (or ni) 

stop at that watchmaker's 

ana tokei-ya no tnae de tomete 


to arrive at Tokyo T^kyo ni 

a. . . 3 o'clock san'ji ni 
a. . . 10 o'clock a. . . night 
ban no ju-'ji ni 

do you sell this a. . . the same 
price? kore tea onaji nedan 
de urimasu kaf 

I will buy these cups a. . . 10 
seti each kono chawan wo 
jis-sen zutfiii de kaimashS 

a . . . your request I wrote to 
my friend o tanomi de tomo- 
dachi ni tegami wo kaki- 

a . . . first hajime wa 

a. . . least siXkunaku nw 

a. . . all events do shite mo;to- 
nikaku mo 

a . . . the latest osoku mo 

a. . . any time itsa de mo 

a. . . most okiite mo; seizei 

a. . . once sum ni 

a. . . times toki-doki 

a . . . the same time (never- 
theless) keredomo; (not later) 
ddji ni 
Attack (a person) ni/utte kaka- 
ru; (lit. and fig.) kogeki suru 

to bo a...edby (a desease) 
Attempt see Try 

will yon a ... to it please? dS 
ni ka shite kudasai 

I will a ... to it do ni to $hi- 

please pay a . . . ki wo tsUkete 

thank you for the a. . . domo 

iro-iro arigato gozaimashita 
to attract a. . . hUome wo 

to attract one's a... mx ni 
to pay no a. . . to wo mimi 
ni mo tome-nai; kamawa-nai 

to call a, . . to something 
nen wo oaH 




Attorney (lawyer) benaoshi 
power of a. . . iiiin-jo 
Attract hiku 

to a. . . attention hitome wo 
Auction seri-ufi; okushon 
to -sell by a. . . seri-uri ni 

August hnchi-gatsU 
Aunt oba; oba san 
Author chonha 
Authority ken-i 
the a . . . ies tokyokHsha 
written authorisation inin-jo 
Autumn aki 
lor how many days is this 
ticket a... J kono kippu wa 
iku-nichi tsUkaemasii kaf 
this ticket is a . . . for 3 days 
kono kippu wa mikka tsUkae- 

every a. . . means aru dake 
no shudan 
all my a. . . money aru dake 
no kane 
there was no money a. . . kane 
wa sUkoshi mo dekimasen 
Avenue r.amiki; namiki-michi 
Average heikin 
what is the a. . . price.* heikin 
no nedan wa ikur* desu ka? 
on an a. . . how many n da 
yon walk a day< iehi-nichi 
heikin nan-ri arukimasH ka? 
you must a. . . getting into 
disputes kenka wo shi-nai yo 
ni sh^te o kure 
Awake (to be a. ..) m« ga 

samete i'ru 
is he awake.' me ga samete 
imasH, ka? 
See Wakb 


to be a. . . fusu de aru; or the 

neg. of oru 
when you came I was a. . . 

anata ga kimashita toki ni 

watakashi wa orimasen dS- 

a mile a. . . ichi-ri saki 
far a . . . zuttu gaki 
to go » . . . ittf shimau 
go a. . .1 atchi e o iki nasai\ 
get ^... (from that thing) 

sono soba ni ite wa ike-nai 
Awful osoroshii 
a . . . ly osoroshiku; taihen; see 

also VERY 

Awkward hetn na . 
it is very a . . . (inconvenient) 

komatta mon da 
Axle shimbo 
Babble shaberu 
b . . . r shaberi 
Baby akambo 
Back (of the body) senaka; (of 

a house) ura 
the garden is at the b. . . of 

the house ura ni niwa ga 

arimasH; niuM wa uehi no 

ura ni arimasu 
to come or go b... (home) 

to come b... (to another 

place) kaette kuru 
to go b . . . (to another place 

than home) kaette iku 
I am going b... home uefd 

e kaerimasa 
has he come b. . . here.' ano 

hito wa koko « kaette kima- 
shita ka? 
when wiU he be b. . . .' ttsa ano 

hito wa kaerimasa kaf 
to Tokyo and b . . . Tokyo « 

how long does it take to go 

to the post office and b... 




Vubin-hyohi e ofUku done 
gurai kakarimasH kai 
to send b . . . kaem 
to carry a baby on the b. . . 
akambo too obuu 
to lie on one's b... tiomuke 
m Tie'ru 
Bad tParui 
a b . . . boy warui kodomo; 

ike-nai ko 
it is a b. . . one warui no da 
I have a b . . . finger wata- 
kHski wa j/tibi ga warui no 
that 'a. b.,. gore tea ikemasen 
it i* too bad (what a pity) 
oshii koto da 
b. . . language want-kuchi 
to go b. . . (of proviaions) wo- 
Bag fHkuro 
hand-b. .. te-haban 
Baggage see LuaoAOX 
Bake yaku 
b . . . r pan-ya 
Balance (scales) hakari; (of an 

account) sashiJiiki 
Balcony nikai no engawa 
Bald liage-atama 
Bale kori 
Ball tama.; mari 
Ballo«n keikikyu; (toy) fUten 
Bamboo take 
Banana banana 
Band (of music) gakuiai 
Bandage hotai 
Bang v.i. (as a door) patan to 

oto ga sum 
Bank (for money) giriko; (of a 
river) kishi 

both b. . .s (of a river) ryo-hS 
no kishi 
opposite b... (of a river) 

hawa tnuko 
Bankrupt hasan shUa hUo 
Banquet go-chisd 

Bar (metal rod) hano'bli 
Barber toko-ya 
b . . . shop toko-ya 
Bare see nakei> 
Bargain (a cbe '.o thing) yasui 

to conclude a b... (agree- 
ment) yakujo sum 
I will give you this into the 
b . . . kore wo o make ni agtr 

I did not b. . . for that son 
Wa. ammari da 
K) b . . . (haggle) neffint 
Barge temma 
Bark hoe'ru 

that dog b...B all night 
long ano inu wa yo-jU has- 

b. . . (of a tree) ki no Jeawa 
Barley o-mugi 
Barracks hciei 
Barrel (cask) tarn; (of a gun) 

tepvo no tsvisO, 
Barrister bengoshi 
Base (that on which a thing 
rests) dmi; (of a column) 
hashirm-dai; (fig.) moto 
b. . . (mean) iyatfni 
Basin (small) domburi; (large) 

washing-b... kana-darai 
Basket kago; zaru 
wicker-work b . . . (for lug- 
gage) yansgi-gori 
wastepaper- b . . . kamUcuat- 

Bastard shiseiji; (recognised by 
father but not legitimised) 
Batb (hot) yu; furo 
b . . . room yiidono; furo-ba 
to prepare the b . . . (hot) fvro 
wo taU'm 

to take a hot b... y« ni 


to take a cold b. . . mizu ni 

is the b... ready^ furo wa 

wahimashita kaf 
please tell me as soon as the 

b ... is ready furo ga waUara 

sugu ni oshiete o kure 
I wish to b . . . e first watak^ 

shi wa ichi-ban saki ni furo 

ni hairUai 
when will the b. . . be ready? 

furo wa nan-ji ni wakimasH 

please lend me a bath -robe 

and towel yukata to tenttffui 

wo kashUe kudasai 
the water is too hot yu ga 

please reduce the temperature 

sukoshi amete o kure 
I want an attendant to wash 

my back senaka. wo mrratte 

moraitai kara sansuke (male; 

jochU female) wo yonde kuda- 
please scrub my back a bit 

senaka wo sUkoshi kosutU o 

I wish to b. . .e In the sea; 

is there a good place.' ff>»Ua- 

k&shi wa umi ni hairiiai ga 

ii tokoro ga arimasH Irn,? 
where can J. leave my clothes.' 

doko ni yofuku wo okimasho 

The Japanese bathe in very 

hot water about 110'-113°F 

Jattle senso; ikHsm 
Bay iri-umi; (id compounds) 

— wan 

Tokyo b. . . Tokyo-wan 
Be (in speaking of things 

with life) iru; oru; (of in- 
animate things) am; (when 

foil, by a noun or pronoun 

86 Be 

as a predicate) de aru, see 

p. 27; (when equivalent to: 

to become) nam; (when foE, 

by a true ad] as a predicate 

It is not translated) 
how are you.? iJcaga desH kaf 
I am ill byobi desQ. 
I am cold watakHshi itw 

I am not cold samuku ari- 

she is not very old sonna ni 

toihiyori de wa arimasen- 
who is this man.' kono hUo 

wa dare desU kat 
how much is it» sore wa 

ikura desU kaf 
is there any bread/ pan ga 

arimasU kaf 
to be in tuhi ni oru; oru 
to be out (from home) rusu 

de aru; or the neg. of »m 
I shall not be here tomor- 
row myonichi wa toko ni 

have you ever been in Na- 
gasaki.' anata wa Nagasah 

ni ita koto ga arimasH kaf 
let it be sfUete oke 
be careful ki wo tsUkete o 

be quiet shizuka ni shite o 

be a good child ii ko' ni o 

be so kind as to lend me a 

bath-robe dSzo yukata wo 

kashiU kudasai 
o« that as it may sore wa 

so to 
be here by ten o'clock j^ji 

made ni o-ide nasai 
I can not be there before 8 

o'clock hachi- ji mae ni wa 

it is not there sokoni arimasen 




he Ls much better now taihen 

yoku narimashita 
I wish to be called early 

tomorrow morning asMta no 

asa hapaku okoshUe moraitai 
it is wrapped up in a cloth 

furoshiki n» tsuUunde ari- 


what is there inside? sono 

naka ni nani ga haitte imasu 

it is not a thing to be highly 

recommended ammari home- 

ta koto de u>a nai 
am i to register this letter? 

kono tegctmi wo kaki-tome ni 

sum no desu ka? 
this is where you are to sleep 

omae ma koko ni neru vo da 
if that be so so naraba 
what am I to do? do sKltara 

ii ka? 
it is all right isn't it? kore 

de ikemasen ka? 
is to hazu da 
the meeting is to begin at 

3 o'clock kai wa san-ji ni 

karimaru hazu da 
be off atchi e ike 
I am going to be a doctor 

is?ia tii nam tsumori desu, 

[l)ecome a doctor] 
do you like being a soldier? 

luilai wa do desi ka? 
Beach umibe 
Bean mame; (broad b...9) 

sora-mame; (haricot b...s) 

dnizu; (french b. . .8) in- 

1 cannot b... this tamara- 

I cannot b... to see such 

cruelty sonna mugoi koto 

wa mile irare-nai 
I cannot b . . . to be behind- 

hand okureru koto ga ichi- 

ban kirai 
I cannot b ... to see anything 

wasted nan de mo muda ni 

sunt no wa ichi-ban kirai 
b. . . this in mind oboete 

ite o kure 
Beard hige 
Beat (men or animals) 6a- 

tsii; (other things) titsU 
to b . . . down (in price) 

to be beaten by you anata 

ni make'ru 
nothing b. . .8 (is better than) 

a rikisha kuruma yori ii 

mono wa nai 
Beautiful kirei na; utsUkushii 
a b. . . woman bijin; beppin 
Because kara; ito tame ni; 

I can't go b... of the rain 

ame qn futte iru kara ikare- 

masen; ame ga jutte ikarema- 

b . . . of him ano Mto no 

tame ni 
Beckon le-maneki sum 
Become r^oru 
it b . . . s dark very early 

hayuku kuratii narimasH 
my boots have b . . . uselesi 

watakvshi no kutsti wa uamt 

ni narimashita 
he has b... a painter ano 

hUo wa e-kaki ni narima- 
what has b... of my hat.' 

watakiishi no boshi wa dS 

shita ka? 
what has b... ol him.» ano 

Mto wa do shimashita ka? 
that sash D...S you sono 

obi wa anata ni yoku ni 





Bed toko 

prejwre my b. . . (Jap.) to- 
ko wo shiite o kure 

I wish to go to b . . . netai 

is my b. . . ready.' toko ga 
thikemashita ka? 

to go to b. . . neru [to lie 

to be in b . . . nete i'ru 

put away the b . . . toko t6o 
katazukete o kure 

b . . . clothes laton 

b. . . stead (foreign) ne-dai 

b . . . room ne-ma 

please let me have another 
quilt (blanket) kake-buton 
wo WW ichi-mai 

please let me have another 
quilt (mattress) shiki-bu- 
ton wo mo ichi-mai 

are these sheets' clean? shi- 
itsH wa araUe kara dare mo 
IsHkawa-nai no desH ka? [has 
any body used these sheets 
after the wash?] 

put the pillow on this side 
kolchi no ho ni rrutkura wo 
mukete o kure 

as I can't sleep on a Japa- 
nese pillow, please roll two 
or three cushions and tie 
them together Nihon no 
makura wa iy» da kara 
zabuton ni-san-mai himo de 
shibatte o kure 

please put in a hot water 
bottle yutampo wo irete o 

are there any mosquitoes 
here ? koko ni ktL ga imasH 

put up the mosquito net 
kaya wo tsutte o kure 

there is a hole in the mos- 
quito net kaya ni ana ga 

good night o yMumi naiai 
Bee hacM 
Beef gyHniku 
Beer biiru 

bring me a bottle of b... 
biiru ip-pon motte kite o 

have you any Kirin or Asahl 
b...t I do not Tike the 
other brands Kirin ka Asahi 
ga arimasH ka? hoka no wa 
kirai desH 

bring me the b . , . imme- 
diately, I am very tliirsty 
nodo ga kawaite shiyo ga 
nai kara, swju ni biiru wo 
motte kite o kure 
Beet-root aka-kabu; biitsU 
Before mae; saki; (till) made; 
(in front of) no maeni; (for- 
merly) sen wa 

I shall go out b. . . 9 o'clock 
ku-ji mae ni dekakemasho 

you ought to have done it 
b . . . anata wa mae ni sore 
wo shite oku hazu da 

I have heard of this b... 
kore wa mae ni Jeiita koto 
ga aru 

as I said b. . . mae ni hana- 
shita tori 

the same as b... mae no 

b . . . hand mae-motte 

long b . . . zutto mae 

b . . . long chikai uchi ni 

,b... this (in historical nar- 
ration) kore yori saki 

to go b... (ahead) taki t 

I didn't notice it b... he 
told me ano hUo no hana- 
shi wo kiku made thirima- 
sen desMta 

he was standing b . . . the 




shop ano hito wa mit* no 

mae ni taUe imashita 
I never understood it b . . . 

hajimete wakarimashita [I 

understood it for the first 

just b . . . I went out chSdo 

dekakeyo to sum tokoro e 
he died b... he had time 

to say a word Mto-hoto iu 

ma mo naku, shinunashita 
please mend it as b . . . moto 

wfl yo ni naoshiU kudasai 
I will have finlshod reading 

it b. . . he comes ano h'lto no 

ko-nai uthi ni yonde shimai- 

b. . . it gets dark akarui uchi 

ni: kuraku nara-nai ucH ni 
I b... your pardon gomen 

to b. . . earnestly (to beseech) 

kongan turn 
lb... ged yoitnot to do it shi- 

nai de kvdasai to itta no ni 
Beggsr hoyiki 
Begin liajime/ru (trans.); ?td- 

jimaru (int.) 
%t what time does the school 

b....* gakko wa nan-ji ka- 

ra hajimarimata kal 
I am b . . . ning to unaer- 

Btand a little .Tapanese wain- 

bdthi wa sukoahi yihon-go 

ga wakatie kimashita 
it ha.1 begun t6 rain ame ga 

futXe kimashUa; ame ga ittri- 

to b . . . to cry naki-fiasu 
to b . . . to walk aruki-dasu 
b. . . plea8e(to read) yotm-ha- 

rimete kudasai 
b.. .ning hayime 
at the very b...niiig idii- 

ban hajime 

b. . .ning of spring hatsu-ham 
b . . . ner (student) shogaMt' 

you b . . . very badly omae 

uxi gtfogi ga warui 
behiaviour gt/offi 
Behind no ushiro ni; (further 

back than) ato ni 
b . . . that chair sono isu no 

Hshiro ni 
the other rikisha is a long 

way b... mo ichi-dai no 

kuruma wa zutto ato ni 

the train is b . . . time K> 

sha wa okuremam 
you must not do things b . . , 

my back naisho-goto wothitt 

wa ike-nai 
you were talking about mo 

b... my back anata im 

wntalci'iski no kage-goto U0 


to be b . . . hand okureru 
Believe omou;shinjiru;honloni 


I b ... so so omo7ma»& 
r dou t b . . . it watabiUhi tta 

so omoimasen 
I cannot b . . . that $ore wa 

nobody b...8 such (t thing 

darf mo sonna koto wo honto 

ni shi-nai 

If you don't b. . . it ask any- 
body you like ffishir/i pa are^ 

ba dare ni de mo o kiki na»ai 
I b ... in my servant jo- 

chu wo shinyo shite imasil 
he wants to make me be- 
lieve that he is ill ano hito 

wa byoki da to iu no desH 

BKLEBVB may be more or 

less equivalent to: tldnk. 




suppose; they say: e.g. I 
believe she is ill 

See THINK; suppose; sat 
Bell kane; (fire b...) Jiansfio; 
(caD b. . .) ifobi-rin; Tin 

ring the b . . . please yobi-rin 
wo nurashite o kure 
Belly hara; onaka 

whom does this b . . . to.» 
kore wa dare no desH kat 

it belongs to me kore wa 
watakuithi no mono; kore wa 
watakushi no desQ 

does this 4id b . . . to this.' 
kono juta ,wa kore no desiX 
Below no shita ni; no shUa e 

he is b . . . shita desH 

b . . . the bridge hashi no shita 

that is b . . . cost price sore 
wa moto-ne yori yasui 

to be b . . . sample mihon yori 
ochite iru 
Pelt obi; (soft Japanese sash 
used by men and little girls) 
heko-obi; (man's stiff belt) 
kaku-obi; (two soft sashes 
used by ladies under the 
principal sash to hold up 
and keep the kimono in 
place) shiU-jim*; (soft 
sash used by ladies with 
little cushion placed in the 
bow of principal sash) obi- 
age; (naiTow belt used for 
securing and keeping the 
bis sash of a lady in place) 

leather b . . . kawa-obi 
Bench nagai koshi-kake 
Bend (trans.) mageru; <intr.) 

Beneath no thUa ni 


Berry ichigo; ki-iehigo 

Berth (sleeping place) nedoko; 

(situation) ArucAi 
Beseech kongan sum 
Beside no soba ni 
b . . . the table teburu no tot 

ba ni 
it is b... the question ton 

wa betsU no koto da [that 

is another tit|^g] 
b . . . 8 no hoka ni 
b . . . that sono ue; tore ni; 

sono hoka 
b . . . that he didn't come sono 

ue kimasen deshUa 
nothing else came b... that 

sono hoka nani mo kimasen 
b. .\,6 these things kono hoka 

has he written anything 

b . . . 8 this book/ kono hon 

no hoka ni nani ka kaki- 

mashita kat 
no — b. . .8 kiri shUca (with 

there is no coal b-.-s this 

sekitan um kore kiri shika 

Best ichi-ban; iehi-ban yoi 
which is the b....« dore ga 

ichi-ban ii no desH kaf 
this is the b . . . kore ga iehi- 
ban yoi 
is tliia your b. . . room.' kort 

ga ichi-ban ii heya desu kaf 
Ls this the b... you havelf 

kore wa icki-ban ii no deiH 

get me the b . . . you can 

ichi-ban yoi no wo kudasai 
which is the b. . . inn.« ya- 

do-ya wa doko ga ichi-ban 

ii desliof 

I like this b. . . hart ga iehi- 
ban tOki da 

Be t 



please do yourb... dozo is- 

shokemmei ni Mte kudasai 
he did it b. . . of all ano hito 

wa ichi-ban yoku, shinmshUa 
is this the b. . . quality silk? 

kore ga ichi-ban joto no kinu 

degij, kai 
the b . . . in Japan Nihon 

ichi no 
the plum blossom is now 

at its b . . ^Hme no hana 

un ima ga sakari desH 
1 will make the b . . . of it 

(disagreeable circumstances) 

loatakushi UM sore degaman 

1 will make the b. . . of this 

(inferior article) kore de ma 

ni avoagete okimasfw 
he had the b... of it ano 

kUo no ho ga katte iru 
at b... ichi-ban iPto shUa 

tokoro de; yokOie 
the b . . . plan tokiXsaku 
to the b . . . of my power 

chikara no oyobu dake _ 
I am doine my b . . . isshokem- 

meini shite imasH 
Bet V. t. kakeru 
to b. . . money fcine u>o 

Better motto ii 

have you a b . . . room? 

motto ii heya ga arimasit kaf 
show me something b... 

(a b . . . one of the same 

Idnd) motto ii no wo mise- 

U kudasai 
«how me something b... 

(of another kind) nani ka 

motto ii no voo misets ku- 

do it b. i . next time konJo 

wa motto voku tuisai 

tbk to b... than that kors 
wa are tfori ii 

I hope you will soon be b — 

jiJci ni voku o nari desho 
I am b . . . today Icyo wa su- 

koshi yd gozaimasu 
you liad b . . . not do it ana- 

ta wa sore wo shi-^ai ho ga 

ii desho 
you had b. . . stay here anata 

wa koko ni iru ho ga ii 

I think it is b . . . to write 

down everything minna 

kaki-tomeru ho ga ii to 

I like that b... sono ho ga 

sUki desH 
80 much the b . . . sore wa 

nao ii 
that would be b . . . sono ho 

ga ii 
he is much b . . . at it than I 

ano hito iva watashi yori yop- 

podo jozu da 
are you any b . . . ? sOkoshi wa 

ii no desii ka? 
I know b . . . than that sore 

hodo baka ja nai 
there is nothing b . . . than 

this kore yori ii no wa nai 
he understands b... than he 

speaks hanasH yori mo kiku 

ho ga wakarimasu 
which is the h..J dotchi ga 

ii no desu kaf 
the fewer the b... sUkunai 

hodo ii 

still b... nao ii 
to feel b. . . voku nam 
Between no aida ni 
b . . . 5 and & go to roku no 

aida ni 
let tlus be b... ourselves 

kore wa tichi-uchi no ha- 

nas?ti ni shimatho 
Beyond no mukS tti; no mH 




b... the bridge hashi no 
muko ni 

that is b... my strength 
sore wa watak&shi no chi- 
kara ni wa oyoba-nai koto 

it was b . . . my expef^ations 
sore wa omoi-gake-nai koto 

b... this I know nothing 
kono hoka ni rtani mo shi- 
Bicycle jitensha 
Big okii; oki na; In com- 
pounds or dai 

a b . . . bottle 6-bin; oki na bin 

about as b ... as this hmo 
gurai okii 

as b . . . as an egg tamago 

rrai okii 

b . . . of fare kondate-hyS 
Bflliards tama-tsUki 
Bind (tie) shiiHiru 
Bird tori 

a little b... told me haze 
no tayori de kiita 
from b . . . Umareta toki kara 
Birthday tanjS-bi 
Biscuit kashi [generic term 

for cakes]; bisdketio 
Bit sUkoshi 
a little b. . . sAkoshi 
give me a b... of bread 
sukoshi pan wo kudasai 
wait a b... s&koshi matte o 

not a b... tHkoshi mo with 
neg. verb 

I d<Mit care a b . . . twtocAi u» 
' tdkoshi mo kantaimasen 
every b . . . mmna 
Bttctomu; (of an insect) ifcuu; 
sasH; (as an attaek) Anii-teflJtu 


I cannot b . . . tills kore wa 

does the dog b . . . .' korto 
inu wa kui^tsitkimasil ka? 
Bitter nigai 
Black kuroi 

to b . . . the boots kutsu wo 
b . . . iDg kutsu-tumi 
Blacl<smith kaji-^a 
Bladder boko; (sack) fOkuro 
Blade (of a l^nife) nakami; 

ha; (of grass) ha 

who is to b...f dare no set 
you are to b . . . for this kore 
wa anata no set desH 
I don't b . . . him for it muri 
de wa arimasen 
Taro was more tob... TarS 
no ho ga warui 

lay the b . . . on me watahUhi 
no sei ni shite o oki nasai 
Blanket ketto;kake-buton 
Bleed cAi ga deru [blood 
comes out] 
my hand is te kara 
<Ai aa demasH 

my nose is ^no-y* 
17a demasH 

the stops ehi ta 

to stop the chi wa 
Blind melcura 

this man is b. . . kofio hUo 
wa mekura desH 
8un-b ... 8 hiyoke; (If made 

of bamboo strips) sudare 
to become b... mie-naku 
Blood eki 

to spit b... CM tpo Ac2« 
Blossmn hema 
the cherry trees are in fall- 



b . . . sakura no hana uxi 
sakari desd 
Blot n.shimi 
to b . . . (make a blot) ni/shi- 
mi ga tsuku 
Blotting-paper suitori-gami 
Blow V. i. julcu 
from what direction does the 
wind b...? kaze wa dochira 
kara fukimasd ka! 
to b. . . out kesu 
to b . . . the nose )uina %co 

b... your noee (to an in- 
ferior) hana too kande 
to b... up (scold) s/>ikaru: 
(inflate) tdkurasu; (by an 
explosion) hareisu S'lsfru: 
(of an exylosion) haretsa 

he knocked it down at one 
b... hlio-uchi de taoshi- 
Blue ao; asagi; (very dark 
b . . . ) oi; (dark o . . . ) hana- 
iro; (sky b . . . ) sora^ro; 
(light b . . . ) miTU-asagi 
b... -bottle (ily) aobai 
Bluff gake; (at Yokohama) 

Blunt (not sharp cdjre) kire- 
nai; (not sharp point) to- 
gatie i-nai 
Blush kao ga akaku ni nam 
Board (plank) ita; (food) maba- 
card-b... ita-gami; boru- 

sign-b. . . kamban 
to go on b . . . ^ ship fune 
ni noru 

to b . . . (at a place) geshiku 
wo suru 
Boarding (food) makanai 

b... house oeshiku-ya 
Boast V. i. jiman wo suru 


Boat fune; hasMke 
ferry-b . . . tcalashi-hune 
b . . . man sendo 
Body karada 
dead b . . . shigai 
Boil dehimono 
to b. . . (trans.) niVJ: wakasH; 

(intr.) tiietatsU: waka 
to b... iu water uderu 
to b... in water aud salt 

is the water b . . . ing/ o yu ga 

nietattc imasu ka? 

this water is hot but it is 

not b . . . ing o yu w^ atiui 

keredoino nieVxtte uxi iinnsen 

I want some;; water 

niet'ttte iru yu ga hushii 

Bolt (oi a door) saru;uiie-o'.oshi; 

to b . . . saru u>o orosH 
Bone hojie 
Book hon: shomotsU 
illii>tr:itcd b... e ga haitte 
iru hon 

cliild's picture b... e-bon 
Bookseller lion-ya 
Boots kut\u 
brown leather b... akai 
elastic side b.., fiUca-gomu- 
laced b. . . aminge-gutsu 
high b... naga-gutsu 
rubber b . . . gomu-gnlsni 
to clean the b... kutsu wo 

it was a b . . . tailmtsu d'sMta 
what a b . . . a mendokasai 
to be b ... d taikutsxM suru 
Bom (to be b...) Umareru 
when were you b . . . .' anata 
wa itsa UmaremathUa kaf 
I was b . . . in TokTO TokyS 
de Umaremashita 


63 Break 

Borrow kari'ru 
I wish to b. . . 10 yen ju-yen 

kari mushitai 
Both ryo-ho; in compounds ryo 
1 want b . . . ryo-Iu'i fioshii 
they are b . . . alike ryo-ho 

onaji; dotchi mo onaji da 
b... this and that kore mo 

sore mo 
b... ?ides rii'i-Jiu; ryo-kaim 
b . . . hands ryo-te 
b. . . of us )utari (to mo) 
I musthparb. . . sides before I 

judge A"o«o koto rco k^rneruno 

ni ua ryo-ltii uo kika-iiake- 

rcba narimtiseji 
useb. . . hands you cannot do 

it with one ryd-tc de o shi 

nastti. kt'W-ii tlf na dnme 
you must d(; b... i_o-/io to 

mo s/ii->i(il:rrrOa nnra-nai 
that would he a loss for b. . . 

of us o Utgai no son "i nari- 

let'.- b ... of us go fuMri de 

the red ones and the white 

ones b... co^t the same 

price akai no mo sliiroi no 

mo nrdan ua onaji desU 
dont b... me jama wo shi- 

nai de o kure 

■what a b . . . iyn na koto drsU 
b. . . some urusai; niendokufoi 
excuse my you but 

go mm do desi( ga 
1 fear I am always 

you ?t«jl de mo go mendo 

I won't b . . . you any more mii 

kore de go mcndo kakemofen 
Bottle (of glass) bin; (earthen- 
ware) tokkuri 
large b . . . S-bin; oki na bin 

small b. . . ko-bin: chiisai bin 
empty b. . . aki-bin 
Bottom (inside) soko: (under- 
ne.ith part) sh'tta; shiri 
he is a good fellow at b... 
ne wa ii hilo da 
ship h... for Ilong Kong 

Uon Kon yuki no tune 
you are I>. . . to do it (must) 
shi-nakereha ikemasen 
Boundary sakai 
Bow (of the head) o jigi 
to b . . . jigi wo suru 
Bowels eho 

to have a motion of the 
b . . . s tsu-ji ga aru ; daiben 
no suru 
Bow! domburi 
Box hako 

contained in a b... hako-iri 
Boy otoko no ko: (servant) 

boi; (son) musxiko 
Brain nomiso; no; (kno-.viedgel 

Branch eda: (of a firm) shiten 
I) . . . -line shisen 
h. . . -road wnkare-michi 
Br.'.nd (mark) yaki-in; (trade 

mark) sliirushi 
Brass skinrhH 
Brave (of jiersons) yuki no 

nru: (of actions) isamashii 
Brazier hibachi 
Bread -pen 
new b . . . dekitcte no pan 
stale b. . . jurui pan 
toast yaki pan; tosUto 
Breadth haba 
what is the b. . .of the river.* 
kawa-haba wa dono gurai 
desu ka? 
Break (trans.) kowasu; (intr.) 
koware'ru: (for long things) 
oru; ore'tu 




you have broken my pen- 
cil anaia tea empitsu wo 

I have broken my arm itde 
ga oremash'ita 

dont b . . . that sore wo ko- 
wasa-nai de o kure 

if you are not careful you 
wUl b . . . that glass ki wo 
tsuke-nakereba sono koppu 
wo kowashUe shimau 

this thing is broken kore 
wa kowarete imasH 

b . . . of day yo-ake 

does thfe ticket allow me 
to b... the journey? kono 
kippu de tochu-gesha ga de- 
kimasil kat 

to b. . . a promise yakUsoku 
wo yaburu 

my rjkisha broke down ku- 
Tuma rti kosM ^a arima- 

to b . . . to pieces (separat- 
mg parts which were pre- 
viously joined) bara-bara ni 
8uru; ■ (destroying things 
which were solid) mecha- 
mecha ni guru 

to b . . . a law JiorUsH ni 
Breakfast asa no shokuji 
Breast mune 

b. . .s (of a female), chichi 
Breath iki 

to be out of b... iki ga 

to t^ke b... hUo-iki tsUku 

without taking b... iki mo 
ts&ka-zu ni 
Breathe iki wo sum 

to b . . . with, difficulty iW- 
Bribe wairo 

to b. . . tMiro wo Uahau 
Brick /^Tt^a 

Bridge hashi 
to cross the b. . . hashi Wo 

Bright (full of light) akarui; 

(of colours) hade na; (che- 
ery) yoki na 
Bring (thing) m-otte kuru; (per- 
son) tsurete kuru 
b. . . my luggage up to my 

room nimotsu wo heya ni 

moUe kite o kure 
b. . . your friend with you 

please o tomodachi wo tsu- 

reU kite kudasai 
have my things been brought* 

watakushi no nimotsU ga 

kiinashita ka? 
why does not the boy b . . . 

mj' things? naze boi wa 

nimotsu wo motte kimasen 

tell the boy to b . . . my 

things immediately nimotsii 

wo sugu motte kuru yo ni 

boi ni itte kure 
who has brought this? dare 

ga kore wo motte kimashUa 

to b . . . back (a thing) motte 

kaeru; (a person) tsurete kae- 

ru; (something lent) kaesH 
b . . . my umbrella back soon 

watakushi no kasa wo sugu 

ni o kaeshi nasai 
to b.. . up (cause to grow) 

lodate'ru; (cause to know, 

educate) kyoiku sum 
a well brought up child soda- 

chi no it ko 
bddly brought up sodachi no 

to b . . . au action against 



Great B... Dai Buriten 




Broad hiroi; hdba 

this river is b... kono kawa 
wa hiroi 

it is an inch b . . . haba wa 

is-sun da 
Broil yaku 
Broker nakagai 
Bronze karakane 
Broom hoki 

elder b . . . ani; niisan 

younger b. . . otito 

b . . . 3 and sisters kyodai 
Brown eha-iro 
Bruise n. uchi-kizu ; aza 
Brush (for writing) fude; 
(European) burashi; hake 

paiiit-b . . . e-bake; e-fude 

8hoe-b . . . kutsu-bake 

hair-b . . . kami no burashi 

b. . . my clothes fuku no ho- 
kori wo haratte kure 
Bud tsut>om,i; me 
Buddha O Shaka Sama; 

Buddhi'jm Bukkyo 
Bug nankin-mu^hi- 
Build tatrru 

b . . . ing taiemono 
Bulb tama no yo na ne; kyUJcei 
Bulky kasabatta 
Bump (swelling) kobu 

to b. . . (\.t.)butsiikeru;(v.i) 
Bunch lUsa 
Bund kaigan-dori [sea-shore 

Bundle tsutsumi; (of sticks, 

etc.) taba 
Bungalow (one storied house) 

Burial o tomorat 
Bum (a wound) yakedo 

to b... (trans.) yaku; mo- 
sii; (intr:) yake'ru; moe'ru 

to b. . . up yaite shi$nau 

it wont b . . . moemasen 

b... this paper kono kami 

wo mosMte o kure 
I b...t my finger yubi wo 

yakedo shimashita 
it tastes as if b...t koge 

isn't there something b - 

Sng? nanikamoete iruno de 

wa arimasen ka ? 
Burst (of a bomb, etc.) hare- 

tsu sum; (of a boil) kuchi 

ga aku 
Bury (in the ground) Hme'ru; 

(a corpse) maiso suru 
Business (work, affair) yd; shi- 

goto; (calling, profession) sAo- 

pressing b . . . isogi no shigoto 
I have b . . . there asUko ni yo 

ga am 
I havecome on b. . . yogaatte 

what is your b . . . ? (on what 

b . . . have you come?) nanno 

go yd desil ka ? 
that is my b . . . (my work 

you need not attend to it) 

sore wa toatakHshi no suru 

koto desH 
that is your b. . . sorewaanata 

no suru koto desii 
it is none of your b . . . koi'e wa 

anata no shitta koto ja nai 
it is not my b . . . (duty) vxUa- 

kushi rto knkari de iva nai 
although it is none of my b. . . 

yokei na koto da ga 
mind your own b . . . anata 

wa j'timn no koto dake shite 

ireba ii; jibun no atama no 

hai too Of [frighten away 

the flies on your own headj 
Busy isogathii 
I am very b. . . now ima wa 

taihtn isooouini 

Busy 66 


I am too b... to do it now 

irtw waisogashiikara<Uki-nai 
But ga 
this hotel is cheap b... 

not good kono hnteru u-a 

ynsui ga yoku ariniasen 
I thought Mr. Taiiaka would 

come but he did not Tmwhn 

i>an ga kuru to omoUara ki- 

iiiasen deshUa 
alJ b. . . he ano hiio no hoka 

I iiave b. . . one hitoUu shika 

I have nothing b... this 

kono hoka ni nani mo luii 
nothing b... a joke Hon no 

tiiere is nothing for it b... 

to go iku yori hoka wa nai 
not only this b... al^o that 

kore bakari de nalru sore mo 
it is the last b... one 7110 

kUotsu shika arimnKen 
I should iiave cone li... 

for him hoka dc mo nai iju 

ano hiio no tame ni ikare- 

inasen deshlta 
if I could butsee him my mind 

would be at ease ai sue sureba 

anshin shitnaxu 
haveyou^inotherliketliisb. . . 

a little larper ? kore to onaji 

mono de. sukoshi o/.ii )w ga | 

arimaxu ka t 
do not CO on purpose b . . . the 

i:ext time you are there buy 

sfime uaza-uaza ika-nakiiU 

mo kondo ittam katU kudasai ' 
b. . . stil! teredomo j 

Butcher niku-ya 
Butter bata 
fresh b . . . thioke no nai bata 

[not salted! 
tinned b . . . kamume no bata 

Butterfly eho ; chucho 
Button botan 
b. . .-holi; liotan no ana 
to b... the coat uwagi no 

botnu ito kiikeru 
plrase sew on this b... 

koiio lioUm no nul-t<Hl;ete 

Buy knu 
where can I b... some pa- 
per ? doko de kaiiii uv uri- 

iiiasO, ka I [where do tliey 

1 wish to b... some good 

sandals vatnl-itshi ica yoi 

zori 110 kaitai 
go and b... some orances 

viiktin uo katte k'te o kure 
to h. . . for a mere song 

nute-ne de kau 
to b... up all the places 

of a caniai/e kni-l.iru 
what is the price? ikiiia desd 

ka I 
it is too dcTr Uikn-migint 
can't you let nic ha\e it a 

little chcapci? yiUonhi o mu- 

ke nnxtii 
intake several will you make 

tlifMi ( lu-aper ? tnkus'ui kacba 

iiifikeiii'ixu ka '! 
have y(iu no better qual- 
ity ? tiiotto xi no ga ari- 

vxri'ti ka .' 
that i-^ not what J want so 
ill no I'll ii/n ilii 
III another hhade hoka no 
have you another k:n(l ? iiiotto 
hoka iio.shiiriii gii nnmn.^i'i ka' 
I " isli to see several patterns 
iro-iro nnno uo m '.aete kudosai 
thicker -motto dtxui )io; thin- 
ner tiiotlv Usui no: biKger 
motto ijkii no; smaller motto 
chiisai no 


please show me that flowor- 
vasc sonohrinH-ike wo niisete 


not that one. the next sore ia 
noi, sono towiri no 

the one al>ove tie no 

the one l>."iow sh'it'i no 

when can I have it.' itsii 
dekiiiiiisCt kn> 

I mn-t have it by Sntind.iy 
doiio-hi iii'idc ni kitto hoshi- 
rae'e murnUdi 

plca-c send this to my house 
kore wo uild ni todokete 

my ;:ildri.-ss i VHilrkiiK/ii 

no tok'rro-gaki zrn -- disii 

1 will p.iv vcjii wiien von -.end 
it /'.-/..( . lodof.rfr inuriitte ka- 
ra h'lriniiKisii 

plea-i- pack it carefully for 
nu; in a case ln'ko e intr 
yoku ui-zuhuri wo shite 

1 wi-h to «end some other 
tliin^^here to be packed with 
the-e hoka no mono no koko 
ni vnki's/iiinasi'i knrii. kore t/t 
issJii} ni txutsiniUe jiiurnitai 

have you not a similar ar- 
ti<;lc at a lower |)rice? motto 
yasui no de ku iu no ga 
ariiifisen ku! 

is thi- tlie lowest price? kofe 
kiri makani,mxen kn! 

I ilo -fiot like barsainiiig, 
please uive me your lowest 
jirice at, once ueijiiu nu wa 
iya i/ii knru ichi-lmn yasui 
neiliiii Wo Hie kiida^ni 

1 wil! ii(<t ^;lve more than 5 
yen for it go-yen i/O dose- 
ma sen 

1 can get it chea;>er some- 
where else hoka dit wa motto 



how rnncli all t'sether ' 
minnit de ikrira dear'i ka f 

sliow me somt'thiiiu' bettei 
(a licttcr one oi the saiiir 
kiliil) motto a ii'i icii mi^rt,- 
kuiUis::i: (s(nii("thuig more 
e\iic;i-i .'* oi .iiHitiicr kindi 
liiiiii ki ii.iitlo it >iu wo 

Irish- klidilxiii 

Jf n:i I'litL'iiii;: a .laiiaiios' 
shop there -hould be no- 
body in atli'ndance you 
mav call out; kuimichi wu 
juood day) 

ait by me w':takushi no soba 
ni o kil:e nnsai 
I s!i,l| bi- P'ady by 10 o'clock 
ji'i-ii •unite fi shil'iku ya 

he was hitteii by a "dot; inn 
ni kui-tsHkiiTcVi 
by Itine de 
by |io-.t 'r'lhin de 
by land oka wo 
liy s(.:i jiiue lie [by boat I 
he entered by the window 

inado kara Iniitln 
I shall ii'tuiii by way •■>' 
!sibi':ia Shilieria wo U'tt'.' 
1 pa>--eil by the temple o 
leal )in xol/u Wo U'liiiiii^li'Ui 
I yoii will hurt yourself by 
smol in« too iiiucli ainuri 
bilnilii wo nomu U> o karada 
I ni s-iwiniiuisii 
. this is loiigiT by j> feet 
i thai! koic wi are yori 

has-shaka hodo naiiui 
I 8 feet by y siin-Kiku ni has- 
] shiku 

I by lar n\oie yoppodo 
1 by far prettier yoppodokirei 
I by one's self (alone; hitori 




de; {■without help) hUori de 
by and by ato de: nockUiodo 
by tne bye toH ni; sore wa 
so to 
day by day himnshi ni 
it gets hotter diiy By day 
himaxhi ni aUuku 7iarimasii 
one by one hUotsu-zutsiX 
how did you come by that 
book? srmo hon wa do shite 
o te ni irimasMta? 
I want to engage you by the 

hour jikan de yaUy'dai 
by )i? sora de 
Cab basha; see carriage 
Cabbage kyabetsU 
Cabin heyn 

Cabinet (furniture) tansu 
Cable (submariue) kaitei-dfn- 

Cage (for birds) tori-kago; 

(for animals) ori 
Cake okashi 
Calculate kanjo sum 
Calf ko-iiski 
Calico kyarako 
Call yobu 
c. . . the landlady (of the 
inn) uehi no o kami-san wo 
yonde o kure 

did you c...? o yobi nasai- 
mashUa ka? 

c. . . him back ano hUo wo 
yobi-kaeshUe a kure 
what do you c . . . this in 
Japanese? kore wa Nihon- 
go de nan to iimasii, kaf 
what is this town c.ed? 
koko wa nan to iu machi 
desu kaf 

I wish to be c...ed at C 
o'clock myoasa roku-ji ni 
okoshite kiuiasai 
to c. . . at (to go in while 
passing) yoru 

I shall c. . . at Mr. Naka- 
mura's on my way michi 
de Nakamura San no uchi 
e yorimasho 

shall I c. . . for you? wata- 
kushi ga yorimasho ka? 

does the steamer c. . . at 
Moji? fune wa Moji e yori- 
masU ka? 

to c. . . on (visit) tazune'ru 

I shall c. . . on Mr. Tanaka 
this afternoon gogo kara 
Tnnaka San wo tazunemc/- 

I would c. . . on him only I do 
not know where he lives ano 
kata no tokoro e ikitai no 
desH ga uchi ga ivakarimasen 

I will c. . . for it watahHshi 
wa jibun de kimasho 

I will c... again mata kima- 

I have c...ed to let yon 
know this watakOshi wa 
kore wo shirase ni kimo' 

please c. . . again mata o-ide 

to c. . . out oHi koe wo dasi 

a man called Suzuki Suzuki to 

c. . . of nature; see watkr- 


Calm (of the sea, weather) 

odayaka na 
Camel ia tsubaki 
Camphor shono 
c. . .-tree kiisu 
Can deki'ru 
c. . . foil, by a verb is ex- 
pressed by the infinitive 
foil, by koto ga deki'ru; or 
by special form of the verb 
c. . . you walk.< aruku i*to 
ga dekimasa ka? arukemasH 




can I have some hot -water 
(now)? o yu wo kudasai 
[hot water please) 

c. . . I have my breakfast 
at 5 o'clock to-morrow 
morning? myonsa go-ji ni 
shokuji ga u'rlhiui^m ka? 

c. . . you tell me if there is 
a steamer for Kobe to- 
day? konnichi. Kobe e iJcu 
hisen ga arimasU ka? [is 
there a steamer etc.] 

c. . . you speak English.' 
Ei-go ga dehimasH, ka? [not 
Ei-go wo] 

c. . . you do this? kore ga 
deldmasu ka? [not kore wo\ 

I c. . . dekimasu 

I c. . . not dekimasen: dekir 

if I c . . . dekireba 

what c... I do for you? 
(what do you need?) nani 
ka go yo ga arimasu, ka? 

how c. . . I get to Hakone? 
do sureba Hakone e ikare- 
masH ka? 

what c. . . that be? sore wa 
nan desho? 

do it as well as you c. . .• 
dekiru dake yoku nasai 

I wish I could go ikereba ii 

I wish I could have gone 
iketara yokatta 

I wish I could speak it ^- 
nasereba ii 
Canal hori-wari; unga 
Candle rosoku 
Canister dtU'tsUbo 
Cannon taiho 
Can-opener kan-kiri 
Zape (headland) mitaki 
Capital (city) miyako 
Captain (of a merchant ship) 


I dinlng-c. . . shokudSsiia 
I sleeping-c. . . shindaisha 
I motor car jidosha 


I Card 

visiting-c... meishi 
playing-c. . . hana-fuda; karu- 
post^c. . . hagaki 
picture post-c... e-hagaki 
c. . .-boATdita-gami;b6ru-gami 


take c. . . ki wo tsOkeU o 

take c. . . (danger) abunai 
take c. . . of yourself daiji ni 

if you dont take c. . . you 

will break that glass ki too 

tsUke-nakereba koppu W9 

kowashUe shimau 
I shall take great c... of 

this picture kono e wo daiji 

ni shimasH 

I dont c. . . kamaimasen 
I don't c . . . for this flower 

kffno hana wa ammari sOki 

ja aAmasen 
I don't c. . .what becomes of 

it do naro to teataktlshi wa 

to give into the c. . . of nif 
to take c. . . (charge) of wo/ 

to give into the c. . . of the 

landlord shujin ni azuke'ru 
I will take c. . . Tcharge) of 

this parcel for you kotio 

nimotsU wo azukarimasho 
please take c. . . of this 

parcel for me dozo kono 

nimottH %to ankatte kuda- 




please take c. . . of the child 
a moment kodomo wo choUo 
mite ite kudasai 
fragile with c. . . (on packing- 
cases) kichohin 
Careful (of persons) chui-bukai 
you must bee... ki uo ii-uke- 

nakereba nara-nai 
if one is not c. . . ki wo tsxi- 

to be c. . . ki wo tsuke'ru; nen 
uo ireru 

c. . .ly ki wo Unikete; daiji ni 
Carele.<iS sosokkashii: ki wo 
c. . . ly ukkuri ; zonzai ni 
Carpenter daiku 
Caipet jutan 

Carriage (horse) basJin; (rail- 
way) Hsha no hako 
Carrot ninjin 
Carry motte iku. 
will you c... this for me 
dozo kore wo motte itte ku- 
dasaiinasen ka? 
can you c. . . this to the 
station.* anata wa kore too 
teisltaba e motte ikaremasu ka? 
to 0. . . a child on the back 
kodomo wo obuu 
to 0. . . iji the arms dnku 
to c. . . out mochi-dasfi; 
motte de'ru; (realize) ihito- 
Cart ni-guruma; (drawn by 

horses) bariki 
Cartage kuruma no unchin 
Carve horu 

can-ing chokoku 
Cascade ttiki 
Case (box) hako 
in any c. . . do shite mo; to- 
in c... he should do so 
moshi so sureba [if he should 
do so] 

I'll take it with me, in c. . . I 

need it iru to ikemasen kara 

mo'te ikimnsho 
in that c. . . sonnara 
in either c... dotchi ni shite 


in some c. . .s rfo ka sum to 
make ready in c. . . he should 

come kiiTU ka mo s/iire-nai 

kr.ra shilaku. wo shite o 

in c. . . of need masnka no 

baai ni 
that is not the c. . . sore wa 

chigau [that is different] 
it is of no in this c... 

ko>io toki ni u;» yaku ni tata- 

1 shall pay c... for every- 
thing minna genkin dc harai- 

I paid c. . . for it at toe 

time sono toki h'iraimashita 
-4.S there any reduction for 

c...? genkiu nara waribiki 

wo shimasu kaf 
Cashier kaikei-kata 
Castle shiro 
Cat neko 
he used my friend as a c ... 's 

paw ano hito wa watnkHshi 

iu> tomodachi wo dashi ni 

CataloKue mokuroku 
Cataract tak-i 
Catch V. t. (an animal) tetl- 

kamaeru ; (as a ball) uke'ru 
shall we c... the train.' 

k'lsha ni ma ni aimasho kaf 
to c. . . hold of tsukamae'r'i 
to c. . . a cold kaze wQ hiku 
the child caught an Illness 

Kl.oki qa kodomo ni utsuri- 





the house caught fire uchi ni 
hi tja tsiikimashUa 

to be caught (like a fish) 

to c. . . the eye me ni tsiiku 

I did not quite c. . . what 
you said anata no iu koto 
ga i/oku wakarinuisen de- 
Cause (reason) u-ake : (purpose) 

what is the c. . . of that ? do 
iu wake de dead ka f nan no 
tame ni desU ka? 

I don't know the c. . . of it 
wake wa nhirimaaen; nun no 
tame ni da ka shirimasen 

-what c. . .d it ? do shite okotta 
no dext'i ka ! 

for this c. . . kono lame nl 

for what c....* nan no tame 

without apparent c... nan 
to nahu 

to c. . . hiki-okosii 

Causative verbs; see p. 16 
Caution (provident care) vojin 
Ceiling ten)d 

Celebrate (honour by cere- 
monies of joy) iwau; (re- 
ligious) niaimru 

c. . .d nadakai; yUmei na 

C...d place meisho 

c...d product meibiUsH 

celebration o iwai; o ma- 
Cement semenio 
Cemetery hakaba 
Cent sen 


one per c. . . iehi-hu 

two per c . . . , etc. ni-bu, etc. 

ten per c. . . ichi-wari 

twenty per c. . ., etc. m-unri, 

please do not stand upon c. . . 

dozo go enryo naku 
on a c . . . day aru hi 
a c. . . man aru hito 
is it quite c....« tathlka 

desu ka? 
I dont know for c. . . tashika 

na kuto wa shirimasen 
I know for 0. . . taskUca ni 

shitte iiiuisH {v/ith c. . Ay) tashika 

ni (please do so) dozo; 

(it is so) mochiron not kesshile (foil, by 

neg. verb) 
are there any.2 aru 

ka? arirrtasH to mo 
Certificate shomeisho; m/mjd 
Chain tusari 
Chair isu 

sedan-c. . . kago 
by c. . . giZjenni /(luckily) »at- 

wai ni 
I will give him another c . 

ano hito wo kondo wa yura- 

shite yaru 
if by any c... he should 

come moshi ano hito ga 

I'll c. . . it ichi ka bachi ka 

yatle miyo 
Change v.t. (alter) hae:ru; (ex- 
change) tori-kae'ru ; hf- 

c. (money returned when 

paying a bill) o tsuri 
I liave no small c. koma' 

kai no ga nai 
c. . . this into small money 

please kore too kuiushit$ 





to c... one's mind kangae 

he^is very c. . .able anohUoiva 

taihen lei ga Jcawari-yasui 
he has c ... d very much taiheti 

there is no c... kawari ga 

to c. . . to black kuroku 

nam [to become black] 
to t;»ke a c... of air for 

one's health tcnchi-ryoyo 

to c. . . carriages nori-kae'ru 
•without c. . . of carriages 

ncri-kae-nai de 
where must I c... for Ya- 

niada? Yamada e wa doko 

de iiori-kaeru no desu kaf 
must 1 c ... for Nara.' Nara 

e wa nori-kaeru no deaii kn'f 
at what tinio are we due 

there.* nan-ji ni tsuku hazu 

dem ka'f 
shall 1 have to wait there 

long.? nagaku matsu no desu 
when does the Yamada train 

start.? Yanuida yuki no kisha 

wa nan-ji ni demasu ka? 
has the Yamada train ar- 
rived yet.* Yamada yuki no 
kishu wa mada isukimasen 
•where is the train for Ya- 
mada.' Yamada yuki no 
kislia wa dotehi desH ka? 
which is the platform for 
Kobe.' Kobe yuki wa dotehi 
desu ka? 
on this side.* kotchi? 
on the other side.* muko! 
Character (letter) ji; (dispasi- 
tion) Umare-UiUci; (reputa- 
tion) hydban 

a, man of bad c... hyoban 
no warm h'lto 
Chinese c. . . (ideograph) honji 
Charcoal sumi 
take c... of this parcel 
please kono .irnotsU wo 
azukatie kadusoi 

I ])Ut you in c. . . of this 
kore uu ancita 7io kaknri ni 
who i.-i in c. . . oi it dare ga 

sono l(i!cari deni ka? 
you have c...i] me too 
n;i;rh wnrhiqoUe iru [tliere 
is a mistake) 

to eive somebody in c... 
Mill wo iujisii »a h'iki-wa- 
how much will you c... to 
take me ashore.* oka made 
ikura desu ka? 
release c. . . it to my account 
vntnknslii no kanjo ni tsukete 
(lite kudaf:<ii 
Chatter shaberu 

c . . . -box o shaberi 
CIteap yasui 
I do not like a c... hotel 
ynsui pado-ya wa kirai desA 
this i^ too c... (an article) 
kore wa yasustigimasH 
c. . . and nasty yasHkarS 
dirt c. . . sUte-ne no 
which is the* dochi- 
ra ga yasui? 
this is much c. . .er kono 

ho ga yohodo yasui 
which is the c...est.« dore 
ga ichi-ban yasui no desH 
have you nothing c. . .er.« 
hoka ni yasui no ga ari- 
masen kn? 




to c...en (to beat down) 
mak,! it c. . .er please buLoshi 
make nasai 
yoi; are me I shall 
co.nplain to tlie police 
aiiicri haka ni sliile iru. 
juiifi ni hiki-watnsu zo 
I wont be c...ed damasa- 
rete wa i-nai 
Cheek (of the face) hoppela 
c...y (impudent) ziiziislui 
Chemicals kiujaku-yakuhln 
Chemist (apothecary) kusuri- 

Cheque (bank) kogittc; chekkt; 
(countersiKu in tlie railway. 
sliops. etc.) fuda; niinotsu 
no fuda; cliekki 
Cherry (fruit) sakuramho; 
(flower) sakura no hana; 
(tree) snktira no ki 
Chess .s7((7'7( 

c...-l)'),ird shoji-han 
Chest (of the body) mune; 
(box) lu'ko • 

c. . . of drawers tajisu 
Chestnut (the nut) k-uri; (tree) 

kuri no ki 
Chicken liii/okko 
Chilblain shimo-yake 
Child ko; kodonio; (mfant) 
c. . .i-sh kodonioraslai 
c...-like kodomo no yo na 
spoilt c . . . dadakko 
to be with c. . . mimochi de 


a woman in c...rbed sampu 

how many c . . . ren have you? 

anata wa kodomo ga iku-nin 

arimas'iX ka? 

an adopted c . . . (male) 

yoshi; (female) yojo 
illegitimate c... shiseiji; (if 

recoinized by the father) 
Chimney ketnu-dashi: (of a 

lamp) /loya 
Chin <i{io 

China ^/lina: (porcelain) seto- 
Chinese (person) ShitM-jin 
KnnkiA. no kito; (language) 

! to i>e c. . .ped kakete ,,'ru 
Chit cliitxi 
Choke (to be c...d) fsuJcaete 

Choose eramu; erabu 
si low me several to c... 
irom eramiiMsii kara mitsU 
Uut-'-u inisete kudasai 
please Iroin c... among 
these kono uchi kara eran- 
de kudanai 
there Ls not much to c. . . 
between tliem dolchi mo 
onaji da 
c. . . .vour own time anata no 

ii toki 
because I don't c... to iya 
da kara 
Church kydkai 
Cigar luamaki 
Cigarette maki-tabako 
Circiini. stance 
to take advantage of the 

c . . . s baai wo riyo suru 
according to (;...s baai ni 

yoru to: koto ni yoru to 
unavoidable c. . .s prevented 
me irom going yondokoro- 
nai wake de ikaretnasen 
under no c...s nam ga nan 
de mo 
that depends on c. . .8 sore 
wo baai nt yoru 







you must take the c. . .s into 

account baui wo kangae-na- 

kereba nara-nni 
under the c. . . s (conse- 

quentJy) yotte; (if that is the 

case) so iu wake nara 
as far as c...s may permit 

haai no yurusO, kagiri 
City shi 
the city of Yokoliama Yo- 

Claim (demand as duo^ sri- 

kyu guru; (maintain) ii-haru 
I cannot admit your c. . . 

Q.nata no snki/u wo ireru 

koto uxi dekimaxcn 
I mii<t 0. . . for dama<;o< 

watakushi wa xonmi-haisho 

wo- shite morawa-nakereba 

I sliall put in a c... for 

damages ^ongai-haislio no 

seikyu wo shiiruisH 
to c... tiie hands te wo td- 

I have c...ped my hand' 

twice, wliy didn't you 

come? ni-do te tvo taVutn 

no ni naze kimasen deshlta 


Class (kind) ahurvi 
first. c. . . it-to\ joto 
second c... ni-td\ chulo 
third c . . . san-to; katu 
See RAiT.wAY 
Clean kirn na 
tliis liouse Ls c... kono uchi 

tea kirei desu 
to c. . . s'jji suru; (polish) mi- 

c... this room afterwards 

ato df. kono heya wo soji 

shite kure 

are these sheets c. . J shii- 
tsu wa aratte kara dnre. mo 
tsikawa-nai no desii ka> 
[has anybody used these 
sheets alter the wash?] 
they do not look as c. . . as j! 
would Wkc amari kirei nayo 
de wa ariiiiasen 
Clear (transparent) Duk-itotU 
iru; (manifest) wakirikiUe 

it is not c. wakara-nai- 
koto da 

I should line to iiave that put down in writing 
sore uo chaiilo kaite ilndal.itui 
c. . . the table teburu wo akete 
to c. . . away (di=hes, etc.) so- 
9eru; katuzukeru 
Clerk jimuin; banto 
Clever riko na 
Climate kiko: jiko 
Cloak-room nimotsU wo azukeru 

Clock tokel 
5 o'cKiik go-ii 
CloKS geVi 

Close (near, for very small 
distanc -s! no soba ni; (near, 
for not sucli small dis- 
tances) no cJiikaku tii 
tlie ball is c..-. to the do? 
tama wa inu tw soba ni 
art many. 
tlie inn i^ c... to the po'?t- 
office yado-ya wa yubiM.- 
kyoku no chikaku ni ari- 

to jilace c... to ni/tsukeU 


place it c. . . to the wall kabe 

ni tsukete oite o kure 

follow c. . . behind me mw- 

takushi no ato ni tsuite o-ide 

to be c... at hand (lit.) te- 

jika ni am; (of time) chi- 

he lives c... by ano hito 

wa kinjo ni sunde imasu 
it k quite c . . . chikai desH 
to c . . . shime'ru 
please c . . . the door dozo to 

wo shimete kvdasai 
when do they c... the 

shop? ihi-ji ni mise wo 

yShimcmasu ka? 
the bank is c. . . d today kyo 

wa yinko ga yasuini dcsii 
the door doe.-* not c. . . 

right to ga chanto shimari- 

with c...d eyes n^e wo tsu- 

Cloth kire 
cotton c . . . momen 
woolen c . . . rasha 
Clothes (.lapani^jf) kimono; 

(Eurorioau) yoiuku (this docs 

not refer to under-clotliing) 
coat uwaiji 
vest dtokki 
trowsprs znbon 


Cloud kumo 
it is c . . . y kumotte imasu 
to become c. . ry kumotte 
Clumsy bukitjo na' hrta na 
Coach baslia 
Coal sekittin 

Coarse (l)ailly m.Tdr) nomntfil 
rui; (rudo) knlij na; (rude 
in speech) kuchi no warui 
Coat (.lapanose) Ivaori; uwagi; 
(European) wvagi 
overc . . . gaila 

rain c... knppa; (European) 
ame no gaiio 
Cobweb kumo no su 
Cock ondori 

Cockroach abura-mushi 

Coffee kohii 

CoW (to the touch) tsumetai: 

(weather) samui 
this plate is c... kono sara 
_wa tsumetai 
1 Wfint c. . . water not tepid 

nnmanuruku nai tsumetai 

mizu ga hoshii 
it is c . . . (weather) to-day 

kyo wa samui 
it has become very c . . . 

ho7ito 7ii samuku narimu- 

I feel c . . . samuke ga shi- 

do you find it e. . .f samuku 

ariiiia^en ka* 
I have caueht a c. . . iaze 

tno h'lkininsldUl 
Collar kara; eri 
Collect atxume'ru 
to c... by purchase kai- 

Colloquial (latiguaRe) zok-ugo 
Colour iro 
light c. . . Usui iro 
daik c . . . koi iro 
I want it of a lighter shade 

moUo Usui iro ga hoshii 
I doiit like the c. . . iro ga 

does this c. . . fade? kono 

iro wa samemasiX ka? 
dues this c. . . wash well? 

kono iro wa aratte mo dni- 

joha dcvu ka? 
fast c . . . same-nai iro 
water-c... painting suiiai-ga 
c. . .ed illustration iro-dori no 

shlle aru e 
Comb kUshi 

to c . . . tokasH 
Come huru; (humble) mairu; 

(houorlflc) o-ide nasaru; irat- 





has he c.t ano hUo tea 

kimashUa ka? 
tell my boy tx) c . . . boi ni 

kuru yd ni iUe i> kure 
who came this morniut!? 

dare ga kesa kimasMUi ka? 
1 c... from Kobe Kobe 

kara kimashlUi 
has anythins c... for me? 

rusni ka watakiishi ni ki- 

■masbUa ka> 
I have c... to let him know 

thi< wainln'ishi wa kore wo 

shirase ni kinius/i'ttn 
c... here o-ide nasai; ko- 

c/iira e irasshai (polite) 
c. . . hnre about 5 o'clock ffo- 

ji ooro o-ide rtasai 
please c. . . again 7nata o-ide 

please c... as quickly as 

possil;je dekiru dake hayaku 

o-idr ?i«sni 
if anybody c. . .?= let me know 

dare ka kitarn sltirnseteohire 
1 am (joing to Mr. Smith's; if 

anybixly calls, c. . . tor me 

Smith Sun po tokoro e ikima- 

m'l, dare ka kitara yobi ni kite 

to c... back (home) kaeru; 

(to anotiier place) mata 

c... back again soon suffu 

kaeri nasai 
1 will c... back soon jiki 

ni l:artte kirrMsU 
will you c. . . with me? 

watakiishi to issho ni ikima- 

sen ka? 
C. . . on o-ide nasai 
ninlit is coming on kuraku 

nurimasu [it is becoming 

to c... down ori'ru; (in 

priwV) makerii 

to c . . . down on somebody 

hlto wo s/iikaru 
C. . . in hairi nasai; o aga- 

ri nasai 
let him c... in kochira e 
it c . . . s to the same thing 

onaji koto desU 
what does it c. . . to? (in 

priced kanjo wa ikura desu 

what does it c . . . to? (the 

result of all this talking) 

tsumari wa do nan desU? 
to c... off (lit.) deru; (be- 
come deUiched) toreru 
to c... out (lit.) dete kuru 
to c. . . by wa/te. ni vru 
how did you c... by that 

book? sono hon wa do shite 

o te ni irimasltlta! 
I have c . . . for the clock 

tokei wo tori ni kimuihlta 

[to take away the clock) 
to c . . . undone hodokeru 
Comfortable yukai na 
this is very c. . . kore toa 

inakoto ni yukai dfsil 
I feel quite c... honto ni 

kimoclii ga ii 
make yourself c... o raku 

Command • 
1 c . . . you to do that do 

sh'ttp mo shi-nakereba ike- 

nai [you absolutely must 

do it] 
this hou^e c. . .5 a fine view 

kuno udii wa mi-harashi ga 

Commence hajime'ru 

Sec UF.Cil>f 
Commision (brokerage) tesi- 

ryo: koinisshon 
Common (between very good 

and very bad quality) nami 

no; (coarse) somatsii na; 




(frequent) fudan no; (gene- 
ral) aUtritnne no 

a c . . . fellow kalo na yatsCi 

it is a c . . . occurance Uibi- 
tabi no koto desu. 

out of the c... mezurashii 

c. . .-sense joshlki 
Company (firm) kaisfui; (vi- 
sitors) k>mku sama 

in c... (before people) hito 
naka de 

in c... with to issho ni 
Comparatively louri ni 

c. . . c!it?u|) to iri ni y:tsui 
Compare kural/eru 

there is no c... between 1 
this :iiid tliat kore to sore | 
to WA in-irii (le ciiiij'iimnfii \ 

in c... to Lsii. .\',ikat-u is 
a large town I'sa ni kura- 
beru to yakaisil wa okii 
nwchi dcsti 
Compass (mariner's) jishaku 
Compel muri ni foil, by cau- 
sative Verb; see p. 25 

be c. . . led me to go to 
Yokoliania wotakushi wo j 
muri ni Yokohanui e ika- 
semnshitu \ 

Complain (grumble) ytuu-guzu ' 
u< I 

what do you c. . . of ? (to ' 
an inferior* tiani ga ki ni I 
ira-nai no ka? 

I sliall c... to the police I 

/ansa ni h'in'ishii)Uisu ' 

Complete sorotta I 

is this 0...? kore wa sorotte '■ 
ii'iasii ka? I 

a c. . . stranger niaru de shira 
fiai hito 

c. . .ly maru de; sukkari 

1 c . . . ly forgot it sukJcari \ 
loasureUi I 


pic.cse present my c. . .9 to 
your father o to-san ni yoro- 
sh Iku 
Compound (enclosure) yashiki- 

Concern see BtJSiNKSS 
Condition (state) yosti; (clause) 

on c... that he conies with 
me ano hito ga issho ni 
ikelia [if he comes with niej 
tln^ nresent c. . . of affairs 
il)|'^ no yCiaCi 
I am sorry to hear it (some- 
Ibiiig bad fur another per- 
son, not myseli) sore too 
ike-:nu koto dmi'i nt 
I am very ^orry u<r you sore 
Wtt kinodokn /;a koto desH 
"low [litiiiil kuwjisj ni 
wliat a [lity oshii koto da 
I deeply sympatliise with you 
sasslii "^nosliiiiMsu 
this u... is insolent shitsii' 

rei )a nai ka 
liow am I to c... myseU 
in tliis matter? t/J iu lu ni 
sureba ii )}o darCi? 
Cor.diictor (of a train) iha- 

Confectioner o kaslii-ya 
Confcs'-- hakujo xuru 
Confidence (reliance) s>tinyd; 
(al)-eiice of anxiety) an- 
to have c. . . iu wo/shinyo 
to 'ose c... in wo/shcnyo 

shi-naku )iaru 
to inspire with c. . . anshin 
1 c. . . you upon the birth 




of youi' son o ko-san m n 
Umare ni natte o medeto 

I c. . . you mfdetS 

I am r1.i(1 to hsar it sore wa 
ii koto dcst't ne 

that i^ very fortunate (for 
you) Lore wa yokkatla 
Connect tsugu; awaseru 
Connection (relation) kankei 
Conquer kaUu 
Consent v. i. shodii sunt 

it is of no c. . . (it does not 
matter) karruUmasen 

a matter oi no c . . . (of little 
importance) sonna ni taishita 
koto jn nai 

in c. . . of an advertise- 
ment kokoku de 

in c. . . of tliis konn wake de 

I shall c... it katrjaete mi- 

please c. . . it well yoku kan- 
gaete kitdasai 

I C. . . it necessary fore wa 
hUsuyo da to onunmasu 

I c... him thoroughly ho- 
nest ano hlto wa honlo ni 
shSjiki da to onwimam 

that is c...ed impolite in 
Euroi)e nore wa YOroppa 
de' wa shUsurci na koto da 
to shite arimasu 

c...inK he is a foreigner 
teiyo-jin ni shite wa 

c. . .ing the price, the quality 
of this cloth is rather good 
kono kire wa nedati no ivari 
ni shina ga yoroshU gozai- 
Consignment okuri-ni 

to 0... of de/nari-tatsii 

Consul rydji 
c. . . ate ryojikan 
British c...ate Igirisii na 

American c. . .ate Amerika 

no ryojikan 
I shall complain to my c... 

ryoji ni harmshivi'isii 
Consult ni/ Sudan sttru 
you had better c. . . a doc- 
tor isha ni mite morau ho 

ga ii [be seen by a doctor] 
Contagious tttsnru 

a c. . . disease utsuru bydki 
how much will that case 

c....' ano hako ni dono 

gurai hairu ka) 
this box c. . .9 one dozen 

kono luiko ni wa ichi-ddsiX 

fuiitte imasH 
to c. . . one's self gaynan 

I cannot c. . . myself tama- 

are you c. . .^ emata wa rrum- 

zoku shtU imasa ka? 
Continue (trans.) tsuzuke'ru; 

(iiitr.) tnuzuku 
still c. . .s nuida yama-nai 

[not stopped yet] 
Contract yakujo 
to c. . . (a disease) ni/naru; 

(diminish) chiigaku naru; 

(make an agreement) yaku- 
jo suru 
c. . .or ukeoi-nin 
Contradict hantai suru 
on the c. . . hantai ni; kaetu 
what is the c. . . of nagai 

(long).? nagai no hantai «a 

nan desiX kat 
you did it c. . . to my ^rfU 

omae xoa watakHshi no ii- 




tsUke ni somuite konna koto 
■wo shita 
is it c... to-day .» konnichi 

tsugo wa ii desH kat 
a c. . . place benri nn tokoro 
a c... (handy) thing choho 
na mono 

if c... (to you) go tsugo ga 

when c. . . go timgo no iitoki ni 
Conversation kaiwa 
Convince tokishin saseru 
to be c...d that tushika to 
Cook ryori-nin; kokkfi san 
to c . . . . ryori suru 
cm you c. . . ICuropcan food.' 
anata wa seiyo-ryori ga 
dekimafu ka? 
too many c...s ppoil tile 
hiotli ge)idu ukus/iite June 
yama ni nolioru [too many 
boatmen will take the ship 
up a mountain] 
Cool (of temperature) smti- 
thii; (of things in general) 
to c... samasH; ti>umetaku 
Coolie ninsoku 
rikLsha c... kuruma-ya, 
sha tu 
Copper akagane; do 

c . . . coin doka 
Copy V. t. utstisii 
c. . . this letter kono U:gami 

wo utsusltHe kure 
take two copies please utsu- 
shi wo ni-nuii totte kudasai 
Coral sangoju 
Cord (Uiin) ito; (thick) hoso- 

Corea Chon^rt 

Cork koroppu 
dra\v the c... korvppu wo 

nuite kure 
c... -screw kuchi-nuki 
Comer (external) kado; (in- 
ternal) sumi 
he was standing at the c. . . 

of the street ano li-^lo «w 

mnrhi no kado ni tiitte ijna- 

put my bag in the c. . . toata- 

kiis/ii no nimotsU wo eumi 

ni oite o kurr 
four c...ed clii-kaku na 
three c...ed san-kaku na 
round the c... magari kado 
to turn a c... kado wo nia- 

Corpse tltiiai 
Correct viachigai no nai [not 

to c. . . iiaoKfi 
my account is not c. . . kan- 

jo ga maciiigatte imasH 
my account is c... kanjS 

wa machiguttc inuisen. 
plea>e c. . . my mL-»takes in dozo wtilakushi no 

JS' i/io)i-(/o no niachigai too 

naos/iite kudasai 
how much does this c.t 

kore wa il.-ura desti kat 
it c. . .sa^'reat deal leant gala- 

kusan kakaiimasd 
the actual c... moto-ne 
See BUY 
Costume (Japanese) kimono; 

(European) yo/uku 
Cotton (wool) wata; (cloth) 

c...-yam momen-Uo 
Cough seki 
to c . . . seki ga de'ru 
I have a c. . . to-day kyo 

w-.i srk-i ga dernatH 




Could see can 
Count katoe'ru 
joti can c... upon it aai- 

jubu desu 
you mustn't c. . . upon me ate 

ni shiU ua ikemasen 
there c. . .ing my son musHko 
to san-niii 
Country (rural parts) inaka; 
(region, kinpdom) kuni 
all countries kahkoku 
I ■ivant to travel in tlie c. . . 

inaka tii ryoko shitai 
what is your native 
c. . J kuni tea doko desu 
c...-man (peasant) inaka no 

fellow c. . . -man dokoJni-jin 
Couple IMfiU<u; (man and 
wife) fu/u: (of other per- 
sons) jnUiri; (of animals, 
male and female) h'do-tsu- 
Courage yUki 
of c... atarimoc; mochhon 
a matter of c. . . tozen nukolo 
in the c... of the montli 

tsuki no urhi ni 
to take one's own c... katle 

ni sum 
of c . . . I know shiite imasu 

to. ViO 
in c. . . of time oi-oi 
Court (Imvierial tantily) tei- 
shitsa; (in a houie) naka- 
Cousin Unko 
Cover (lid) Ivta 
to c... with a lid fiita wo 

to c... (otherwise) 6i wo 
sum; kuhuseru 
Cow me-ushi 
Coward hi/cyo-moriO 

Crab kani 

Crack (hair-like) hibi; (on 
bronze) kizu; (wide) ware- 
to be c. ..ed ni/hibi ga itte 


Crape (silk) cMrimen; (cottoa) 

Crater iunkako 
Craw! hau 
Credit 'kake 

on c . . . kake de 
Creditor kashi-nushi 
Crest mon 
Crime tsumi 
Crimplcd chijireUi 
Cripple katawa; (lame) bikko 

to be c . . . maontte I'm 
Cross (over to the other side) 
where can one c... the 
river.? knno kiiwa wa doko 
karn wntdremmoX kf? 
to c. . . tlic lees (when sit- 
ting in f';uropean fashion) 
ushi wo kumu 
to c. . . the legs (when 
Sfiuattins like Japanese 
men) aqura wo kaku 
to pet c . . . okoru 
to be e. . . okotte i'ru 
■vvhy are you c. . .? naze okot- 
te Imasii ki? 
if you do that 1 shall be 
c. . . sore wo sureba okorimasu 
to c. . .out kesu 
Crowd ozei 
Cruel liidoi 
Cry naku 
wliy are you' naz$ 

nukirnnsu ka? 
what docs he c... out.^ nno 
Into wa iian to itte vnasH 
Cr>3<a! (rork) suisho 


81 Custom 

Cunning warurjnshikoi 
low c . . . saru-jie [monkey 

tea-c... cfiawan: cha-nomi- 

c. . . and saucer chawan to 

sara to 
may I offer you a c . . . of 

tea? clia wa ikaqa desic ka? 
Curios kotid-hin: luru-dt'Miu 
curio-store koltij-yn: jiirudogu- 

is tills old or new.^ kore wa 

furui no desu ka, atarashii 

no dfsil ka? 
how old is it.? dono gurai 

furui no desu ka? 
it louks quite new atara- 

sh'ikii miemnsi'i 
is this a thing used by the 

Japanese or is it simply 

made to sell to foreigners.' 

yUxm-jin ga tsuktiu no ni 

/oshiiueta no dc-sa ka, sore 

Oi mo sclyo-jin ni uru t/ime 

vi kox/iiraeta no dcsCl ka! 
See lifY 
armour gusoku 
arrow yd. 
bow yiimi 
bo.\ /lako 
brass sliinehu 
bronze karakane 
cabinet ttnsu 
carviiiijs horhrumo 
cluisoiiiie skippo-yaki 
copper nkagune 
esK-'hell porcelain usude- 

fan (fnldinfr) seasu; (non- 

fiildiiitt) ucltiwa 
ROii',' dora 
gold kin 

gold iacijuer kim-makie 
Hanging scrolls kakemono 

helmet kabulo 

incense-bumer koro 

inlaid with gold kin to- 

inlaid with silver gin zo- 


ivory zoge 
lacquer ware nuri-numo; 

medicine box inro 
metal kane 
mirror kagami ■ 
mother-of-pearl aogai 
mo-aie wood-work yoseki' 

porcelain setomono 
picture e; (hanging) kake- 

mono; (framed) gaku 
screen byObu; (non-foldiug) 

silver gin 
sword katan'c 
tea-kettle tetsH-bin 
tea-caddy cha-ire 
tobacco pipe kifcru 
tray bon; hirobuta 
tortoise-shell work bekko- 

Curious (inquisitive) mono- 

zuki va: (strange) kUai na 
you are tf>o c... aniari iiui- 

no-:uki desu 

I am c. . . to know shiritai 
Current ncignre 
Curtain •; window) mado-kake; 

(the;itrc) nitiku 
Cushion (for sitting on) zabu- 

air-c... (pillow) kUki-maku- 

Custom shukan 
it is a Japanese c. . . Nikon 

no slvdkan da 
it is uot the c... here (in 

Japan) Nikon no shUkan tea 
I chigaimasu 




bad c. . . warui shukan 

old c . . . furui shukan 
Customer hynku; o kyaku-san; 

(hnl.itual) tokui 
Custom-house zeikan 

wliere is the c. . J zeikanina 
doho deafi ka! 

this is my luggage kore w 
watakiishi no niinotsii desil 

must I open every one? 
minna ake-nakereba nari- 
munen ka? 

must I tiike tlie things out? 
mono wo dasa-nakereba 
ruiriiimsen ka? 

I do not tiiink I have any- 
thing to declare zrikin wo 
har,:u y,'ono ga ttui tu oitioi- 

I was not aware that this 
was subject to duty kore 
ni wi on hikm-u to iva oytwi- 
tmiarn df-ihUa 

it is U,v i;iy personal us^oi'hiin 
de Udkau no desii 
Cut (trans.) kiru; (intr.) Jd- 


I have c. . . my finger witli 
a knife naiixl de yxihi wo 
kerjii shini/islnta 
to C... we)! !/oku kireru 
to c. . . badly kirc-nai 

the price 


to c... iu half 

to " c . . . down 

tlie hiiby has c 

tootli nkamlx't ni inata 

fjd hcciiianJiita 
a shoU c. . . chika-michi 
Dacgcr tnntZ 
Daily nHH-nifld 
d . . . wase nikkyH 
in d... vuie iiuti-iiicfii tuiikau 
this giass is in d... use ko- 

re wa mai-nichi tsukau kop- 
pu desu 
Damage (injury) kizu; (loss) 

show me wliere the d . . . is 
(body, clotlies, book, etc.) 
doku ni kizu ga cucu no desii 
show me where the d . . . is 
(liousc, etc.) doko ga itan- 
de iru no desu ka? 
I must claim for d . . .s wata.- 
ki'is/ii wa sorii}ni-!>ti>sho wo 
shite tnorawa-uakereixi na- 
I sliall p\it in a claim for 
d. . .s songai-baisho no set' 
ki/H wo shinwm 
to d... kizu wo Uukfru 
to be d . . . d kizu O'l uru 
\ IS it d...d any wliere? kizu 
I q'l arimusu ku? 

this is d...d kore ni wa 
kizu ga 
Damp shiineppoi 
to become d... shimeppoku 

mn-u; sfiinieru 
to d ... en shimesu 
I Dance udori 
1 a s:if:ri!il d. . . kagufa 
I Dauscrous abiini'.i 
I is if d...? aOunai desii kaf 
\ Darc 

; now d... you ao out with- 
I out peitni><ioii.' dii sItiU 
i omae w ddiiutite detc iki- 
■twisu kill 
!iow d . . . you do what I 
liavfi foibi.Mvii' ''i) shite 
oyiitje ttw 'i-Ji'ii.uslii i/a to- 
rnrVi kot/> wo sltxiH^mH ka? 
1 d.> iiai d . . . ask him do 
sk'itc tno hanasf'ian'n 
Id... say «i5 ta mo shire-nai 
1 d. . . say It will rain to- 
day ante ga )uru ku mo 




shire-nai [it will rain but 

I am not sure] 
Dark (destitute of light) 

kurai; (colour) koi; (per- 
sons) kuroi 
that man is dark arvo hito 

wa iro ya kuroi 
it is d... at 7 o'clock In 

the evening ban iw shichi- 

ji wa kurai 


on what d . . . ? (what day.*) 
ikka ni? nan-nirhi? 

on what d...? (when en- 
quiring for montli and day) 
nan-gaisiX nan-nirhi! 

what is thed. . . of that letter.' 
sono teiiami no id-nichi wa 
nan-nicid desu ka ? 

this letter has no d. . . kono 
f.eynmi ni wa hi-nichi ga kai- 
te nai 

23 of June 1912 Meiji shi-jU- 
go-nen rokii-gatsu id-jH-sun- 
nichi {Meiji 45 year 6 
month -I'-i dayl 

15 of .March l!)13 Taisho ni- 
nen san-galsH ju-go-nichi 
[Taisho - year, 3 month, 15 
day J 

HOTE. The present era in 
Japan is callpd Taisho. It 
began on the 31st of July 
H)r.J. To pass from the 
Christian era to the era of Tai- 
sho and vice versa subtrnct 
or add 1911. j'.ofore tlie 
Taisho era was the era of 
Mnji, wliich besan in 1868 
and ended at the death of 
the late Emperor on the 3() 
July 1012. To pass from 
the Cliristian era to the 
era of Meiji or vi(-e ver*a 
subtract or add 18(57 

Daughter musUme; (your d. . .) 
o jo-san 

d. . .-in-law musiiko no yome 
grand-d. . . nrngo-rnusurm 
step-d. . . giri am mumme 
adopted d . . . uojo 
eldest d . . . soryo-musUme 
second d . . . tsugi no rnitsii- 
youngest d... sue no vm- 

only d... hitori-musUme 

Dawn yo-ake 

Day nichi; hi 
one d . . . irhi-nichi 

2 d. . .s futiuka 

3 d . . . s mi.'cka 

4 d. . .s yokka 

5 d . . . s itsHka 
d. . .s niuika 

7 d. . .s namtka 

8 d. . .s yoka 

9 d . . . s kokonoka 

10 d. . .s tuka 

14 d. . .s jn-yakka 

20 d. . .s hatmka 

24 d. . .s ni-ju-i/okka 

All tlie others are formed 
with the fust set of nume- 
rals (p. 23) 

11 days jA-ichi-nichi 
anotlier d... (nut today) 

iisukn: (not tii'e s;ime day) 

fioka no hi 
how many d...s? iku-nichi? 
what d... (of the week) is 

itto-ii.iv? kyo wa nani tfo-bi 

dex'i ka? 
svhat d... (of the month) 

Ls it t(j-day? kyo wa nan- 

nichi desu hi? 
what d... did you go.? turn 

nichi ni ikinms/iUa ka? 
d... by d... iiiiD'iKhi ni 
every d. . . mniidchi 




every other d . . . ichi-niehi 

to-d. . . kormichi; kyo 
to-morrow myonichi; asMta 
the d . . . after to-morrow 

rnyogcmicM; asatte 
yesterday saL-ujUsu; kino 
the d . . . oef ore yesterday 

iasaJnijitsU; ototoi 
d... time hiru 
during the d . . . hiruma 
midd. . . o hiru 
a few d . . . s ni-san-nichi 

[two or three d. . .»] 
a few d . . . s ago senjitgH 
the other d senjUtA; 

twice ad... ffhi-nichi ni nir 

good d . . . konniehi tea 
it takes a d . . . ichi-nichi 

by the d. . . hi 4e 
by tiiat d . . . sono hi made ni 
on ttiat d. . .sono hi ni 
all d . . . long ichi-niehi'ju 
all d... to-d... kyo ichi- 
d . . . and hour jijitsU 
what d. . . and hour can I 

Bpeak to you? nan-nichi 

nan-ji ni v hirtashi ga de- 

let me know the d. . . and 

hour jijitsu wo oshieU 

d. . . and night hiru mo yoru 

during the next few d. . .s 

kore kara nv-san-nichi no 

within a few d...8 nirsan- 

niehi no uchi ni; $ono uchi 

it has been put oS from d. . . 

to d... until now kyo wa 

ashita wa to itU ima made 

the first d . . . of the month 

ichi-nichi; tsuiiachi 
the last d. . . of the month 

first d... of the year gan' 

last d... of the year o-mi- 

in ten d . . . a from to-d , , . 

kyo kara toka-mt ni 
in the coiir«e of to-d... kyo 

no uchi ni 
one d... (a certain d...) 

am hi 
one d . . . (in future time) 

tajitm; iteii ka 
some d . . . tajitsu; itsu ka 
only the other d . . . tmii kotw 

the d . . . before sono mae no 

two d. . .s before sono jutg&ka 

the next d... sono tsugi no 

two d. . .8- after sono futsO- 

ka ato 
the feast d... (of a shrine) 


ordinary d . . . ludan 
it is already broad d. . .-light 

sukkari akaruku narimashxta 
Dead see die 

ad... person tsumbo 
d . . . and dumb oshi 
are you d..J (mockingly) 

mimi wa kazari mono kat 

[are your ears ornaments?] 

a great d. . . taMsan; dosttui 
a good d... daUni; yohodo; 





that fs d... sore wa takai 
wliat a d... (darling) ka- 
waii d-esH nef 
d. . . me! mdl 
Death shi 
sudden d. . . tonshi 
untU d. . . shinu made 
violent d . . . h^nshi 
Debt shnkkin; kari 
d. . .or kari-nushi 
I have d:..s waUak&shi vm 

kari ga aru 
to run into d. . . shakkin sttru 
Deceive damasu 
December ju-nirgatsU 
Deckle kime'ru 
most d. . .dly mochiron 
Ded< kampan 
on d . . . kampan ni 
Decrease (trans.) herasCi; gOJcu- 
naku suru; (intr.) fieru; sUkit- 
naku naru 
Deduct ?ilku 

Deep fHkai; (of colour) hoi 
is it d... here? koko tea 
fakai desho kat 
Deer shika 
Defend mamora 
Deficient (to be d. ..) tari-itai 
this milk is d . . . in cream 
kono gvStnyu wa huriimu ga 
Degree (measurement) do 
by d. . .3 danrdan 
not in the slightest d. . . 
sUhoshi mo (with neg. verb) 
Delicate (of health) yowai; 

(fragile) kyasha na 
Delicious oishU: Umai 
Delightful ontoshiroi 
Deliver (rescue) tasilfce'ru 
(hand over) todoke'ru; tea- 


Demand seikyu guru 
it Ls in great d... ure-kuchi 

ga ii 
Dense fHkai 
Dentist tia-isha 

Id... it <o ja nai 
be denies having Seen you 

yesterday kino wa do shite mo 

anata wo mi-rMkatta to iimasA 

[he certainly did not see you 

yesterday so he saysj 
good bye sayonara 
please come again nmta o-ide 

nasai (less poUte); mata o 

me ni kakarimatH; mata 


a pleasant journey go buji de 
I think I must be going o 

itoraa moshimasJu! 
don't go away so soon go yuh- 

The visitor on leaviag wfll 

generally say o jama (M- 

masMta [I have given you 

trouble 1 
good night o yasumi nasai 
please grve my regards to 

your father o to-san ni yo- 

take care of yoiirself o daifi 

ni nasai 
that d...8 upon the |rea< 

ther sore wa o tenkt nt 

that d...s on circumstances 

sore tea baai ni yoru 
can Id... upon it/ dai}6bt$ 

desa ka} 
a person to be d...ed upon 

ate ni naru hito 
not to be d...ed upoa 

(persons) ate ni nara-nai; 

(things) thiyo ga nai 




you can d. . . upon it dair 
jdbu desH 
Deposit (for safe-keeping) 

d... (thing deposited) azw 
kari-mono; (security mopey) 
have I to leave a d . . . .♦ tei*- 
mi-kin guru no dml kat 
Depth fiikasa 
Descend oriru 
Descent (a slope) »aka 
Desert (wilderness) tabaku 
he d...3 to be punished 

batsu wo uJ:eru ga ii 
he d...s a reward hobi wo 

morau hazu da 
Desiifn (pattern) moyo; (draw- 
ing) ezu 
Desire see want; wish 
Desk tsukue 
Despise mi-iage'ru 
Destroy (a thing) kowasH 
Detail komakai tokoro 
d . . . s kuwaslUi koto 
in d . . . kuwashiJcu 
to go into d . . . s ktuoaghii 

koto wo iu 
I d . . . d to go iku yd ni kimt- 
Develop hirake'ru; (grow) 

okiku naru 
Devil oni 
Dew tsuyu 

Diameter sashi-watashi 
Diarrhoea geri 
to have d. . . geri suru 
Dictionary jUnki 
English and Japanese d . . . 
Et-toa jibiki 
Japanese and English d . . . 
Wa-ei pMki 

to look out for a word in a 
d . . . jiJtnki cU kotoba wo 
Die (persons) nakunaru [be- 
come Don-existant]; (animals, 
and sometimes of one's own 
famiIy)«AinM; (plants)tor«"ru 

my father is dead chichi wa 
Descend ori'ru 

the dog died yesterday #a- 
kujOsii inu ga shinimathi- 

the fir-tree died nuUsiX no hi 
ga karemashita 

he is dying ano hUo wa shi- 
ni-kakaUe imMsu 

dead man »hi-nin; (corpse) 

dead men tell no tales 
shi-nin ni kuchi nashi 

what is the d . . . between 
arimatd and orvmatHf ari- 
masv, to orimagH to wa do 
chi0iiin*ru kat 

it makes no d . . . kamaiwa-ten 

all the d . . . in tfae world 
tencki no chigmi 

d . . . of opinion kangae ga 

there is no great d tuishUa 

ehifai un nai 

to tell the d . . . (by seeing) 
mi-wake'm; (by bearing) 
kiki-wakeru; (by under- 
standing) wakimae'ru 

I want ad... one hoka no 
ga lioshii 

ad... place hoka no tokoro; 

of d . . . kinds iro-iro no 

it is d. . . from what I ordered 
kxne wa ekumon to chigai- 



D bap pear 

as d. . . as dialk from cheese 
tgOJei to suppon to no chigai 

[moon and a turtle]; maru 

<U yvJd to sumi to no chigai 

[snow and writing-ink] 
it is d . . . from this kore to 

wa cMgaimasH 
that is a d . . . matter sore wj 

to have on a d . . . hat chigat- 

ta boihi wo kabutte iru 
you must do this 

chigau /u ni sw-u no d^fu 
I think d. . .ly watakHshi no 

kangae tea chigaimasA 
d . . . ly from what I expect- 
ed onwi no hoka 
a d . . . question betsU no 

Difficult muzukashii 
it is not d... mtumkashiku 


tliat is rather d . . . to be- 
lieve gore «« chitto uketo- 

I am in a d...y taihen ni 

komatte irnasH 
to raise d . . . ies mendo na 

koto wo iu 
without d. . .y 2osa naku 
with d. . .y yatto 
there is no d ... y about it nan 

de mo nai koto desu 
in spite of d. . .ies muaikathii 

no ni 
Dig horu; tagayasH 
he Is d . . . yoku JuHarakinuuH; 

yoku benkyo xhimasH 
you are not d . . . enough 

omae wa honto ni namakt- 

mono degH [lazy] 
ad... person behkyo-ka 
Dimensloiu tumpo 
iBside d . . . uthi-nori 
outside d . . . toto-nori 

Diminish (in number) sUku- 
naku naru; (in size) chii- 

saku naru 
Dinner (midday meal) hiru 

no shokuji; (evening meal) 

ban no shokuji 
dining room shokudo 
can you d ... me to his 

house.' ano hito no uchi wo 

othieie kudasai 
ask some one to d . . . you dare 

ka ni michi wo kiile o kure 
is this the d . . . road to the 

station? koko wo ikeba tei- 

sfMba e demasH kat 
I will be there sugu 

ni ikimasii 
d . . . ly opposite sugu mae 
in which d . . . did he go.» 

dotchi no ho e ano hito wa 

ikimashUa kat 
in what d . . . is the water- 
fall.' taki wa dotchi no ho 

ni arimasH kat 
he did it according to my 

d. . .s ano hito wa uxita- 

kOshi no oshieta tori ni shi- 

d...8 for use shiyo-ho 
Director (manager) shihai-nin 
d...s (of a company) tori- 

shimari yaku 
Dirty kitanai; (soiled) yogoreta 
you are very d . . . omae wa 

d . . . feet doro-aahi 
to become d... kitanahu 

naru; yogore'ru 
Disadvantage ton 
that is a d . . . (for me) tort 

wa watakushi ga ton duU 
Disagreeable iya na 
Disappear mie-ndku naru 




Disappoint ate ga hazure'ru 
to be d . . . ed gakkari suru 
Discharge (from service) hima 
wo dasu; hima wo yarn 
if this happens again I sliall 
d... you mo ichi-do konna 
koto ga attara hima wo dashi- 
Discontented yorokonde i-nai 
Discount vjari-hiki 
do you give d... for cash? 
genkin nara wari-biki shi- 
masu kai 
to d . . . wari-biki suru 
to be d ... d gakkari suru 
Discover mi-t-wke'ru 
Discuss (debate) giron suru 
Disease hijoki 
Disgraceful hazukashii 

it is d. . .ing (dirty) kitnnoi 
it is d. . .ing (hateful) iya na 
mono da 
I am d...ed iya ni natie 
Dish o-zara 
d . . . clotli ffikin 
Dishonest ju-shojiki na 
Dislil<e kirai de aru 
Id,... that man uvtashi wa 
ano ItUo ga kirai de^u 
yon are d . . . omae wa iu- 

koto wo kikimasen ne 
why are you so d . . . ? naze 
sonna ni iu-koto wo kika-rmi 
no desii? 

to be in d. . . kalflzuite i-nai; 
chira kiltie i'ru 
d . . . ly dfirashi ou nai 
Dispose (arranu'c) vnrabete oku 
to d. . . 01 (-ell) urn 
1 am d. . .d to iielp him tasii- 
kelai to omotte iru 

I do not feel d. . .d to do it 

shitaku-nai [I don't wish to 
do it] 
Dispute giron; (angry d...) 

this is beyond d . . . kore uxi 

giron ni nara-nai 

from ad... 0ku kara 
from a d. . . of one cho (120 

yards) it-cho saki kara 
seen from a d . . . it looks 
pretty W/.m kara miru to kirei 
ni tmeniasu 
what do you see in the d. . ..« 
zuUo muko ni nani ga mif.- 
masu ka? 
I cannot make it out at 
such ad... konna ni tSkUte 
wa yoku wakara-nai 
See FAR 
Distinct (clear) hakkiri sMta: 

(different) betsil no 
speak d . . . ly hakkiri o ii 

Distinguish (?ee tl\€ diffe- 
rence, with the eyes) mi- 
wate'ru; (tell the differouce 
by the ear) kiki-nnke'ru; 
(understnnd the difierence) 
wakimiieru; (make a diffe- 
rence) wakeru 
Distribute knhnni 
District tochi; (city ward) ku 
Ditch iiiizo 
DivitiC nakeru; (cut) tvaru; 

(by a i)artition) s/iikini 
to d . . . among nilwakete 

Divorce v. t. ricn sum. 
Ho sum 

I will d() it sliim'^yliO 
J vvoi't do it sliiiniiseyi. 
wiiat am 1 to do.' iiuni wo 


what shall I do.« (speak- 
ing to one's self) do shima- 

what can I do about this? kore 

wa do sureba ii desho? 
who has done this.? dare ga 

kore wo shimashUa kaf 
how do you do it.' do suru 

no desti ka? 
don't do that o yoshi nasai; 

sore wo shite iva ike-nai 
may I do it now? mo shite mo 

yo ijozairmisu ka? 
don't do it again sore wo 

mo shite wa ike-nai 
what are you doing.* nani 

wo sh^te imasu ka? 
what will you do with it.' 

n^ni ni shimMsii ka? 
will you do tliis for me.? 

dozo kore wo shite kudasai 
do as I tell you watukiishi 

no iu tori ni shite o kiire 
I shall do my best dckiru 

dake hone otte shimaslio [as 

much as possible until my 

bones break I shall do] 
do as you think best a)Mta 

no ii to omou tori ni o shi 

do as you please auiita no 

ii yd ni nasai 
do what you will (hypothe- 
tical) do shite mo 
do as you like (and leave me : 

in peace) ka'te ni o shi nasai I 
that one will do sore de ii , 
that will do mo ii; mo takiisan \ 
that will do for the present i 

ima It'll sore de ii 
a cheap one will do yasui tm \ 

de ii \ 

a pencil will do (tnotign 1 i 

prefer a pen) empitsii d<: mo 

89 DO 

any time will do Usa de mo ii 
that one won't do sm'e de wa 


that won't do sore un ikema- 
tliHt box won't do ano hako 

de na ikeiiinsen 
I til ink that will do sore de 

ii desho 
that wont do at all sore de 

wa totemo ike-nai 
anytliing will do nan de mo 

I "111 make it do ma ni awa- 

I can do without It nakOte 

mo ii 
I cannot do without it 

nakute wn shi-yo na nai 
isn't it done .vet.' mada deki- 

mo sen ka? 
I can't do it dekimasen 
have you done with this 

book"* kono hon wa aki- 

mashUa ka? 
I have done with him (he 

behig unsatisfactory) ano 

hiio to te wo kill It 
I wish to have nothing to 

do witli it watokUski tea 

sontm kotn irn sJiiru-nai 
it lias notiiins to do with 

me sore ivi watakUshi no 

shi tin koto ja nui 
that has notiiiiig to do with it 

sore ita chifiniinastX 
I shall SCO what can be done 

Isui.iO vo shite mlinushO 
there is nothing to be done 

(it cannot bo hel|ied)s^t-/;a<a 

ga nai 
there are so many things to be 

done suru koto ga takiXsan ari- 


I have nothing to do at pre- 
sent iiiM hima dn 




how do you do? ikaaa d«su 

what can I do for you? 

(what do yoii need?) nani 

ka go yd qa ariinasu Iraf 
he is doiiig ver>' well ano 

htto ica no/:u yatte imnxit, 
to do ;i room heii'i ><o k'>la- 

zuke'rii: liffia no soji no Huru 
who did this i-oom? /.y.wo heyii 

u:a d'ire iic xnji sJiiiiutsli'iiit! 
when are you coinu to do 

my room? it<i'i uatukufihi 

no hew ivo w/J sitliimsii kn? 
do tell iiic dozo ha^wslnte 

livi comes, docs h? not? 

kimasu, ne? 
I am iiuite done up kuUi- 

t/ireU skiiuatti 
to do up (pack) UuUumu 
to do up ill paper (wrap) 

knmi ni tsuUnmu 
to do up (reiiair) nanau 
to do the hair kami uo yuu 
t;i do over atiaiii Kld-)niosii 
to get (something) don? 

Doctor ifh'i: (foreign d...) 

seii/o no iy/ia 
send for a d... please tlo:o 

lalia wo yobi til yiiUe kuda- 

Oocumcnt shonii 

d . . day>; do!/d (end of 
.iulv ai'd beginning of Au- 

to go to tlie d...s daraku 

Doll iiinnud 

Do'iar (Japanese) yen; (for- 
cigu) dAra 

one d... note ichi-yen sa- 


Donkey roba; (fool) baka 
Door to; hiraki-do; (sliding) 
panel, if semi-transparent- 
fihi'iii; (slidiug-panel, if opa- 
que) /iis'iiihi; /.-'ira/.-.-fffii; (en- 
trance) iri-imc'ii 
shut the d. . . to wo shimete 

o kure 
open the d . . . to wo aketf 


you nuist not leave, the d . . . 

open akfipiuinshi ni shite 

oite wa ike-nai 
you must kinpok at thed... 

before coniimg in haim 

nine ni to uo tH'iku no dexA 
at wMiat tinie do ymi shut 

the d...? naii-ji ni to too 

sli'',neiii"^u ka? 
will it he ii|)(ned at any 

time hy la;ocUiiig? to wo 

tatakcba itt^d dc mo aketf- 

kuretnasu ha? 
in-d. . .s uchi no naka ni 

out of d. . .S SdU) 

small d... in large one Aru- 

the next d . . . tnnnri 
d... -keeper mohthan 
to go to the Iroiit d. . . (of a 
servant, to receive a guest) 
tori-tsu'ji ni dc ru 
Dot hii 

1 ^v.'ll,t (I... as much tot 
hoilo litxlai 
tiii> i- d... as big kore wa 

bai no uki.ift da 
d. . .-Iieari^d futa-gokoro no 

1 d ... it so k(i Khira 
without d. . . ut/tgai mo naku 
tliere is no d... about it 

soie 7ii chifrai )tai 
I d... whether he will 
come ano hito ga kuru ka 



do ka wakara-n.ii [whether 

he comes, how is it, I dont 

I don"t d. . . your word atiata 

no koloba wo uUigaiinasen 
Dove hato 

Down (below) xhita ni 
my boy is d . . . stairs loata- 

kiishi no hoi wa shUa ni 

put it d... oki nasai 
d. . . the nver katva-shimo 

the road is d...hill niich 

wa knd'iri-zakn desij 
to got d . . . oriru 
Dozen ddsii 
Dragon {jil^fi; rtni 
Drain nejuii: dotiu 

theie is a d... kazc ga ki- 
I do not mind a d... kaze 

ga kite mo knmnimiisen 
Drav (drag I li'ilru; (a pirturc) 
kaku: (water) kumi:; (tuiids) 
the time d...s near inj jiki j 

Drawer (rccei)tacle) }iikt-dn>ihi | 
Drawers (garment) zubon- : 

sli ita ; sh 'lUi-nn, m:>h iki 
chest of d. . . tmisu 
Dreadful osorosliii 
Dream yume 
to d. . . vitnie uv miru 
1 d...t la-t night yO be yu- 
me wo miinnfltltii 
what did you d... about.' 
donna yume wo minuisUitt 

1 d. . .t about a dog inu no 
yume wo tnitnashita 
1 never d. . .t of it yume ni 

mo shira-nai 
a nightmare kowai yume 


to have a nightmare iouni 

yume wo nii'ru 
Dress fukii: (Japanese) kimono; 

(EuropeaTi) yofiiku 
to d... kimmio wo kiru 
T want to d . . . bring my 

clothes ti'jfiiku ir,i kiUti 

kara niolte kite o kure 
I want to cliange n>y d . . 

yofOku wo ki-kaetai 
assist me to d . . . ydfuku 

wo kiru kara tetsudalie o 

Drink (a beverage) nonil- 

hioiio: (to d. . .) nomu 
I want to d . . . some beer 

biiru wo notiiitid 
will you have a A. . J'ip-pai 

nomiiiiaaen ka? 
tlianks I will itadakiniasho 
no, tliank you iUuiakima- 

sen: takiisan 
wliat will you liave? navi 

wo noininiUKa ka? 
where can I got a bottle of 

beer? doko de biiru wo uri- 

mam'i ka? 
will you drink a glass o* 

bopr wit) I mo? biiru 7vo o 

txdldal niisniiiuisen ka? 
help yourself .7« jiyil ni; 

(drink what has been ser- 
ved yo.j) o aijori nami 
to d... too much nomi- 


a great o-zakenom', 
your healtli go keiiku wo 

sMku nhiinasa 
to d . . . a horse Uma wo gyo 

d . . . r gyosha 
to d . . . iu a carriage hatha 

ni no)-u 




Drop hUo-tarashi 
to d... (trans.) otosu; (in- 

tr.) ochiru 
a tiling d...ped (by mis- 
take) otoski-mor,c 
Drown (trans.) oborasu 
to be d...ed oboreru 
Drug kuguri 
d. . .gist kusuri-ya 
Drum taiko 

to be d . . . yolte i'ru 
ad en person yopparai 
to get half d... nama yoi 

ni nam 
Dry kawaita. 
to d... (trans.) kawakasu: 

(intr.) kawaku 
to be d . . . kawnite i'ru 
please d... this shirt kono 

shatsu wo kawakashUe kuda- 

it is not d... yet mada ka- 

give me some d . . . socks 

kawaita kutsu-sMta wo moUe 

kite o kure \ 

to d... (with a cloth) /w/)i I 
d. . . this tumbler kono koppu i 

wo fuUe u kure I 

to d . . . in the sun hinata j 

de hosfi 
Duck ahiru 

Due I 

at what time is tlie train 1 

d . . . .^ nan-ji ni kisha wu 

tsUku hazu desu ka'! 
it is d . . . at 5 o'clock go-ji 

ni tniku hnzu desd 
it may bed... to the wea- 
ther tenki no sei ka mo 

Dull (stupid) nibui; (of places) 

omosfiirol.u ymi; inki na; (of 

tlie weather) kunwtia 
Dumb oslti 

Durable (wearing well) moch: 

ga ii 
During no aida ni 
d . . . the interval sono aida ni 
he died d... the niglit j/o- 

ru shinimashUa 
Dust hokori 
the road is very dusty mi- 

cfii (la hokori-darake desH 
please d... the table teburu . 

wo soji shite o kure 
d er sokin (which also 

means house-cloth) 
to d . . . hntnku: soji sunt; 

(with a cloth) fiiku 
Dutch Oraiida no 
D. . .man Oranda-jin 
Duty oiinu; tsutome: kakari 
it is your d . . . to do this 

kore wo sum no wa anata 

710 gimu desii 
it is your d . . . to look after 

my luggage watakushi no 

nimotsu wo ban sum no 

wa annta no tsutome desH 
whose d . . . is it to attend 

to tills.' xore wa dare no 

kakari dexil ka? 
to do one's d... (limu tco 

to neglect one's d . . . gimu 

wo okotaru 
to be on d . . . toban de am 
to be off d . . . hiban de aru 
custom-house d... zei 
d . . . -free viu-zei 
liable to d . . . zei ga kakaru 
Dye (dry) some-ko; (liquid) 

to d . . . some'ru 
Each mei-mei; zutsU 
he gave a dress toe... mei- 

mei ni kimono wo iehi-mai 

yarimashita; kimono wo ichi- 

Tnai-zutsU yarimashita 




give them one e . . . hUotsil- 
zutsU agele kudasai 

give three of these pears to 
e... child kono nashi wo 
mitlsic zulsu ano kodomo- 
tachi ni o yari nasai 

they cost a yen e . . . ichi 
yen ztitsU kakarimnsii 

I want two rikishas to go 
to the castle and back 
how much will it be.' kuru- 
ma ni-dai o shiro made no 
ofiiku ikura desu ka? 

one yen ichi-yen 

e... rikisha.2 ichi-dai de desii 

e. . . time mni-do 

they are on bad terms with 
e... other ano hito-tiichi 
wa naka <ja warui 

e. . . other o t'taai 

on e... side ryo-gawa ni 
Ear mimi 
Early hayai; hayaku 

it is still too e... mada ha- 

e... in the morning asa 

to get up e... asa hayaku 

as e . . . as possible dekiru 
duke hayaku 

not earlier than 5 o'clock 
go-ji yori hayaku naku 

why did you not come ear- 
lier.' naze motto hayaku 
kitnasen deshiti ka? 

earlier than usual itsii mo 
yori hayaku 
Earn mokeru 

how much do you p. .. in 
a flay.? ichi-nichi ni ikura 
gurai mokemasu kaf 

to e... one's living yo-tea- 
tairi sum 


are you in e . . . .' honto desii 
Earth (mould) tsuchi; (world) 


e...en\vare yaki-mono; seto- 

e . . . quake jishin 

there was an e...quakn 
yest«rday kino jishin ga 
Ease (freedom from toil) 
raku; (of mind) anshm 

to feel at e . . . (not uneasy) 
anshin sh'tle i'ru 

make yourself at e.,. (com- 
fortable) raku ni 
East higashi 

the E . . . Toyo 
Easy yasashii; yasui 

it is e. . . yasashii koto da 

it is very e . . . taihen yasa- 

e. . . to understand wakari- 

take it e . . . yukkuri de ii 

he easily gets angry okorip- 

poi hi to da 
Eat taberu; (politely when 
speaking of the 2nd per- 
son's act) agari nusuru; 

won't you have something 
to e . . . .< ruini ka o agari 
nnsaimusr.n ka? 

J. will itadakimnshij 

no, thanks itudakimasen; 

I want something to e... 
nani ka tabeUii 

to e... it all up tabete shi- 
Economise kenyaku sura 
Edge (of a cup, table, etc.) 
luchi: (of cloth) haihi; (oi 
a knife) ha 




Editor kl':hn 

Educate kyjiku suru 

Eel unaffi 

Effect (consequence, result) 

kehhn; Mruahi; set; (seu- 

sntional) mie 
to do for e. . . viie ni suru 
it lias no e. . . dame desa 
words to tliat e... sono imi 

lift koU'ha 
to make an e... (to put 

forth strcnfTth) nei wo dasu; 

(try) mittc miru 
in spit^; of all e...s iro-iro 

hone wo otte mo 
my e. . .s were in vain kotie- 

ori ija muda vi .larinutshita 
Egg Uituaoo 
new laid e... umitaU no 


ni'.v e. . . iinnia tamnno 
hard boiled e... ude tnmago 
soft boil''4 e... iamago no 

fried e... tamago no iurai 
tlie wiiite of an e... shiromi 
tlU' yolk l.iriii 
two soft boiled e...s tavta- 

(10 no Itaniihu jrtitin 
Ell^ht ynttti'i; hachi; i/il 
Either (both) ryo-hn; (one of 

two) (in fiuestions) dolcin 

kn: Xm atf. sentences) rfo- 

ehira de nin 
you will rind that cliarac- 

tcr in e. . . (liictionary) sono 

ii wa ryo-ho ni arimasft 
will e... of these suit youV 

doU'hi ka o ki nt irima- 

sirUu kii.' 
e... will ao doc/lira de mo 


in e. . . case aotc/ii ni sh'iff mo 
e. . . (in neg. sentences, equi- 
valent to "also") mo 

you can't go e . . . omne mo 

e . . . — or — (a command) 
— ka — ka dotchi ka; (a 
suggestion) — mo — mo 
you must e... hand over 
the goods or pay f-ic mo- 
ney sldmimono wo iiyit'isA 
ka kanc wo fuirau ka dolchi 
ka shi nana! 
you can e... take a kayo 
or walk kago ni norii koto 
mo aruku koto mo deki- 

you must e... be quiet or 
go away shizul-a ni xhi- 
nakereba achira e o-ide 
[if you are not quiet, go 
Elastic danryoku no aru: gonui 

Elbow hiji 

e. . . car densha 
e. . . liglit Junki 
telegram dempo; denshin 
telephone denwa 
e . . . ity denki 
Elegant rippa na 
Elementary (of learning) sho- 
[iuku no: (simple) tanjun n» 
Elephant zo 
Eleven ju-ichi 
what e ..? hoka'ni nani 


what e... do you want.' 

hnkn ni nani ga irinifisu 

what e... did lie say.' hoka 

ni nan to iiinnshitn kaf 
did he say aiis thing e...f 

nani ka lioka ni hanashi- 

nuishita ka! 
U there anything e....» mo 

hfikii ni arimasen kaf 




if it is nothing e . . . mo sore 
dake naraha 

there is nothing e. . . to be 
done so ntru hoku shikata gu 

or e . . . de nakereba 

you had better write or 
else lie will not come tegami 
wo kaku ho ga ii, de nake- 
reba ko-nai |if you do not 
he will not come] 

Bomeonee. . . (not this person) 
dare ka hoka no hito : (an 
action which is repeated) 
mata dare ka 

Bomc one e . . . (one more per- 
son) has come mata dare ka ita 

eometliing e. . . iiani ka hoka 
no mono 

Bomewliere e... doko ka 
hoka no tokoro 

e. . .where /if./.« ni; hoka e 
Embassy Viif^lii-kcn 

British E . . . Eikoku taishi- 

American E... licikok-u tai- 
Embroider nuitori suru 

e. . .y nuitori 
Emperor KUtci Ileika; (of 
Japan) Tenno Heika; Ten- 
th i iyuma 

Empire teikoku 

Employ (use as a senant) 

e. . .ee yatoi-nin 

e. . .er yntoi-nushi Ayowu; (of Japan) 

Kogo Ecika 
Empty kara; (in comp. often) 

to be e. . . aite i'ru 

to be partly e. . . suite i'ru 

to e . . . ake'ru 

an e . . . bottle aki-bin 

the bottle is e... bin wa 

kara desii; bin wa aite 
■ imasil 

Enamel shippo-ijaki 
Enclose kakou; (in a letter) 

ire ru 
e . . . (J I send you a money- 
order for '.io yen nt-jd-go- 

yen no kawuse wo irvte oku- 

Encourage (a iierson) ni/chi- 

kura wo tsftkete yam 
End owari; shimai; (of a 

place) hazure 
at tlip e... of the year to- 

shi no owari ni; Lnrc 
at the e... of tlie month 

I will give you something 

at the e... of my stay 

watukfmhi no taUn toki ni 

nani ka agemaslio [wlien I 


t i> iiiipossilde to say what 

the c. . . will he kono owari 

wa do naru ka loakara-nai 
he will come to a bade... 

ii shiiii-yi) wa shi-nai [he 

Wont die a gooil dentli) 
there is no e... to tiiio A-or« 

ni kiri ga nai 
in the e. . . shiiiini ni 
I wonder how it will turn out 

in the e. . . shinuii ni wa do 

niiru deiihd? 
one e. . . kata-hashi 
to no e. . . muda ni 
to come to an e... owari 

ni naru; shimtti ni wjru 
to e... (iiitr.) owaru; owari 

7ii naru; (cease) yamu; 

(conclude) sumu 
to e... (trans.) shimav; 

yame'ru; suniase'ru 




he will e... by breaking it 
ima ni kotvasu desho 
Endorse ura-gaki v:o sum 

e merit ura-gaki 

Enemy kataki; tcki 
Engage (to e... a servant) 

are you e . . . d? (busy) o 
isognshii desu ka? 
I am e . . . d itna wa isoga- 

sMi [busyl 
is this seat e...d? koko wa 
a%te iviasil ka? 
the teleplioue is e . . . d at 
present denim toa ima o 
hanashi chu desO. 
to make an e...ment ya- 
kHsoku sum 
to fulfil an e . . . ment yakH- 

soku wo mamoru 
I have an important e . . . ment 
tliis evening komban daiji na 
yo ga am. 
Engine kikai; kikan 
locomotive kikansha 
pteam e . . . joki-kikan 
England IgirisO. 
English (adj.) IgirisH no; 
(lanpuase) Ei-go 
do you speak E....« Ei-go 

ga dekimasii ka? 
is tlieie anybody here who 
speaks E...? koko ni Ei- 
go no dekim hito ga imasu 
in E . . . we say Book Ei-go 
de wa Book to iitnasH 
I am an E . . . man umta- 
kfishi wa Igirim-jin desu 
Engrave horu 
e . . . ing (picture) Mnga; e 
Enjoy (oneself) tanoshimu 
I e...ed tlie journey ryo^o 
via VinoshirokaUa 

how do you e . . . yourself 
here? koko wa do dem kaf 
I hope you will e... your- 
self o tanoshimi desu ne 
Enough lakiisan 
ttiat is e... sore de takHsan 
is tliis e . . . .* kore de taka- 

san desU ka? 
not e . . . sukunai; tari-nai 
I have liad e . . . mo takvsan 
have you e . . . water? mizu 

ga takilsan arimasO. ka? 
twenty yen woukl be e... 

ni-ju-ycn de Utkusan desho 
five yen will not be e. . . go- 
yen de wa turi-nai 
e. . . for two days fuUHkabun 
e . . . for one man Miori mat 
*e . . . of tliat sore de ii 
well e . . . (pretty well) kanari 

it is not strong e. . . kore wa 

johu ja ruii 
that is not sweet e . . . sore 

wa satu on tari-nai 
he is not ricli e... ann hito 

tra sore dale no kane ten nai 
it i^ not nearly e... amari 

that will do, you liave read 

e . . . mu sore de yoroshix 

lakiisan yornimashita 
you have not drunk e... 

yet motlo nonieru desho 
more tlian e . . . amaru hodo 
one would have been e . . . hito- 

isii de yokaita 
it will be time e... when 

I come ha.ckkaeilekaTademo 


e . . . — to hodo 
have we e . . . coal to last 

till next spring? raiharu 

made tsukau hodo sekiian ga 

am ka? 
Enquire see INQUIRE 




Enter hairu; (write down in a 
book) ni/icaki-iomete oku 
it has not even e...ed my 
head kangae mo shi-ruikatta 
is one obliged to take off 
one's boots on 
ftairu toki ni ica kutsu wo 
nuga-nakcreba ike-nut no 
desH ka? 
will you e... my service? 
watakushi no tokoro de 
tsulnmemasen ka? 
Entertain (amuse) tanoshi- 
e...ment (banquet) go-chiso 
Entirely mnru de; sukkari 
Entrance irl-rjuchi 
servants' e . . . kuUe-guchi 
how much !s the e. . .? nyii- 
joryo ?/'« ikura desu ka? 
Entreat kovgan suru 
Envelope (of a letter) jo-bu- 

Environs kinjo 

are the e... of Yokohama 
interesting? Yokohama no 
kinjo wa omoshiroi desho ka? 
I e. . . you urayairutshii [en- 
this is not e. . . to tliat 
kore wa sore to cliiiiuimasu; 
kore wa sore to onajl de wa 
divide this into three e... 
parti kore wo onnji ni 
miltsiX ni wakete o kure 
these two tilings are e... 
kore to kore wa onaji desu 
Errand tsUkai 
to send on an e. . . tsiikai ni 

can you go on an e . . . for 
me? tsakiii ni itte kuremasen 

Escape (run away) nigeU 


it was a narrow e. . . abunai 
I koto deshxta 
Especially tokubetsu ni; betsU 

Esteem v. t. sonkei sum 
Europe Voroppa 
Even nw; de mo; (level) taira 

e . . . if it rains I shall leave 

this afternoon ame ga lutte 

vw him karc dekakemnsii 
e ... if it did rain you ought to 

have come ame ga iuttatte 

kuru hazu desu 
I shall buy it e . . . if it is 

dear takakUte mo kaimasu 
who cares e. . . if it is danger- 
ous ? abunakUte mo kamau 

mono ka ? 
not e . . . once ichi-do mo 
e... the Japanese NUton no 

hito de nw 
e . . . allowing that sore ni 

shite mo 
f... my clotlies were burnt 

kimono made mo ynkita 
I c;in hear it e... now ima 

de mo kikoeru 
not e. . . a chair isu mo nai 
not e. . . I can do it uatashi 

de sae riekimnsrn 
can't you do it when e... a 
little child can? kodomo de 

sae dekirti no ni anata iva 

dekiinascn Ira? 
I haven't yet read e... half 

mtida hamhun mo yomimasen 
°. . . number gasii 
Evening ba?i 
come in the e... ban ni O' 

ide nasai 
I an> going out this e... 

komban dekakeyO to ornoi' 





good e .. . . komban um 

yesterday e . . . sakuban; yuhe 

e... of the day before yes- 
terday iasakxthan 

to-morrow e. . . myoban 

e . . . of the day after to- 
morrow myoffonichi no ban 

will you come out with me 
this e . . . .» komban issho ni 
kite kudasaimasen kaf 

at all e...8 dS shite mo; to- 
nikaku mo 

a happy e... medetai koto 

did he e... write to you.» 
ano hito tea anata ni tega- 
mi wo kaita koto ga ari- 
mam kaf 

I have hardly f . . . seen any 
amari mita koto ga nai 

I hardly e . . . go metta ni iki- 

e . . . so far zutto toi 

e. . . so many times iiu-tabi 

e. . . so much ikura de mo 

for e . . . itgi made mo 

Just the same as e... tted 
mo no tori; chitto mo kawaro" 
Every mai; goto ni 

e . . . body dare de mo 

e. . . one (of a particular 
group) minna 

e... one of the children 
has a^ cold aehi no kodomo 
tea minna kaze wo hikima- 

e. .. time tamM ni 

e... time I go out in the 
evening I catch a cold 
t/oru deru tambi ni kaze too 

«... day Tnai-niehi 

does it leave e . . . day* mair 

nicki detnasu ka? 
e. . . Sunday mainichiyo 
e . . . other one MtotsU, oki 
e... other day ichi-nicki oki 
e... third day jut-mka oki 
e . . . where doko de mo; doko 

ni de mo: hobo 
e . . . thing nan de mo; minna 
before e . . . thing else I must 

have foreign food nani yori 

seiyo-ryori ga tabetai 
are you willing to do e . . . 

thing.' anata u>a nan de mo 

shimasH kaf 
he will help you in e . . . way 

nan no sewademo thUekure- 

e. . . chair is occupied dono 

isu mo Isukatte iru 
it is e . . . that nifchigai nai 
please be very e... in your 

accounts kanjo wa kichd- 

men ni shite kudatai ehodo; tashika ni 
I dont know yoku 

it IS e . . . ly 8 o'clock ehodo 

hachi-ji deeH alike tHkoshi mo chi- 

gawa-nai; chodo onaji 
it is not e . . . ly the same c/to- 

do onaji de wa arimasen 
it is not e . . . ly impossible 

(but it is very difficult) 

deki-nai koto de. mo nai 
you caa't e . . . ly call him rich 

kane-moehi to iu hodo de u» 

e . . . ly 1 so desa 
Exaggeritt! ogesa ni iu 
ExAinine (inspect) shirabe'ru;- 

kensa wo sum; (in knovr- 

ledge) thiken wo suru 




I want to e . . . the class in 
English Ei-go no shiken wo 

I want to e . . . that thing 
are wo mitai [see] 

will the luggage be e...d 
at Vladivostock? Urajiwo- 
sulokka de nimotsU wo shira- 
bemasU kaf 

for e . . . UUoeba 

please give me an e . . , rei 
wo hanashite kudasai 

good e . . . ii tehon 

give good e . . . ft tehon wo 
o mise nasai ■ [show a good 

you are giving bad e. . . to 
youf brother anata wa ototo 
ni warui tehon wo misete iru 
Exceed sugiru 

not e . . . ing two feet ni- 
shaku ika; ni-shaku yori 

not ten minutes 
jip-pun inai; jip-pun yori 

e . . . ly, see very 
Excellent (persons) sugureta; 
(thing) kekko na 

that is e . . . sore wa gOteki 
Except no hoka 

take all the luggage e... 
the small bag chiisai nimo- 
taH no hoka wa minna motU 
o kure 

without e... nokora-zu 

with the e . . . of my fa- 
ther chichi no hoka 

under circumstances 
yamu wo e-nai baai de 

please make an e . . . in fa- 
vour of me watab&shi daki 
tokubetsi ni shite kudasai 

Exchange tori-kae'tu; (of mo- 
ney) ryogae suru 
please e . . . this dozo kore 

wo tori-kaete kudasai 
will you give me that in 

e . . . for this? kore to sore 

to tori-kaete kudasaimasen 

Bxcremeat daiben 
to make an e . . . asoM ni 

I want to make an e ... to 

Kamakura Kamakura ni 

asobi ni ikUai 
e . . . me gomen natai; gomen 

1 beg to be e. . .d (declining 

a proposition) yurttshile ita- 

e , . . ♦ my rudeness kore wa 

shitsHrei; shitsHrei itashima- 

e . . . me for having troubled 

you go mendo kakele sumi- 

masen deshUa 
e . . . me for not having been 

attentive to you o kairuii mo 

shimasen deshita; o somatsU 

sama; o sosS sama 
e. . . me for having kept you 

waiting o machidS sama 
e. . . me for saying so but — 

shitsUrei desU ga — 
really I am luable to offer 

you any e . . . makoto ni 

moshi-wake ga gozaimasen 
e . . . me for going first o 

saki e gomen kudasai 
Uiat is only an e . . . tore wa ii- 

don't e . . . yourself ii-wake wo 

iunowao yoshi ^uisai 
e. . . me for beingsolateo(oX;it 



100 Experience 

e... me, what may be the 

name of this place? xhitsurri 

desil ga, koko wa turn to iu 

tokoro dexlio? 
c. . . me for interniptinft you 

when you were so busy u ino- 

gashii tokoro ivo o jnma aid- 

e... my back please us// (>o lo') 

mukcte govien misni. 
if anyone calls, e. . . me okija- 

ku ga kimashUara liyo ni ko- 

towatte kvre 
e. . . me I didn't do it on pur- 
pose tsui xhUa no ilesu kara 

gomcn nasai 
1 am sorry to trou'DJe you go 

nifndo kakete viakolo nisunii- 

ask liim please to e. . . ine a 

few moments shitsOrei. desii 

gasukoslito maclii kudasaru 

yd ni to iile o k-ure 

to tiike e... undo suru. 
Exhibition hakurankai 
since when does tliis e...? 

itm kara kore ga arimasH kat 
Exit de-guchi 
Exorbitant h'igai na 
1 e ... "so so ommivaKU 
when may I expect it.? itsu 

dekimasu kaf 
as I e . . . ed omotta tori 
I shall e... you o machi 

I am e...ine; some one in 

twenty minutes mo ni-jip- 

pun tatf.u to kyaku ga kuru 

hazu desu 
he does not e. . . me till flv*" 

o'clock gn-ji no yakusoku desu 

kara so?io mae wa betsu ni 

matte i-nai desho 

it is betterthan I e. . .ed omot- 
ta yori yoku dekiniaxhUa 

don't e... too much of him 
ajii/rri sfiiityo shi-sugite iva 

I e. . . it by tlie next steamer 
kovo tnugS 110 lunr de kiinasho 

I e... he i-i writinc letters 
trgmri wo kiiUf. inc doiho 

it was only to be e. . .ed that 
lie would KOt ill byoki ni 
vani hazu dii 

Expense kakaii 

petty e. . .s zappi 

t'ravellins e . . . s rj/ohi 

e...s for entertaining ko- 
mi III 

useless e. . .s mtida-zukai 

I doTit mind the e. . .kakari 
wa kamainmscn 

the e. . . is ton much for me 
amort o kane ga kakari- 

to cut down e...s kevyaku 

at your e... anata no kane 

what are the e...a.' if:ura 
de-'^ii ka.^ [how much is it.»] 

at tlic public e. . . kohi dt 

rrjardless ot e... katie ni 
kumaiva-nai de 

to stand e...s (for some- 
body) ogoru 

expensive (dear) takai; (dear 
but wortii the money) o 
kane no kakatta 

I have a iittlo e . . . sukoshi 
narete imaxu 

have you any e... of tra- 
velling in tlie country.* 
anata ua inaka wo ryoko 
s/nta koto ga arimasu kaf 

practical e . . . jikken 




Expert (a person) semmon-ka; 

Explain toki-akasu; oshieTu i 
please e . . . this to me dr)zo 

kore wo toki-akashite ku- 

can you e. . . this.? anata wa 

kore ga icakarimaau ka? 
to demand an explanation 

about this iroin him a?(o 

hUo ni kore wo toi-tadasu 
Explode (intr.) haretsu sum 
Export yushilsii 
to e... yushitm sunt 
Expose (put out) dashite okw, 

(sliow) niisrru 
to be e...d to the rain amc 

ni dashite aru 
e... -train kyiiko-ressha 
to e... one's opinion iken 

wo iu 
I find it difficult to e... 

myself in Japanese Sihon- 

go de jibun no onwtte iru 

koto wo hakkiri hanase- 

I e. . .ly told you not to do 

it naza-wnza shite iva ike- 

nai to itta no ni 
e . . . ion of the face kao- 

e . . . ion of the eyes me- 

it is a common e . . . ion yoku 

tsukau koto da 
a polite e...ion teinei na 

Exterior soto; (appearance) 

External soto nc 
e. . . use gaiyo 
Extinguish kesU 
Is this charged for e . . . J 

kore wa bclsii ni harau no 

desil ka? 
what are the e...s.? betsu ni 

harau no wa nan desu kaf 
tliis is e. . . kore wa hen desii 
Extremely see very 
Eye nic: (of a needle) ana 
some dust has got into my 

e... me ni nani ka hairi- 

keep an e ... on my luggage 

walahii.-ihi no ninujtsu ni hi 

wo tsiikcte o kure 
it strikes ttie e... me ni 

before one's very e...s»n« 

no mae de 
the .sun is in my e...s hi 

ga me ni chiratsUkimasH 
it tries the e. . .3 me ni 

one e . . . kata-me 
both e. . .3 ryo-me 
naked e . . . nikugan 
e. . .-glass megane 
e. . .-brow mayuge 
e. . .-lush nuitauge 
e. . .-lid mabuta 
Face kao 
to my f... me 7io mae de 
i... to f,.. kao ivo mukir 


to f . . . V. t. (turn in any di- 
rection) ni/muke'ru ; v. i. 

(oftlieaspect of a house, etc.) 

ni/muile i'ru; (be opposite) 

ni/rnukau ; 

to make f...s karakai-zura 

tvo siiru 
to be f . . . upwards aonnik» 

ni imtte i'ru 
to be f . . . downwards (ol 

things) fuseie aru; (of per- 
sons) utsuimshi ni ne'ru; 




(flat on the belly) ho/ram- 
bai ni natte iru 

it is a positive f . . . tashU-a na 
koto da [it is a tnie tiling] 

in f . . . hmito wa; honto ni 

it is a matter of f... -iijitsu 

as a matter of f honto 

wa; honto ni 
Factory ko-ba 

Fade (of colours) sameru; (of 
flowers) shibomu 

does this colour t...? kono 
iro wa samemaxu ka? 

I must have my dress to- 
morrow without f . . . machi- 
gai naku myonichi kimono 
ga irimaiii 

my strenKth f...9 me chi- 
kara ga nuketa 

I will not f . . . to come ma- 
chiqai naku kinmsii 

don't f . . . to remember tliis 
u-asurele wa ikenuisen 

I must got'xhiy without f. . . 
zehi kfiCi Kii ika-}iakere'ja na- 
Faint v.i. taore'ru; kizetsii suru: 
ki ija toku nam 

I feel'f . . tnemni ga shiiiicsa 
Fair (market) irhi: (\iT(ily) 
kirci }>!i: (just) tadasliii ; (of 
complexion) iro no ahiroi 

that is not f . . . sore wa luuri 

by f . . . means or foul donna 
koto tvo rh'ito mo 

t... and prniier xolo na 

i. . . weatiicr it tenki 

f . . .ly (nithcr) kanari 
Fall (from the upriRht posi- 
tion, of persons) korohu; 
(ol things) taoreru; (from 

a height) ochiru; (of the 

wind) pamu 
to let f . . . otosH 
don't let it f... otosa-nai 

yo ni 
I fell on a stone ishi rurue 

ni korotnmasMta 
I fell on my hands te wo tsU' 

ite korobimashita 
to f . . . over a chair isu ni 

tsukkakatte korobu 
to f... asleep nemuru 
to f . . . out with him ano 

hito to kenka suru 
to f... into ni/ochi-koniu 
to f... throuch (fail of ac- 
complishment) dame ni nam 
False uxo no 
f . . . hair ire-qe 
f. . . teeth ire-ba 
seems to be f . . . usorashii 
f... -hearted jdta-gokoro no 

[two hearts! 
f...h()od uao (this word 13 

oiU-'n used for "you are 

to say a f...hood uso wo 

Family knzoku 
f... name (surniimc) myoji 
Famous yiimei na; nodakai 
j lor what is tliis town f....' 
I kuno ruachi de wa nuni ga 

yumei desfi ku? 
a f... man yiimei 7ia hUo 
a f . . . place iiieinho 
{. . .ly (finely) I'imaku 
Fan (non-toldiuii:) uchivoa; 

(foklinu) scttsti; Oiji 
electiii-f . . . seinpu-ki 
please f... me aoide k-uda- 

.S'rt (' 


to take a f... to ga/ki ni 




I f . . . I have met him some- 
where doko ka de a tin yo 

na ki ga suru 
If... lie will come kuru yd 

na ki ga suru 
only f...! ma odoroita 
Far toi; fmnarete 
how f... Is it from here to 

Asakusa.? koko kara Asa- 

kHsci made dono-gurai ari- 

masii ka? 
is it still f...? mada toi desH 

it is very f... tnihen toi 
is it f... from tlic .'-tation.* 

teishaha kara toi don'i ka? 
how f . . . have you cut? doko 

from f . . . tuku kara 
how f . . . off were you.' dono- 

gurai hanarete imus/iita ka? 
as f... as possible dekiru 

dake toku 
as I... as possiijle (if possi- 
ble) dckircda 
as f . . . as Tokyo Tokyo 

as 1 . . . as I know he did not 

como wataki'islii nn shiUe 

iru t'ikoro de tvi una Ulto 

wa kuiiasen. deslntn 
as f... as circuni^t;xnce.s 

may pcrinit baai no yurunii 

so f... as I am concerned 

wataku.s/d dake tva 
it is ainusinsi as f . . . as that 

goes omonhiroi koto wa omo- 

shiroi ga 
f... anil away zutto 
is f . . . superior ;utlo ii 
by f . . . more zutto 
by f... more beautiful 2Mfto 

I. . . ttuin being cold, I am 

hot samui dokoro ka naka- 

na/ca atsui 
f... too "little amari suku- 


i. . . off zutto saki 
this is the best I have seen 

so f . . . ima made mila uchi 

de kore ga iciiiban ii 
Fare (charge for conveyance) 
i chinxen; (fooii) rh-lri 

what is the f... to Tokyo.* 

Tokyo made ikura dest'i kat 
I have f . . .d badly in Tokyo 

Toky'i de wa yoku ari- 

masen desluta 
Farewell sayonnra 
to bid f...wejl Uoinagoi wo 

Farm denji 
Farmer hyakHsho 
Farther see FURTHER 
Fashion hayari 
it is very at pre- 
sent ima wa sore ga O-haya- 

ri desfi 
Fast hayni 
f . . .er motto /iniiaku 
do not go so 1. . . sonna ni 

liayiiku ika-nni de o-kure 
go motto hayaku itie 

o kure 
go as f . . . as possible dekiru- 

dake hayaku itte o kure 
please don't speai; so f . . . 

sumiu ni hayaku /uinasa-nai 

de kudaxai 
don't go so f... down hill 

soitiia ni hayiku salca wo 

ori-iiai dt o kmc 
he is f . . . asleep yoku nete 

f... colours same-nai iro 
f... train kyikO-resslui 
hold f . . . ihikkari tsukama- 

ete o-ide iMsai 




it is raining f... atne aa 
don-dcm jutte imnsii 

my watcli is five minutes 
f... tvatnkushi no tokci wa 
go-jun siisunde irnastl 

to stick f... ^hikhari tsuku 
Fat intoUa 

he is f... fiitotte hnnsu 

a f... man /utotta hlto 

to set f . . . f II torn 

I do not lilce f... ahurami 
wa kirni desu 
Father o tfl-fcin; chichi Ctliia 
latter term is less respect- 

f . . .-in-law sliTito 

grand-f... o-jii-san 

step f . . . miimd-rhirhi 

i... (of an adopted child) 


it is not my f... watukushi 

no (lynmnrlii de wa nrivia- 

sen; watiiki'ishi ga wami no 

de tva ariiivisen 
tliat is your f... sore wn 

anuia no aijonmrln drsu; 

sore wa cinata ga tvarui no 

whose f . . . is it? dare ga wa- 

rui no dcsi'i Lai 
it is the I. . . of tlie weather 

tenici no n'i desi't 
1 have no f . . . to find with 

him 0710 liHo ni n<a betsu 

ni nnrui koto ica ariinasen 
to commit a f . . . icarui koto 

wo mirv 
to find f... witli you oinac 

ni kogolu wo iu 
will :,ou do me the f... to 

it you do that 1 would con- 
sider it a great f . . . anata 
<ga sore wo shite kudasarcba 

watakfishi wa honto ni ari- 
gatai to omoimasU 

I would like to ask a f... 
of_ you sukoshi o negai 
sliitai koto ga arimam [I 
would like to make a re- 

to be in f . . . of ii to ornou circumstances ii 
tsugn opportunity ii ori 

to w;iit for a op- 
portunity ii ori wo matsu 
Favourite (of persons) hiiki na 

my f... liower icki-bun suki 
na liana 

f . . . child omoi-go 

ii there any f... of rain? 
tcnki wa duijohu desho kaf 

there is no f... of rain 
tenki na duijohu drsil 

for i. . . of giving offence 
hito ga icaruku ornou to ike- 
tuii kara 

f...fnl (tliat causes f...) 
koiviti: OKoroshii 

I. . .lully osoroshiku 

bee Ai'KAiD 
Feast (banquet) go-chisiJ 

i...-(lay (of a slirine) o 
■muLiuri; (public holiday) 


Feather hanc 
f... duster hane no halaki 
Features (iuce) kao-tsUki 
February ni-gatsu 
Fee rei 
what is your f... (doctor).* 

rei wa ikiira desii ka! 
Feed (traus.) tabemse'ru; (intr.) 

Feci (touch) sau'iiru 
I can f . . . your bones anata 
no hone 7ii sawaremasU 




I f... cold samuke ga shi- 

If... ill karada ga warui 
to f... bcttr-r yoku naru 
I f... sure tash'ika ni so 

how do you f . . ..' ikaga desii? 
I haven't been f...ingwell 

for some days iinn. da k". 

konaida kara gnai ("/ warui 
let me f . . . your pulse 7ni/a- 

ku wo misete kudasai [show 

it f...s smooth sube-sube 

you need not f. . . badly about 

it shimpai shi-nai de mo ii 
I don't f... like studying 

novitnia benkyosuru ki ga an- 

that f...s Kood sore wa ii 

kimochi dcsii 
Feeling kimochi; kokoromochi; 

a pleasant f . . . ii linnK-hi 
an uni)leasant f... ii/a na 

my hands are so cold that 

1 have no f... in them te 

ga tsumelakute baka ni nulla 
I sympathise wit)i your 

f . . .s o samhi ninshimasu 
to hurt someNidy's f...s 

kiinochi wo waruka suru 
to f . . . ignorarice shxran 

kao wo suru, 
to f . . . sickness byoki no furi 

wo sunt: kebyo wo taiikau 
Fellow hito; (term of con- 
tempt) yatsU 
that f . . . itiLtii 

this f koitsU 

Female (a woman) onna; (of 

animals) onrM no; me or 

men used as pretixes 

Feminine onnnrashii 

Fence hei; kakine 

Fencing kenjutsU 

Ferry (place) tvatashi-ba; (boat) 

Fertile kocta 

Festival (of a shrine) o nuitsu- 
ri; (national holiday) ^o- 

when is the f . . . of this shri- 
ne.^ konn mhja no matsu- 
ri wa itsu desu ka! 

Public holidays observed iu 

Jan. 1, S, 5 JJew Year holi- 
days (^hogaisu) 

Feb IJ Accei^on of Jitn- 
niu 'Icnnd OtiO !).<". and 
promulsation of tlio Con- 
stitution 18«0 { 

-Mai. ■1\ (appriix.). Spring 
E<iunu)X (Siiunki Kurd iiai) 

Ap. 3 Ueatli of Jimmu Ten- 
no (Jiwwu Tenyii'i Sari.) 

July 30 Aniversary of the 
deatli of tlie late iiniperor 
{Meiji Tcniiv .Sai) 

Aug. ^1 Emperor's birthday 

Sept. 2:{ (aiipriix.). Autumn 
isquinox (;>hfiki Korei Sai) 

Oct. 17 Harvest Thanks- 
giving (A'(/;i Naun' Sai) 

Oct. 31 Postponed celebration 
of Emperor's. Idrtbday {Ten- 

Nov. 23 Second Harvest 
Pestival (Nii Aanic Sai) 

Tile loUowuig poi)ular holi- 
days are more or less uni- 
versally observed 

Jan. 15, 10 Servants' Holi- 
days (Yabu-iri) 

Mar. 3 tiirls' Festival (Dolls) 
Hina no Sekku 




May 5 Boys' Festival (Flags 
and Armour) Tango no 

July 13, 14, 15 Feast in 
memory of the dead O Bon 

July 15, 16 Servants' Holi- 
days (Yabu-in) 

Dec. 31 New Year's Eve 

Willi regard to the reli- 
gious festivals, we must 
remember that there are 
two religions in Japan, tlie 
Sliinto (Official) and the 
Buddhist. The temples of 
the fifnt are called o 
miya, of the second o tera. 
The miija liave each one 
or two big festivals a. year 
on fixed dates: these are 

vmUuri and they are 
observed in the district 
correspoiidiiic; to tlie tem- 
ple. They al.-o have mi- 
nor fe-tivali, called evni- 
ehi, three or four times a 
month, and occuring al- 
ways on the sjimo days of 
the month, ijorne o tera 
have eniiidti. others have 

Fetch see bring 
Fever (a passing condition) 
7ietsu; (a i<.ck-u-hyo 
I have a little fever icata 
kunhi iva siiLotflii )!Ctv« ya 
to cure a I . . . iictsu uo toru 
Few siikoxhi; sfiL-vri'ii 
have you a t .. apples.- 
rini/o ga arimasu kaf [any 

I have a i . . . sukoehi ari- 

1 have a f . . . flowers m my 
garden tvatakHshi no niua 

ni liana ga sukoshi ari- 

there are but f . . . flowers 
in my garden watakushi 
no niva ni tea hana ga suko- 
shi shika arimasen 

a f . . . persons shi-go-n\n 
[four or five persons) 

f . . . Japanese are tall set no 
takai Silion-jin ua sukuno 

a f . . . at a time g&koshi- 

iu a f . . . days ni-san-nicfti 
no ucki ni 

in a f . . . moments mojiki 
Fidget V. t. moji-moji turu 

you f. . . me jirettai 
Fie!d hatake; (niieadow) na- 
na ra 

! ice-f . . . tn 
Fifteen ju-go 
Fifty go-jU 
Fig icitijiku 

Fight (a row) i.nika; (a battle) 

to f . . . kenku sum; senso sriru 

two men were f . . . ing f atari 
no hito ga kenka shite ima- 

Japan fought against China 
Nihon to Skina to senso 
Figure (number) siiji; (form) 
katiichi; (of the body) «u- 
gntf; (rintt/:ni) nwyd 

I am bad at f...s kanjo ga 
kfta da [I am unskilful at 
File (tool) yasuri; (row) retoii 

rank and f . . . heisotsu 
Fill (trans.) ippai ni sum; 
(intr.) ippai ni naru 

t. . . this bottle with water 
kono Inn ni mixu tco ippai 
irete o kure 




f . . . it up ippai ni shite o 

to f . . . with earth tsuchi de 
Filth kitnnai mono 

f . . . y kitanai 

f . . .ly shimai ni; toto 

See LAST (at last) 
Find mitsukeru; miidasii 

have you found it.? mitsH- 
kemashita ka? 

I have found it mitsiike- 
mashita; arimashita; (ani- 
mals) imash'tVa 

if you f... a watch, it is 
mine tokei wo mitsukereba 
sore uxi wataini^hi no desu 

whoever f...s it and re- 
turns it to me shall have 
a liberal reward dare de 
mo sore wo nriisukeie xvata- 
kushi ni todokete kudasaru 
kata ni wa s60 no o rei wo 

I cannot f... my hat. have 
you seen it anywhere.? urn- 
taknahi no lioshi ga mie- 
masen, doko ka de mimashi- 
ta kaf 

have you found a servant 
yet? mu jochU ga mitsitkari- 
tauxhila ka? 

1 f . . . this book ver>- interest- 
ina kono hon ua tnihen omo- 
shiroi to omoiinasu 

If... I cannot go to-day 
kyo wa ikaremasen [I can- 
not go to-day] 

try and f... \l sagashite mite 
kure f . . . my boy and 
tell him to come here 
\Batakiishi no boi wo saga- 
shite, kum yo m iUe kuda- 

f . . . out (by asking) kiite 

o kure; (by looking) mite 

o kure 
1 will f . . . out kiite mima- 

sho; mile mimasho 
f . . . out at what time the 

boat leaves nan-fi ni fune 

fa_ demasu ka. kiite o kure 
to be f . . . out (in wrong 

doing), ashi ga t«li« 
I have found this, whose is 

it.? kore wo mitsUkemashita, 

dare no desii ka? 
it is mine, watakushi no desii 
I left it in the train kisha 

no TMka ye wasurete kima- 

I put it here (there) koko 

(soko) e okimashita 
I had it only, tliis morning 

kesa made atta 
I am afraid you willnevet f . . . 

it mo mitsukara-nai desho 
you wiH f...8ome on the 

desk tsUkue no ue ni aru de- 

Fine (slender) hosoi; (minute) 

komakai; (pretty) kirei na; 

(very good) saijo no (in 

te.xture) me no komakai 
that's f... erai (slang) 
f . . . arts bijutsu 
f . . . weather ii tenki 
Finger yw6v ibi 
Beginning with the thumb, 

the fingers are called : 
oya-yubi (parent-finger) 
hilo-sashi-yubi (finger that 

l»Vints at people) 
ttnktt-yubi (middle-finger) 
kusuri-yubi (medecine-flDger) 
ko-yubi (little-finger) 
Finish (to end) shrmau; (to 

be ready, of a thing) d^rJci- 

•ru; deki-agaru; (to put the 

finishing touches) shi-age'ru 




have you f...ed.» mio tMr 

maifnashita kai 
when will you be f . . .-ed? ttoii 

ihimaimasO, kaf 
ru be f...ed directly sugu 

ni shimaimasu 
when will it be f...ed.' itsit 

dekimasu kaf 
it is nearly hotondo 

it isn't f...ed yot mada 

it will soon be f...ed tw 

jiki ni dekimasH, 
to be f...ed (consumed) 

thimai ninani 
Fir matsa.; momi 
Fire hi; (a conflagration) kaji 
make the f . . . hi wo taki- 

tsUkete o kure 
a f . . . has brolien out at 

No. 2 ni-ban kara hi wo 

is the f . . . near here.* kaji 

wa ehikaku demi kat 
if you are not careful you 

will set the house on f . . . 

ki wo teHke-nai to kaji ni 


to put a f . . . out hi wo keen 
the f . . . has gone out hi ga 

to catch f . . . hi ga tsUku 
to be on f . . . moeru 
to f . . . a gMD teppo wo utsa 
i. . .-bell hansho 
f. ..-works handbi 
I. . . -wood maki 
t. . . -brazier hibachi 
Finn (adj.) shikkari »Mta; 

(commercial) shdkan 
t. . . tell me mazu hcmashUe 


i... ol all (time) maoi 
at f . . . hajime ni 

I was there f . . . vxUak&shi 
wa ichi-ban hajime ni soko 
ni imashila 

f . . .sweep and then dost saki 
nihaite aw de hataite kure 
for the f . . . time hajimeU 
from the first hajime kara 
f . . . rate ichi-ban ii 
the f . . . train ichi-ban gisha 
in tiie f . . . place dai ichi ni; 
on the f . . . floor ni-kai de 

[second floor] 
to go f . . . (ahead) saki e iku 
please go f . . . dozo o saki e 
excuse me for goia^ f . . . « 
saki e gomen kuda^ ii 

t class it-to; jotS 

Fish sakana 
boiled f . . . ni-zakana 
f . . . broiled with salt sakana 
no shio-yaki 
baked f . . . yakirzakana 
raw f . . . cut into slices «a- 
fried f... tempura; sakana 
no iH-rai 
has it many bones.* kont 
ga takusan arimasH hat 
I eat it only if it is quite 
fresh atarashiku nakereba to- 
to feel like a f... out of 
water kappa ga oka e 
agatta yo da [like a kappa 
that has gone on to the 
land: the kappa is a fabu- 
lous fish] 

to f . . . sakema wo toru 
f . . . erman ryoshi 
f. . .monger aakana-ya tsuri-zao tsuri-Uo 
1. . .ing-book tsuri-bari 
Fit (convulsions) kyofH; (stitr 
able) tekiiS wt 




by f . . .8 and starts yattari 
BOt f . . . to eat t berare-nai 
that is no longer f . . . for 

use sore wa mS tsUkae-nai 
to f... au 

these boots do not f . . . 

kono kutsu wa yoku aimasen 

(o f... in (trans.) hame'ru; 

(intr.) hamarti 

it will not f . . . into this place hairimasen 
Fhre itsutsU; go; itsit or ii 
Fix (determine) kime'ru 
I am in a f . . . taihen ni. ko- 
matte ivtasH 
f . . .ed prices teika 
tbere is no f . .ed rule kimari 
§a nai 

letusf... j,yhiwQlnvnema' 
Flas hai'% 
Flame hi 
Flannel fUranneru 
Flat (level) taira na; hiratai 
t. . . country hirachi 
to refuse f . . .ly kippari koUh 
Flavour aji 
See TA8XB 
Flaw kisM 
Flea nomi 

tbe f . . .s tormented me last 
night yObe wa nomi nikurU' 
f... -powder nomi-yoke 
Flesh niktt 
Hoat v. i. uku 
Flood n. o-mizu 
Floor yuka 
ground f. .. thita 
first f... ni-kai [second 

second f . . . tan-gai 
Flour kona; (imported) me- 

Flower }Mna 
the irises are in f . . . now 

shobu wa md takimashUa 
f...-vase hana-ike; kabin 
artiflclal f. . .s zoka 
Ruently sura-sura 
Flute vokobue; fue (a kind 

of flute often used in the 

streets by divers vendors 

and masseurs) 
Fly (insect) hai; 
to f . . . tobu; (flee) nige-ru 
Fog kiri; moya 
Fold ori-me; (a pleat) hida; 
to f . . . tatamu 
please f... my clothes po- 

faku wo tatande kudatai 
f . . . dose, behind nte woto- 

kuahi no ato ni tsuite o-ide 
from this it f . . .8 kore kara 

osu to 
as f . . .8 koko ni kaku tSri; 

tsugi no tori 
the f . . .ing day son* Uugi 

no hi 
two days IvUHka 

on the sixth and the thre« 

days muika iofa 

yokka-kan [N.B. not mikka- 

are you f . . . of appjes^ rfn* 

go ga atiki 4ts6 kaf 
I am very f.. . of you watO' 

kHshi wa anata. ga taihen 

saki desH 
Food labe-mono; (Eiiropeaa 

f. ..) aeiyo-rydri 
morning meal aaa no sbokuji 
midday meal hiru no sh/h 

evening meal ban no aha- 





may I offer you something? 
vniri ha aiicmnslio ka! (The 
.Ti-paiiese doiit usually ask 
tin's qnesticii. hut iiave tea 
and cakes iiroimlit in to 
a Kuest irrespective of tlie 
hour of the day or tlie time 
of tiie year) 

please help yourself (of food, 
etc.) (jn jiiiu ni; (eat what 
has been sorved yon) o uyuri 

can i fiave Kinopcan f...? 
sci'/o-rj/Ori qn ihlciitiiiau ka? 

I want' my hreakfast to- 
nionow morning at 7 o'clock 
myOus'i shicUi-ji ni shokuji 
ga shUfi 

III European style Hotels 
the Knglish names of the 
eatables arc cennrally under- 
stood: in higi) class .fapanesc 
Inns in the hitrgcr towns 
you can somctniies get a 
few sirnpli! I'.nropean dislies, 
badly iiroparcd. Wlien tra- 
velling in tlie country, you 
had bettor take a supjily 
of provisions and some 
sort of a cook with you. 
With regard to the towns 
that have no Knropean 
style Hotels, you will find 
beef, milk a»id tinned 
butter otdy in the most 
important; bread in those 
of i«c<lium size; but beer 
and tinned milk are to be 
had even in the smallest 
country villages. Fresh fish 
and eggs can generally be 
found everywhere; and very 
often fowls can be bouglit. 

When reduced to Japanese 
food you might try the 
following list of things sug- 

gested in Murray's Hand- 
book of Japan as beir>g 
more or less palatable: 

mi-to-shiru bean soup 

sakana no shio-yaki broiled 

unogi-meshi layers of rice 
and eels with soy 

tamarjo-yaki sort of omelette 

tori-Hobe chicken cut up and 

ushi-^nahe beef similarly treat- 

kusn'ittira si)onge cake 

snnbei thin biscuits 

yokan sweet bean paste 

sake alcfiliolic drink made 
from rice 

The followin;: expre.ssions 
may be uselnl; 

hill of faro kondale-hyo 

ct;g tamarjo 

new laid ej^g umitnte no to- 

soft boiled e.L'g tamago no 

hard boiled egg ude tamago 

omelette omuretiu 

fish sfkana 

fried fish mkana no furai 

meat riku 

beef njiiniku 

fowl tori 

soup soppu; suimono 

breitd pan 

butter batti 

lard biUa no abura 

oil atnira 

olive oil orihwyu 
(Tlie generally um 
goma no abura; the poorer 
class tane aburm. The 
Foreigner will probably pre- 
fer to avoid these.) 

boiled rice gohan; muhi 

potato imo 




sweet potato Batgu,ma-imo 

what a f...he is! nan to iu 

carrots ninjin 

baka daro! 

turnips kabii 

to call someboy af... Mto 

beet-root biitsU 

tro baka to iu 

beans mame 

to make a f... of him ano 

spinach horenso 

hUo U'o baka rti sum 

lettuce ckvfo,; rettam 

to make a f . . . of one's self 

cold water mizu 

haji wo kakv, 

ice water kuri wo irela mizu 

to be made a f... of baka 

boiling water o j/m 

ni sareru 

fresh miHv shiboritate no 

I do not like to be made a 

fyHnyu [just drawn]; nania 

f . . . of baka ni sareru no 

noijvanyu [raw milk] 

wa, iya desii 

boiled milk wakashita gyHnyii 

dont be a f . . . baka va koto 

tinned milk miruku 

u>o iu na [dont say f(X(lish 

tiiuird provisions kan-zume 


tin opeBcr kwi-kiri 

to i)lay the f . . . baka wo sum 

a tin can knn 

f...ish baka nn; tsunmra-nai 

wine budi'islM 

f...ish argument baka na 

beer biiru 


bottle bin 

Foot (of tlie body) aski ; 

corkscrew kuchi-nuki 

(measure) s/iaku 

tea clia 

I will go on f... aruite iki- 

black tea kocha 


coffee kOhii 

muddy feet doro-ashi 

sugar satu 

f...-step (noise) ashi-nto 

salt sMo 

f...-p.ith kuruma ga tore-nui 

glass koppu. 


cup ch^vnn 

f...-rule monosanhi 

knife vniju 


fork lioku 

f . . . my sake waiakfiM no 

spoon aaji 

tame ni 

plate sara 

1 bought this f . . . yon aiiata 

peijper koaho 

no iii kore ivo kuii,ta..uila 

curry karc-ko 

f... eating taberu tame, ni 

curried food rni/ni-kare 

big f... his age toxhi no 

frjing-pan iiirai-nube 

wari ni ukii 

saucepan nabe 

f... liim it is a large sum 

raw nayna 

ano hito ni totte wa taihen 

boiled wakashita 

na kane da 

fried /i/rai 

he runs fast f... (consider- 

large okii 

ing that he is) a child 

small chiisai 

kodomo ni shite wa hayaku 

Fool baka 


I'm not .--nch a f... as that 

i... a few days tii-san-niehi 

sore IwUo baka ja nai 

i. . instance tatoeba 




f . . . sale uri-mono 

f... two months ffita-tsHkino 

aida ^~ 
as f... my brothers wata- 

k&shi no kpodai tva 
f... fear of giving offence 

hi to oa waruJcu omou to ike- 

nai kara 
it is not f . . . me to say wata- 

k&shi ga kuchi wo dasA 

tokoro de wa nai 
I have come f... the clock 

tokei wo titri ni khnaxhUa 

[to take avay the clock] 
I went f... t)ie doctor but 

he was out iaha wo yobi ni 

iUa ga rusv datUi 
has be gone f . . . my watcli? 

tokei wo tori ni ikimasIAta 

I will send f . . . it tori tii ya- 

will you give me that in 

exchange f... tliis? kore 

to sore to tori-kaeU kuda- 

saimasen kaf 
f... want of money kane 

ga (ari-nai kara 
once f . . . all mo kore kiri 
letters f . . . America Ame- 

rika yuki no yubin 
I will do the work f . . . you 

(in your place) watakushi 

wa anata no kavtari ni 

shigoto wo shimasho 
my mother wrote ttie letter 

f . . . me o kd-san ni tegami wo 

kaite morai/tnashUa 
that is inconvenient f . . . me 

sore wa watasJii ni fuben desU 
rice f . . . 5 men meski go- 


1 want a key f . . . this box 
kono kako no kagi ga in- 

I bought it f . . . two yen 
ni-yen de kaimashita 
I paid eight yen f . . . the five 
itfnUsu hachi-yen de kainia- 

three f . . . one sen mittsu de 
wha t is this used f . . . ? kore wa 

nani ni tsUkau no desu ka ? 
these boots are too small f . . . 
me kono kutsu wa watakOshi 
ni wa chiisai 
didn't a package come f... 
me? uxitakAsM no lokoro ni 
nimotsU ga kimasen deshita 
this is f . . . me kore wa waiakH- 
shi no desu, 
I hadn't seen him f . . . three 
months wj-toiAt bakariaima- 
smear it with oil f . . . it not 
to get rustry sabi-nai yd ni 
abura wo nutte kure 
If... you to do this kore 
Wo sh'-!te wa ike-nai [dont 
do this J 

by f . . . chikara-zuku de; muri 

do not use f . . . muri na koto 
wo ghite wa ike-nai 
by the f . . . of circumstances 
3/amM wo e-nai boat de; lioka 
ni shiknta ga nakf/le 
I am f...d to do it muri 
ni saserareta 
Foreign seiyo no; gaikoku no 
(the first expression means 
" occidental ", the second 
"of another country": this 
last therefore includes Chin- 
ese and other non-Japanese 
f . . .er teiyo-nn; teiyd no hito 




are there many f . . . ers in 

Moji? Moji ni seiyo-jin ga 

takHsan orimasH ka? 
you are charging me so 

dear because I am a f . . . 

watakushi ga seiyo-jin da 

kara sonna ni takaku kane 

»o torn no desho 
f . . . country yoso no kuni 
t. . . clothes yojUku 
f. . . goods hakurai no mono 
f... writing seiyo no ji 
in i. . . style seiyO-jvL de 
Foresee mi-losH 
Forest mori 
Forget wasure'ru 
dont f... it wasurete wa 

don't i . . . to call me at seven 

shichi-ji ni wasure-vai de 

okoxh'ite o kure 
don't f . . . to give my message 

kotozuke wo wasurete wa ike- 

masen [don't forget the mes- 
I quite forgot it sukkari 

I have forgotten it for the 

moment clwUo do-wasure 

are you sure you have not 

forgotten anything.*^ o wa- 

sure-rnono wd arimasen ka? 
I forgot to tell him ana hito 

rti knrmsu no wo wasure- 

f...ful wasureppoi 
Forgive yitrum 
please f . . . me yurushtte kuda- 

f... me for saying so but — 

skitsiirei desi'i ga — 
I'll f... you this time kon- 

do wa yurushite a^gemasu 
Fork hoku; niku-saski 

Form (shajw) katacM: (style) 
for f . . .'s sake nen no tame ni 
it is a mere f... kU'i dake 
no koto desij. 
to f . . . an opinion kangae ga 
Former sen no; moto no 
put it back in its f . . . place 
moto no tokoro ni shimatte 
oite kure 

f . . . ly sen wa; moto wa 

and so f . . . sono hoka iro-iro 
Fortunate shiawase na 
that is very f... sore wa 

fortune-teller uraruxi-slia 
f . . .ly shiaivase ni 
to f . . . (goods) okuru 
please f . . . my letters to this 
address dozo watakOshi na 
tegami wo kono- tokoro-gaki 
e maunshde kudasai 
Four yottsU; ski; yo; yon 
i. . . days yokka 
t. . . persons yottari; yo-nin 
(Although you say san-nin 
for three persons, and go- 
nin, etc., for five persons, 
etc., you must never say 
shi-nin. The word shi is 
often avoided on account, 
tliey say, of the similarity 
of sound to shi, death) 
f... -cornered shi-kaku na 
f . . . -footed yotsu-ashi no 
Fowl tori; niwa-tori 
Fox kitsune 

Frame (of a picture) gaku-buchi 
France Fnransn 
French FUransu no 
Frenchman FuransH-jin 
Free jivH- na; (no payment 
necessary) uida de 




is it f. . .? tada desU kaf 
f... and easy buenryo na 
of one's own f... will katte 

to be f .-. . (at leisure) hima 

de aru 
I am f... to do as I like 

kimama desit 
I am f . . . to go or not itie mo 

ika-nnkute mo jiyii da 
f... of duty mu-zei 
f . . . ly /ijnt ni 
Freeze koru 
did it f... last night? yttbe 

wa kori ga harimashUa ka? 

[did the ice cover hist night?] 
Freight (goods). nu/ioteti; (cost 

of transportation) unchin 
Frequently labi-tabi 
Fresh (new, not i-tale) atara- 

shii: (not c(X)ked) namn: 

(just gatherL'<l, just taken) 

toritaU: (new-laid) umitate 
this fish is not f . . . kono 

sakana wa aUirashiku ari- 

t. . . water (not salt) ma- 

i. . .ly picked fruit torUate no 

f . . .ly baked cake yakitate no 

Friday kinyo-bi 
Friend tomodachi 
I want to make f...s with 

you unaUi to toniodachi ni 

Frighten kotoagaraseru 
to be f . . .ed kowai; kouxir/aru 

what are you f . . .ed at? nani 

wo kowctfaru no desH ka! 

you f . . .ed me bikkuri shitna- 

weie ynu f . . .ed by the tire ? 
lUiji ga Luvxtkattu nu Uessii kaf 

Frog kaeru 
From kara: yori 
this obi is f... Kyoto kono 
obi wa Kyoto kara kita no 
I come t... the station tri- 
shaha kara kiniashitu 
f... the beginning hnjime kara 
f... morning to ifight asa kara 

ban made 

f... what 1 heard you have 
been ill anata wa go byoki 
da to kikiiiiuslula 
where are you f...? (what 
country.'') o k-uni wa doko 
desil ka! 
where does this come f....' 
kore wa doko kara kima- 
shlta ka! 
I. . . now i>im kara 
keep the child f... going 
near the fire kodomo ga 
hi no soba e ika-nui yo ni 
sh'Uc o kure 
Front otiiotv, 

in f . . . of the house ie no 
mae ni 
Frost shimo 

Frown v. i. hachi no ji 
too yoseru [to make the 
figure eight A]; kowai kao 
wo suru; shikame-tsura wo 
Fniit kudamono; mizugashi 
Fry tUrai ni suru; agent 
f . . . the fish in butter bata 
de sakana wo jiirui ni shUe 
o kure 
fried fish sakana no fUrai; 
I. . . ing-pan f&rai-nabe; age- 
Fuel taki-mono 

to f... a promise gaJciXtoku 
wo mamoru 




to f . . . one's duty gimu wo 

Full (filled up) ippai; (to be 

drunk) yotte iru 
is that bottle f...? ano bin 

wa ippai desH ka? 
this book is f . . . of funny 

things kono hon ni wa oka- 

shii koto ga ippai arimam 
write my account in f... 

komaka ni kanjo wo kaite 

the cherry-trees are in f... 

blossom snkura no harm wa 

sakari de.':u 
fill the bowl half f . . . domburi 

ni hambun bakari irete kuda- 
it is f... of holes ana-dara- 

ke desH 
f . . . up (of a tram-car) man- 
Fun jodan. 
I did it in f . . . jodan desht'a 
I said it in f . . . judan ni 

I do not like to be made 

f . . . of jodan wo sareru 

no wa kirai desU 
this is f...ny kore wa oka- 

bow f . . . ny ! okashii I 
Funeral o tomorai 
Fur ke-gawa 

to be f . . . hidoku okotte iru 
Furniture dogu 
I can go no f . . . I am too 

tired k-utabirete mo arukemasen 
how much f... is it? dono- 

gurai arinuxsu ka? 
for f . . . particulars apply to 

No. 78 kuwashii koto wa 

skichi-jH-hachi-ban de o kiki 


f . . . back motto ushiro e 

it Is only a little f... mo 

jiki de<m 
until f... notice' hoka ni 

siiirase ga aru made 
furthest ichi-ban tOi 
Fuss saivagi 
to make a f... sawagi wo 

suru; yakamaslnku iu 
there is no use ninking a f . . . 

about it yakamasluku ittatte 

shi-yo ga ivti 
Future mirai 
for the f . . .; in the f . . . kore 

Gain moke'ru 
what shall I g... by it .« 

donna tohi ga urinut>.ii kat 

[what adviintage is tliere?) 
m order to g... time jikan 

wo habuku tatne ni 
Game asobi 
a g... of cards (Japanese) 

how goes the g. . .? shObu wa 

do desH? 
Garden niwa 
public-g... koen; koenchi 
g . . . er ueki-ya 
Garlic ninniku 
Garrison chindai 
Gas gasi'i, 
turn off the g . . . gasa wo 

keski nasai 
is there any g. . . laid on (in 

tile house)? gasii. ga hiite 

arimasU ka? 
g. . .-liglit gasHto 
g. . .-pipe gasHkan 
by g. . . gasii de 
Gate mo7i; iri-;Tuchi 
front g . . . OMote-mon 
back g . . . ura-mon 
outdide the g . . . mon no $oto 





since I was pas=inp; your 
g... o l:ado wo toriniashita 
Gather (to oolloct, awonihle) 

alsume/ni; (iuif^r) sas><i)ru 

to K. .. flowers hatia wo torn 

General (common) taigai no; 

(military) liiixho 
in K. . . hiiai 

g. . .ly ttl>;/:li _ 

Generous kccf'i ;u nai 

Gentle 0!/ayaJi:a na; otnnashii 
a person of g. . . birth umare 
no yoi hUo 

Gentleman (one of <;ond family) 
ietjarn no h'lto; (well-to-do 
person) shhh<;hi; (polite term 
for mMn)o Iriitu; (m;m with- 
out ^iuy ^)rou■s^ion) iia'-xlivku; 
nani ino s.'iite i-nai It'do 

Genuine iiwjui no nai; honto 

German Doitsu no; (person) 

G. . .y Dod. u 
Get (to lui'. l) aru; (to obtaiti) 

moruu; (arrive) tsuku; (to 

bocoiiie) mini 
I have got some paper kami 

ca arimnm 
have you got any fans,' 

uchiwa rja ariniastl ka? 
what lia'^ he pot there (in his 

hands)? na/ii no ittoitc iru no 

where can I ?... some 

breail.' pun v:a Uoko ni uri- 

riiasu kof 
whcve can I «... (buy) a 

bottle oi beer/ itoko cfe bUru 

wo ur'unasu hi! 
it is not to be ^'ot here koko 

ni I'fi nn! )tc> !/:;'S''( 
can I ea.-i!y k... rikislias at 

Isaliaya.' Imhitija ni kurvnvi 

ga tdkiisari urimasu ka? 

can you g... me somo 

chicken (now, soon)? tori ui« 

tottp, kite kudasainutsen ka? 
can you g. . . (order) one for 

me? tori-yosete kureinasen ka? 
where did youg... it from.' 

duko kura nwiaimashita ka? 
by what time can you g... 

it/ (tsS des/io ka! [when will 

it be/! 
wlieii do we s. . . to Tokyo* 

Tokyo e itsu IsiikitnasU ka? 
do we g... there Ijy day 

time or alter d.irk/ Uuku 

no wa hirumu deni ka yoru 

desu ka! 
I have got a cold kaze wo 

I am g. . .ting better dan-dan 

yokii narimasv. 
it g...s dark veiy early 

hnyaku kurulcu narinmsiX 
how do you g. . . to Hakone? 

Uakone e wa do shite iku 

no desxi ka! 
to g. . . ready shitaku wo sunt 
to g . . . done snse'ru 
to g... made koshiraesnse'ru 
g... it made for me koski- 

raeanspie o kure 
I shall <.:... him to go ano 

hito 'ni ate moraimaxho 
I want to g . . . my watch 

mended tokei wo naos/iiie 

Causative verbs: see p. 16 
g. . . away a.tchi e o iki 

to g. . . in hniru 
to g... in (a train)-»ioru 
to g. . . in a rage okoru 
to g... into trouble kinnaru 
to g. . . into bed i'jko ni 

to g... oft de'ru; (a traia) 





to g. . . on (advance) susumu 

how are you g...ting on.? 
do dcsii ka! 

to g... on (a train) noru 

to g. . . on, well togetlier/.-i ga 

how is he g...ting on in 
English? Ei-yo no dcki wa 
do ddsii kn? 

to g... over (an illness) 

to g... out v.t. dasii ; v.i. 

on which side do we g... 
out.? dotc/u kara no 
desi'c knf 

stop 1 wish to g... out 
toinrte kud<isai, orimasH 

I want to g... out (of the 
theatre) detai; (of a tram- 
car) orilai 

g . . . out of the way o doki 

to g . . . out of order 
(machinery) guai ga naruku 
nam; kuruu 

to g. . . up oki'ru 

wlien do you g . . . up.» nan- 
ji 7ii okimaai ka? 

to g. . . back kaeru 

to g. . . dowu oriru 
Ginger shoga 
Girdle obi 

See bKLT 

Girl onita no ko; niustinie 
Give (to somebody else) 
ageru (polite); yaru (im- 
polite); (to g... to roe) 
kudiisaru; (to g.... to me 
■from an interior or equal) 
tureru; (to receive) morau; 

I gave it to you anata ni 

did he g . . . it to you? 
sore wa ano hito ni moruUa 

no fifisii ka? [did you receive 

it fri/iji iiiiii as a gilt.'] 
wlio ga\e it to you.? dure 

ni muratta 'no di'sii ka? 
the servant t;avt; it to me 

joclni ga kurcmasluta; jochii 

ni inoraiiivisiiitii 
my teacher gave it to me ga kiidasnimasiiita; 

sensi'i ni iUidakimnshUa 
ask tliem to g... you some 

watjr micu wo moratte kite 

kure [receive water and 

come 1 
to whom did you g... it.* 

dare ni ognnaaJiila ka? 
what did you g....' (what 

thing.O nani too agenwshita 

ka? (how nnich money.') 

ikura yarimas/iUa ka? 
g... the rikisha-man a cup 

of tea kuruinu-ya ni o chit 

wo ip-piii yalie kure 
is it cu.^toniary to g... a 

gratuity/ kokorozuke wo 

yaru mono desho ka? 
what is usually p. . . .n? ikura- 

gurai yai-u no dc.i/w! 
I do n(jt g . . . more tlian 50 

sen go-jis-sen yori yokei 

1 cannot g... any more mo 

I g... nothing nani mo 

can yoti g . . . me some 

matches.' ntatchi wo kuda- 

saimnsen ka? 
please g . . . ine some bread 

pan vo siikiishi kadasai 
g... (bring) me a glass 

korppu wo iDutte kite o kure; 

koppu wo V kure 
to g. . . back /'((t'.vii 
please g... it back to nw 

diJzo kaeshlte kudasai 




to g . . . notice mae ni shi- 

to g . . . in niakeru 
to g... in charge azukeru 
to g ... up (an idea, intention ) 

I will g . . . up (the idea of go- 
ing out) yoshimasho 
I am g. . . of it iiarnbai deshi- 
ta ne f 
I am g... you found your 
watcli tokci ga mitsukattc 
a ambai deslrta 
I am d. . . you have come yoku 
irassliaimafih ita 
I am g . . . to hear it sore wa 
nani yori de gozaimasu 
Glare (noun) kira-kira suru 

the g . . . of the sun kira- 
kira suru hi no hikari 
Glass garasi'i; (for drinking 
from) koppu 
please give me a g . . . of 
water niizu wo ip-pai kudasai 
ground g . . . tsuya-keshi 

looking-g . . . kagami 
g...e9 (spectacles) megane 
Glazier garasu-ya 
Globe (round thing) tama; 
(of a lamp) hoya; (the 
earth) chUyH 
Gloomy inki na 
Glory (personal) iko; (fame) 

Glove U-bukuro 
Glue nikawa 
Gnat buyo 

Go iku; yuku; the verb trutiru 
is often used, but as it 
means go or come, it is 
confusing for a beginner: the 
polite verbs o-ide nasaru 
and irassfiaru are in com- 

mon use but they are not 

let us go ikimashu 
I shall go now ikimasho 
I tliink I shall go iko to 

can you go? ikarer)Msii kif 
1 want to go to Kobe Kobe 

ni ikitai 
I would like to go with you 

a7wUi to issho ni ikitai 
how must I go.» to the 

right, left, straight on.* 

dotchi t ittara ii deshot 

migi, hidari, massugu? 
I will go for (instead of) 

you anata no katoari ni 

I am going for my hat boshi 

wo tori ni ikimasU [I am 

going to take my liatj 
I went for the doctor but 

he was out isha uo yobi 

ni itta ga rusu datta 
I think I must begoingoi^oma 

how long will you be gone? 

itsa goro kaerinmsU ka ; 
go to -No. 78 nhiChi-jiL-hachi- 

ban « itte o kure 
I shall go in a few days ni- 

san-nichi no uchi ni iki- 

where are you going.' doko e 

ikimasU ka? 
where does this road go to? 

kore wa doko e iku mtchi 

desU ka? 
I want to go somewhere (W. 

C.) benjo wa doko desii kat 

[wh^e is tliere a W. CJ] 
has the letter already gone? 

mo tegami wa dashinuuhita 

is the train gone.' kisha «m 

mo demashita kat 




my bag is gone waUikHshi \ 
no iiimotsil ga nak-unari- j 

mashiUi [lost] I 

is the pain gone.' it/imi wa 

nakunarimashita kaf 
how goes the time.' nan-ji 

desa ka? 
to go and see itte miru 
go and 863 ate viile kite o 

kure [go, see, coiiie) 
to go lialves hutitbun-zutsU 

ni sum 
let us go and see mi t;i i!:i- 

go aad buy me a newspaper 

shimbun ii:o knttf o-ide 
go and take liirii an umbrella 

kasa wo tiiottr ilt'- o-ide 
go and tell .Mr Tanaka tliat 

his box has arrived Tanaka 

Sail ni niinotsU ga kila to itte 

to go over wataru; koeru 
to go out deru; dekake'ru; 

(of a fire) kie'ru 
he has gone out dekake- 

the fire has gone out hi ga 

to go up noboni; agaru 
is it allowed to go up the 

tower.' to ni noboOe mo ii 

no desd. ka? 
to go away itU shimau 
go away atchi e o iki nasai 
to go for nothing (in vain) 

muda ni Tiaru 
to go into hairu 
to go to pieces mecJia- 

mecha ni nam 
to go too far (in speech) ii- 

sugi'ru; (in behaviour) shi- 

sugiru; (of walking) iki- 

to go without nashi ni su- 


to let go of a string ito kara 
tc no lin/h'.si'( 

go on (aitoi- liaving stopped 
by my ordor.ii nio ii [tliat 
is enougli] 

to go back (iiomc) kacru; 

(another place) kaette iku 

to be going to ilo sunietliing; 

see INTKN f; oit?n translated 

also by tlie present or future 

it is going to rain atvc gn furi 
so desu fit lodks like rain] 

I am going to keep my money 
in anotlier piece lane uakore 
kara hoka vo tokoro ni'shi- 
maimashO [from now on I 
shall keep my money in ano- 
ther place] 

I amgoingto takea walk (the 
innnediptc future) sampo ni 
iku no desii 
Goat yagi 

God (of the Shintoists, Christ- 
ians Kami ^anw; (of the 
]>udd'nists) IJctoke Sa»ta 

goddess me-ganii 
Godown (ware-house) kura; 

Gold kin 

g. . . coin kiiika 

g. . . colour kin-iro 

g...-sniitli kazari-ya 

g . . . fish kingyo 

g. . .-leaf kiinpaku 
Good yoi: ii' yoroshii 

g... child otonashii ko; iiko 

it will do you g . . . kore wa 
armta ni t« deshi; kusuri ni 
naru; tamr ni naru 

what is II le g. . . of that.' 
sore wa doko ga ii no desu? 
(no good) sore wa shiyo ga 

it's no g... going so early 
sonna 7ii luiyaku itte mo nan- 
ni mo nara-nai 




this is g . . . for the health 
lore wa karada no tume ni ii 
it is very g . . . taihen ii 
g. . .-natured yasashii 
he is ill a «... temper ano 

hito wa ima ligen ga ii 
g... -hearted kokoro no ii 
it isn't veiy g... sowna ni 

yoku ma nai 
it is neither g... nor bad 

yoku mo 'waruku mo nai 
it is no g... (useless) dame 

g . . . for nothing yaku in 

g . . . (to the taste) oishii; 

it is as g . . . as done dekita 

yo na mono desu 
this is just as g ... as new ata- 

rashii yo desU 
I have a g . . . mind to scold 

Taro Taro wo shikatte yard 
will you be g . . . enough to 

fetch Diy hat? dozo boshi wo 

totte kite kudatsaimasen ka? 

[please wont you take my 

lilt and come.*] 
g. . .-looking kirei na 
a g . . . deal daibu; yohodo; 

a g . . . many (of people) 

kanari ozei 
a g . . . many (of things) 

kanari takusan na 
a g . . . while shiba/raku 
to go for g . . . (finally) mo 

kaette ko-nai 
1 intend to settle in Japan for 

g . . . itsa made mo Nihon ni 

iru tsumori desu 
in g . . . time chodo ii toki ni; 

g . . . bye iayonara; mata o 

me ni kakarimasho [this last 

means: I hope to see you 

again; literally: I will hang 
on your eyes again! 
g . . . morning o-hayo 
g... day konnichi wa 
g... evening komban wa 
g... night yasund nasai 
will you have the g... to 
fetch my hat.* dozo boshi wo 
totte kite kudasaimasen ka? 
[please wont you take ray 
hat and come] 
Goods nimotsu; shinamono 
foreign g . . . hakurai no 
Goose iiaclto 

Gossip (person) o shaoeri 
to g. . . simberu 
Government sHfu 
Gradually dun-dun 
Graduate sotsunyo-sei 
to g . . . sotsufiyo sum 
Grammar bumpo 
Grand rippa na 
g. . .-cliild mago 
g... -father o-jii-san 
g . . . -mother o-bd-san 

to take for g. . .ed daijobu to 

even g . . . ing that he didn't 
do it on purpose tatoe waza 
to shi-nakatta no de mo 
Grape budo 
Grasp (in the hand) nigiru; 

(with the hand) tsUkatnu 
to g . . . the meaning of imi 
ga iiakaru 

I do not quite g. . . your 
meaning anata no iu koto 
ga yoku toakarimasen (I 
do not quite understand 
what you say] 
Grass kiisa; (turf) shiba 
g . . . -cloth kuzufu 



U reeling 


to feel g. . . arigntaku omou 
you ought to be g . . . for 

that arigutaku oinowa-nake- 

reba ikemasen 
it is a thing to be g . . . for 

wrigatai koto da 


6ratis tada 

Gratuity kokorozuke; (drink 
money) sakate 

this is for you kore wu siiko- 
«Ai (fest't keredortw (tliis is 
only a little; nevertheless] 

you sliall have an extra 
g . . . if you serve me well 
yoku tsutomete kiirereba 
inisu ni o kane wo agemasA 
[if you serve me well I 
will give you some more 

I Shan give you something 
at the end of my stay 
toatakOshi »o tatsvi toki ni 
nani ka agemasho 

b it the custom here to give 
g...iest* kokorozuke wo yarn 
motto desho ka? 

to whom is it usual to give 
g . . . ies.* dare ni kokorozuke 
too yareba ii no desho 

what is it usual to give.' 
ikura-gurai yaru no desho? 

I have already given yon 
more thao enough, I sliall 
give you no more taktlsan 
parimaskHa, mo yarimu-sen 

if yon continue bothering 
ne I shall call a police- 
man itsa made mo guzu- 
gmu iu nara junsa wo yo- 

how much do you want.' 
ikitra boshii no desu kaf 

whatever yoa like to give 
oboskimeaki de yo gozt/imatd. 

no I want to know before- 
hand what I have to give 
ixye, saki e ikura da ka 
o ii nasai 
Grave (tomb) hnka 
g . . . -stone sekito 
g . . . -yard haka-ba 
Gravel jari 
Gray nezumi-iro 
g. . . hair skiraga 
g . . . -headed skiraga-majin 
Grease abura 
g . . . spot abura-jimi 
greasy (of taste) aburakkoi 
Great okii; oki na 
it is a g . . . pity makoto ni 

oshii koto desa 
a matter of g . . . conse- 
quence iaiselsii na koto 
a g. . . TDAn erai hito 
a g. . . deal UtM^an; dossari 
a K... many (people) ozei; 

(things) takiisan 
Great Britain Dai BUriten 
Greedy (of food) iji no kiita- 
nai; (of gain) yeku no fukai 
Green midori-iro; aoi 
dark g . . . nwegi-iro 
he is very g. . . ano hito wa 
mada chiclii kOsai [he still 
smells of milk] 
g . . . -grocer yao-ya 
g . . . house muro 
g . . . s (vegetables) aomono; 
Greet aisatsU anru 

good morning o-hoyo 
good day konnichi wa 
good evening komban wa 
how do you do.* ikaga desu* 
Remarks on the weather 
often take the place of 
See wbathsr; eeaIiTB 




welcome yoku irasslMimasMta 
whom have I the honour of 
addressing? donata de iraS' 
please come in duzo o hairi 

I am very pleased to make 
your acquainUmce hajlMeU 
o me ni kakaririMsii 
it is a long time since we 
met last shibaraku deshita 
Grey see "gray 
Grocer shokuryokin-ya 
Groom bett/i 

a g . . . mistake o-machigai 
g... amount so-daAa 
g . . . weight so-mekata 
Ground (surface of the earth) 

jimen; (reason) wake 
on what g...s? do iu wake 

Grow (increase in size) soda- 

isii; (become) nam 
to a; . . . bic okiku naru 
to g. . . tall nohiru 
a g . . . n up person otona 

to liave a g... against 
wolurande iru 
Grumble guzu-ftuzu iu 
what are you g. . .ing about? 
nani wo fuzu-guzu itte imasu 
Guarantee (person) hosho-nin; 
(money) hosho-kin 
to g . . . hosho sum 
will you please be my g . . . ? 
hosho-nin ni natte kudasai- 
masen ka? 
Guard (of a train; shashS 
to be on one's g . . . yojin 

Guess (divine) ate'ru; (think) 

Quest o kyaku tama 

Guide (person) annaisha; (inter- 
preter) isfiben 
to g. . . aniiai sum. 
1 want a g . . . who can 
speak English Ei-go no 
de.kini annaisha ga hoshii 
Guilty tsumi no am 
a g. . . person zainin 
Gulf iri-umi; (in comp.) — wan 
Gum (past-e) nori: <iomu 
g... Arabic Arabia gomu 
Gun t^ppo 

the midday g. . . (time signal) 

g . . . -powder kayaku 

is tlie g... loaded? teppo ni 

tama, ga komete arimasu ka* 

to fire a g . . . teppo wo utsa 

Gutter (ditcli) dobu; (under 

tl)e eaves) toyu 
Habit shUkan 
bad h . . . wartii kfise 
to be in the h . . . narete im 
1 am in the h . . . of doing 
it tmUakushi wa sore too 
shi-narete iitiasu 
he is not in the h . . . of 
walldng fast ano hito wa 
luiyaku aruki-narete imasen 
Haggle neffiru 

Hail (small) arare; (large) hyo 

h... -stone arare no tsubu; 

hyo no tsubu 

to h . . . arare ga furu; hyo ga 


Hair ke; (of the head) kami; 

kami no ke 

h . . . -dresser (man who cuts 

the hair) tako-ya; (woman 

who does up the hair) 

kami-ii san 

to do up the h . . . (as of 

woman's hair) kami wo yuu 

to have the h . . . cut kami 

wo karu 
' ta . . . -brush kami no hurashi 




h . . . -pin (European) sokH- 

hetsil no pin; (Japanese) 

Half handmn 
h . . . is enough hambun de 

h . . . -way chnto 
h . . . way up tjje hill saka 

no nakahodo ni 
to meet anotlier h . . . way 

(coHiproniise) ori-au 
h. . .-ye^r Imn-toshi 
h. . .-price hangaku; han-ne 
h . . . -day hantiichi 
h . . . aud h . . . AatHfrun- 

the bottle is h . . . full of 

water bin ni toa miau ga 

hambun ariimisu 
h . . . a bottle (small) ko-bin 
2>4 yen ni-yen go-jis-stn 
h . . . an hour han-jikmn 
one hour and a h »cAt- 

jikan han 
ti. . . past three san-ji han 
I've h . . . a mind to go iko ka 

to omou 
h . . . in fan omoshiro-ltambun 
to go halves iMmbun-zwUH 

ni iuru 
to be h . . . asleep uto-tUo 

shite iru 
h... moon hangetsu 
">!... caste ai-no-ko 
to cut in h . . . fiUatsii ni 

HaH (large room) hiroi heya; 

(entrance to Japanese house) 

geaka ; (entrance in generfti) 

Hatwe V. t. futatsii ni sum 
Ham hamU 
Hammer k*nazucki 
to h . . . kanazuthi de utsu 
Hand te; (ef a tiMe-pie«e) h»ri 
light h... mi^ no te 

left h . . . hidari no te 

both h. . .6 ryo-te 

a good h . . . (skilful) joeu 

a bad h . . . heta 

empty -h. . .ed kara-te de 

open-h. . .ed omaka na 

by h . . . te de 

to be close at h . . . (lit.) te- 

jika ni am; (of time) chi- 

on the one h. . . ip-p6 de wa 
on the otlier h . . . U>M de 

wa; sono kawari ni 
I have had no h... in this 

waiakushi wa nan no kankei 

mo arirnasen 
lend us a h . . . sUkoshi te wo 

ka shite kudasai 
to live from h . . . to mouth 

sotw hi gwrashi wo sum 
please- h . . . (pass) H»e that 

book sono hon wo totte 

h . . . these sweets round 

miiia-san ni o kashi tvo agete 

to li . . . over (deliver) todo- 

keru: watasu 
please h . . . it over to him, 

axo hito ni wataskite kuda- 
to clap the h...s le wo 

h . . . s of f ! sat»aru na 
h . . . ful hUo-tsukami 
Handkerchief hankechi; (for 

wrapiiing tilings in) Inro- 

Handle moUM tokoro; (of tools) 

e; (of a teapot, basket, etc.) 

Handsome rippa no 
Handy (oi persoos) bi0o nay 

(of things) ckoho na 
Hanc (on a wall, peg) Jcakerm 
to h . . . ttp kake'ru 


124 Hardly 

it is h . . . ing up on a nail 

kugi ni kakete am 

h . . . my tilings up there 
watakushi no mono wo 
asuko ni kakete o kure 

wliere did you li... my 
coat? ivatakus/ii no uuxigi 
uo doko ni kakemashita kaf 

to h . . . on a strint? ni/'surusiX 

has anytliing h...ed in my 
absence/ rusu ni nani ka 
kawatta koto ga utla ka? 

how did it h. . . ? do uhlta no 

what has h. . .ed? 7ian dtshita 

what has h. . .ed to you ? do 
nasaimashita ka ? 

what has h . . . ed to the cliild? 
kodomo tva do s/dla no desu? 

I do not h . . . to have any 
money with me ainik-u kane 
wo moHe imascn [unfortu- 
nately 1 have no money) 

if anyt-liing should h. . . moski 
nani ka okotlira 

if you should h . . . Xo see 
him o ai ni n'irimaskitara 

it h . . . ed one day that — 
aru H no koto de — 

it may h . . . (t)iough very 
improbable) tliat 1 shall not 
retam to-night nwsln ka 
shitara koniban wa kaette 

whatever h . . . s dorma koto 
ga atte mo 

whatever there may h . . . 
to be in the house will 
do ari-ai de ii 

a hammer which h...ed to 
be titere ari-awaseta kana- 

1 h. . .ed to be there wattikii- 
ski ga t-MMuete 

to h . . . to pass by tori-awa- 
icru; tori-knkxiru 

does this frequently h . . . * 
tabi-tabi no koto desu kat 

it frequently h. . .s that ray 
letters are lost watakushi no 
tegami ga tabi-tabi nakunari- 

thi'< ought never to h. . . kes- 
sMte konna koto ga atte wa 

Happiness saiwai 

Happy (U) be h...) tanoski- 
mu; yorokobri 

I am h . . . to say he arriv- 
ed safely ii ambai ni ano 
kilo ?m buji vi Uiikviutshita 

1 shall be very h... to ac- 
company you tomo itashi- 

he is not h . . . amari yoku 
arimasen [not too well] 

a li . . . event medetai koto 

in a h . . . mood ii kiyen de 
Harbour minato; (in com- 
pounds) — ku 

Yokohama h . . . Yokohama 
no minato; Yokoftania-ko 
Hard (solid) kutai; (difficult) 

you worli too h . . . anata 
wa hataraki-sugbrtAsu 

it is raining h. . . amegahido- 
ku futte imasH 

to try h . . . isshokcmmei yaru; 
sei wo dushiie yuru 

I am h . . . up watakHsii 
tea kane ni komatte intasH 

dont be too h . . . upon him 
taitei ni shite o oki nasai 

it is h . . . to know what to do 

do shite ii ka wakara-nai 

he is h... of any use betaH 
ni ]/aku ni tachimasen 




h... any one says so so iu 

hito wa aniivari nai 
he is h . . . SO years old ano 

hito wa yatLo san-jH-gurai 

he is h .-. old enough for 

that office ano yaku wo 

tsutomeni ni wa sdkoshi 

I had h . . . gone out when 

it began to rain dekakeru 

to sugu iii ame ga futte ki- 

I h . . . ever go metta ni iki- 

1 have h . . . ever seen any 

amcri miti koto in nai 
1 can h. . . understand itdo- 

nto watakushi ni wa wakari- 

there is h . . . any nui ka- 

rai da 
tliere is h . . . any left ikun 

mo nokotte i-nai 
h...! (not likely) irMsaka\ 
Harm (to do h . . . ) gai suru 
tiiere is no h . . . in trying 

yatte mite mo ii desho 
Harness bagu 

Harp koto (Japanese instru- 
ment, 13 strings on a 

sounding board) 
Haste (to make h . . . ) isogu. 
ill h . . . isoide 
in great h. . . 6-isogi de 
make h. . . 6-isoi/i de; hayaku j 
make h... and bring my j 

hat hayaku watatushi no | 

boshi wo motte kite o kure | 
to hasten (somebody) sai- 

soku suru 
Hat boshi; shappo; (Japanese) 

to take off one's h... boshi 

wo toru; boshi wo nugu 

Hate kirai de aru 

to li... very much dai kirai 
de aru 

I h. . . spiders kumo ga kirai 

I h . . . to see it sonna koto 
wo miru no wa kirai desU 
Have aru; see p. 27; gozaru 
(polite); (possess) motte vru; 
as an auxiliary verb it is 
expressed by the termina- 
tions of the priiicjpal verb. 

h... you a gun.? an'ita wa 
teppu ga arinvasiX ka? 

what has he got there? nani 
ivo motte iru no desho? 

h... you any money with 
you? kane wo motte imaiU 

I h . . . a fever watakiishi wa 
netsu ga arimasu 

I h . . . a cold watakushi wa 
kaze wo hiile iiimsU 

I h . . . a cough watakushi 
wa seki ga d«iiuisu 

I h... a headaclie atama ga 

to li. . . (give birtlito)a baby 
ko wo umu 

not wortli having tswaara-nai 

h... tlie goodness to fetcli 
my hat dOzo boshi wo totU 
kite kudasainuisen ka? [please 
wont you take my hat and 

h... you ever been in 
Nagasaki ? anata toa Naga- 
saki ni Ota koto ga arimasH 

h. . . you done it.* shite shi- 
maimashila kaf 

h . . . some tea o cha too o 
agari nasai 

will you have some tea? o eha 
wa ikaga detH i 




what h . . . I to pay? iJcura 

desu ka? [how much is it.^] 
I shall h . . . (take) it kore 

ni nldmasho 
let me h . . . it for 2 yen »t- 

yen ni o ski nasai [make 

it 2 yen] 
it is not to be liad here koko 

ni im itai no desiX 
where are flowci* to be had? 

hana wa doko de utte imasu 

to h . . . made koshiraesa- 

please h . . . it made for me 

koshiraesasete kudasai 
h . . . it mended naosasete o 

Causative verbs; see p. 16 
I must have it by Saturday 

doyo-ln made ni kiUo koshi- 

raete moraitai 
to have to (inu^t) no desH, ar 

translate like MUST 
I shall h. . . to have one made 

hUoifu koshiraesase-7iakereba 

you'll h... to change at 

Jf agoya Nagoya de nori-kacru 

no desH 
have you not been ill lately? 

kono-goro go byoki ja nakattx 

no dfsu-ka? 
how long h . . . you been 

living in Tokyo? Tokyo ni 

itsU luira sundc itnasit ka? 
haven't I often told you 

so? iku-do mo so ittu ja ivii 

Hay kare-kusa 
Hazardous abunai 
He ano hilo [that person]; 

koiio hUo [this person]; ano 

kata [that gentleman]; ano 

Otoko [that man, male] this 

last expression may be uaed 

when it is desired to lay 

Ftress on the sex 
Head ataxia; (chieo kashira; 

ichi-ban ue no hito 
from li . . . to foot atama 

kara aski 'ao saki vuide 
I will pay 2 yen a h . . . ni- 

yen-zuUu harainiasho 
it never eiitered ray h . . . 

yutiie ni nw shira-nai [even 

in a dream I did not know 

tue h. . . of the table kami-za 
1 can make neither h... 

nor tail of it sore toa chitto 

mo wakarim/'xem [I don't 

understaud it at all] 
to lose one's li... awate'ru 
to say whatever coines into 

one's h . . . dclaranie wo iit 
to take into one's h... 

to be off one's h . . . kichi' 

gai de aru 
Heal (int.) tvaoru: (tr.) naosH 
Health kenko; yCjo 
for the sake of one's h... 

karada no tamr ni 
in good h . . . jObu 
in bad h . . . karada ga toarui 
to suffer from bad h . . . 

byoshin de aru 
to take care of one's h . . . 

(1st i)ers.) ki >vo tsftfxru; 

(2nd pers.) daiji ni sunt 
careless of h . . . fuyojo na 
your h... (when drinking) 

go kenkS wo shiku skiimui 
h...y (of persons) }db» no; 

(of food) kusuri ni nam; 

(of places) karada ni ii 
how do you do? ikaga desif 
1 am very well thank yo« 

arigaio, jobu desii 
I am not very well o»w»ri 

jobu de arimtuen 




are you better to-day? kyo 

tea aukos/ii ii desH ka ? 
are you quite well again? mo 

yoku nnriiiitixlntn ka ? 
I am a little lictter to-day 

kyd wa si'ikoxhi ii fid desn 
I am nuich better to-day 

kyo wa t'lilien ii ho desu 
how is your father? o to-san 

toa iknnii (/'■sh? 
how is everybody at home? 

mina san wa ikaga desH? 
Is everytliiug all riglit with 

you? o kawari zva arimasen 

you don't look well kao-iro 

ga o tvariii y'l desi'i 
I have cauyht a cold haze 

wo hikimitsliUa 
I have a lieadache atama 

ga itai 

It is only a sliaht indisposi- 
tion rhotto shitu byoki desu 
take care of yourself o daiji 

ni nasai 
Hear kiku 

did you h. . .? kikimashitn ka? 
•can you h it/ kikonriam ka? 
I h...d that he was ill ano 

hiio va bydki da id dexii 
bave you li...<l ttie news? 

(shirase wo) kikiiniishiUi ka? 
I h...d all about it sukkari 

kikininshitu . 
he won't h . . . of it naka-naka 

skicht shimaxen 
hard of h . . . ing mimi ga toi 
h. ...-say uw'isa 
I h . . . (when it is equivalent 

to: they say) no de.sft 
1 h . . . he is ru h kanemochi 

4a so desH 
Heart kokoro 

with all my h . . . kokoro kara 
at h . . . he is a good fellow 

ne tea ii hito da 

to learn by h . . . sora de 

to know by h . . . sora de 

shitte. iru 
to lose h . . . chikara «>o otosH 
to take h . . . chikara wo e'ru 
h. . .less funinjd na 
Heat atsitsa: (febril h . . .) ncLia 
I suffer very iimch from the 
h . . . atsusa ni va tai/ien 
to h . . . ah-iiku svru; (of 

water) tmknsu 
Heaven trvgoku: (sky) sora; ten 
Heavy oinoi; onioUii 
my head is )i... atama ga 
the expenses are h . . . kakari 

ga oi 
h . . . sea u-nnmi 
h . . . rain 6-ame 
Hedge ike-mkl 
Heel kaliito 
Height lakaaa 

what is the h... of this 

inountain? kovo yama no 

Utkasa ua dono-gurai de.tfi kaf 

at tlie h... of 20 feet ni- 

jis-shaku no takasa de 
to be at its h . . . massaichU 
de aru 
Hell jigoku 
Helmet kubuto 

Help tetsudau; te wo kasH; (for 
more important things) setoa 
2W suru; (in cases of absolute 
bodily need) tusiike'ru 
please h... me tetsudatte 
shall 1 h . . . you? tetsHdatte 
agemasho ka? 
h . . . ! tasuketel 

h . . . yourself please (of food, 
etc.) go nyv, ni; ^eat what 
has been served you) o agari 




it can't be h . . . ed sM-kata ga 
nai; shi-yo ga nai 

I can't h... it uaiakushi 
wa do sum koto mo deki-na\ 

how can I h... it.' do sure- 
ba a no dem? 

by your h . . . o kage de 

h. . . me move tliis table kono 
teburu no vi/okasU kara te- 
tsi'idittle kurc 

I won't so if 1 ran h . . . \tde- 
kiru-dike il:a-nni t<iimori da 

he knows how to h . . . him- 
self jibun de jibun no ulii- 
Tnntsii wo tnikern koto ga 
delciru Into da 

I cannot li. . . being astonish- 
ed odoroku no huka un nai 

to call for h . . UikUke uo 

Hemorrhage dd ga deta [blood 
came out] 

h... of the lungs hai kara 
chi ga deta 
Hen mcndori 

Hence (from iiere) koko kara; 
(therefore) sore da knra 

ten years li . . . kore kara ju- 
nen saki iim 

h . . .forth kore kara 
Her (poss.) ano ovna no (of 
that woman); (dat.) nno 
onna ni; (ace.) ana onna 
wo. These expressions may 
be used wlien it is desired 
to lay stress on the se.x; 
otherwise the translations 
of HIS and HIM (q.v.) are 
usiially employed 

hers ano onrw, no 
Here koko; kotr)d; kochira 

is lie h . . . .? k4)ko ni imasu ka* 

h...about3 kono kin jo 

h. . .after kore kara 

h. . . with koko ni 

h. . .aed there achi-kodn 

about h . . . koko ira 

HERE is often not translated 

come h. . . o-ide nasai 

he came h... tiiis morning 

kcsn kimashita 
I walked h... aruite kima- 

Hero gukctsfi 
Hesitate guzu-qnzu sum 
I will not h . . . to do it 

la.-tliika ni sJdmasA 
tliere is no time to h . . . 

guzu-guzu sh'ttciru kima tea 

I h . . . to ask it but osore- 

irunasu ga 
Hiccup ahakkuri 
Hide (trans.) kukusH: (intr.) 

High (both of height and 

price) takai 
ah... tree takai ki 
the price Ls too h... nedan 

ga ainnri tnkai 
whicli is the li...est point.' 
otehi ga ichi-ban takai no 

desii ka? 
tlie tower is 100 feet h... 

to no Uikasa wa hyaku-sMku 

desu [the licight of tbe 

tower is 100 foet| 
it is h . . . time we went mo 

ika-nakereba nara-nai jikan 

h . . . tide micfd-shio 
h . . . wind o-kaze 
h . . . road orai 
Hit! ko-yama; yama; oka; (on 

a road) saJca 
down h . . . kudari-zalea 
up h . . . nobori-zaka 
don't go so fast down h . . . 

sonrta ni hayaku saka wo ori- 

nai de o kure 
Hilt (of a sword ) ttUka 




Him (dat.) ano hlto ni; (ace.) 

T?io h''to wo 
Sre HE 

li. . .self jibun 

by h . . .self (a!ono) h'torl dr: 
(without hc:p) jibun de; 
jibun hitori de 
Hinge chiJUugei 
Hire (of a servant.) yatou; (of a 

house) kariru 
His ano h'tto no 
Se? HE 

History rekishi 

natural h... hnktthvUfu gaku 
Hit (men or animals) butsu; 

(other thinss) utsU 
to li . . . aaainst (trans.) 
biiUuke ru; (intr.) buUuknru 
I h . . . my liead against 
the tree ntanm wo ki ni 
Hitherto inia made 
Hoarse shagarcta 
Hobby olinlw;idoraku 
Hold viot>>u 

please li . . . this a moment 
cliotto kore wo motte kudasai 
how mucli does this bottle 
h. . .? kono bin ni dono gurai 
hairiin/isii ka! [how much 
goes into tliis bottle.*] 
this rule still h...3 kono 
kisoku wa nuida kawara-nai 
[has not been changed] 
to catch h... t-iukamaeru 
to h . . . tightly shikkari tsUka' 

to h. . . one's tongue damaru 
h . . . your tongue o damari 

to h . . . up mochi-age'ru 
to h... back noko.ti'i; totte 
oku; (by force) osaera; (not 
to say all you know) kaktisu; 
(not to give up all) hikae'ru 

to h . . . on (continue) tsuzuktt 
to h ... on to a sticli bo ni 
to h . . . to an opinion ato e 

Idka-nai [not to go back] 
Hole ana 
tiicre is ah... in it arut-jga 

it is full of h...s ana dara- 

ke desii 
to make a h . . . ana wo 
akeru; (in the ground) ana 
uo horn 
Holiday o yasumi; (festival) 
matstiri; (national festival) 
you can have a h . . . to- 
morrow myoniehi wa yasttn- 
de mo ii [you can rest 
Holland Oraruia 
Hollow garando na 
Holy kiyoi 
Home taku; uchi 
at h . . . taku de; uchi de 

I shall dine at h ucfn de 

is Mr. Tanaka at h....t 
Tanaka San wa o taku desa 
he Ls at h . . . uchi ni ori- 

he is not at h . . . orimasen; 
rusu desii 

I shall go h . . . uchi e kae- 
make yourself at h... go 
jiyH. ni 
Honest shojiki na 
Honey hacld-mitsU 

wiioni have I the h,.. of 
addressing ? donata de irat- 
shaimasa ka? 




upon my h... honto nil 

[truly] I 

I have been much h . . . ed j 

by your visit irashUte ita- 

daite l:un ni zonjimasu 
Honourable I 

Honofifics; see p. 20 
Hook (to hang things on) 

fiah-li. . . tstiri-bari 
by li . . . or by crook dono 

michi: do la Id hi 
Hope nozomu (not used nearly 

as olten as the linglish word 

I li . . . you will soon be 

better jiki ni yoku o nari 


I h. . . it will lie fine to- 
morrow ash'ila wa tenki ni 

shUai mo7w da 
I h . . . you will win anata ga 

katsu to ii 
1 h... it wont rniii nme ga 

lura-nakereba ii [if it does 

not rain, good] 
1 h... to come back next 

month raigetsu knerilai to 

I h . . . you will be success- 
ful go Seiko wo iiozomi- 
nuisu; Umaku a yari nasai 
I h...d he would come by 
this train kono kialia de kuru 
to ouwtlii 
Horizontal ijoko no 
Horn tsuno 
Horrible osoroshii 
Horrid (of persons) nikui; (of 

things) hidoi 
Horse uma 

h . . . -race uma-kake; keiba 
h. . .-power bariki 
h . . . -hair uma no ke 
h. . . -shoe (iron) kana-gtUsu 
to ride a h . . . uma ni noru 

I want to hire a saddle- 
horse nori-uma wo karitui 

a pack-h... ni-uma 

a groom betiu 

what do you cliarge for a 
h... from here to A.' A 
made Uma de wn ikura desA 

how much is it all toge- 
ther/ mhnia de. iJ.iirn de.tu ka? 

does this charge include 
everythins;? kono kanjo ni 
wa miiDia liaitte imasu ka? 
Hospital byoin 
Hot ufftui 

li. . . water o yu 

a h . . . v.atcr bottle yutampo 

h. . . springs onsen 

h. . .-honso iiiuro 

the Weather is n... to-day 
ki/i) wa titsiii 

it has become very h . . . 
Iionto tii atsiiku mtrinvislilta 

do you fitid it h...? anata 
VHi alsaku arinuiscn kitf 

Hotel (ljun)i«an style) huteru; 
(Japanese inn) yado-yu 

to htop at a h... yudo-ya 
ni tonxiru 

h... -keeper yado-ya no shu- 

h . . . n':Jist«r yadoclm 

In a Japanese inn you may 
be uskcd: name, age, 
nationality, residence, pro- 
fession, where you come 
from, where you slept last 
night, where you are going 
to, how long you intend to 

what is your name/ o namae 

what age are you/ o toshi 

what is your nationality.' 
kuni iva? 




where do you reside.? o to- 

koro iva? 
wliat i.-i your prolcssion.? go 

shiil.ugyd uu? 
where do you come from.' 

dor/lira knra o-ide ni nari- 

mn.sliitit ka? 
where did you sleep iast 

night.? sukuban wa dorhim 

e o iomari jii nariutasldti 

where are you going to 

from here.' kolo kara dochi- 

ra e o-ide ni iinriwasii ka? 
how long do you intend to 

sta.v here/ iku-iiichi gurai 

o tomari ni 7ui)ii)msu ka? 
have you a vacant room/ 

}teya ga aite imanu ka? 
I prefer the first floor nikai 

no ho ga ii 
the gnunid floor slr.ta 
I would like a room looking 

on to the street omote no 

ho nti hetia ga ii 
I would like a room at the 

back of the house ura no ho 

no head on ii 
I would like a room as far 

away from the W.C. and 

the kitchen as possible 

fiaru duke benjo to daidokoro 

kara hnruireta heya ga ii 
this room is too small koko 

wa amari semai 
this room will do koko de ii 
I must have this room tD 

myself kilori de kari-kiritai 
The price in a Japanese inn 

usually c.rresp inds to the 

room and two (morning and 

evening) meals 
what is the price per day? 

ichi-nkki ikura desu km? 
please give the price for the 

room alone, I shall pay for 

any food I may need 

separately he>in duke ikura 

de.''!'; III! Khokuii tvo sureba 

betsii ni h(iroii)i>i::a 
I bring provisions with me. 

I shall only require ecg3 

and yisli t/ihe-motio wa ntolte 

imasii hipi snkana to ta- 

mago duke moraimashij 
I'lense bring nie some hot 

water o yu wo motte kite 

o kure 
where is the lavatory (for 

washing one's self) kesho-beya 

wn doko desu, ka? 
plc.Tse sliow me the way an7iai 

sh'ite o kure 
plense liglit the lights akari 

wo tsvkete <, kure 
please bring a candle rosoku 

wo motte kite o kure 
See FOOD, UATU, bed, ac- 
Hour jikan 
an h. . . ichi- jikan 
lialf an h... han-jUcan 
an h . . . and a half ichi- jikan 

a quarter of anh... ju-go- 

jun (1.') niinutos] 
how many h...s/ luin-jikanf 
business li. . .s eigyd- jikan 
consultation h . . . (doctor's) 

shin s(i ts u -jikan 
he will he here in an h... 

ichi-jikan tatii-nai uchi ni 

kimusA [within an hour not 

I will leave in an h. . ..'s time 

ichi-jikan taite kara dekake- 

to hire by the h . . . jikan 

de ^atou 
how many h...s does the 

train take to Kobe ? Kobe 




made k'lxha wa nan-jikan 

kalcarimnsu Jra? ichi-jikan Soto ni 
to keep bad (late) h...s yo- 

fiikashi wo .turu 
House ie; uc/ii;-ya; (home) tain 
where is yoiir h. . .? o Uiku mi 

doko dem ka? 
a h . . . for sale uri-ya 
a h . . . to let kashi-ya 
two storied h . . . nikai-ya 
to keep h . . . tichi teo motm 
to move h . . . hikkoshi suru 
h. . . -holder uchi no shujin 
h . . . maid jochu; geio 
h... -keeper aina (this word 

is not Japanese in this 

sense, but it is understood 

at tiie Ports) 
h... are you? ikaga desu 

ka? do desti ka? 
h . . . is your father? o tu-san 

wa ikiuja dem ka? 
h . . . do you do it.' do sum 

no desu ka? 
h . . . had it better be done? 

do surehii ii no dem ka? 
h . . . did that happen? do 

sfnta no desu? (reprovingly) 

do sli'itn mono da! 
h . . . is that/ do shite desho? 

do shita no desho? 
h . . . is business? sJiobai no 

keiJci wa do desu? 
tell me li . . . to make it sono 

koshirac-yB wo oshieie kudasai 
I dont know h... to do it 

sono ski yd wa shirimasen 
h... would this suit you? 

kore wa ikaga desu ka ? 
I want to see h . . . it looks 

donna ka mitai 
please sliow me h ... to hold 

the pen dozo pen no mochi- 

yd wo oshiete kudasai 

as this corridor is slippery 

take care h... you walk 

koiio roka wa suberii/iasu 

kara, ki wo tsiikete o aruki 

this is h . . . it came about 

ko iu wake desH 
h . . . can I get there? soko 

e wa do shite iku no desu ka? 
I cannot tell you h . . . pleased 

I am doH)ui ni ureskii ka shi- 

it doesn't matter h. . . it is do 

de mo yoroshii 
h. . . that child cries I anoko 

no naku koto ! 
h. . . awfully bad the road is! 

osoroshiku, dvmo michi ga 

varui / 
h . . . much smoke there isl 

zuibun hi dot kemuri desu ne 
h . . . beautiful nante kirei de- 
h... hot it is to-day I kyo 

no atsui kotol 

h . . . — must be sazo — desho 
h . . . anxious you must be 

sazo go slnntpni desho 
h. . . Ion;,' lie takes about ev- 

erythiii'j; doino nani wo sum 

ni mo H'loaku kakaru 
h... money goes in tips ko- 

korozuke bakari de mo zui- 

bun irimusu «e 
h . . . long is that stick? sono 

bo no tuigasa wa dono-gurai 

h . . . long does the steamer 

take? June de u/a dono-gurai 

kakarimasa ka! 
h . . . long after he arrived 

did you go out? ano Mto 

ga tsuite kara dono-gurai 

tatte dekakemashita ka? 
h . . . long? (until when) itti 





h . . . long do you intend to 
stay here? ilsu nvide iras- 
sharu o tsumori de^ii ka? 

h . . . long have you been in 
Japan? Hsu kara Nippon ni 
irrasshninwsii ka? 

h... much? (quantity) dono- 
gurai?; (money) ikura? 

h . . . much « ater is there? 
mizu wa dono-gurai arimasH 

h . . . much docs it cost? 
ikura desu ka? 

h. . . nuidi for one ? hitotsu 
ikura ? 

h... much longer does it 
take ? dono gurai 7tagal:u ka- 
karimasii ka ? 

h. . . much more have you ? 
mo dono gurai ariniasii ka? 

h... many (if refering to 
tilings that are counted 
kitoCsu, fnt'Jtfu, etc.) iku- 
tm; (if refering to tilings 
that are counted by the 
aid of an auxiliary nume- 
ral) iku or nan followed 
by the au\. num.; if refer- 
ing to tilings that are 
counted by ichi, ni, san 
etc. without an au.xiliary 
numeral) iku; nun. See p. 24 

h . . . many eggs? tamago 

h. . . many pencils? empi- 
tsu ik-u-hon? 

h . . . many persons? Mto iku- 

h . . . many rikishas do you 
want? kurunui iva tian-dai 

h . . . many hours? nan-ji- 

h . . . many days? iku-nicki? 

h . . . many months? iku- 

h . . . many years? iku-nen? 
h . . . many years are you 

going to stay in New 

York? iku-nen gurai Njm 

Yoku ni iru o tsumori 

desH ka? [about how many 

years . . . ?] 
h... often? iku-t/ibi? nan-do! 

[how m;iny times?] 
h . . . old are you? o toshi 

wa ikutsu de.-n ka? 
h . . . far is it from here to 

Asakusa? Asakasa made 

dono-gurai aritruzsH ka? 
h . . . far off? dono-gurai 

However (adverb) ikura — • 

mo; (nevertheless) kere- 

h . . . dear it may be ikura 

takakiite mo 
)i... diligent one may be 

ikura benkyo shite mo 
h . . . much one might spend 

ikura kane wo kakete mo 
h . . . often he goes iku-taln 

ate mo 

Human ningen no 
h . . . being ningen 

Humbug v. t. gomakasH 
to be h. . .ged gomakasare'ru 
he is a h . . . ano hito wa 
nekokkaburi da [hypocrite]; 
ano hito wa usotsUki da 
ah... (in mercantile affairs) 
Hundred hyaku 

I am h . . . onaka ga suki- 
mashita; onaka ga fieri- 
mashita [my belly has be- 
come empty) 
are you h . . . ? onaka ga «fl- 
kimashita ka! 




Hunt hari too sum 
h. . .er kariudo 
Hurrah banzai 
Hurricane o-kaze 
Hurry v. L isogu 
in a h . . . isoide 
h . . . up o-isoifi de; hayaku 
I am in a h . . . watakHshi 

ion isoide •imasu 
I am in a great h . . . watn- 

kushi wa o-isogi desu 
there is no h... betsu ni 

I'm in no h... betsU ni mo- 

don't h... (do it 3lowiy) 

yukkuri o shi nasai 
what ah... you are in tai- 

hen isogi desu tte 
Hart (intr.) iUtmu 
it h. . .s iXai 
my hands h... U ga iiami- 

maqii; te ga itai 
to h. . . one's self iUiku sum 
did you h. . . youTf,e\Vf do/co ka 

itaku shinmsen de^hita ka? 
I liave h . . . my leg ashi wo 

itaku sliimasUUa 
to h . . . (somebody else) ke^a 

too sase'tu 

to feel h JK ni sawant 

to h . . . somebody's feelings 

k-imoehi wo wanUcu sum 
it wont h . . . you daij6b^ 

my h . . . shujin; teishu (lower 

your h . . . go shujin; anata 

no Uisku flower class) 
h . . . and wife /u/u 
Hypocrite nekokkabwri 
Hypothecate teito ni guru 
1 tcatakuski oft^n abbreviated 

to untaghi or eyen atas/U 

it is I wafaktlshi desu 

not 1 1 kessh'Ue ! (never] 
Ice kori 

i... -water kori wo ireta 

i . . . -cold kori no vo ni Uu- 

1 . . . -chest kori-bako 
Idea kangae 

a good i . . . ii kangae 

a man of i...3 kangae no 
am hito 

I gave up the i . . . of going 
ik-u no wo yoshimashita 

I have an i . . . he is coming 
ano hito ga kum. yo tta k\ 
ga sktmasii 

have you an i... of how 
much that costs.' ii-ura-gurqi 
desu ka wakarimasu ka} 

I had not the slightest i . . . 
he was coining aiw hito ga 
kuru koto tea chiito mo shira- 

1 had not the sliglitest i . . . it 
would take so long (but I 
had an idea, though mis- 
taken, of the time it would 
take) konnn m nagmku kaka- 
ru to wa omoimasen deahUa 
Idiot baka 

an i. . . person namake-mono 

you are very i . . . omae u>a 
namake-mono da 

i... talk muda-banafihi 

i. . . and dirty busho na 

to be i... (to hive nothing 
to do) agonde iru; (when 
you ought to b« doing 
feomething) nsmakeU int 

to i. . . away the time fiJum 
wo rmida ni sum 

If The conditidnal mood 1r 
usuaity expressed by speoi&l 
forms of tfe Japanese verb 



or adjective (see p. 13, 20); 
sometimes it is expressed 
by adding nara, or naraba 
to the indicative, to a sub- 
stantive or to an adjec- 
tive. Moski is occasionally 
placed at the beginning of 
the sentence and tliis has 
the effect of naakiqg the 
word "if" about equivalent 
to " supposing." It is 
freqwently indifferent which 
ol the two tenses of the 
conditional mood is used. 


if you have a table please 

bring it tebum ga areba 

motte kite kudasai 
if you go I will accompany 

you o-^ide nasareba issho ni 

if you should need it I ^vill 

lend it to you ircba kashHe 

if it rains I wont come ame 

ga fwreba kimasen 
If I meet him on the way 

ttvichi de aeba 


if he has paid the money 
of course you must give him 
a receipt kane wo harcttara 
uketori too yam hazu devu 

you will never find it if you 
dropped it in the street 
michi' de olosUitara do sMte 
mo nai desJio 

if I had known I would not 
have gone shitte itara iki- 
masen deshitaro 


you'll breiik it if you don't 
take care hi too tnuke-nake- 
reba' towashue shihiou 


you'll be late if you don't 

hurry isoga^nakereba osoku 

you'll get wet if you don't 

take an umbrella kasa too 

motte ika-nakereba nuremasO, 
if there's none in the shop 

what sliall I do rnise ni 

nakereba do shimasho 
if he does not come ano hUo 

ga ko-nakereba 
if he is not otherwise engaged 

hoka ni yoji ga nakereba 

if you did not like it why 
did you buy it.^ o ki ni ira- 
i-utkctiara naze kaimashitakai 


if it costs too dear don't buy 
it ainari takakcreba katte 
kite wa ilcemasen 

if it is fine to-moiTow I 
shall go to Tokyo myoni- 
chi tenki ga yokereba Tokyo 
e ikimasu 

if you were comfortable 
there why did you return 
home.? soko de Isugo ga 
yokattara naze kaette kima- 
shita ka? 

if it is not cheap yamku 

if it was not good why, did 
you eat it.' yoku nakaUara 
naze tabeniashita ka'! 


if you want anything done 
pray let me know at any 
time moahi go yo ga areba 
itsu de mo itle- kudasai 

what would you do if it 
were to rain.' moshi ame ga 
futtara do shimasil ketf 

if that should happen mr'shi 
sonna koto ga attara 




if you dont need it moshi 


if you should need it I will 
lend it to yoii moshi v iriyo 
tuira kaslnl". agemusho 

•what shall 1 do if he is out 
nisu nara do shimasho 

if I were you I would not 
do it watak-ushi nara so iva 

it you go I shall go also anata 
flit iku nara uatas/d mo iho 

if he is hiisy iHomshii nam 

if that he so so naraba 

if you wi^h to co ikitai narn 

please asU if tlie hathisrea'Jy 
yu fia waiUt ka kiite mite 

a geisha called Tora if I re- 
member Torn to ka iu geisha 

who cares even if it is dan- 
gerous ? abujMkute mo ka- 
mau mono ka > 

T heard a sound as if some- 
thing had broken nani ka 
kbuvrcta yo nooto ga shima- 

If not de nakereba 

you had better write if not he 
will not come tcijami wo kaku 
ho ga a de nakereba ko-nai 
Ignorant inwjuku na 

i... and inc-xi»erienced per- 
son wlio atlects knowkUge 
tuimaiki na hiio 

are you i. . .? hyoki des& ka? 

I am i . . . watakunhi wa byd- 
ki desu 

1 feel i . . . karada ga warui 
IU- treat v.t. hidoku suru 
Illegal ho ni luizureta 
lllcgftiniate (of a child) shi- 
soiji; (rea^nised by father 
but not legitimised) shoshi 

Illustration (picture) e 
coloured i. . . iro-dori no ihite 
arn e 
Image shozo 
he is the i... of his father 
ano hito wa o tosan ni sok- 
kuri desu 
Imagine siJzo sum; kanfjae'ru 
1 cau't i... do kangaeie mo 

1 can't ! . . . why you think so 
naze sonna koto wo omou no 
just i. . .! md' 
imitation magai (usually placed 

i. . . gold kin-ma gar 
I... leather OTar/«!-'Wwa 
i. . . (couutcrieit) n-oiicy nisc- 
r.iine: nisi'-kin 

is it real ivory or \. . .'! honio 
no zogc desu ka' axn no dcsCi 
to imitate somebody (to take 

oti) no/timnr no suru 
inimcdiateiy sjtgu ni 
it can't be done i... sugu 
ni wa dcki-nai 
i. . . after (future) kara sugu 
ni; (past) kara ma mo naku 
it is wanted i... o-isogi desu 

[a great hurry it is] 

to be i... (habitually) ki 

ga mijikai; (now) seilc i'ru 

to become i . . . tanki wo dasu 

to wait machi-kaneU 

Imperfect lu-kmizeri 7ia; lu-jO,- 

i/uu na 
Impertinent shitsurei na; burei 
dont be i . . . shiisurei woiuna 
Impolite zoHzai na; shitsurei wa 
Import V. t. yunyu suru 
i . . . ed goods yunyH-hin 



Important daiji na 
tliat is not i . . . deki-nai koto 

wa nai 
that is i... deki-nai koto 

it is i... to prevent it do 

suru koto mn deki-nai 
it is absolutely i. . . for me to 

go da shit'' mo ikaremascn 
Impostor kaUiri 
Impression (mark) ato 
to be under ttie i... ki ga 

it is i... that lie will return 

kaera-nai drsh'i I not to 

returri prob.-.ble liel 
Improve kairyo suru; yoku 

that is a great i. . .ment sore 

wa t/iihen yoku nurimashila 
In de; ni; urhi ni 
in .Japan Nippon, de 
in the house uchi ni (here 

uchi means "house") 
in doors uehi »'o naka ni 
it is in the box hako no naka 

ni aritnasii 
in two or three days ni-san- 

uichi no uchi ni 
in (after) two weeks time I 

shall go to Kobe yn-shiikan 

tatte Kobe ni ikimasO, 
1 was just in time yatto ma 

ni aimashiia 
I was not in time ma ni 

ainuisen deshita 
to be in uchi ni oru 
not to be in nisu de am; oi 

the neg. of om 
is Mr. Tanabe in? TaruibeSan 

wa orimasa ka? 
he is in orimasd 
he is not in orimasen; rusu 


the ship is not in yet fune 

ga niada tsukimnsen 
in 1917 Taisho roku-nen ni; 

see DATE • 
in town machi de 
in the country inaka de 
what is in it/ sono naka ni 

nani ga haittc intui-Ci k:r? 
say it in English please Ei- 

ffo de itte kvdasui 
in tlic morning am 
in the daytime hiru.mi 
in the alternoon o him kara 
in my opinion wutakUshi ru> 

kangae de tea 
iu short miiikaku icba 
in spite of that sore da no ni 
in tliat case sonnara 
in fact honlo ivu; honto ni 
in half an hour han-jikan 

iii vain vnt^a ni; dame ni 
to go in hairu 
to put ii! ireru 
come in o huiri 7uisai; o aga- 

ri nnsai 
Incense ko 
stieU of i. . . scfiko 
Inch (Japanese) sun; see p. 31 
l.y i. . .es dun-dan 
lnclin::tion l.atamuki 
against oTie's i. . . im da ga 

falthoMgh disagreeable] 
Incline (intr.) kutr.,HUku 
he is i...d to drink ano 

hitit wa sake wo tiomu 
I am i...d to tliink so do- 

irw sOrashii 
1 am i...d to think that 

he will come ano hito ga 

kuni yo na ki ga shimasu 
I feel much i. . .d to stay two 

days more mo jutsuka itai 
Include ireru 
i. . . ing myself watakiiski ko 





everything i...d nan de ino 

I suppose this (charge) i...s 
everything kore ni minna 
haitte iru no desho 
Income sainyu; shotoku 
Inconvenience v. t. jama wo 
sum; (to be in the way) jajna 
de am, 
does this i . , . you kore via 

jama desiX kal 

to be i . . . d komtmi 

without i. . . sashi-tsHkae-naku 

if you can do it without 

i . . . sashi-tsukae ga nakereba 

Inconvenient fuben na; benri 

no loarui; guai no warui 
Incorrect machigaOa 
entirely i . . . sukkari ma- 

you pronounce ha- 

tsuon ga machigatte imasA 
Increase (trans.) (in quantity) 
luyasH: (in size) okiku sum; 
(in price) takaku suru 
to i... (intr.) (in quantity) 
lue'ru; (in size) okiku na- 
ru; (in price) takaku nam- 
Incurable naora-nai 
iMdeed (in fact) ?umto ni 
1. . J so desa ka? 
I am very sorry 1 . . . domo o 
kinodoku sama desu ne 
Indemnity tsuffunoi-kin 
Independent dokuritsii no; (not 
subject to influence) toaga- 
mama na 
to be i . . . (not needing Help 
from anybody to support 
one's self) jUMUa shUe t°ru 
gentleman of 1 . . . means nam 
mo ahvte i-^nai hUo; mu-iftoku 
India Indo 

I. . .n (person) Indo-jin 
l...-ink «umi 

India-rubber gomu; (for erasing 

marks) keshi-gomu 
i. . . band gomu-wa 
Indigo (colour) kon 
Indorse see endorsb 
Inevitable yamu too e-nai 
Inexperienced keiken no nai 
he is i . . . ano hUo wa keiken 
ga nai 

i . . . person shiroto 
Infectious utsuru 
i. . . disease utsuru byoki 

i . . . quality kato [lowest 
the goods are i... to sam- 
ple shinamcno wa mihon 
yori wami 
Influence eikyo; (personal) 

through your kind i... o 
kage sama de 
Infonn shiraseru 
I shall i . . . the XKilice junsa 
ni shira^emasH 

I ought to have been i. . .ed 
oiit so itte kurereha ii no ni 
where can I get i...ation 
about that? doko e ikeba 
sore ga wakaru deshot [if 
I go where about that 
tiling will they know] 

how many i...s are there 

in this town? kono maehi 

ni wa dono-gurai hito ga 

imasii ka? 

Inhuman (cruel) mugoi 

Initial (letter) namae no ka- 

Injure v. t. (person) kega wo 
sMVru ; (things) ilams'ru 
to be i ... d (persons) kega \oo 

turu ; (things) itamu 
Ink CE^iropean) inlei; (Japan- 
ese, i. e. Indja-ink) sumi 




l...-box (Japanese) tuzuri- 

1 . . . -stand inki-dre 
Inlaid zogan 

i. . . with silver gin zogan 
Inn yado-ya; see hotel 
Innocent tsumi no nai; (sim- 
ple) mujaki na 
Inquire ^'^^2« mi'ru; tazune'ru 

you had better i . . . kiite 
miru ho ga U 

I will i... about it kiite 

I have i...d every~where in 
the neighbourhood kono kin- 
jo wa minna tazunemash'ita 

please i. . . for me (on my 
behalf) kiUe mite kudasai 

he i...d for (about) you 
amo hUo wa anata no koto 
wo kiite immshUa 

does Mr. Tanaka live here.' 
Tanaka San wa kochira desi 

do you know his address.* 
bandd wo go zonji desu ka? 

do you know a gentleman 
of the name of Smith.' 
Smith Santo iu hUo wo go 
zonji desu. ka* 

is Mr. Tanaka at home.' 
Taruika tan wa o uchi desi 

please tell him I have called 
umtakushi ga nuiirimashUa to 
itte kudasai 

when can I see him.' tteti 
o rue ni kmkaremasho ka? 

I will call again thi« after- 
noon mata gogo ni kimnsU 

I will leave a note for Mr. 
Tanaka Tanaka San ni chotto 
kaite ikimashd 

please give this to Mr. Ta- 
naka as soon as he returns 
o kaeri ni nailara sugu kore 

too Tanaka San ni agett 
to inquire about the way; 
see WAT 
Insect muahi 

i... -powder nomii/oke [flea 
Inside naka 
i . . . out ura-gaeshi 
to put i . . . naka ni ire'm 
a person's 1... onaka 
are you going !.../ naka ni 
hairimasd ka? 

I i, . . on it dS thUe mo sM- 
nakereba ikemasen 
I must i. . . on your arriving 
at 7 o'clodc do sMte m» 
shiehi-ji made ni ko-nakerdkt 
Insolent zuzHshii 
Inspect kensa turu 
i ... or kensa-nin 
instaOment (part pa7ment> 

for i. . . tatoeiM 
Instant kata-toki 
in an i . . . nvabataki suru ma 
ni [while you shut and 
open the eyes] 
on the 12th inst. hongetsU no 

jH-ni-nichi ni 
Instead kauxiri ni 
i . . . of me watakHski no 
kawari ni 
take this i . . . kawari ni kore 

wo mochi nasai 
i . . . of following my direc- 
tions he did something else 
waiakHshi no ii-tsOketa koto 
too shi-nai de hoka no koto tto 

i . . . of doing his work he 
sleeps all day thitotowo tkir 
Ttai de ichi-mehi mte imatH 



later pre ter 

J... of going to Yokohama 
he went to Tokyo Yoko- 
hama e ikanai de Tokyo 
e ikinmshUa 

you had better go to Hakone 
i... of Kamakura Kama- 
Icura yori Hakone e iku hu ga 
a dcaho 
Instinct tensei 

Instruct (educate) kyoiku sum; 
(teacli) oshie'ru; (order) 
Instrument dogu; kikai 
Insufficient (of quantity) tari- 

mii; sukurtai 
Insult V. t. ni/shikkei na 

koto wo iu 
Insurance hofren 

fire i... kasai-hoken 

marine i . . . kaijo-lwken 

life i . . . seiinei-hoken 

i . . . premium Iwken-ryo 

i . . . policy hoken-sluJken 
Intelligent (clever) riko rut 
Intend tnwirwri de am; to onion 

■what do you i. . . to do? do 
sum tsumori d£su kat 

I i . . . to go to-morrow 
ashUa, iku tsumori da; ashl- 
ta iko .p) onwimasu 

1 (he) i. . . to buy a sash obi 
uo kau,tsunwri da 

I (he) do not i. . . to buy a 
eash obi uo kauHi-nai tsumori 
da [1 i . . . not to buy] 

does she i . . . to buy a sash ? 
obi wo kau tsumori desko ka f 

BO you i . . . (it seems) to t>«y a 
sash ohi wo kau o tsumori da 
so desu ne 

1 hear you don't i ... to buy a 
sasli obi wo kawa-nai o tsu- 
mori da so dcsu ne 

do you J . . . to buy a sasli ? 
«bi wo kau o tsumori desH kaf 

I i . . . to write a letter this 
afternoon kyo gogo tegami wo 
kaku tsumori desu 

how many years do you i . . . 
to stay in New York ? iku- 
nen gurai Nya Yuku ni iru o 
tsumori desu ka } 
Intention tsumori 

I have not the least i . . . of 
doing so so mru tsumori 
wa sukoshi mo arimasen 

I have the i... of going to 
Tokyo to-moriow ashita 
Tokyo e iku tsumori desA 
Interest (on money) risoku 

to take (have) an i... in 
nilkyomi wo ■niotte iru 

I take a great i. . . in Japa- 
ese customs Nihon no 
shfikan ni taihen kyemi wo 
moUe imasu 

I fcike an i... in that man 
a no hito 7ii kyomi wo motte 

it is to my i . . . sore wa 
watakushi no ioku desu 
Interesting omoshiroi 
Interfere (witli words) kuchi- 
basin wo ireru; (put an ob- 
stacle) yokei na koto wo sum; 
(involuntarily) sashi-tsukae 
ga dekiru; (of a thing that is 
in the way) jama ni nam 

don't i . . . yokei na koto wo 

ski-nai de o kure 
Interior (of a hoii=e) naka; 
nchi; (oi the couutry) nai- 
Interpret tsuben wo sum 

please i . . . tliis for me tsii- 

Jten wo shite kudasai 
Interpreter tsiiben 

a good i . . . jOiu rux tsuben 

1 want to engage an i... 
tsuben we yatoUai 




Interrupt no/jama wo sum; 

Intimate naka no ii 
i . . . friends naka no ii 


to go i. . . ni/haii-u 
he went i . . . the garden 

niica ni lmirinw.\iritx 
to fall i... n'ilorh(-komu 
he went i... the tcMiiple o 

miya no naka ni ikiinaslnta 
Introduce (one person to 

anotlier) shOkiti sum 
may I i... you to Mr. 

Tanabe.? Tavahc San ni 

go shOkai shitnas/io ka? 
please i... nie to thiit 

gentleman a)io knta ni 

sl/ijkui sh'de kiidnmi 
a letter of introduction slio- 

In the act introducing you 

may say, for in-tance: kono 

knta wa 'Jaiiahe San, kono 

katu loa Veda San 
Invent (discover) Iwtsumei suru 
a cle%'er i...iou hi jo na 

it is a pure i . . . ion (a fabrica- 
ted story) koshirae-goto 

Inventory shina-gaki 
Invilc maneku; yobu; o nuineki 

although I i...d him he 

wdvild not come o inaneki 

shite mo kiinasen deshlta 
Invoice okuri-}0 
Iron tdsa 

wrought -i . . . jukutctsU 
cast-i... chiiteUCi 
sheot-i. . . tthn-ita 
flat-i. . . (li*uopean) airon 
smoothfng-i . . . (Japanese) 

(large) hivoshi: (smalll kote 

i. . . pipes tekkan 
i. . . -foundry sei-tHsii-jo 
i...clad (ship) kutetstisen 
Irregular kimari no nai 
Island shima 
It sore 

it was not I that said it itta 
no wa watakiislii de wa ari- 

it is not Taro who is going 
iku no wa Taro de wa an- 
of itself hitori dc; (sponta- 
neously) shizen ni 
Italy Itnria 

Itch tiie verb to i. . . is usual- 
ly expressed by the adj. 
Ivory zoge 

Jam (j're-erve=) jami 
January ^lio-(iuUii: ichi-galsO, 
Japan Xi/ioii; Si/ipon 
1 like J . . . ythoii ga sUki 

how long have you been 
in J....^ Nihon ni dono 
gurai inasii kn> 
Ja;>ancse (person) Nippon-jin; 
Aihon no hilo; (laiiguage) 
h'ihon-go; (adj.) S'ppori no 
I canr.ot speak J... 2\ihon- 

go ga dckiniaseii 
1 can speak J . . . a little 
yUiun-go ya siikoshi deki- 

Jar tauho 

Jealous yakiiHocJii-yaki na 
to be j . . . yakimochi-yaki de 

to be j . . . of no koto wo/ 
t/<ikinweJii-yaile iru 
she is j . . . of me watakU- 
ski no koto wo yakimochi- 
yaite imasa 




Jetty haloba; (wooden) $aw- 

Jewel hoseki 

j. . .le.r kazari-ya 

j . . . ry kazari-mono 
Jinrikisha kuruma 

Job (a piece of work) shiooto 

work done by the j . . . ukeoi- 

that s a good j . . . ii koto desa 

a put up j . . . koshirae-ffoto 
Join (trans.) t-su^u; aivase'ru; 

(intr.) issito ni i\aru 
will you not j . . . us? issho ni 

ikimasen kat [wont you go 

witli us?] 
I would like to j. . . the club 

kfirabu e liairitai to omoi- 

masu sashiiiiono-ya 
Joint Uruqime; (of the body 

or ol plants) jushi 
Joke jodan 
to j. . . jodan no iu 
he can't take a j... ano Mto 

ni toi jodnn rao deki-nai 
you are joking surely jodnn 


it is no j. .. jodan ja nai 
Jolly yukai na; omoshiroi 
a j . . . follow taitki-ai ii hlto 
Jolt (inti.^ gnVitsitku 
don't j . . . the riki«lia oata- 

tsi'ika-iwi no ni shite o kiire. 
Journey ruo/.O; tahi 
to taiie a j... ryoko suru 
on the j. . . Vihi de. 
it is a day's j . . . ichi-nichi 

I wish you a, safe j . . . go 

buji de. 
Joy ureshisa; yorokobi 

j . . . f ul ureshii; vortkobaehii 

to feel j...ful powkobu 

Judge (person) hanji 
to j... (legal) saiban suru 
to j . . . from kara/sassuru 
judging from his acts suru 

koto kara sassuru to 
judghig from appearances mita 
tokoro Q> wa 

he is a j . . . of paintings ano 
hlto wa c ga wakarimasH, 
Jug mizu-sashi 
Juice shiru 
July shichi-gatsU 
Jump tdbu 
to j . . . over tobi-koe'ru 
to j . . . a ditch dobu wo tobi- 
to j... at (an offer) sugu 
ni shfirld suru [to accept 
Junction (railway) tetauJo no 

June roku-gatsU 
Junk wiifcn 

Just (impartial) kohei tia; 
ckohiiki no nai; tndashii; 
(exactly) citodo; (just now) 
j . . . right chodo ii 
j... tlie same citodo onaji 
j . . . like it chi'do onaji da 
I liave j . . . returned chodo 

ima kuerimn^lnta 
j . . . as it is sono tori ni 
it is j . . . what I wanted cJiodo 
hoahii to omotte ila nwno 

he looks j . . . like a foreigner 
maru de seiyo-jin no yo ni 

it seems j . . . like a dream to 

me maru de pume no yo d«sii 

j. . . as you like anata no ii 

yo ni 
as I have j . . . said tadaim* 
itta tori 




I j . . . missed the train 

ehotto no koto de kisha ni 

I was j . . . able to catch the 

train yatto kisha ni ma ni 

j . . . come here a moment 

ehotto O'ide nasai 
j . . . by the Bank ginko no 

jiki soba ni 
j . . . this side of the bridge 

hashi no jiki temae 
j... next door sugu tonari 
j... behind tlie house uchi 

no suQu ufhiro ni 
j... after meals shokuji no 

sugu ato de 
j . . . out-ide the gate rrvon 

no sugu soto de 
I have j . . . been able to 

manage it yatto deki- 

something I have only j... 

bought katta bakari no mono; 

kaitate no mo7io 
fruit ttiat has j . . . been pick- 
ed totta bakari no kudamono; 

toritate no kudamono 
I am j . . . going to begin ima 

hajimeru tokoro desU 
J . . . as I started dekakeyd to 

furu toki ni 
j... as tall as he chodo ano 

hUo to onaji aei 
I should j . . . think so to 

desu to mo 
j . . . a little siikoshi bakari 
j. . . so mattaku 
j... fancy! d! so desa kaf 
j. . . now tatta ima 
he was here j . . . now tatta 

ima koko ni imas/uta, 
j... wait a moment ehotto 

matte kud/nsoi 
it is j . . . at the top of tliat 

iiiU su(ju sono suka no ue da 

I'll j . . . try tp-pen yatte 

I'll j . . . write and ,see hltotsU 

kaite mimasho 
j . . . an ordinary house (not 

a shop, nor a public build- 
ing, etc.) tada no uchi 
that is j . . . about it conna 

mono desa 
Keep motsU; (have in one'a 

service) oUe iru ; (animals 

to k . . . house uchi wo motsA dono 

gurai moch'onasu ka? 
I k . . . two servants jochQ 

wo fiitari oite i»iasu 
k. . . this (doDt throw it away) 

kore uo totte oite o kure 
what has kept you so long T 

naze sonna ni osoku narima- 

shita ka f 
to k . . . back nokosu; totte 

oku; (by force) osaeru; (not 

to give up all) hikae'ru; 

(ndt to say all you know) 

better k... back the goods 

until the next steamer kono 

tsugi no k'l^eit mid'' nimOtsU 

wo nokosh'de okn hu ga ii 
k... back tluit dog ajjo inu 

wo osacie He o kure 
to k . . . watch ban wo suru 
be sure and k . . . strict 

watch shikkari ban wo shite 

o kure 
to be kept in by the rain 

to k . . . off lusc'ju; the neg. 

of kuru (to come) 
please staud up a screen to 

k . . . off the wind kaze ga 

ko-nai yo ni soko ni byobu 

wojatete kudasai 






k... off (don't come neai 

me) kite wa ike-nai 
to U . . . company with to/ 

to k. . . (take charge of) azu- 

plea^ie k.. \\M till I come 

back kaer'i made kore wo 

azuknlte k'Khisni 
I will 1; . . . it for you o azu- 

kari slaiuasho 
to k . . . a v"omise yakiisoku 

vo niamoru 
when I promise anything 

I always keep my word 

yakiiffokii sunha iUd de mo 

to k . . . bad (late) hours 

yo-jitkashi wo ni^ru 
to k . . . in mmd kokoro- 

to k... silence damaru 
to k. . . up (continue) tsu- 

to k . . . on Uuzuke'ru 
Kennel inu-bako 
Kettle (iron) tetsu-liin; (copper 

or bronze) yu-wakashi; yakan 
Key kagi 

k. . .-hole kngi-ana 
the k... wont fit kagi ga 

I want to have a k . . . made 

k'lm wo kos/iimete moraitui 
I leit it under lock and k. . . 

kagi wo kakcta shimatte oki- 

I have twistod the k . . . 

kagi ga mt'ijurimashUa 
I left the k . . . in tlie lock 

kagi wo ana ni oite kinia- 

Kick keru 

to k. .. out oi-dashUe shimau 
to k . . . up a row okoru [to 

get angry] 

Kidney jinzo 
Kill korosU 

to k . . . time taikutsu too 


to k... two birds with one 

stone ik-kyo ryo-tuku [one 

effort two ends) 

Kind (sort) sfiurui; (good- 

heaited) shinaetsn na 
what k. . .? do iut 
all k . . . s iro-iro no 
this k . . . oi kO in 
that k . . . oi so lU : a iu 
how many k. . .9 ? iku-irot 
any k . . . will do nan de jiio ii 
plea<e send me three of this 

kind ko iu no ivo mittsU 

okulti' kudnsai 
one of e;icli k . . . chigatia 

no wo kUoisu-:^tt'!il 
different k...s iro-iro no 
I want all k...s of samples 

iro-iro no yuihon ga honkii 
notliinu; of the k. . . kesshite 
this is a k . . . lif dictionary 

kore iva jibiki no yo na motu> 

what k . . . of a man is he? 

d'O iu, Into drsH? 
this is the k... of person I 

like ko iu kilo ga suki, desU 
that Ls the k . . . of person 

so iu Iiito 
one k . . . of li ito-iro 
two k. . .s of luta-iro 
a. k . . . person shinsetsU na 

will you be k . . . enough to 

fetch my hat? dozo boshi 

wo toUe kite kudasaiiruisen 

kaf [please wont you take 

my hat and come) 
King o-sama 
Kiss seppun; kisii 
to k . . . seppun sum; tisd 

wo sum 

Kissing is not a Japanese 

custom; it Ls hardly known 

except in tlie Treaty Ports 
Kitchen daidokoro 
k . . . -entrance katte-gucM 
Kite tako 

to fly a k... tako wo age'ru 
Knee /liza 

Knife (in general) vaitU 
pocket-k... ko-ijatnna 
kitelien-k . . . Itocho; debabocho 
a blunt k . . . kire-nai naifii 
have this k... sharpened 

kono naifii wo togashiie o 

Knock V. t. tataku; utsii; 

to k. . . against v. t. butsAke- 

'ru ; V. i. buUsOkaru 
to k . . . at the door to wo 

to k... down bucJti-taosiX 
to k... in burhikomu 
to k . . . to pieces buchi-ko- 

tliere is a k... at the door 

dure ka to wo tatuitc i7nasu 
you nmst k . . . at the door 

before coming in hairu mae 

ni to wo tataku no desu 
Knot muKUhi-me (may mean 

also a bow); komnmusubi (a 

non-slipi>ing knot) 
Know shim; wakaru; zonji'ru 

(a polite verb) 
1 k... shitte irnasH; wakatU 

I don't k . . . sMrimasen ; do 

desH ka skirimasen 
1 k . . . notking about it 

watashi wa son)m koto wo 

I don't k . . . where he is doko 

ni irk, ka shtrimasen 
1 don't k . . . 1k)w to do it tono 

shi-yo wa skirimasen 


I don't k. . . what to say do 

ielia ii ka skirimasen 
I don't k. . . what to do with 

this child Aono ko ni ica ko- 

of course Ik... shitte irtM' 

su, to mo 
he k...s all about it ano 

kilo wa minna shitte imasH 
as you k. . . shitte iru tori 
do you k . . . of a good inn* 

ii yado-ya wo shitte iinasU kaf 
do you k . . . whether he has 

arrived? t'^uita ka do ka 

shitte imasu ka? 
1 should like to k . . . whether 

he has arrived tsuita ka do 

ka shiritai mono desH 
do you k . . . that gentle- 
man? ano kata wo shitte 

imasO. ka! 
I have k...n him for some 

time si'n kara shitte imasH 
1 k . . . he has been ill ano 

kata no byokl dalta no wa 

skitte imasH 
I k. . . her by sight ano hito 

wa kao dake shitle imasH 
I don't k . . . whether it is 

so or not so de am ka nai 

ka shira-nai 
how sliould I k . . . ? do shite 

shitte iru mono desH kaf 
as far as Ik... he did not 

cofoe watakiishi no shitte 

iru tokoro de tva dno hito 

wa kimasen deshita 
he k . . . s English very well 

ano hito wa Ei-go ga yoku 

dekiru [he can English well] 
Ik... better than tliat sore 

ho4o baka ja nai [I am not 

such a fool] 
to let k . . . lU/shirase'ru 
let him k . . . ano hito ni 

shirasete o kure 




thi8 book is not k...n yet 
kono hon . uw mada skira- 
rete imasen 
to becorne k...n (famous) 

nadakaku, nam 
to make k . . . n shirase'ru 
Knowledge (learning) chishiki 
without my k . . .uxUakUshi 
ga shira-nai uehi ni 
I iiave no k . . . of that 
matter sono koto wa ihirir 
ma sen 
Korea Chosen 
Label fuda 

to 1 . . . fuda wo tsUkeru 
Labour shigoto rodosha; (coolie) nin- 
Lace (fabric) rewtl; (of a boot) 

Laoiaer urushi 

l...-ware nuri-mono 
Lad toaka-mono 
Ladder hashigo 

Lady (wdman of education) 
the 1 . . . with the blue hat 
dot boshi too kabutta kata 
(the person wearing the blue 
do respectable I . . . ies visit 
the place? ki-iufin ga ikeru 
yo na tokoro diru kaf 
Lake mizu-umi; (in com- 

1 . . . Biwa Bitva-ko 
Lamb ko-hittuji 
Laoie (a 1. . .person) Hkko 

to walk 1... bikko ivo hVm 
Lamp (European) rampu; (Jap- 
anese, square, non-collapsi- 
b\e)andon: (round, collapsible 
lantern) choekin 
the light from this 1... ia 
very poor kono rampu wa 

the wick of this 1 . . . wants 
trimming rampu no shin too 
kira-nakereba narinmsen 

there is no oil in this 1 . . . 
rampu ni abura ga nai 

the 1 . . . wants cleaning 
rampu wo kirei ni sofi thi- 
nakereba ike-nai 

don't let tl>e 1... smoke 
rampu wo Iburasete wa ikt- 

1. . .-chimney hoya 

1. . .-wick rampu no thin 
Land (as distinct from the sea) 
oka; (ground) jimen 

by L . . oka wo 

to 1 . . . joriku sum 

I shall 1... at Kobe Robe 
ni jurika shimasu 

are we obliged to 1 . . . in a 
boat.' boto de joriku sum no 
dexu ka? 

tol. . . (goods,) riku-age wo guru 
Landlady (by her own right) 
see L.\NiiLORD; (wife oi the 
landlord of an inn) yado- 
ya no o kami-san; (of the 
inn in which the speaker 
n) ucld no o kami-san 
Landlord (of ground) ji-nushi; 
(of a house) oya; (of an 
inn) shuyin 
Landscape keshiki 
Lane ku-iuiehi 

Laneuage; koieba; (in com- 
poiiiiik) -go 

EnglibU 1. . . Ei-go 

Japanese 1 . . . Nikon-go 

colloquial 1. . . zotugo 

spoken 1. . . kogo 

written 1 . . . bungo 

rude 1 . . . burn na kotoba 
Lantern (round collRpsibto) 
clMchin; (square, Don-eol- 
lapsible) aruitn; (stone or 
metal te nple 1. . .) tSrS 




Lap hiza tknee] 
Lard rado; buta no abura 
Large okii; oki no.; (extensive) 
hvroi; (thick) IMoi 
about as 1 . . . as this kono 

gurai obi na 
as 1. . . as an egg tamago gurai 

the coat is too i... utvagi 

ga oki-sugiru 
a 1 . . . bottle o-bin 
I... family tai-kauai 



month sengetsU 
year sakunen; kyonen 
the year before 1... issaku- 

nen; ototoshi 

\... night sakuban; yiibe 
the night before 1. . . issa- 

for the I... week is-shukan 

mne kara 
it has been very warm tliese 

1 . . . two or three days kono 

ni-san-nichi ua Uiiso attakai 
1 . . . train shuressha 
the 1 . . . time I went kona 

niae itta toki 
the place 1 went to 1 . . . time 

kono viae itta tokoro 
the book you promised roe 

the 1 . . . time you came kono 

mae Irita toki o yakHsoku no 

this is the I. . . time I shall 

come here mo kore k-iri koko 

e ko-nai 
when did you have (use) it 

1 . . . ?itoM () tsiikai nasatta no 

desiX ka f 
I is the 1. . . letter z ga i/^i 

ban shimai no ji destl 
he came 1. . . iehi-bon ato ni 

I remained to the 1 . . . shimai 

made rwkote imashita 

this is the I . . . (of a num- 
ber of things that have been 
enumerated) kore de shimai 

the very 1 . . . ichi-ban shi- 
mai no 

I . . . of all ttumari 

to 1 . . . (hold out) am; (con- 
tinue) tsu^zuku 

how long 'Will it I. . J nan- 
nichi gurai arimasH kaf [how 
many days \vlll it 1. . .] 

thii soap has l...ed a long 
time koTio shabon iva nagaku 

tliis gootl fortune cannot 1. . . 
koniui ii koto wa nagaku 

the .--trirm 1. . .ed 2 days araahi 
ira futsCtku tsuzukimushita 

at I... (n> the last place) 
shimai ni; (result intended 
or wished for but obtained 
only after delay or diffi- 
culty) yoyij; (result not 
intended nor wished for) totS 

at 1 . . . we went to Shiba shi- 
nuii ni Shiba e ikimashita 

the dinner is ready at 1... 
shokuji ga yoyo dekimashita 

it is done at 1.. . yoyo deki- 

at 1. . . he died toto nukunari- 

Late osoi 

to be 1... (behind time) 
okure'm; osoku nam 

he is 1 . . . okureta 

I am afraid we shall be 1. . . 
osoku naru ka mo shire- 

am I too I. . J osoku nari- 
mashUa kaf 

the train is ten minutes 
1... kisha ga jip^pun obu- 


to be too I . . . rtM ni atji}-atM% 




it i3 too late now «w oso- 

suoiru: mo ma ni awa-nai 
it is getting 1 . . . hi ga kure- 

masu [tile sun is going down) 
it will be 1 . . . before wc 

arrive tsuka-nai uchi ni hi 

ga kureru desho 
how 1 . . . ? (until what hour.O 

nan-ji made? 
how 1 . . . you arei Oiihen osoi\ 
of 1 . . . konaida; kono-goro 
to arrive 1 . . . osoku t'^uku 
to keep I . . . liours yo-fickashi 

wo suru 
20 years l...r ni-jH-nen 

tatU kara 
I shall call l...r ato it Jci- 

sooner or l...r osokare ha- 
lf aka re 

1. . .ly koiiaida; kono-goro 
at 6 at the 1 ... est osoku 

mo roku-ji made ni 
the 1. . .est news saikin no 

the 1. . .est telegram saikin no 

Lather sluihon no awa 
LaDgh wnrau 
I l...ed very much over 

it «w!0 koto de tailien warai- 

it is nothing to 1... about 

"carai-goto ia nai 
I cannot help oka- 

shikute tamara-nai 
he 1. ..s longei-t who 1. . .s 

last hajime no kachi wa 

kuso-gacfn fit i-s no use 

gaining the fiist victoryj 
to 1. . . at wo/warau 
to be l...ed at uarauureru 
to 1... manely baka-warai 

to 1... in one's sleeve hara 

no naha de warau 

1 . . . able okashii 
1. . .ter warai 
Launch (s-team) ko-joki 
Laundry xenM-u-ya 
l...-nian gentaku-ya 
Lavatory (place for washinj^' 
liands and face, etc.) kesho- 
licya; (pri\y) benjo; hahakari 
Law lioritxu 
I have the 1 . . . on my side 
wat(ikuf:hi no hu ga horitsu 
ni knnatte inyisu. 
according to the 1. . .s of this 
country kono kuni no hori- 
tsU ne 
to go to 1 . . . sosho too okosU 
La\vyer brnrjoshi 
Lay (depc^it) oku; (eggs) umu 
to be laid up with illness 
byoki de uchi ni iru; bydki 
de nele i'm 
to 1 . . . (something) down 

shUa e oku 
to 1 . . . hold of tfukaniae'ru 
to 1 . . . the blame on some- 
body kitonitsuim wo kiseru; 
hUu no sei ni suru 
1... the blame on me waia- 
kuKhi no sci ni shite o oki 
is gas laid on (in the house).* 
gasu ga hiite arimasii kaf 

a 1 . . . person namake-mono 
you are very 1. . . omae wa 
namake-mono da 
1 . . . and dirty busho na 
Lead (mmeral) namari 
1 . . . -pencil empitm 
Lead (verb) h'lk-u; hipparu; 
(conduct) amiui .sura 
to 1 . . . an easy hf e raku ni 
kurashite iru 
I to 1 . . . astray mayoviatii 




where does this road 1. . . to.? 

kore wa doko e iku michi 

desu ka? 
Leaf ha; happa; (of a gate) 

tobira; (of paper) kami ichi- 

how many leaves.? (of paper) 

kami nan-mai? 
to turn over a new 1 . . . 

Umare-kawaUa yo ni naru 
to turn over a 1 . . . (of a 

book) ichi-umi ake'ru 
Leak (a crack) mori-ana; (liquid 

oozing out) mori 
a 1... in the roof aina-mori 

[ame mori rain oozing out] 
to 1 . . . moru 
this barrel 1. . .« kono taru wa 

the window 1 . . . s mmlo kara 

ame ga hairimasii [rain cornea 

in through the window] 
Lean (incline from the vertical) 

(intr.) katamuku 
to 1... against (of persons) 

nilyori-kakaru; (of things) 

1 . . . (tliin) yaseta 
Learn narau; (liear) kiku. 
wtiere did you learn it.' doko 

de naraimnxhita ka? 
I am l...uig Japanese Ni- 

hon-go wu naratte irnasU 
I wish to 1 . . . Japanese 

Kihon-go wo naraitai 
to 1 . . . to speak Japanese 

Nihon-go no kaivua wo 

narau [to 1. . . Japanese con- 
l...ed person gakusfta 
Lease (of a house) tanauke-sho; 

(of land) shakxichi-shosho 
to 1... (lend) kasa; (hire) 


Least (in size) ichi-ban ohii- 

sai; (in quantity) ichi-ban 

at 1. . . iiay half if you can't 

pay all minna deki-nake- 

reba MmJbun de mo haratte 

there are at 1 . . . 100 sUku- 

naku mo hyaku arimasu 
not in tlie 1 . . . sUkoshi mo; 

kesshUe (both are used with 

neg. verb) 
the 1. . . expensive ichi-ban 

yasui [tiie most cheap] 
at 1 . . . wash your hands te 

gurai aratte o-ide 
the 1 . . . you can do is to 

apologize ayamaru gurai wa 

sum hnzii da 
make at 1 . . . the necessary 

preparations shilalcu dake wa 

shite oile iMre 
I at 1 . . . tvatashi dake wa 
won't you give me at 1... 

half? semete hnmbun de mo 

kudasaimasen ka? 
the 1 . . . said the soonest men- 
ded kuchi,-kazu im sukunai 

hodo ii 
Leather kaiva 

imitation 1... magai-gatva 
Leave (permission) yurushi 
to take 1. . . itomagoi wo suru 
without asking 1 . . . kotowara- 

nai de 

without 1 . . . yurushi nashi ni 
did you give liini 1. . . to go? 

itte mo ii to yurushimashita 

to take French 1. . . damatte 

itte shimau 
te ask 1 . . . yurushi wo uke'ru 
1 beg to ask you for two days 

1 . . . futsOka hima wo tto- 

dakiio gozaimasH 
to give 1 . . . v^iru*^ 




to 1... (quit, depart) deru 
de!:ake'ru; (suffer to re- 
main) nohoshUe oku; (de- 
po>it) azun-fru: (chauge re- 
sidence) hikkoshi .vwrjt 

at what time does the steamer 
1...;' ncn-ji ni June ga de- 
vfuisu ka? 

I lei't Kobe this morning kesa 
Kobe wo demaali'da 

has he left.' mo dekakeinash'tta, 

lie left fi;i' Kobe yesterday 
kino Kobe e itimashUa 

1 loft tlie steamer at Naga- 
salti ivataLiiKhi wa Haga- 
saki de June too orinmshUa 
[oriru to get off] 

I sliall 1. . . to-morrow tnj/o- 
nichi dekakemasho 

to 1 . . .* it tiU to-morrow 
ashiia no koto ni suru 

I left it (in dejwsit) at the 
station teu/iaba ni azuke- 

I wiU 1 . . . it to you to de- 
cide anata no kangae ni 

1. . . it to me, I will do it 
tcatakushi ni inafMseU kuda- 
tai, yatU minuislto 

I will 1 . . . ray card meishi 
too oHe ikima^Ci 

where can II... this.* doko 
e okimasho ka? 

1 have left my purse some- 
wliere saifti tvodoko e ka oki- 

I left it in my room ipatakHshi 
no heva ni okimashUa 

has anything been left for 
vaef toatashi hi nani ka oHe 
ikiimiuhUa ka* 

an there any left.' mada 
ttrimatu km 

there are only three left mo 

mittsu sfdka arimaxen 
there are none leit mo ari- 

to I . . . alone sutete oku; 

utchatu oku 
1. . . It alone Kiitete oit-e o kure, 

(don't touch) inra-nai de 

o kure 
1. . . me alone please kamawa- 

nai de kudaxni 
to 1... behmd (by mistake) 

tiling left bemud wasure- 

to 1... off (cease) yame'ru; 

1 . . . off (stop domg some- 

thing) yoshi nanai 
to 1... opeu akeppanashUe 

to 1 . . . hanc;iiig up kakep- 

panashiie oku 
to 1 . . . out (not shut up) 

dashippnvashUe oku; (in writ- 
ing unintentionally) kaki- 

otosH; (purjiDsely) nukasu 
i . . . it AS it id sono mama 

ni skUe • oki nasai 
Lecture kogi 
Leek nira 
Left hidari 
1. . . side hidari no ho 
l...-hand hidari no U 
go to the 1. . . hidari e o-ide 

1 . . . -handed person hidari-kiki 

both 1. . .s ryo-ashi 
one 1. . . kata-tmhi 
table with 3 l...s sam-bon 

ashi no lUruru 
to pull another's 1. . . (slang) 

to haye one's I. . . pulled 

Legal 161 


Legal horiUaijo no 
Legation kiJshi-kan 
Legend viukashi-rnonoyatiiri 
Legible yomi-yasui 
please write it very legibly 
yomi-ynmku kaile kudasai 
Leisure hima 
I am at 1... now ii)M wa 

hima defru 
at your 1... o hima no toki 
Lemon remon 
1. . .ade ramum 
Lend kasA 
please 1... it to me kash'Ue 

1 will 1 . . . it to you kashUe 

will you 1... me your book 
a moment.* cliotto hon too 
kaskiU kudasaiiiiasen ka? 

1 . . . us a liand te wo kashite 
o kure 
Length ntigasa 

at I... (at last) yoyo; (in 
detail) komaka ni 

2 feet in 1 . . . nagasa toa ni- 

1. . .en nagaku sum; nobasH 
a little l...than an hour 

ichi-ji/can ni sidoshi siiku7ui% 
1 . . . tlAn an horn- iehi-jikan 

yori sUkunai 
1 have 1 . . . money than he 

toatakashi wa ano hito yori 

kani too sUkoshi shVca motU 

A is 1 . . . studious than _B A 

wa B yori beiikyii shi-nai 
still I. . . motto sukunai 
a man 1 . . . hltori sUkunai 
not 1 . . . than 20 persons 

m-;u-ntu pari sulMnaku nai 
In 1 . . . than a year ichi-nen 

tata-nai uchi 

cannot you let me have it for 

1 . . . ? motto yasUku dekimw- 

sen ka? 
more or 1 . . . gurai; tasho 
more or 1... the same OTUtji 

yu na 
more or 1. . . correct taiffai 

Lessee kari-nushi 
Lesson keiko; benkyo; mise- 

to study one's 1 . . . benkyo wo 

to Vnow one's 1. . . keiko ga 

to take 1...S in Japanese 

Nihon-go no keiko wo suru 
thLs will be a 1. . . to me 

it will be a good 1. . . to you 

anata u>a koritura ii desho 
Lessor kashi-nushi 
1. . . him Wait a moment 

sUko-ihi iruUase shite o kure 
dont 1 . . . a nyone come in 

dare mo irete wa ike-nai 
dont 1 . . . this get cold kore 

wo same-nai yo ni shite oki 

1 . . . it be siitcte oite o kure; 

tUchcUte oite o kure 
1 . . . me alone please kamawa- 

nai de kudasai 
I... him go (allow to de- 
part) ikasete o yari nasai 
1 . . . them laugh if they like 

tBarailainara warauashite oki 

to 1 . . . go (loosen hold) te wo 

to 1. . . go of wo/haTMsH 
to 1 . . . in ireru; tosii 
to 1. . . (one) do ni/sase'ru 
1... him do what he likes 

gji/.-i ni sashUe oite kure 




to 1 . . . loose hanasii 

to 1 . . . out (suffer to escape) 

dasu; (devuTge) rnorasu 
Bhall I 1. . . the dog out? 

inu uo dafiiimashd Jca'f 
I... us «o tor a little walk 

sukos?d saiiipo sMnmsIto 
1. . . \\i go and see mi ni iki- 

I . . . us go ikimasho 
to I. . . (iiire) kasu 
a house to 1. . . kashi-ya 
to 1. . . off (pardon) yurusu 
Letter tegami; (of ths alphabet) 

post this 1 . . . kono tegami wo 

dusliite kurc 
arc there any l...sforme? 

tegumi ga kite imam koi 
] have not received a 1... 

Iritolsu mo trgnmi ga ko-nai 
1 have receix ed a i . . . tegami 

ga kimushiia 
liow much will the poftnge 

on these l...s cost? kono 

tegami wn ikura dc ihimasu 

■will you please v.cigh this 1. . 

for me? kotio tegami loo ka- 

kete mite kudasai 
please forward my l...sto 

tliis address dozo waUikushi 

no tegami wo kono iokoro- 

gaki e niuimsU'dc kudasai 
1... of introduction shukai-jo 
I-., .-box (in the cate or for 

posting 1. . .s) yubiii-bako 
l.-.-pujier tegami 7io kami; 

(Jaijanese in roll) maki-gami 
registered 1 . . . kaki-tome no 

Lettuce chisa; rettasu 
Level taira na; hiratai 
I. . . ground hlrachi 

1. . .-headed man mono no 
waJcatta hito 

on the same 1. . . onaji takasa 
to 1 . . . taira ni sum 
Liable sekinin no aru 
1... to duty zei ga kukaru 
Liar usotsUki (less cii'fcnsive 
than the English word) 

Liberal (generous) mono-oshimi 
Wo shi-nai 

Liberty jiyn 
at 1 . . . to do as one likes 

kalte shidai 
I take the 1. . . of asking you 

sliil-surei desil ga o taeune 

shiinasu [it is im])olite never- 
theless 1 ask yon] 
to t:ike 1. . .ies witli a woman 

onna ni lawn mare ru 
you are ;it 1... to mention 

it hanashile mo ii 
are you at 1. . . to do so? so 

s/iite mo ii no desd kaf 
Library (working room in 

a jirivate house) s/tosai; 

(public) toahokan 
Licence (written permission) 

Lick numeru 
Lid filta 
put on the 1... fiitawo shitt 

o tare 
take off the 1... liUa wo 

lotte o kure 
Lie (a falsehood) vso 
to 1... (utter a falsehood) 

ii.o wo tauku: (rest extended) 

to 1. . . down ne'ru; yoko ni 

I am tiled I want to 1 . . . 

down kutabireniashiia kara 

as far as 1 . . . s in me chikara 

no oyobu dake 




to 1 . . . on one's back aomuke 

ni neru 
to 1 . . . on one's face utsH- 

bushi ni neru; (flat on the 

belly) harambai ni natte 

Life inochi 
is 1 . . . pleasent here? koko 

wa ii toko desU kaf [is this 

a nice plac«?] 
it is a ciuestion of 1 . . . and 

death ikiru ka shinu ka no 

mo7idai desii 
never in my 1 . . . kesshlte 

(followed by neg. verb) 
all my I . . . watak-ushi ga uma- 

reie kara [since I was born]; 

shinu made [until death] 
to lead an easy 1 . . . raku ni 

kurashite iru 
Lift ageru, mochi-age'ru 
Light (noun) ^i^•an,• '(artificial) 

the 1 . . . of the sun hi no hikari 
light the 1 . . .3 akari wo tsU- 

kete o kure 
put out the 1...3 akari wo 

keshite o kure 
the 1 . . . is bad kurai [it is 

electric-1... denki 
gas-1... gasHtS 

to get in one's 1... kage ni naru 
to hold up to the l...hini 

kazashUe miru 
show me a 1... akari wo misete 

o kure 
give me a 1... nlease (for a 

cigar) hi wo kudasai [lire 

I...-I10USC todai 
Light (adjective) (not obscure) 

akarui; (not heavy) karui; 

(moderately coloured) usui; 

(easy) yasashii 

Light (verb) tsUke'ru 
1. . . the lights akari wo tsikeie 

1... the fire hi wo taki-tsukete 


to be l.ed tsuitc i'ru 

to 1 ... en (make less heavy) 

karuku sum 
Lightning inabikari 
to be struck by 1... (of a 

person) kaminari ni utare'ru 

[to be struck by thunder]; 

(of things) kaminari ga 

ochiru [thunder falls] 
where did the 1 . . . strike? 

doko ni kaminari ga ochi' 

inashita ka? 
Like (adj.) yo na; yd ni (of the 

same kind) onaji; (similar) 


to be 1 . . . nitnite rru 
have you aivy more silk 1 . . . 

this.? kono yo na kinu git 

arimasii kat 

1 want one exactly 1... this 
kore to diodo onaji na no 
ga hoHldi 

I want one something 1... 

this ko in yo na no ga 

have you another 1... this 

only larger ? kore to onaji 

mono de sukoshi okii no ga 

arimasii ka ? 
1 want it made 1. . . tliis ko iu 

yd iii ku!<hiraete inoraitai 
do you mean to leave it 1. . . 

t)iis? kono marrM ni shite oku 

no ka.' 
it's not tlic slightest use doing 

it 1 . . . that sono siti-kata de 

wa totemo dame da 
he is 1... his father ano Aito 

wa o tu-san ni nite imasil 




this portrait i" vpiy 1. . . you 

k(»io shashin wa taihen anata 

ni nitc iiaanu 
they are a« 1. . . as two pea? 

uri wo futatsu ni watt" yo 

da [like two liahes of a 

it looks 1. . . rain a me ga furi 

go da 
it does not look 1 . . . it «o 

wn omoeniasen [I dont think 

that is just 1 . . . him (jast 

what T expected) ano hiio 

no yari-xo iia koto da 
do 1. . . this ko yatt-' 
man-like olokoiathii 
act I ... a man otokoras^hiku 

o shi najtai 
tliere is nothing 1... water 

(as good as water) mizu yori 

ii numo wa nai 
tlirow away a dirty thing 

<1 . . . that sonna kitanai mono 

wa siUe nasai 
Like (verb) suku; saki de um; 

ki ni iru 
do you 1... this.' kore im 

o suki dejiu ka> o ki ni iri- 

mashita ka ! 
I like it very much d^i suki 

desH; taihen L-i ni irimashUa 
I do not 1 . . . this konna mono 

tea Hrai detiX 
do you 1. . . Japan.' Nihon ua 

tilki desu kai 
how do you 1 . . . it.' io desi 

how do you 1... this beer.' 

kono biiru tea do desH ka? 
would you 1 . . . some? hoshii 

no desu kaf 
do as you 1 . . . anaUi no ii 

yo ni nasai 
1 '^1 do as you 1 . . . anata 

no ii yo ni ihimasho 

whether you 1 . . . it or not 

the fling mast be done iya 

de ii!0 6 de mo shi-nakerdM 

just as you 1... anata no 

ii yo ni 
anything you !... (anything 

will do) min d-e mo yoroskii 
anything you 1... to have 

van de mo o sUki na mono 
whenever you 1. . . itsi'i de ma 
if you I . . . o xaki nara 
if you dou't 1... it leave it 

kirai nara sx'det-, oki nasai 
would you 1 . . . to smoke? 

talmko oa nomiiai desu kat 
I should I . . . to buy a sash 

obi wo kaiiai 
I would I ... an umbrella Atom 

ga irimasii. 
II.. walking better aruiU 

iku ho ga ii 
T 1... staying at home best 

uehi ni iru no ga ichi ban ii 
do a3 you 1 . . . (and leave mo 

in peace) katie ni o shi nasai 
let tliem laugh if they 1... 

warailai nara warawashits 

o o!;i nasai 
he is ) . . . to cxixnt ki so da 
he is not 1. . . to come ki a5 

mo nai 
it is 1 . . . to rain ame ga 

furi so da 

1 shall very 1 . . . go to-mor- 
row myonichi ikitnasho 
as 1. . . as not ka mo shire- 

nai (at the end of senteaca) 
not 1 . . . ! masakal 
Lily yuri 
Line sen; (ruled) kei; (in • 

book) gyo; (thread) ito; 

(rope) tsuna 
to place in 1... naraberu 




straight 1. . . masmgu na sen 
curved 1 . . . mai/atta sen 
crooked 1 . . . yugande iru sen 
that is not in my 1 . . . sono 

ho wa yarimasen 
drop a I . . . please chotto 

ahirasele kudasni 
main 1. . . (railway) honsen 
branch 1. . . shisen 
double 1 . . . iukOsen 
single 1 . . . tansen 
Linen rinneiu 
Lining ura 
Lion shi shi 
Lip kuchibiru 
my 1 . . . s have cracked kuchi- 
biru ga wareta 
Liquid mizu no yo na mono 
List mokuroku; (of persons) 

Listen ka-u; (attend) yoh^ 

kiku; (eaves-dropping) tachi- 

piki suru 1 . . . attentively yoku 

kiite kudasai 
he will not 1... to reason 

wake me kika-nai 
Little chiisai 
a 1 . . . child chiisai kodomo 
a 1 . . . sUkoshi; chitto 
a 1 . . . more mo sUkoshi 
a 1 . . . larger nio sfikoshi okii 
I know 1... about it sore um 

yoku shirimasen 
& I. . . at a time suioshi 

give me a 1 . . . bread please 

pan wo sOkoshi kudasai 
1... by 1... sUkoshi-zuisH; 

(by degrees) dan-dan 
Live ()iave life) ikiru; (dwell) 

sumu; oru; (pass one's life) 

how c»n he maaage to 1...? 

(with aU his illnesses) dS shite 

Uif* iru'no deshSf 

how can he manage to 1 . . . .' 

(on what he o.ims) do shite 

kiiras}i'ite iru vo desfw/ 
is he still 1 . . . ing.^ niada ikite 

imnsii ka? 
where do you 1 . . . .' o taku 

wn doko deifu. ka? 
does Mr. Nakamura 1... in 

this street.? kono machi ni 

Knkamura San to iu kata ga 

imasU ka? 
does Mr. Nakamura 1. . . here.' 

Nakamura San no o uchi wa 

koko dfJiu ka! 
is this a pleasant place to 1. . . 

in ? koko wa sumi-ii tokoro 

desU ka ? 
have you 1 . . . ed there long? 

soko ni nagaku o sumi desu 

to I . . . alone hitori de i'ru 
to !. . . tocethcr issho ni i'ru 
to !... with to/issho ni i'ru 
to 1 . . . apart betsit ni iru 
to 1. . . in ease raku ni kura- 

shite iru 
as long as 1 1. . . sMnu made 

[until death] 
Lively (iiersons) yoki. na; 

(thronged with people) nigi- 

ya};a na 
Liver kimo 

Living (adj.) ikite iru 
is 1. . . dear here.' koko wa 
kurashi no takai tokoro desH 
to earn one's 1... yo-voatari 

Loaf (to speBd one's time idly) 
namakeru; (loiter) bura-lmra 

a 1 . . . of bread pan hitotsU 
Loan (lent) ktahi-kin; (borrow- 
ed) kari 
Local ehiho no 




Lock 70; ;Jm<Te 
to 1. . . j6 too orosH; Jcagi wo 

shut and 1. . . the door to 

tm ahimete jo wo oroshite o 

the 1 . . . is broken joga kowa- 

rete imam 
1. . . the door aud bring me 

the key to vo jo too orosMte 

kagi wo motte kite o kure 
will you pht this under 1... 

and key? kore wo kagi too 

kakete shimatte oitf. kudasai 
the 1. . . has been broken dare 

hi jo wo kowashimashita 
Lodging (place) yado 
Lonely sahishii 
Lang nagai 
a 1. . . stick ruigai bo 
i I... time nagqJcu; ghiba^ 


1 have not seen you for a 
1. . . tinae shibaraku deahita 

what a ,1. . . time you take 
aver tverything aruUa toa 
nani wu shite mo nagaku 

2 ieet I... nagasa tea ni^thaku 
» 1... as this tab!« kotw 

tlbuni to onaji na^ata 
how I. . . is it? nagasa toa 

dono gurai degH'kmt 
how 1 . . . have you beea 

learning it.' dono-gurai 

naraitnashUa kaf 
how 1. . . wiU it be until he 

comes? itsa goro ktirtt deshS? 
how 1. . . does the train stop 

here? iku-ftin tomarimasa 

kaf [how many minutes?] 
how 1 . . . have you been in 

Japan? iteu IxHm, Nikon ni 

irasskaimasii ha? 
bow 1...? (until When) itsU 


how much 1. . .er will it last? 

mo dono-gurai tsuzukti deshoS 
wiU you stay in Japan long? 

nagaku Nikon ni irasshai- 

masu ka} 
don't be too 1... about It 

noso-noso shite ite toa ikana- 

for 1 . . . nagaku 
1 . . . ago zutto mae 
1. . . after his death ano hUo 

ga ehinde kara ziiUo tatte 
it is 1 . . . past 10 o'clock jH- 

ji wo yohodo sugimashita 
before 1 . . . chikai uchi ni 
1 . . before zutto mae 
all night 1... hUoban-jH 
all day 1 . . . irhi-niehi-jH 
as 1 . . . as I live loatakOshi no 

ikite iru aida tea 
I don't mind so 1 . . . as you 

come alone Mtori de kuru 

nara k-amatca-nai 
as 1. . . as you do not do tt 

shi-nai ttchi wa 
a 1. . . way off tSi 
he is a 1... time abot^'it 

ano hito toa taihen osoi 
in the I. . . run tsumari 
thel. . . and short of it is hito- 

kuchi ni i^a 
wait a little 1. . .er mo sUkoshi 

matte kudasai 
I can wait no mo 

matte iraremasen 
it is no 1. . .er fit for use sore 

tea mo ta&kae-nai 
I i... to go ikitukUte shiyo 

to 1... for a glass of water 

rttizu ga hoshikOte shiyo ga 

Look (of the Ist and 3rd 

person) mi'ru; (2nd person) 

goran nasaru; (when one 

looks at something belong- 




'ng to the person addressed 

tiie verb haiken sum is 

occasionally used); (seem) 

mif'ru; so desii 
I am at the moon 

tsUki wo mile imasit 
1. . . goran nasai 
It 1. . .8 big okiku miemasH 
he 1 ... 3 well jobu so des&; 

tobu no yo desv, 
you are not 1 . . . ing well o 

kao-iro ga warui yo desu 
you I . . . tired o tsikare no yo 

it \. . .9 like rain ame ga furi 

so desil 
it is not as good as it I. . .s 

mikake-daoshi da 
to 1. . . about hobo mite i'ru 
to 1... after (attend to) 

ni/ ki too tsOke'ru; (to take 

charge of) tvolaztikaru. See 


I... better after it moUo ki 

too tsUke nasai 
this needs much ). . .ing after 

kore toa te ga kakaru 
to 1 . . . away teaki too muht 
to 1... bade furi-muku 
to 1 . . . for^ (search) sagasti 
what are you l...i)Bg1or? 

nani too sagashUe «»mu& Jta? 
to 1... in (when passing) 

ru I. . . in when passing 

taru toki ni yofimasho 
Xq 1... into (examine) <fti- 

I will }... into the matter 

thirabde mimashi 
Ui 1... Hke (seem to be) 

no/yo ni mie'ru; (resemble) 

ni/niU irru 
tUs woman I...8 tike a 

lady kono onna toa ki-fujin 

no yo ni miemasA 

to 1... on (as a spectator) 

kerribtUsili suru; (to bo in 

front of) ni/muite i'ru 
this house l,..s on the 89a 

kono ttchi toa umi ni mutts 

I... out kl too isHket* 

1. .. siiarp (hurry itp) hayaku 
to 1 . . . through mi-tosu 
to 1 . . . round (object not 

mentioned) /tSbo mite t'fu; 

(a particular object) mir 

let me have a 1. . . at it 

chotto misete kudasai [pleass 

show it to me] 
1 . . . here poran nasai; (to 

call attention) ano n« 
Looking-glass kagami 
to be on tlie I . . . for ni/ki 

wo tsukeru; too/matte i'ru 
to keep a 1. . . ban too suru 
I...! (take care) ^ too tsU- 

kete] abunail 
Looks (cast of countenance) 

kaotsUki; (as indicating 

stivte of health) kao-iro; 

(appearance of an article) 


good 1. . . ii hityd 
I dont like the 1... tO. K 

mikake ga. toarui 
Loose (not t^ht) yunti 
to get I... (as ahorse that 

was tied to 'something) 


to let 1. . . havxtsU 
my bowels ai» 1... anakt 

ga yvrumimashUa 
to 1. . .n yuruku sum. 
Lose (by misplacing) MkiuA; 

(by dropping) otosii; (finan- 
cially) son uw suru; (to b* 
beaten) makeru 




to be lost nakanaru; mie-nnku 

liow did you :Tianage to 1 . . . 

it? do shlle sore wo nakft- 

shimaskiia knf 
liave you lost anytliing? 

nani ka nakOshiiwishita ka? 
I have lost tlie book hon wo 

naknshima sh iUi 
I have lost on the transac- 
tion flono tori-hlki de son wo 

I have lost my time waiting 

for him a no Into too matte ite 

liima wo Isubushinias/iita 
I have lost (at a game) 

I have lo.-^t my father chi- 

rhi fffi nakunarimashlta 
there is no time to 1... 

jikan gn nai kara hajxtliu 

[as there is no time, liurryup) 
to l...» bight of mi-imhinaic 
I have lost sight (of some- 
body) do sMta ka shira-nai 
to 1 . . . heart chikara too 

otosu; gakkuri suru 
to 1. . . one's head awate'ru 
to I . . . one's way michi ni 

to 1 . . . time hima wo tsu- 

I am at a 1 . . . to know 

what to do do shite ii ka 

I arn at a I . . . for words 

nan to mo ii yo ga nai 
tj sell at a 1. . . son wo shite 

without 1 . . . of time 6-isogi 

de [in a hurry] 
whiit a 1... tciihen na koto 

desii [what a big tiling] 
to Boff er 1 . . . son wo suru 


the 1 . . . (all together) minna 

how much for tlit; 1...? 
minna kaeba ikura? I if I buy 
tiie 1. . ., how mucli ?] 

I'll buy the I... minna fcat- 

this lish has a 1 . . . of bones 
kono sakana iva ho7ie qa ui 

what a 1 . . . of books you 
have' aruitn ira dossnri hon 
wo mochi dnm ne! 

there are 1. . .s takOsan aru 

he has 1 . . . s of money ano 
hi to wa kane ga takOsan 
Lottery tomi-kuii 
Lotus (llowei ) hinu no hana, 

1 . . . -pond fwsu-ike 
Loud (sonndi oki na olo; 
(voice) ol.-i na koe; (of col- 
our) hade na 

call t)ut in a 1... voice oki 
na kot wo o dashi nasai 
[bring forth a big voice] 
Love aijo; (between the sexes) 

1. . . is blind koi sureba abata 
mo ekubo [if there is love 
even the marks of smallpox 
appear as pretty as dimples] 

you can't get it for 1... or 
money kusuri ni shiXakute 
mo nai 

give my 1. . . to Miss Sachiko 
Sachiko San ni yoroxhiku 
(this is merely a friendly 
greeting tliat may be sent 
to any acquaintance with- 
out fear of being improper) 

to 1 . . . sUk-u; suld de aru; 
ai suru 

I 1... you anata ga sitki 

to 1... each other omoi-au 

to make 1. . . to ni/koiumsuru 




on account of a 1... affair 
koi no tame ni 

to fall in 1...; there seems 
to be no good translation 
in Japanese, koi suru; 
or omoi-komua,re aboutequi- 
valent kawaii; kawairashii 
Marriage in Japan is almost 
invariably arranged by the 
parents and is seldom the 
result of mutual love. The 
Japanese language, therefore 
is poor in expressions of af- 
fection and those whicli ex- 
ist are apt to be taken in a 
bad sense. 
Low (not high) Mkui; (vulgar) 
gesubatta; gehin na 

1 . . . voice chiisai koe 

the 1 . . . er classes kato shakai 
Loyal chujitsa na 
Luck un 

by good 1 . . . un yoku 

I have bad 1 . . . watakHshi 
wa un ga warui 

by mere 1. . . magure-atari, de 

I never have any 1... wata- 
kilshi wa itsu mo un ga 

I wish you good 1 . . . go 
kigen yo 

l...y (persons) un no ii 
(of things) shiawase na 

a l...y mistake ayumachi 
no komyo 

that was very 1 . . . y ii ambai 

it is 1 ... y he didn't hurt him- 
Bdf kega wo shi-nai de ii am- 
bat deshita 
Lugxage nimotsU 

hand-1 . . . te-nimotsu 

\. . .-van kasha 

hsis my 1 . . . come.t nimotsU 
wa kimashita hat 

I have three pieces of 1 . . . 

nimotsa ga mittsu arimasH 
I want to check this I . . . 

kono nimotsti wo azuketai 
how much ; . . . is allowed 

free? nimotsa wa dono-gurai 

made tada desO, kat 
can 1 take this into tnc iiax- 

riage? kono nimotm wa ,kisha 

no naka e issko nv tnotts 

ikemasH ka? 
a check for the i.. fuda; 

nimotm no fuda; chekki 
a receipt for ttie 1 . . . nimo- 

tsti no uke-ton 
I want tf Cacck tliis 1 . . . 

to Kobe kono nimotsu U'o 

Kobe made azuketai 
please show me youi- tickt-i 

kippu wo o mise yuisai 
how inucl) have I got *o 

pay? ikura desU kal 
where can one get one's i ? 

doko de nimotsU wo uke- 

torimastc ka? 
porter akabo 
that trunk there is mine a7io 

nimotsU wa watakHshi no 

put tiiese things in a riki- 

sha kore wo kurwma ni 

nosete o kure 
this is for you sukoshi da 

one i)iece of 1 . . . is missing 

nimotsu ga hitotsU nakunari- 

this trunk is damaged kono 

nimotnu wa kowaretc imasH 
I want to see tlie station- 
master ekicho ni aitai 
Lunch hiru no shokuji 
wliere will you take \,..t 

doko de hiru no shokuji wo 

shimasa kai 
Lung haizo 


Luxurious tc''':l:ii vn 
Macaroni (.Tan.inepf!) ndmi; 
uihri: (Enrol lean) mnharmii 
Machine kil-ai 
Mac'isintosh awn-nuppa 
Mnd l:irhi(i<ii vo 
to l.erome iii... l:khigai ni 
Magazine (puli)iration) :assld 
Magnet jinhalm 
Magnificent rippa va 
Maid (t-'irl) nuinumr: (servant) ' 
jochu; gejo; (virgin) H- 
old Ml . . . endoi-onna 
Mail yiViin 
ID. . .-^t/!arner yiibhiaen 
has tlie III. . .-steamer ar- 
rived:' yubiiisen wa tsiiki- 
mushifa kn? 
go aiicf see if the m... is 
in yvbin (in kirtias/nta ka 
itte viite o kure 
the m . . . has not arrix e<l 
yet yiU/in wa tiiuila 
Make koshirarru; sum 
can y(;u ni . . . it.' kotthirae- 

ranwasu ka.' 
please ni... tliis for me 

kosfriraete kudasai 
what is it made of.* nan de 

koshiraetil vo desti ka! 
where was this made.' doko 

de dekimash'ila ka! 
to m... room for (a Iart;e 
object) no tain/" ni/kuciti wo 
nokosu; (a small ol>ject) lu/ 
tame ni/basho wo tikeru 
m... room (on tlie road) 

michi wo akcte o kure 
the hot weatlier m...s me 
ill atsui to byuki ni nari- 
to be made deki'ru; dekir 

160 Make 

is it made' dclimasliita ka' 
dil:i-ai/arimasUita l:a! 

to ni... a bed (Japaiiese) 
toko wo s/ilhi: (!;uroi)ean) 
to'.o ICO ko^/iiri'fnc 

I will 1)1... you cat it muri 
ni nil) /■li/r-'i'isfiiiiisi'i 

lie made me do it watnku- 
y/ii ni sore wo safn-wdKliiUl 

t" ni . . . int.) nil-sura 

to 111... iiiiown Khiraxcru 

t') m. . . sure (leave absolute- 
ly .10 room for douiit) 
ttmli'il iiwerv: (feel subjec- 
tively com meed) kiUo — to 

I made sure lie would come 
tliis moniinc kitt.o kesa kuru 
tu oiiioim-isfiiUi 

Ui III... tea chn wo ire'ru 

to III . . . Ill) accounts kanjo 
wo sum 

tf) ni . . . Ill) one's mind 
krsshin sunt; timeru 

jDii will m... 70 sen shi- 
chi-jis-sen iiiOkaru daro 

to lu(\o made koshirae,sase'ru 

l:li':i-e have it made for me 
kvs/i I rn csa s pte kudasa i 

to m. . . ha, te isonu 

III. . . !ia.-to! 6-isoji dr; hnynku 

how do you III... that out ? 
sore ira do shite desii! 

1 cant m... her out (wliat 
is the matter with her?) 
uno hito ua do shita no da 
ka v-akurimusf:i 

1 cjui't III . . . out what she 
says ano hito ua ■unni wo 
iu ■no da ka ivakannuiscn 

to i!i... water (urinate) 
shiiben sum 

it m. . .s no difference kama- 

1 will m . . . it do ma ni 




of foreign m . . . kakurai no 
m. . .r, often expressed by -ya 
boot-m . . . r kutsu-ya 
Male; tlie male se.\ of animals 

is usually expressed by 

prefixing o: on: otoko no; as 

o-iiiu a iiiak; dog 
a m... child otoko no ko 
In Japanese, stress is seldom 

laid on the sex. 
Mamma see mother 
Man hilo; jin; (a male human 

being) otoko 
like a m... otokorashii 
old m . . . jii san 
this is not the m... kono 

hito ja nai 
m. . .ly otokorashlku 
Man-of-war ounkan 
Manage (to control) shihai sum 
I'll m . . . witii tills kore de ma 

ni awasemasho 
I'll m. . . somehow do ka shi- 

he has m...d somehow or 

other to come do ka ko ka 

sh'ite kimaslntci 
can't you m . . . it in some 

way ? do ka dekiinasen ka ? 
1 can m . . . without it na- 

kiite mo ii 
m . . . r shihai-nin 
Manner gyogi 
his m. . .8 are very bad gyogi 

ga warui 
well-m . . . ed gyogi no ii 
he is an ill-m...ed fellow 

burei na yatsu da 
in this m . . . ko; ko yatte: ko 

iu fU ni 
in a different m . . . chigatta 

fu ni 
in an entirely different m. . . 

maru de chigatta /m ni 
m . . . of acting shi-kata; yari- 


by no m . . . of means do 
shite mo (foil, by iieg. verb); 
kesshife (foil, liy neg. verb) 
Manufacture koshirae'ru; seizo 

m . . . r seizo-nin 

how m... (if rcfering to 
tilings ttiat are counted 
hitotfii, fatatsi:, etc.) ikutsu; 
(if reCering to tilings that are 
couuted l).y the aid of an 
auxiliary numeral) iku or 
nan followed by tlie au- 
xiliary iHinieral; (if refering 
to tilings that are counted 
by iehi. ni. san. etc. witliout 
an auxiliary numeral) iku; 
nan. See page Ki 

how m... eggs.' tamago iku- 

how m . . . pencils.? empitsU 

how m . . . persons.' Iitto iku- 

how m... rikishas do you 
want.' nan-dai iri- 
masii ka? 

how m . . . hours.? nan-jikani 

how m . . . days.? iku-nicMS 

how m... months? iku-tsUki? 

how m times iku-tabi? iku- 


m . . . times tabi-tabi 

how m . . . children have you.' 
aiwUi wa kodonw ga iku-fdn 
arimasu. ka! 

how m . . . years are you 
going to stay in New York? 
iku-nen (furai Nyu Yoku 
ni iiru tsumori desu ka? 
[about how many years.'] 

a good m . . . (of things) 
kanari takusan na; (of peo- 
ple) kanari ozei 




a great m . . . (things) takii- 

san; (people) ozei 
m . . . people ozei 
there are a great rn . . . 

(things) takusan arima^ii 
there are m. . . who think so 

«o omou hito wa ozei arimasu 
m... of the Americans have 

blue eyes Amerika-jin ni 

wa me no am hito ga ozei 

there are not m . . . foreign- 
ers in Napasaki Nagasaki ni 

wa neiyo-jin wa ozei imasen 
too (n . . . ynkei 
you have as n\... oranges 

as I anata wa wutakushi 

to onaii oarai mikan wo 

motte imasu 
as m. . . as tliere are am dake 
take as m . . . as you want 

ikuOsa de wo hoshii dake o 

tori nasai 
Map c/hzu 
m. . . of Japan Nikon no 

Maple momiji 
the M... (luh Koyokan 
Marble duiriseki 
March (month) san-gatsii; (dis- 
tance) michinori 
to m . . . susaimi 
Marine umi no 
Mark (sign) sliiruxhi; (trace of 

soraetliinpr that has ceased 

to be) ato 
to m... (affix a sign) ni/ 

shiruski wo tmke'ru 
please put this m . . . on the 

case hako ni koiio sliirushi 

wo tsiikete kudasai 
is it m...ed? shiruski ga 

tsuite itnasvL ka? 
this table has some m...8 

kono telmru ni ato ga ari- 


f inger-m . . . yubi-ato 
trade-m . . . shohyo 
Market ichi-ba 
m . . . -price soba 
none in the m. . . skina-gire 
Marriage kekkon; see marry 
Marry (in general) kekkon sunt 
he (or she) is married ano 

kito wa kekkon shimash'Ua 
they are married (to each 

other) /m/m de-sH 
to give in marriage kekkon 

that man is married (bride 
came to live in his house) 
ano hito wa pome wo morai- 
mashiia; (he went to live in 
tlie bride's house) ano hito 
wa mukd ni ikimnsk'ita 
she is married (slie went to 
the husband's house) ymne 
ni ikiniashlta; (the husband 
came to her house) muko wo 
Marvel iOskigi 
m . . . ous luskigi na 
Masculine otokorashii 
Mask o men 
Massage amma 
to m . . . momu 
masseur amma gan 
Mast hobaskira 
Master danna; skujin 
is your m... m! danna tan 

wa imasH kaf 
to be one's own m... hUo- 

ri-dachi shite iru 
M... Taro Taro San 
to m . . . yoku wakaru; yoku 
Mat (on floor of Japanese 
room) tatami 
The outer covering of a mat 
is called tatami no omote; 
goza is similar in texture to 
this outer covering. 




an eight m... room hachi-jo 
to re-cover am... tatami no 

omote wo kae'ru 
am... to place under some- 
thing (as lamp) shUi-motio 
a teapet m... dohin-sh'iki 
Match matchi 

to m... (procure the equal 
of) soroeru 
to be a m... for w aite de 

wliat is the m....« da shita 
no dcsa? 
what is the m. . . with you.' 

do shlta no desi'i? 
there is nothing the m. . . 
nan de mo 'nui 
it doesn't m . . . kamaimasen 
it doesn't m . . . to me wata- 
kOshi wa kanmimasen 
it doesn't m. . . a bit sukoshi 
mo kamaimasen 
I don't know wliat is the m . . . 
do sihU'i koto ka shirimasen 
is. anything the m... with 
you? doko ka o tvarui no desu 
it m. . .8 little betsu m kamai- 

DO m . . . wiiich nan de ma 

it will be a m... of 15 yen 
jH-go-yen gurai no koto desho 
no m . . . how often you go to 
see it you will enjoy it iku- 
do itte mite mo omoshiroi 
it is a m. . . of fact jijUsa da 
as a m . . . of fact jUsii, wa; 

jits a ni 
a serious m . . . daiji na koto; 

taihen na koto 
what does it m . . . to you.' 
tore wa anata no shitt/i koto 
ja nai 

Matting goza 

Mattress fiiton; shikirbuton 
May (month) go-gaisiA, 
m . . . he get up.' okite mo 

ii desho kd? 
he m . . . get up okite mo ii; 

okite mo ii dc^ko 
you m... put it either in 

the drawer or on tlie table 

hlki-dashi e irete mo teburu 

no ue ni oite mo ii 
m . . . I go out.' ilte mo ii 

desho ka? 

you m . . . go I'/te mo ii 
he m... go whenever he 

likes ano hito wa fibun no 

sOki na toki ni dekakera- 

it ih . . . be tabun so desho 
he m . . . have lost it tabun 

nakusMta no desho 
possibly there m . . . be a 

iiouse to let in Kamakura 

tabun Kamakura ni kashi-ya 

ga aru desho 
I m . . . have seen 'nim mita, 

ka mo shire-nai 
it ra . . . rain to-night kom- 

ban ame ga iuru ka mo shirt 

he m . . . not have been tok 

yet mada kika-nai ka mc> 

it m . . . be he iias been toW 

already mo kiita ka mo shire- 

be that as it ra... sore wa 

so to 

it m . . . hapi)en (though very 
improbable) that I shall 
not return to-night moshi 
ka shitara komban wa KoetU 

m . . . I ask you whether you 
have seen him.' sfutsiirti 
desu ga anata tea ano kata 




ni o ai ni varimaahita kn? 

[it is impolite of me, but 

have you seen him?] 
m... I t^ike tlie liberty of 

shUsurei desic (/ii 
m. . . I offer you some milk? 

eiiic/ii iru fiririiir<sJ/<' kn? 
I will take it with nie, I 

m. . . need it iru to ikemascn 

kara motfp ikimaslio 
here, sonieliody m. . knock 

it down koko de ua dare ka 

otosu to ike-nni 
he m... come at any time 

now mo its a tsiikii ka .t/iirc- 

masen; (peimissioii) 7>w iLn'c 

kite mo ii 
I told Taro he miplit go to 

Asakusa tliis afteriiiM)n 'J'aro 

ni kyo </ogo kara Asakiisa e 

itU mo ii to iiinashita 
iWayor shicho 
Me (datO witakushi ni; (ace.) 

watakushi wo 
/Weal (repast) siiokiiji 
morning m . . . naa no ahokiiji 
midday m . . . hiru no shokuji 
evening m . . . ban »io sliokuji 
Mean (base, stingy) iyashii; 

kcdii na 
by no m. . .s kesMte (followed 

by ueg. verb): do shite mo 

(foil, by neg. verb) 
by all 111. . .8 zehi 
a man of m...9 kumen no 

ii Mto 
a man of no m...3 kumen 

no voarui Mto 
by m . . . s of de 
by m . . . s of a stick bS de 
I got rid of him by ra . . . s 

of a lie uso wo itte kaeshita 

(I told a lie and made him 

by what m. . .s nan it* 

by any m. . .s do nh'te mo 
by fair m, . .s or foul danna 

kotn wo !:/iUe mo 
there is no m...s of know- 

iiic; ahiru koto ga drki-nai 
there must be some ni...s 

01 finding out do ka shite 

iinkari-sd na mono da 
to m. . . (signify) iu 
\vh;it doe^ tliis in. . J kore wa 

di> iu iviike desii? 
wliat does hatnha m...? 

hdtohri to wa nan no koto 

(!<-:'! ka! 
thatm...s in Japanese — 

fore w:i Nihon-go de — 
wliut do you rn... by that? 

sore wa do iu wake desa? 
wliat do you m... by not 

coming.' ko-nai 710 wa do 

iu wake dcsii? 
wliat i'^ the of this.* 

kore wa do iu wake desiif 

(what do you mean by this 

beliaviour'O nani wo sum no 

he does not m . . . what he 

says knchi to kokoro to 

chiijaUe iitiaau 
I m . . . what I say majime 

do you m . . . it.^ honto ni? 
I did not m . . . that so iu wake 

de wa ariiiutscn dcshlta 
I m . . . to have this house 

kept clean uchi wo kirei 

ni shite morawa-nakereba 
I m... (intend) to go to- 
morrow ashila iku t<sumori 

da; ashiia iko to omoimasu 
in the m. . . sono aida 
Measure (dimensions) sumpo; 

(instrument for measuring 

capacity) masu; (iustrumeDt 




for measuring length) m/mo- 

in a great m . . . tnigai 
in some m . . . tasho 
to take m . . . s ku/u sum 
to m. . . hakaru; sumpo ivo torn 

Meat niku 

Mechanic shoku-nin 

Medal meiaru; (military) kun- 

Meddle kuehi wo ire'ru 
to m . . . with wo/ijiru 
Medicine kHsuri 
to take m . . . kusuri wo nomu 
Meet au; de-au 
I met my friend tomodachi 
ni aimashUa 
I am going to the station 
to m... my elder brotlier 
ani wn mukai ni te'ishaba e 

1 tliink I have met that per- 
son somewhere doko ka de 
aita yo nn ki (ja sh'mnsii 
to m...wit!i an accident fui 
na koto ni au 
m. . .iiig kai 
Melon uri 

.- musU-m. . . makuw.i-uri 
water-m . . . suika 
Meit v. i. iokeru 
to m . . . away kie'ru 
Member (of an association, 

club, etc.) kaiin 
Metnorandiim ohue-gaki 
to niiike a m... kaitc oku 
Memory oboe 
it has escaped my m . . . for 
the moment clu>Uo dowasure 
to have a Dad ni . . . oboe 
ga warui 

to lose one's m . . . oboe ga 
waniku nam 

in m . . . of Prince Ito 10 

Ko no kinen ni 
Mend naosu 

please m . . . this dvzo kore 
wo naoshite kudasai 
can tliis be m...ed.' kore 

qa naoscni desho ka? 
what Would it cost to m... 
this.' kore wo naosfi no ni 
ikura kakariniasu. ka? 
to have tn . . . ed Tiaosase'ru 
to send to be m...ed nao- 
shi ni yaru 
Menses Uiiki-yaku 
Mental kokoro no: seishin no 
Mention (in writing) kak-u; 
(in speaking) iu; ha>iasu 
don't m . . . it d'l itashima- 
s/(i7e; (after being thanked for 
relreshmcnts) o somatsu sama 
to m . . . for form's sake ne» 
no tawf ni itte oku 
Merchant sho-nin; akindo 
foreign in . . . seiyo no «Ao- 


wholesale m . . . ton-ya 
Mercury suiyin 
I am at iiism... watakOshi 
wa ano h'do no sum mama 
ni narimnsu 
Mere hon no; tada no 
a 10 . . . joke hon no jodan 
a m... ordinary liouse (not 
a palace) tada no uchi 
to buy for a m . . . song 
sUte-ne ni kau 
m . . . ly tada; bakari 
Merino nierinsu 
Merry ydki na 
Mess (medley) konzatsil 
to be in am... (covered 
with dirt) yoaorete vru 
Message (verbal) kotozuke 
to send a m . . . kotoivkt «M 




any m . . . for me? TMni ka 

kotozuke ga nrimashila ka? 
don't forget to give my m . . . 
kotozuke ivo waimrete wa ike- 
any m... for Mr. Smitli? 
(shall I tiike a message 
from you to Mr. Smith.') 
Smith San ni 7mni ka koto 
zuke wa ariiiiasen ka? 
Messenger tKukui 
please send a m . . . teukai 

wo yatte kudasai 
let me know by m . . . tsukai 

de shirasete kudasai 
special m . . . tokubetsu no 

Metal kane 
article made of m . . . kaTia- 
Method hoho; kata 

witliout ni... darashi naku 
Meter nietoni 
Midday 'o hint 

m. . . izun don 
Middle luika 

the very m . . . mannaka 
m. . . class chufjo 
m... ace (of a man) ehU- 
nen; (of a woman) toshima 
about the m . . . of April 
shi-qatsiX no naka goro 
Midnight yo-naka 
Might see may 
with all one's m. . . and main 

Mile mairu; the correspond- 
ing Japanese unit of length 
the ri is equal to 2"4 mile. 
See p. 31 
Milk chichi 
cow's m... chichi; yyUnyO. 
boiled m. . . toakashita i/yiinyii 
fresh m. . . (not boiled) tiamn 
no gyunyu; (recently drawn) 
shikoritate no gyHnyu 

sterlized m... shodoku gyu- 
condensed m... miriiku 
Million hmku-man [100 times 

hundred m...3 ichi-oku 
m...aire kimmanka 
Mind kokuro: (opinion) kangae 
that man does not know hia 

own m... ano hito u)a 

kokoro ga kimara-nai 
bear it in m . . . oboete iU 

to change one'3 m... katt' 

I cannot call it to m... 

to go out of one's m . . . 

kichigai ni nam [to become 

1 have a good m . . . to scold 

Taro TaTi'i wo shikatte yard 
to make up oue's m... 

kesshin sum: kime'ru 
to put in mind of wo/omoi- 

that man puts me in m . . . 

of my lather ano hUo no 

yosii wo miru to chichi wo 

what brought it to your m. . .? 

nan de sonna koto wo omoi- 

cUinhimashita ka ? 
to m . . . (attend to) ni/ki too 

Isukeru; (feel aimoyed at) 

m . . . you don't forget k-itto 

wasurete iva ike-nai 
m . . . the step dan ni ki too 

o txiike nasai 
never m... (dont worry) 

kai(iawa-nai de; (it doesn't 

matter) kamaimasi^ 
i dont m . . . watakHshi tea 





do you m. . .? anata wa 

kamaimasen ka? 
never m... about folding 

up my clothes ydfiiku wo 

tatmna-nakvte mo karnawa- 

would yon m... passing me 

the s.ilt.' dozo shio wo totte 

hi^ (loos not m... what his 

|i;ir(Mitss,iy oi/n no iu koto wo 

rhilld 7IIO kiku-vai 

I don't m. . . tlit> cold at all 
y'limii 110 fca nan to mo 

m . . . your own business 
an/ita wa jihun no koto 
dake $h'>te ireba ii; jibun 
no atanui no hai too oe 
[frighten away tlie Hies 
on yoiif own head] 

Mine wntakiinhi no 
th:it i.* m... swe wa wata- 
kihhi no desu 

Mine (pit) kozan 

Minister (cabinet) daijin; (di- 
plomatic) koshi; (religious) 

Minute /u«; after certain 
numerals -pun 
1 m . . . ip-pun 
3 m. . .8 sam-pun 
6 m. . .8 Top-pun 
10 ni. . .8 jip-pun 

II m. . .8, etc. ju-ip-pun, etc. 
how many m. . .s.' iku-fun? 

I wont be cone am... sugu 
ni kacite fiinasH [I will be 
back soon] 
Mischief itazura 

m . . . vous itazura na 
Miser kechimbo 
Miserable (wretched) komatte 

iru; aware na 
Misfortune sainan; fukd 


to be in . . . ed nwcMnafin koto 
wo oshierareru [to bo taught 
something wrong] 
Misjudge v. t. mi-sokonau 
Mislay oki-wasiire'ru 
Mislead (puritosely) damasH 

to be misled (purposely) da- 
masarrru ; ( misinformed) 
machifiatta koto ivo oslmiare- 
Miss (to m... a train) nori- 
sokonan- (to m... meeting 
a peixm) iki-chigai ni nam 

1 m...e(l the train kls/ia ni 

1 m...ed him (failed to 
meet him) iki-chigai ni 

I m... my pencil empitsU 
ga niir-nckn varimashita 

one panel is m...iiic nimo- 
tsi'i (in hitotsd iiukutiari- 
mash'tta [lost] 

there :ue some m. . .ing kazu 
ija tari-nai 

don't m... the opportunity 
II ori wo hazushite wa ike- 

Miss Kiku O Kiku San 

Miss Sachiko Sachiko San 

When the name of a woman 
has tlirec syllables the prefix 
O is never used. San may 
always be replaced by Sanut 
when it is desired to show 
greater jiolitcness. The fol- 
lowing are in increasing 
degrees of politeness: Kiku; 
O KHi-u; Kiku San; O Kiku 
San; O Kiku Satna. 

Miss Tanaka Tanaka San 
no o jo-san (Mr. Tanaka's 
AlLsscs; see Mb. 




Mission (religioufl Institution) 
m. ..ary senkyoshi 
Mist Mri 
Mistake machigai 
torn... (trans.) machigaeru 
to rn . . . the meaning imi wo 

to make a m . . . rAachigau; 
(in compounds) sokonau 

in writing 

In seeing 

a m. . . 


to make am... 

kaki- sokonau 
to make a m. . 
mi-sokmmu, etc. 
I have made 
is there no m . . , 
«'« arimasen kaf 
anybody can make am... 
dare ni de mo machigai wa 

there is no m. . . about it 
machigai hxl nai 
there fs some m . . . jtani ka 
machigai desho 
I may be m...n watakfishi 
no machigai ka mo shirema- 
you are m...n o machigai 

you have made a great m . . . 

6-machigai desu 
excuse me but I think you 
are m . . . n shiUUrei desu ga 
ajuita ga machigatte irass/taru 
yo desH 
it was a m... on my part 
watakushi no machigai de- 
1 took this by m... kore 

W6 ton-chigaemashiia 
perhaps somelwdy has taken 
it by m... for his own 
dare ka yibun no to machigaeU 
motte itta no detho 

I mistook A for B 4 wo fi 

to machigaeniashUa 
I mistook what you said kiki- 

you have m ... n the day hi 

uo machigaemashita 
in order to prevent m...8 

machigai no nai yd ni 
if I ni . . . not he said he 

would come kun( to ka lirm- 

a man called, if I m. . . not 

Suzuki Suzuki to ka iu hito 
he was angry and no m . . . 
okolta no okora nai no )a nai 

f\'is,HT San: Sama (more polite) 
Mr. Tanabe Tanabe San 
Alistress (wife of the master 

of the liouse) oku-san; (of 

an inn, etc) o kami san; 

(teacher) sensei; (paramour) 

See Mr. 

Misunderstand (something saia) 
kiki-chigae-ru : (sometliing 
written ) omoi-chigaeru 
Mix mazeru 
m . . . it mazete o kure 
m. . .ed (confused) maze-koze 
dont m . . . them up maze- 
koze ni shUe um ike-nai 
Moat hori 

Model (example) tehon; (imita- 
tion of a structure on a 
small scale) hina-gata 
Moderate ii-kagen na; (medio- 
cre) nanii no; (of. price) 
kukko na 
m . . . ly kanari 
Modem kinsei no 

m . . . times kinsei 
Modest (not boastful) kenson 

na; (of a «oman) otonashii 
Moist shimeppoi 
torn. . .en shimtsu. 




Moment kata-toki 

for the m . . . (at present) 

iyna wa 

in a m... (soon) s^/j/m nl, 

(a sudden result) soba kara 

wait am... chotto inatte kurc 

from the ni . . . I arrived 

kimnshiUi toki kara 
the m . . . he comes'let me 
know ano hito ga kitara 
sugu ni shinisete o kure 
I am expecliiiK him every 
m . . . inui tura ka oma kuru 
ka to matte iinasu 
Monday geUuyo-bi 
Money kane; oashi 
paper m.. . sotsrt 
ready m. . . genkin 
small m . . . komakai kane 
counterfeit m . . . nue-gane; 

m... -changer ryogac-ya 
ni. . .-lender kane-kashi; 

(usurious) kori-kashi 
will you lend me a little 
ni... please.? kane wo su- 
koshi kashite kudusaimasen 
I have np m . . . with >ne 
kane wa inni nwHe imasen 
I am expecting m... to- 
morrow ashita tva kane ga 
kuru desho 
to be hard up for m... 

kane ni komatte iru 
out of m. . . kane §a nai 
to gain m . . . kane wo mo- 

to lose m . . . kane wo son 

that man is free with his 
m . . . ano hUo wa kane- 
barjflre ga ii 
there's m... in it kane ga 

you will get your m . . . when 
you have done the work 
shigoto wo shite shimaeba 
kane too a,genm>i(i, 

you can't get it for love nor 
m. . . kiisuri ni shitakiite mo 

m... can do anything ^ojhi 
no sata mo kane shidai [the 
decisions of even Hejl itsell 
can be influenced by money] 

people are willing to sell 
their soula for m. . . Amida 

no hlKafi yoii kane no hikari 
ga tuttoi Lthe glitter of gold 
is more precious than the 
refulgent glory of the 
Kternal Buddha] 

it is simply a question of 
m . . . kane shidai da 

1 sen is-sen 

2 sen ni-sen 

3 sen san-sen 

4 sen shi-sen; yon-ten 

5 sen go-sen 

6 sen roku-sen 

7 sen n/iichi-sen; nana-ten 

8 sen has-sen 

9 sen ku-sen: kyU-ten 

10 .=en )i>f-sen 

11 sen ju-is-gen 
20 sen ni-jis-sen 

40 sen yon-jis-sen; shi-jit-aen 
70 sen nana-jis-scn; shichi-ju- 

1 yen ichi-yen 

2 yen ni-yen 

3 yen san-yen 

4 yen yo-yen 

5 yen etc. go-yen etc.* 
See note on n&t page 

Monkey saru 

Monopoly sembai; (exchiaivo 
right of sale) gembai-ken 

to monopolise (by buying ap) 





Month tsUki; getsU 
how many m . . . s? iku-tsHJn t 

1 m . . . hito-tsuhi 

2 m. . .3 fiUa-Uuki 

3 m. . .8 mi-tsuki 

4 m. ..3 t/o-tsuki 

5 m . . . s itsu-tsUki 

6 m . . . 8 mu'tsuki 

7 m . . . s nana-tsuki 

8 m. . .8 ua-tsuki 

9 m...s ]fco/bo7io-teM/ti 

10 m. . .8 to-tsuki 

11 m. . .8, etc. ju-icAt-ifca-tetU-i, 

thi8 m. . . kongetsu 

last m... sengetsO. 

next m . . . raigetsA 

m . . . after next saraigetsu 

the beginning of a m . . . teu^-i- 

the beginning of this m . . . 
kongetsu tw hajime 

the end of a m. . . tsfiki-ztte 
Monthly mai-tsuki 

m . . . salary gekkyu 

m... courses tsiiki-^aku 
Monument kinen-hi 
Moon toiAri; o Uuki sama; getsu 

full-m . . . man^etsu 

half-m.». hangetsn 

new-m . . . mikazuki 

m . . . -light tsidi-kage 

m... -light nigiit teiifri-yo 

at what time does the m... 

rise.? tsuki no de wa nan-ji 

desO kaf 
eclipse of the m. .. gesshoku 
Moral (relating to morals) 

dotokujo no; (virtuous) katai 
More (additional) mo: (a greater 

quantity) motto; (the greater 

quantity) yokei 
once m . . . 7)io ichi-do 
a little m . . . mo sukoshi 
one m . . . mo hitotsft 
two yen m... 7no 7ii-yen 
we sliall need tliree m. . . 

rikishas kuruma mu san-^i 

which box holds the m. . . 

dochira no hako ga yokei 

hairu daro? 
still m. . . motta 
when are you going to put 

on m... men.'! ilsit kara 

motto shoku-nin wo iremasH 

some m . . . (in addition) motta; 

(left) mada 
I want some ra . . . nails nuMo 

kugi ga iriniasH 
tliere are some m . . . in my 

room waUikiixhi no hcya ni 

mada arimfisil 
any m... (in aff. sentences) 

mada; (in neg. sentences) 

mo with neg. 

• The coins in common use are : copper ; 5 rin, 1 sen, 2 sen; — 
aickel: 5 sen; — silver: 10 sen, )iO sen, bO sen. Bank notes: 
1 yen. 5 yen, 10 yen, etc : in travelling in the interior do not 
take larger notes than 10 yen. 


Japan G. Britain U.S. A Germany Franc© 

1 Tin = 1/40 d = t/20 cent = 1/5 pf =:: H c 

10 rin = 1 $en = J4 d = i cent = 2 pf = 2>s c 

100 »en = 1 yen = 28 = 0.50 = 2 mk = 2,50 fr 




have you any ra . . . .» mada 

arimasu ka? 
I have not any m . . . mo 

I don't want ni... mo iri- 

no m... mo witli lies. 
there are no m... mo ari- 

I shall do it no m... mo 

I can say no m... mo nani 

mo iemasen 
and what is m. . . omdke ni 
20 persons or m. . . ni-ju-nin 

ni... and m... wuwV-nuisfi 
the m. . . the better oi hodo 

m... or less gurai; tasho 
m . . . or less the same onafi 

m. . . or less correct taigai ii 
the m... I think it over 

the m . . . I like it omoeba 

omou hodo ii 
the m . . . I think it over 

the less I understand it 

kangaerebd kan'iaeru hodo 

uxtkarn-tiaku narimasii 
m... tlian 10 yen ju^en ijo 
no_m... than 30 persons san- 

jH-nin yori yokei wa nai 
I have ni... apples than 

pears nashi yori ringo ga 

takiisan arinutsu 
I have m. . . apples tlian you 

anota yori ringo ga takman 

there are m . . . of that kind 

than oi the otliers sono hO ga 

m . . . than enough amaru 

how much m . . . have you ? 

mo dono gurai arimasu ka f 

be m... ctirefu] mo siiioskiki 

wo tsuketc o Icure 
there is nothing m . . . to be 

said about it mo o yoshi nasai 
don't use m... than neces- 
sary yokei ni tsukatte wa 

Morning asa; (forenoon) hiru 

mae; gozen 
thLs m... kesa; koncho 
to-morrow m . . . myiJasa 
early in the m . . . asa fuiyaku 
from m . . . till niglit asa kara 

ban made 
good m . . . Itnyo 
m. . . sun asa-ld 
the next m . . . (after that) 

Umgi no asa 
m . . . -glory asngao 
Mortgage teito ni sura 
Mosquito ka 
ni . . . -net kaya 
to be bitt«n by am... ha 

ni sasare nt 
to hang up a m... net Aaya 

tiX) tsuru 
there is a hole in my m... 

net ko'ja vi nvn ga arimasH 
.Most tiiujiii: toit'i 
ni. . . of the books taigai no 

at tile m . . . oki'ite mo; seizei 
10 minutes at m... seizei 

to make the m. . . of it dekiru 

dake t.tvkan 
m. . . likely taigai 
the m . . . beautiful woman in 

Yokohama Yokoliama d« idii- 

han kirei na onna 
I understand m . . . of it taigai 

m. . .ly taigai 
which box holds the ra... 

dono hako ni ichi-ban hat- 

rimasii kat 




Moth ga 

Mother o l-d-san; haha (this 

latter term is less respectful) 
m... -in-law shutome 
8tep-m. . . manm-haha 
m. . . (of ail adopted child) 


grand-m ". . . o-bd-san 
Motion undo 
to have am... of the bowels 

tsuji ga aru ; daiben sum 
Motor car ji dosha 
1 want the car at five o'clock 

go-ji made ni jidosha ga 

I want a car to go to A ^ 

made jidosha ga hoshii 
can 1 go by car all the way 

to Hakoiie? Hakone made 

jidosha de ikaranasu !:a? 
I want to go to A and back 

A made ojukv sh'tUii 
I want to drive round the 

town wachi-ju tvo kembutsu 

I suppose this charge includes 

everything kore ni minna 

haitte iru no desho 
where is the nearest bicycle 

shop? chikaku no jitensha-ya 

uu doko drsn'f 
where 'can I buy some jwtrol 

(kerosene)? kihaitu-yit (seki- 

yH) iva doko de urhnasu ka? 
the tyre is punctured pank-u 

ga (irimasu 
something is wrong with the 

engine kikai ga do ka shite 

Mouldy kahita 
to be ni . . . kabite i'ru 
to bi'cimie m. . . kabi'ru 
Mountain ynma; (in com- 

ponmls) ■san;-lake 
Mount Fuji t'uji-san 

to make a m. . . of a mole- 
hill hari hodc no koto wo 
bo hodo ni iu [to call a 
needle a stick] 
Mouse nezumi 
Mouth kuchi 

by word of m . . . kv^hi de 

it makes my m . . . wate 
yodare ya de so da 
Move (intr.) ugoku; (trans.) 

to m... aside (intr.) doku; 
(trans.) dokeru 

to m . . . back (intr.) hik- 
komu; (trans.) hikkomeru 

to m... forward (intr.) mae 
ye deru; (trans.) mae e 

to m . . . house (ciiange one's 
place of residence) hikkoshi 

nothing I could say would 
m . . . him watakHshi ga ikura 
itte mo kikimasen 

m.. .ment undo 
Mr. San; Sama (more polite) 

Mr. Tanabe Tanabe San 

Mrs. Tanabe (politely) Tanabe 
Sama no okH-sama [Mr. Ta- 
nabe's wifel; (referring to 
lower class people) Tanabe 
San no o kami-san; (my wife) 
Much takusan; (with an adj.) 
yohodo; (in neg. sentences) 
amari with neg. 

m . . . better yohodo ti 

m . . . more yohodo Si 

m... less yohodo siikunai 

m . . . more than that sore yori 
yohodo oi 

m . . . less than that sore yori 
yohodo siikunai 
is there m. . . money in that 
box? ano hako no naka ni 




kane ga tak&san haitte iinasa 

how m . . . ? (of price) ikura) 

(of quantity) doiw-gurai? 
I don't need as ni . . . as tliat 

sore kodo ira-nai 
as m ... as possible dekiru-dake 

as m . . . as there is aru-dake 
bring as m . . . as you like 

ikura de mo ii kara motie o- 

ide nasai 
I don't think m . . . of that 

so kanshin shiniasen 
to think m... of (attach im- 
portance to) wo/txiisctsu ni 

1 am m . . . troubled about 

him domo ano hUo m wa ko- \ 

there is not m... difference 

taishita diiijai wa nai 
too m. . . for me (beyond my 

control) tvatakHshi no te ni 

that is too m... for me (I 

can't eat all that) sore de 

wa i/okei dc ijozaimasii 
twice as m. . . bai hodo 
three times as m... san-bai 

very m . . . (in degree) taihen; 

(a great deal) daibu na 
I love you very m . . . aiuUa 

ga. taihen sUki desu , 
very m... money daibu na 

he is m . . . i)etter at it than 

I utiUts;,i yori yoppudo iu:u 

I feel very ra . . . better tot- 

hen yoku narimashUa 
not m... ntiviri foil, by neg 
I dunt like sardines m... 

iwashi wa amari rukitnasen 

you must not drink so m. . . 

beer sonna ni biiru wo rumde 

wa ikemasen 
about tliat m . . . sono gurai 
1 thought as m . . . sore mita 

koto ka; so daro to onwUa 
this m . . . is certain sore dake 

M« taxhlka desu. 
Mud doro 
the streets are very ni...dy 

michi ga doronko desu 
Muffler eri-maki 
Murder h'do-goroshi 
to ni . . . korosH 
Museum h(ikui>utsii-kan 
is it iree.' tada desu, kaf 
how much is the entrance.' 

nyujoryO wa ikura desu kaf 
Mushroom matsudake 
Music orif/aku 
I a in very fond oi m... 

onqaku t/a dai suki desd 
Miiilin inosi'irin 
f\uit, auxiliary verb, is expr. 

by the neg. conditional 

fHe^cnt loll. l)y mira-ruii or 

tiarinuisen lor tlio 1st person, 

and ike-nai or ikeinusen for 

the liiid and Hrd pei'sons. 
you m... do it shi-nakereba 

I m . . . go ika-nakereba nara- 

I have some business which 

I m . . . do shi-nakereba nara- 

nai ydji ya aru 
the wick of this lamp m... 

be trimmed ramjw no ghinwo 

kira-iiakereba uarimasen 
I m... be otf now mv ika- 

nakereba ruiriinasen 
I m... see about that sore 

wo mite iniiiuisho [1 eliall 

see about that) 




I m. . . look into this matter 

kono koto wa shirahele mima- 

there in.., be something 

the matter with him aru> 

hito wa do ka shila ni chigai 

m . . . I change trains at 

Maibata? Maihara de nori- 

kaeru no desu ka* 
It m . . . be true honto ni 

chigai nai 
jrou m . . . be right kitio so 

this m . . . belong to O Yuri 

San kore wa O I'un San no 

there m. . . be some mistake 

nani ka machiuai desho 
which road m... 1 take? 

dono micJii wo ikeba ii des/to ? 
you ni . . . rest awhile siikoshi 

yasumi nasai 
It is so pretty that I roilly 

m . . . buy it amiiuiri kirn da 

kara do shite mo kainuioho 
m... not, is expr. by the 

Deg. imperative, 
you m . . . not do that no 

thUe wa ike-nai [don't do 

Mustache hige 
Mustard karanhi 
Musty kat>i-k>isai 
Mutton maten; kitsuji no niku 
Mutual tagai no 
by ni . . . consent hanashi-ai de 
ro. . .ly tarjai ni 
My walakiif'hi no; (speaking 

of the persons of one's 

house) iwhi no 
my dog uchi no inu 
myself jihun 
by my.self hUori de 
See Si'XF 

Nail (of the body) tsume; 

(metal) kugi 
to n . . . whi-tsuke'ru 
n. . . up that box ano hako 

no ivta wo iwhi-tsukete o kiize 
to liit the II... on the bead 

zuboxhi wo sasii 
Naked hadaka nn 
to ftr.xt n . . . (trans.) hadaJea 
ni suru; (intr.) Iiadaka ni nam 
n . . . feet suashi; (out of 

doors) hadanhi 
stark n . . . nmppadaka 
the n... eye nikugan 
that is the "n . . . truth sore 

ga ari no nuinui no jijilsU da 
Name na; namae (for person's 

The .lapanese say first the 

tamily name (myoji) and 

then the i)er?onal name (na) 

e.g.: Taunbe Makoto; Naka- 

mura lane 
what is your n....» o namae 

my n . . . is John Smith 

wat/ikushi wa John Smith to 

1 know him by n... namae 

dake shitt-e iinaxd 
n . . . anti address namae to 


ask for ills n. . . and address 

namae to toloro-gaki wo kiite 

o kure 

I don't know anybody of that 
n . . . so iu na no hito wa ski- 


what is the n... of this 

place." koko wa nan to ii- 

Diasu kat 

n . . . of a book hon no hyodai 

III tlie n... of (in the place 

of) yiolhiwari ni 

a cood n . . . (reputation) 

hyolMU ga ii 




Napkin napiikin 
Narrow seviai 

he had a n . . . escape yaUo 
tasv-kn rimash ita 
n. . .-minded kokoro no chiisai 
Nasty (of taste) mazui; (un- 
pleasant) iya na 
Nation kokumin; kuni 
n. . .al kuni no 
n. . .al customs kuni no fH 
n. . .al holiday hata-bi 
Native (opp. to foreign) naichi 

n. . . country hono'ikn 
Natural ishiz.'n tiu: (le^titiniate) 
atarinuie no 
it is only n . . . tliat — 

— no ii-a/atJirii.irc r/rsil 
n... child (illegitimate) shi- 
n. . .ly ihizen ni; (;i> a matter 
of course) atari ii>i(e 
Nature (sum of tjiialities) 
sei.^hlt.'ii; (natural objects) 
human n... ningcii no sei- 

of this n. . . (kiu(I) koiina 
to relieve n... benjo e iku 
Naval hiigun no 
Navigation kokaijitsu 
Navy kiiiijim 
n. . . t.o ui/rhikai 
is it n... tlie jiier.' hntoba ni no div.ii kiif 
the hall is n... (beside) the 
dog tama wa inu no s^)a ni 
the post-office is n... (in 
the prn.\iniity of) the bank 
yiViin-kyokn wa gniko no 
kiiijo ni ariiiiaau 
to be ji. . at h;inil (lit ^ lejika 
ni am; (of time) ,hika:uku 

come n . . . me teatakOshi no 

soha ni o-ide nasai 
quite n . . . jiki chikai 
n . . . est ichi-ban cliikai 
it is n . . . 7 o'clock m5 

siikoshi de shichi-ji desa 
I have n... a hundred fe)- 

tomlo hyaku arimagu 
he n... died shini s5 ni 

lUiHe imashiia 
I have n... finished the 

bouk hon wo mO sUkoshi 

de yonde Fliimnhnasd 
in... fell at this liill kono 

sakii (Ic k'Jivin ko ni 7tari- 

iHojth ita 
jt i.s riot n... euough amari 

tar i -nai 
he is not n... so old as A. 

ano hito wa A. yori ztUto 

n. . . all tftigai 
are they n... all ready.' 

Idigai (Irkitiuishila ka} 
Ncces'sary hit.suyo na 
is it II . . . '! nnkereba narima- 

sen ka ! 
it is absolutely n. . . (for him) 

that he should come aiu> 

hiUi ira do s/iite tno ko- 

nakfrrba nara-nr.i 
it is al)suliit<'ly ii. . . (for me) 
that he should come ano 

hito ni do shite mo kite 

mvraua-nnkerclHi nara-nai 
Neck kvbi; tri 
n... -cloth (Japanese) eri- 

n . . . -lie fri-kazari 
1 have a ^tiff n... watakHshi 

urn ne-r/iiqaihiashita 
Nectarine zubai-mvtM) 
you n . . . not go ika-nakdte 

mo ii 




you n. . . not ran away niffe- 

nakUte mo ii 

you n . . . medicine A-««Mrt tco 

noma-nakereba i/remnsen 
In. . . it very much nah-ereba 

in time of n . . . masaka no 

toki ni 
I n . . . another chair isu ga 

mo hitoUu irirriasH 
Needle hari 
n . . . -work hari-shigoto 
N^iect V. t. okotani 
to n... one's duties gimu 

teo ckoinru 
to n . . . one's health luyojo 

Negro kuroTnbo 
Neighbour tonari no htto 
n. . .ing kinjo no 
Neighbourhood kinjo 
do you know the n... of 

Hakoue? Hakone no kinjo 

wo shitte imam ka? 
in the n . . . of Tokyo Tokyo 

no kinjo ni 
in this n . . . kono kinjo ni 
1 want n . . . dochira mo ira- 

n, . . is good dochira mo yoku 

n . . . good nor bad yoku mo 

tvaruk-u mo nai 
tliere were n . . . fleas nor 

mosquitoes nomi mo ka 

mo imasen desMta 
lie n. . . saw por heard any- 
thing mi ma ihi-nai kiki mo 

he n . . . paid the price nor 

returned the goods ano fiUo 

too kane mo haravxi-zu shina- 

mxmo mo kaesa-tiai 
Nephew oi 

Nerve skinkei 

he has a great deal of n... 
daitan desi'i 
Nervous (easily agitated) lev- 
yotva na 

I am an... man tvatakHshi 
wa ki ga youxii [we^k spirit] 
Nest su 

an... of boxes ire-ko 
Net ami 

mosquito-n . . . kaya 

n . . . weight shomi-mekata 

n . . . proceeds iun-eki 

n . . . pric« seika 
Neutral churitsU no 

n . . . ity chUritsn 

I have n . . . seen the Em- 
peror Tenno Beika wo mita 
koto wa arimasen 

I have n . . . been to Kobe 
Kobe ni iUa koto tea ari- 

1 shall n. . . go back to Eng- 
land Igirim e wa mo kaeri- 

I will do it again mo hesshite 

he went out and n... re- 
turned ano hiio wa deta kiri 

J n . . . tell a lie (a protest) 
kesshile uso wo iimasen 

In... ride first class it-to e 
wa norimasen 

did you n... understand it 
before.' ima tnade wakari- 
Tnaaen desldta ka? [hadn't 
you understood it until 

1 liad n . . . been there until 
lately konaida hajimete iki- 

if you put it in that place ft 
will u. . . ge( hot ioko de «M 




itsa made mo atsUku nori- 
you'll n . . . find it without 

a light akari ga nakereba do 

shiie mo mitmkerare-nai 

desho [if you have not a 

light whatever you do you 

will not find it] 
In... saw such a silly book 

konna baka na hon wa mita 

koto ga nai 
n . . . mind (dont worry) ka- 

mawa-rmi de; (it doesn't 

matter) kamaimasen 
well I n . . . ! mA\ 
Nevertheless keredotno 
New atarashii 
is it n. . .? ataraskii no desa 

I want an... one alarastni 

no ga hoshii 
n. . .•laid eggs umiiate no 

News shirage 
the latest n. . . taikin no 

have you any n . . . ? betsU ni 

nani mo arimasen deshUa ka? 
I have good n . . . for you 

anata ni ii koto ga arimasH 
Newspaper shimbun 
English n . . . (printed in 

Japan> Eiji shimbim; (from 

England) IgirisU no shimbun 
New Year skinmn 
N . . . 's day ganjitsd 
N . . . 's eve o-nnsoka no ban 
N . . . 's gift o toshidama 
I wLsh you a happy N . . . 

akemashite o medeto gozai- 

Next tsugi no 
the u . . . station tsugi no tei- 


the u . . . day tsugi no M 
u . . . week tsugi no shUkan 

n. . . time tsugi ni; kondo 
in the n . . . place (in enu- 
meration) tsugi ni wa 
what shall we do n . . . .» konda 

wa nani wo shimashof 
what n . . . ? (after that) sore 

kara ? (now) konda wa f 
come n. . . Monday getsHyo-bi 

ni o-ide nasai 
not that one the n . . . one 

sore ja nai, sono tonari desfi 
who was n. . . to y0n? nnata 

no tonari wa dare deshUaf 
n . . . mouth raigetsii 
n . . . year rainen 
the year after n . . . sarainen 
n . . . door tonari 
n . . . to nothing goku sUkoshi 
Nice (pleasurable) omoshiroi; (of 

persons) ii; (kind) skinsetsU 

na; (of eatables) umai; 

(pretty) kirei na 
that was not n . . . of you 

sore wa yoku nai desho 
this will do kore de 

kekko desa 
sweep and tidy the garden 

n . . . ly niwa wo kirei ni soji 

shi nasai 
Niece met 
Night yoru; yo 
t(>n . . . konya; komban 
last n . . . sakuban; yube 
the n . . . before last issakuban 
to-morrow n . . . myoban 
mJdn . . . yo^naka 
good n . . . (on retiring) o 

yasumi nasmi 
all n . . . long yo-jU 
one n . . . hito-ban; (a certain 

n . . . ) aru ban 
at n . . . yoru 
every n . . . mai-ban 
the n . . . train yo-gisha 
to work day and n. . . Mm 

mo yoru mo hataraku 




to pass an... at ni/tomaru 

n... -dress nemaki 

n . . . mare kawai yuvu 

to have a n . . . mare kowai 
Ifume wo mi'ru 

B. . .ly mai-ban 
Nine kokonotsU; ku; kokono; 

No tie 

no help for it shi-kata ga nai 

no matter kamaimasen 

have you no bread? pan wa 
drimaxen ka.> 

no I have not arimasen 

by no means kessh'iU (foil, by 
neg. \ erb); do shUe mo (foil, 
by nes. verb) 

I have no time Mma (ja nai 

there was no answer henji ga 

ho more mo (with neg.) 

I have no more mn arimasen 

there were no oranges in the 
market (not even one) ifhii)fi 
ni tea littotnu ma mikan ya 
arimaxen deslt'iia 

I«_ ca.-;es like this la<;t one 
hJlotsi'i must be replaced by 
ip-p07i; ichi-truii; etc. accord- 
ing to tlie noun referreil to. 
See. p. 15 

lu answering a negative ques- 
tion tlie Japane.^ often use 
• yes ' where we would say 
'no,' and vice-versa 

is'nt he coming.' kiniaxen ka? 

DO sapo de gozaimasu [yes i.e. 
it is so as the negative of 
your question implies] 

yes lie [no] 

Noble (liigh bom') koki na; 
(chivalrous) giki/6 na 

n . . . niaa kizoku 

Nobody dare mo (fell, by neg. 
■verb); dare ni mo (when verb 
takes poetpos. ni) 

n. . . knows dare mo ihira-vtai 
1 have met n . , . dare ni mo 

n. . . I knew was there shira- 

Tuii hUn bakari desh'ita 
Noise (sound) oto; (row) m- 

what is that n . . . .* ano oto 

tea nan daro} 
dont make so much n . . . 

sonna ni saioaide wa ike-nai; 

yakama!thii\ (this last is a 

noisy yakamashii 
None mi; (of persons) mo 
there is n. . . nai 
there are n... left mo ari- 
if there is n.... it doesnt 

matter nai nara. tuii de ii 
n. . .at all sUkoshi mo nai 
n . . . of these suit you dore mo 

Nonsense bakarasliii koto 
dont talk n . . . baka na koto 

wo iu na 
n . . . ! masaka'. 
Noon hiru 
Nor mo (with neg.) 
I haven't ^-een A. nor B for 

a long time nhibaraku A. 

mo h. mo mima-Deu 
Normal nturintae no 
North kiUi 

n . . . -east higaxhi-kita 
n. . .-we.<t 7<is/ii-kita 
n... v/iiid I: ita-kaze 
n. . . star hokkyoku-sei 
Nose ^f77io 
to blow tlie n... hana voo 

my n . . . is bleeding hana-ji 

ga denwsa 
under the very n . . . of no/ 

hana-saki de 
nostril Itana no ana 




Not nai; gee conjugation of the 

verb; p. 13 
I have n . . . arimasen 
n... yet mada (verb, if any 


n . . . I watakHshi ja nai 
n . . . at all (don't mention 

it) do itashimaskiie 
n . . . at all (none, by no 

means) sUkoshi mo (with 

neg.); kesshite (with neg.) 
n . . . even a chair isu mo 

n . . . so bad as that sore hodo 

waruku nai 
n... only— but also — 

— bakari de naku — mo 
put in n... only this but 

also that kore bakari dc naku 

sore mo irete o kure 
I want to know whether there 

are any or not am ka nai 

ka shiritni 
that is not it (referring to 

an action) so ja nai; (re- 
ferring to a thing) sore )a nai 
ehe is pretty, isn't she? bijin 

ja nai ka ? 
thisi.s n . . . the book kono Tion 

ja nai 
I called O Kei, n . . . you o^iiae 

ja nai, O Kei uo yonda no 

why didn't you come and tell 

me ? naze shirase ni kimasen 

de^liita ka? 
Note (mark) shirushi; (lettcf) 

tegami; (memo) oboe-gaki; 

(paper-money) sntxU 
to make a n... of kt'tte oku 
please make a n ... of it dozo 

kaite oio- kudasai 
n. . .-hook t(v}io; diunien 
n. . .-paper teftami no kami 
Nothing nani mo (foil, by neg, 


n. . .was burnt nani mo ydk^ 

masen deskita 
he said n . . . at all nanni mo 

iirnasen deskita 
it is n . . . nan de mo nai 
a faiere n . . . nan de mo mm 

n . . . more mo nai 
for n . . . (gratis) tada; (xue- 

lessly) irnida ni 
to go for n . . . muda m tumt 
ft is better than n . . . nai 

yori mashi da 
n... but rudeness shUeil- 

rei bakari 
he does n . . . but read tada 

yonde bakkari imasU 
there is n ... for it but to 

go ikv yori hoka tva nai 
there is n . . . like water (as 

good as water) mizu yori u 

mono wa nai 
good for n . . . yaku ni tMta- 

to come ton... dame ni 

I can make n . . . of this 

kore wa sukoshi mo tcuka- 

I can do n . . . vatashi wa do 

suru koto mo deki-nai 
I liave n . . . to do at present 

tOhun hima da 
it is a mere n . . . (don't 

mention it) anna mono; 

anna koto 
there is n . . . to be done 

shi-kata ga nai 
I vrbih to have n . . . to do 

with it toaiaLn'tshi wa tonna 

koto wa shira-nai 
it has n . . . to do with me 

sore wa waiak-ilsfd no shitta 

koto ja nai 
that has n . . . to do with It 
sore wa citiguimagU 




there fan... more to be said 

about it mo o yoshi nasai 
are you tired? n . . . to speak 

of kutabiremashita ha? bctsu 

n . . . could be better 7ian» 

yOri ii 
n... of the kind kesshite 
next to n . . . goku sUkoshi 
Notice (public observation) 

hUome; (attention) chM; 

(intimation) skirase; (posted 

up by authority) hari-dashi 
don't attract n . . . hUome wo 

hate wa ikc-nai 
to take n . . . (for one's 

future guidance) kokoroeru 
to take n . . . of ni/ki wo 

to give n... (to leave) wwe 

ni shirasfru 
what n . . . am I required 

to give.* dono-gurai mae ni 

sfdrasereba ii no desu kaf 
without n . . . (i.e. warning) 

fui ni 
at a moment's n . . . fui ni 
to take no n. . . (when spoken 
to) skiran kao sum; (not to 

obey) iu-koto wo kika-nai 
to take no n . . . of (pass 

over unheeded) woliUchatte 

oku; kamaiva-nai 
you had better take no n . . . 

of a man like Mankichi 

Mankichi no ye na otoko ni 

tea kamawd-nai ho 9a yokaro 
to n . . . ni/ki ga tsiiku 
did you n . . . it? sore ni ki 

ga IsukimashUa kaf 
Notion see IDEA 
Notorious hyohan no 
Notwithstanding no ni; kama- 

wa-nai de 
D... the lain ame ga luru 


Nought (zero) rei 

three, four, n..., seven 

(3407) san, shi, rei, shichi 
Novel (romance) shosettu 
Now inm; tadaima; (less 
definite) kono goro; (as opp. to 
heretofore) konda; ima de wa 

n . . . and then toki-doki 

from n . . . on kore kara 

just n . . . tadaima 

n. . .-a-days (as opp. to here- 
tofore )imade wa; (indefinite) 
kono goro 

until n . . . inui made 

n. . . tlien! sd\ 

by n . . . mo 

he has probably arrived by 
n . . . mi) tsuita daro 

it is ready n . . . mo dekima- 

it is no use n . . . dame ni 
natta; mo dame desU 

what have you come for 
n . . . ? kondo wa nani shi ni 

it's hot n. . ., isn't It? oMiku 
natta ne 

it's impossible n... deki- 

naku natta 
November fu-ichi-gatsA 

Nowhere doko ni mo (foil, by 

he is n . . . doko ni mo ori- 


what an... komatta man da; 
d, urusai! 

Number ban; barujo; (for houses) 
ban if it refers to a Euro- 
pean part of the town and 
banchi if to a Japanese part; 
(numeral) sUfi 

what n . . . .' nan-banf 

what is the n . . . of your 
room.* anata no heya wa nan- 
ban desU kat 




what is the n . . . of your 
house? aruUa no uchi wa 
nan-banchi desA kat 
even n. . . gOsu 
odd n... kisa 

a n . . . of years (seversiM 
go-roku^nen [five or six 
any n . . . of times (very 
many) iku-tabi mo; see many 
large n . . . of laiso na; takOsan 
na; (persons) oiei 
See p. 23 
Numerous oi 
Nun ama (Buddhist) 
Nurse (child's) ko-mori; baya; 
(wet) iiba; (for the sick) 
kambyonin; (hospital n...) 
Nut kurumi 
Nutritious jiyo no aru 
Oak kashi-no-ki 
Oar ro; kai 
Oath chikai 
to take an o... ehiJcau 
I can ta ke my o . . . on it 
chikatte mo ii 
Obedient sunao na; (filially) 
oya-koko na 
to obey shitagau; iu koto wo 

you must obey my orders 
watnkmhi no ii-tsUke wo 
kika-nakereba ike-nai 
Object (aim) mokiUeki; (article; 

what can his o... be? ano 
hito no mokuteki wa nan 

to o . . . fiantai suru; hantai 
de aru 
if you do not o... Juintai 

de nakereba 
do you o . . . to it? hantai 
desu kaf 

do you o . . . to smoking.' 
tabako wa kirai desu kat 
[do you dislike smoking.*] 
I don't o. . . to your doing it 
shUe mo kamaimasen 
Objection hantai 
be has no o . . . hantai de 

have you any o . . . to my 
going to Yokohama* wata- 
kiishi ga Yokohama e itte 
mo kamairtmsen kat 
there is no o... to your 
speaking of it hanashite mo 
o. . .able iya na 
o. . .able person iya na hito 
Obligation (duty) gimu; tsutome 
to be under an o... to no/ 
sewa ni natte oru 
I am o...d to do it sni- 
nakereba nara^nai 
I am o . . . d to go to Tokyo 
Tokyo e ika-nakereba nara- 

he o ... d me to go to Yoko- 
Jiama watakUslii wo muri ni 
Yokohama e ikasemashita 
o. . . me dozo 

I am much o...d arigato 

obliging person shinsetsU na 

Obscene midara na 
Obscure (dark) kurai; (not clear) 

bongari shita 
Observe (notice) ni/ld ga tsOJcu 
Obstacle sashi-tsOkae; jama 
Obstinate gojo na 
an o . . . person gojoppari 
Obtain eru; morau; (procure) 

Obvious wakari-kitta 




Occasioa. (favounible oppor- 
tunity) ori; time) toki 
there is no o. . . for ni/ovoba- 


on other o . . . s iua ka 
o. . .ally tokirdohi 
Occident teipd 
Occupation (calling) shobai 
what is your o . . . .' ^ shobai 

of no o . . . tmuhohi; nani 

mo thUe i-nai h'Uo 
Osfian o-umi 
what o'clock is it? nan-ji 

duU to? 
it is 3 o' . . . lan-ii deti 
October iu-i;att& 
Odd (strange) hen na; okathi 

na; kUai na; (not paired) 

hampa no; fusoroi no 
an Ok . . one hampa-vume 
these boots are an o . . . pair 

kono hUtu rea, sorotU %-nai 
at o... moments kataiema 


o... number kisu 

the city of Tokyo Tokyo »M 
the front of the house uchi 

no mae- 
to boast of one's money kane 

no koto wo jiman guru 
I thought of it sore ni a ga 

the bridge is made of tron 

ftas/d wa Uttu de dekiie 

within a ri (mile) of the 

town macki kara ichi-ri no 

aitia ni 
some of these eggs are bad 

kono tamago no uehi ni unrui 
no ga aru 

won't you kindly give me one 
of these flowers? kono hana 
wo dore ka hUotsU kudOMi- 
nuuen kaf 

give me seven feet of that 
cloth sono tire tpo nana- 
thaku kudasai 

none of my family smokes ucfii 
de wa dare mo tabako too 

a glass of beer bOru ip-pai 

of course atarimae; nwcfriron 

of ifoelf hitori de; (spontane- 
ously) skizen ni 

of Late kono aida; kono goro 

of old mukathi 

o . . . hand (without prepara- 
tion or effort) sokma ni; nan 
ds mo naku 

to be o. . . one's bead kieiti- 
gai de aru 

o... and on (sometimes) 

to be badly o. . . komatte iru; 
bimbo guru 

to be well o. . . kane-moehi de 

to be o . . . (of an agreement) 
dame ni naru 

be o . . . atchi e ike 

I must be o. . . mo ilca-nake- 
reba nara-nai 

hands o . . . I sawaru na\ 

a mile o. . . ichiTi saki 

far o. . . gutto Mki 

how far o . . . / dono gurai 
hanaretef [how much apart?! 

a great many fish are caught 
o . . . Hommoku Hommoku 
no oki de taktsan takana ga 

Offence (fault) oekido; (crime) 
to take o . . . okoru 




I hope you wiU not take 
o. . . but ghOsiirei desu ga 
(this is a mere polite ex- 
pression); waruku omotte 
tea ikemagen ga (this is used 
when there is a possibility 
of my act being taken in 
bad part) 
Offend (di^lease) no/ki ni 
gauxiru; (make angry) <fko- 



what do you o...t (how much 

money?) ikura o dashi natai- 

I o. . .ed him 10 yen a month 

tsilki ni jH-yen yaro to 

what may I o . . . you^ natti 

too agemasfto kaf 
may I o . . . you some milk? 

ehiehi u>a ikaga dexii kaf 
he o...ed to do it sore wo 

ghiyS to mdshi-dashimaJihitn 
Office jimuaho; (shop) mite; (of 

a hotel) choba; (government) 

branch-o. . . ghiten 
head-o.. . hotUen 
your kind o. . .s go gfnmetgii 
Officer ghxkan 
Official kan-in 
Officious de-sugiru 
an o. . . person de-gugiru hUo 
to be o. . . de-augiru 
Often tabi-tabi 
does this o... happea' tabi- 
tabi no koto dega kat 
how o.,.1 iku-tabif nan-do! 
as o. .. as tambi ni 
as o... as I meet him ano 

hUo ni au tambi ni 
1 go to Tokyo as o... as 

you watakOnhi wa anata to 

onaji gurai T6kyd e ikinuuH 

yon are welcome as o as 

you please dozo iigH de mo 
he o . . . comes poku kimasH 
I have not met him very 

o . . . lately kono goro am- 

mari aimasen 
Oil abnra 
castor o_. . . Mmaghi no dbura 
kerosene' o. . . seki-yu 
olive o. . . oribu-yu 
o. . .-painting abura-e 
o. . .-paper abura-i a-ni 
o. . . of turpentine teremen-yu 
o...y (to the touch) ahura 

ga UtuiW iru; (to the taste) 

Ointment koyahu 
Old (things) iurui; (of persons) 

o. . . times mukashi 
o. . . roan o jii-gan 
o. .. woman o bd-san 
o. .. friend furui tomodachi 
o. .. age ronen 
o. .. curios kotio-hin 
he is tlie same as of o. . , 

ano hUo wa cJiitto mo kawara- 


to grow o . . . toshi wo toru 
you are growing o. . . dan-dan 

toshi too torimasu 
how o . . . are you ? o toshi 

wa ikutsU desH kaf 
I am 8 years o . . . watakA- 

ski wa yaltstX desH 
how o . . . is your mother? 

kd-san wa o ikutsU detA 

he is than I am ano 

hUo wa uxUakOghi yori loshi- 

ue desa 
See AOE 
Olive kanran; oribiX 
o . . . oil oribH-yu 
Omekt omureUA 




Omit otosfi; (pmposely) nukasu 

o . . . in writing kaki-otosu 

o . . . in reading pomi-otcsa 
Omnibus noriai-basha 
On no ue ni; ni 

on the table teburu no ue ni 

on the way michi de 

go on (after having stopped 
by my order) mo ii [that is 
on the 4th of May go-gatsii no 

yokka ni 
on the right migi ni 
a book on flowers hana no 

and so on ato wa sono tori 
on then! sd\ 
what is on to-night.' konya 

wa nani ga arimasu kal 
Once (one time) ichi-do; (for- 
merly) moto 
at o . . . sugu ni 
o. . . for all mo kore kin 
this o. . . only kondo dake 
o... in a way tama ni 
o. . . more mo ichi-do 
o... upon a time (the be- 
ginning of cliildren's tales) 

mukashi muknshi 
I have seen him o. . . before 

itsU ka mita koto ga arimasH 
1 o. . . went to Tokyo by 

tramcar itsu ka Tokyo e 

densha de ikimashita 
I cannot give you an answer 

at o . . . chotto henji ga 

One MlotsU; ichi; hii 
only o. . . tatta httotsU; hUotm 

another o... (one more of 

the same kind) mo hitolsH; 

mo ichi-mai; etc., according 

to the thing referred to; 

Bee p. 15; (a different one) 

hoka no 

o... person hUori 

o. . . day ichi-nirhi; (a certain 
day) am hi: (in the future) 
itsHka; tajitsu 
it is o. . . and the same thing 

onaji koto desA 
o... wayoranotherdo A-ffl ko ka 
o . . . (of a pair) katappo; (in 

compounds) kata — 
one eye kata-me 
o ... of my boots has a hole 
In it katappo no kutsu ga 

o. . .'3 self jifmn 
by o...'8 self hUori de 
o. . . by o. . . hUotsa zutsU 
o. . . third sam-bun no ichi 
o. . . side katappo: kati-kawa 
this o. . . kore 
that o . . . sore: are 
a good o . . . ii no 
a long o . . . nof/ai no 
a pretty o. . . kirci na no 
another o . . . hoka no 
an odd o . . . hampa no 
o... after the otlier jMn-j«j» 

o. . . and all minna 
o. . . of two things fiitatsil no 

uchi hitotsU 
any o. . . (person) dare de mo; 

dare ka; (thing) dore de mo; 

dore ka 
o. . . another tagai ni 
some o . . . dare ka; aru hUo 
it is o. . . of the best ships in 

the company kono kaisha de 
ii ho no June desti 
I bought the o... I saw 

yesterday kind mita no wo 

I shall buy o. . . of them dore 

ka kaimasho 
o . . . of you donata ka 
red c. . .3 will do akai no de 


185 Open 

either red 0...8 or black 
o. . .8 will do akai no de 
mo kuroi no de mo ii 
Onion negi 

Only tatta; dake; hakari; tada; 
- sMka (with neg. verb) 

o. . . one tatta hUotsu; hUolsH 

this' is the o... one kore 
dak£ itm 

1 can o . . . read kana kana 
de nakereba yome-rmi [if it 
is not kana I cannot read 
it]: kana dake yoviemam; 
kana xhika yomemuKeii 

this one o. . . kore duke 

this once o . . . kondo dake 

an o. . . son Mtori viumko 

o . . . 5 yen tatta go-yen 

not o... — but also — 
— bakari de nak-u — _mo 

put in not o. . . this 6ut also 
that kore bakari de nalfu 
sore mo irete o trure 

I o. . . arrived yesterday kind 
tsuita hakari desH 

your letter o . . . reached me 
yesterday kino yoyo tegami 
ga todokiniashUn 

o. . . the other day tsui kono 

there are o. . . 3 left mo mittsU 
shika arimasen 

o. . . because bakari de 

I have come to Kobe o... 
because my friend 1-; iWtomo- 
dachi ga byoki de aru bakari 
de Kobe e kimnuMta 

if I o. . . could see him my 
mind would be at ease ai sae 
sureba ani^hin shimasU 

1 would call on him o. . . 1 do 
not know where he lives 
cmo kata no tokoro e ikitai no 
detii ga uchi ga uakarimanen 

have you another like this 

o... larger? kore to onaji 

mono de sUkoshi okii no ga 

arimasen ka t 
it will o. . . take ten minutes 

jip-pun shika kakarimaaen 
I have o . . . seen it once tatia 

ichi-do mimashita 
after all he is o ... a boy ol 

fifteen, isn't he? taka ga ju- 

go no kodomo ja nai ku? 
he is o . . . a child mada ko- 
domo drsU 
thLs is a book used o. . . in 

girls' schools kore tva onna no 

gakko de bakari tsiikau hati 

there is o... a girls' school 

liere, there is no boys' 

scho( 1 koko ni tea onna no 

gakko bakari de otoko no toa 

it is to be found o . . . in 

Tokyo sore no aru no u» 

Tokyo dake desil 
this toy is not for yon o. . . 

kono omocha iva omae hilori 

no ja nai 
what I want to say is o. . . 

this — hoka de mo nai (la — 
o . . . one house was burnt 

uchi ga ik-ken uaketa dake 

it is o . . . little further, mo 

jiki desa ' 
Open (trans.) ake'ru; (intr.) aku 
pleasij o. . . the door to wo 

akete kudasai 
to o . . . a bottle bin no kuehi 

wo (tkeru 
I caiTnot o... my bag nimo- 

tsU wo akeraremasen 
when do they o . . . the doota# 

nan-ji ni akimasH kat 
will the Bank be o... to- 
morrow? ashtta wa ginko ga 

aru desho ka f 




thia flower «iU o . . . to-day 

kono hana uxi kyo sakimasu 
to be o. . . aite iru 
to leave o... ak<ppinasMte 

it is not o... to doubt lUa- 

gai wo ire-nai 
it is o. . . to question sore wa 

is it o . . . to visitors? dare 

de mo hairemasu. kaf Imay 

anybody see it/1 
I should like U> sit in tlie 

o... air goto de koshi-kake- 

o... -handed mono-osldmi ivo 

o. . .ly obira ni 
Openine (aperture) kiichi; ana; 

(a space between) aida; (com- 
mencement) liajime; (of an 

assembly) kaikai 
Opinion kangae 
in my. o... uxUakushi no 

IcMngtte de um 
I am of o . . . that — — to 

I am of the same o. . . onaji 

kangae desu 
to change one's o... kangae 

tto kae'ru; kan/pu: ga kaunru 
I have no o . . . on the matter 

hettH ni kanme tea arimasen 
o. . .8 differ hlto ni yotU kan- 
gae ga chigau 
what is your o . . . t do omoi- 

mtuu ks? 
to hold to an o . . . aio e 

hika-nai [not to go back] 
OpiuBi aien 
Opportuniy boat; tsuide; ori; 

to take AdvantaRe of the 

o. . . 6041* UM) riyo turn 
I take this o. . . to aay that 

Umidt fit iiiMuiX ga 

when you have the o... 

tsuide no toki 
make sure of your o. . . ori 

too hazusii na 
don't miss the o. . . tt ori voo 

hazu.^hUe wa ikemasen 
to watch for an o . . . ori wo 

favourable o. . . it ori; »• toH 
to wait for a favourable o. .. 

ii ori wo nial<:ii 
Oppose hantai sum 
U) be o...d to ni/hantai de 

Opposite (facing) hantai no; 

(contrary) hantai no 
the o... direction har.tai no 

tlie house o... rrniko no uchi 
o . . . tlie post-office yubin- 

ki/oku no mukni 
the o. . . side muko 
Or k-a 
this or that kore ka are ka 
is it good or bad.' ii ka warui 

I don't know whether it is a 

dog or a cat inu da ka neko 

da ka shira-nai 
will you go or not? Unmasa 

ka ilcimasen ka! 
he may go or not (it doesn't 

matter) ano hito wa itte 

mo ika^akvte mo ii 
two or three persons ni-san- 

five or six years go-roktiiten 
be wiU go to Kamakura or 

Enoshima ano hilo wa Kama- 
kura ka Eiioskima e iku 

which do you prefer tea or 

coffee? o chtL to kuhii to doeki- 

ra ga yoroshii de*H ka f 
make haste or you will be 

late itoga-nakereba osoku 




narimasH [if yon don't hurry 
you will he late] 
or else de nakcreba 
Orange mikan 

Order (seiiuencc) jun; (for 
goods) chumon; (to ser- 
vants) ii-tsuke 
in rcmilnr o. . . jun ni 
I will give an o... chUmon 

I want to n^rtccl tlie o... 
chOmon wo t,>ri-keshr'ai 
w mnke to c... chumon de 

when \vill you deliver the 
ijoods if 1 ?ive an o... 
ehuMon sui-i'o itni shina- 
mono wo tOKioketc kurenuisA 

to o. . . from Nagoy-i Afinoya 
e c/tiiinon snru 
1 did not o... this kore wa 
ehUinmi shiiuasen 
itisdilicrentfromwiiatlo. . .- 
ed korc wa chiiiiion to chi- 

1 cainiot give yon the money 
witliout a written o. . . kaki- 
Isuke ga miLcirlMi kana wo 
by whose o. . .? diirrno ii-tsuke 

to o . . . (command) ii-tsfkeru 
wliy don't you do as l_o. .. 
you '.' naze ii-tcUkcta tori m 
shunasm ka? 

1 o...i:d my boy to bring 
my bouts boi ni kutsu uo 
niotte kur^x yo ni ii-tsuke- 

k) be in o... sorotte i'ru; 
(arranged) katazuite i'ru; 
totonoUe i'ru 

tliesb books are not in o... 
koru) hon wa soroUi i-nai 

please anange the books in 

o. . . hon ivo jun ni narabci.- 

to put in o... katazuke ru; 

put tlie loom ill o... heya 

wo kaUtzukete o kt^re 
to bo out of o... (t^ngs) 

aorniie i^ni; (ninch;r!*ry) 

audi <ja wnrni; kuriUte i'ru 
to get out of o. . . (machi- 
nery) v!/t't >ja variiku varu- 

in o ... to yo ni; tame ni; noni 
ino... to hpcoiiic a seliolar 
one must ^;tudy gakunhcni na- 

ru tu'.ue ni wa benkyo shi-na- 

/iercba na.iinasen 
in o . . . to finish soon Tiayaku 

shiiiiati yo ni 
in o... not to wake the 

child kodomo uv okosa-nai 

yo ni 

in o. . . tliat yo ni 
hi o. . . that you may under- 
stand anuta ga wakaru yii ni 
Ordinary utarimae no 
o. . . times )udan 
my o. . . clotlies will do hidan 

710 yofiiku de ii 

an o . . . man (not an offlcial) 

tada no hi to 
Orient tHyo 

o . . . u! ioyo no 
Origin ntvto 

o. . .al (eccentric) kaicatta; 

( haiinie no 
Ornament kazari-mono 
Orphan miuoi^i-go 
Other hoka no; mo kitotsii iw 

wlieie is the o... fieiici).' mw 
hitotsii no empitsu wa doko 
ni arimasu ka! 

buy si'nie o. . . i;i::d of fruit 
today kyo wa vuni ka kawut- 
ta iMdamono wo kuUe o-ide 




o. . .s (people) hoka no hUo; 

the o . , . s will be done in a 

week hoka no uxi is-shukan 

de dehimasH 
some of them are better than 

0...S naka ni wa ii no 

mo am 
A and three o...s A to hoka 

the o . . . day konaida; seii- 

every o. . . day ichi-mcJii old 
every o... one fiUotm oki 
the o . . . side muico 
each o . . . o tagai 
o. . . wise (if not) so de nake- 

on the o . . . side iaho de wa; 

so)w kawari ni 
now you say it is too much 

o. . . days you say it is not 

enough kyo um o-sugiru to iiie 

itsii ka tia tari-nai to itla 
Bome . . . day itsu ka 
the o . . . way about abekobe 
Ought sometimes translated by 

hazu; sometimes equivalent 

to MUST (q.v.) 
one o ... to speak the trutli 

hita wa makoto too iu hazu da 
you . . . to go to-day kpo 

anata um ika^nakereba ike- 


you o . . . to be more care- 
ful me SHkoski ki too tsuke- 

nakereba ike-nai 
you o ... to h»ve been more 

cftFeful mo sUkoshi ki wo 

tsukereba ii tm m 
you o . . . to take some me- 
dicine kwuri too nomcba ii 
what o. . . I to <io.' do skitar» 

i o. . . to luve gone iJcdba 

then you o. . . to have =aid 
so sonnara so ieba yokatta 

you o . . . not to smoke so 
much so7ina ni tabako wo 
nonde wa d«me da 

there o... to be some (obli- 
gation) aru hazu da; (sup- 
position) aru desfio 

it o... to have arrived by 
this time (obligation) mS 
tsuiie iru hazu da; (suppo- 
sition) mo Isuite ii-u desho 

he o . . . to be liere directly 
(obligation) mo suau k-uru 
hazu da; (supposition) mo 
sugu kuru deshi 

there o . . . not t« be aro hazu 
wa nai 

you o . . . to do this anata tpa 
kore wo sum hazu desii 

it o . . . not to cost more than 
two yen ni-yen ijo kukara-nai 
Our watakiishi-domo no 

ours watakushi-domo no 
Out (outside) soto; 

o . . . of d»ars soto 

o. . . of (because) kara; (with- 
out) nai; (from) kara 

o... of jealousy yakimoehi 

o. . . of money kane ga nai 

take the key o... of the 
drawer hiki-dashi kara kagi 
wo o dashi nasai 

o . . . of the common mezu- 

o. . . in the garden niuia ni 
[in tiie garden] 

0.. . of p4ace (not corres- 
poodiug t» surroundings) ni/ 

o . . . of its place basho ga 

o... of sorts kimoehi ga 




o . . . of the way (remote) 

get o . . . of the way o doki 

to be o . . . (away from liome) 

r;/,s)< de aru; or the npc. 

of oru 
he is o . . . at present tada- 

ima rusu dexi'i 
he is o . . . of ifivm (e.g. Yo- 

kohnnui) Yokohama ni ori- 

to e.0 o . . . dckake'ru; (of a 

fire) klriu 
the fire is o. . . hi ga kietn 
shall 1 lot the dog o. . .? inn 

wo dasliiiiutshu kit! 
to he o... of one's mind 

kichigai de aru 
to be o . . . of order (things) 

soroHe i-nai: (niachiuery) 

guni ga ivaii'i; kurutte iru 
to get o... of order (machi- 

nei-y) gnat ga voaruku naru; 

to he o . . . of temi)er kigen 

ga warui 
to be o . . . of breath iki ga 

o... of si;,'ht mie^nai 
eight o , . of nine kokonotsu 

no uchi imUsu 
Outrageous 7/iulio na 
Outside solo 
o. . . the ijate num. no soto de 
at t)ie very o... 100 yen 

»kute mo hyaku-yen 
OvaJ tamago-TMri 
Oven (European, for cooking 

food) sfdohu no naka 
Over (on the top oi) no ue tU 
a bird is flying o. . . the lake 

tori ga mizu no ue ni tande 

the wind blew the letter o. . . 

the fence kaze ga tegami wo 

ike-gnki no muko e fHkir 

it is o. . . (finished) mo sunda 
the cherrj' blossoms are o.. 

sakura wa mo shimai da 
the raui is o... ame ga ya- 

all o... (finished) mo stti- 
mai; (coverinc! everything) 
it is all o. . . T)w shiinai; 
(there is no liel;) for it) mo 
slil-kata nn nai 
alio... nmd I'oro-darake 
her dress is nil o... mud 
ano hito no kimono ga doro- 
darake desU 
all o . . . the place doko ni de mo 
all the world o... sekai-jH 
o... and o... again iku-tabi 

o. . . again mo ichirdo 
to do o... again (in correc- 
tion) shi-^aosd 
Overcharge (ask too high a 

price) kake-ne sunt 
Overcoat gaito 
Overflow (in small vessel) 

kohoreru: (large) afureru 
Overland oka wo 
Overlook (omit to see) mi- 
otosi'i; (pardon) yurusii 
I'll o... it tliis time kondo 
wa yurushimusbo 
Oversee tori-shimaru 
Oversight machigai 
it was an o. . . sore wa ma- 
chigai deshUa 
Oversleep ne-sugi'ru 
Overtake ni/oi-tsuk-u 
Overwet^^lkt 0)iio-ruffi'm. 
Overwork hataraki-sugiru 
y«u o . . . me five yen cmata 
wa toatabushi id ffo^en kari 
ga aru 




what do I o... you? il-ura 
dan hat fhow much is it.'] 
this account is still owing 
kono kanjo wa mada tunde 
owing to the heat aUaiaUa 
owing to the rain ame ga 
furimashtia ham 
Own (one's) fibun no 
your o. . . go jibun no 
J make my o. . . dresses jibun 
de kimono too koshiraemasu 
that is my o . . . sore u>a uxUa- 
kOshi no desH [mine) 
It is fpr my o . . . personal use 
Hbiifi de tsUkau no desu 
to o. . . moUH; (confess) hakujo 
o. . .ed by Mr. Tanabe Tw 
nabe San no motte iru 
O. . .er ^nochi-nusbi 
who is the« mochi- 
ttushi wa dare dem ka? 
Oyster kaki 

Pacific Oceaq TaiAei-yo 
Pack tsulsumu; ni-zukuri sum; 
nimoisH nt ire'm 
tlease p . . . up these things 
kore wo tsutsunde kMUsai 
I am. going to my room to 
p. . .'nimotsa wo koshirae ni 
heya e ikimasd 
Package tsutsumi 
bow many p. . .« in all' 
tsutsumi tea minna de ikutsU 
arimasa ka? 
Pack-horse ni-Hma 
Paddy-field la 
Padock nankin'jS 
Past priji 

on what p. . . Is iU fMn-pHji 
desU kaf 
P«(toda to 
« uve storied p.. go-jH no 

Pail baketsU; te-oke 
Pain itami 
to p... itamu 

my foot P...S me asAx ga 
do you suffer p.. J itami- 
masa kaf 

to take p. . .s (to be very 
careful) yoku ki u>o tsiXkeru 
Paint penki 
to p... (of a house-painter) 
penki too num: (of an artist) 
e wo kaku; (one's face) a 
shiroi wo tsOke'm 
p . . . er (house-painter) penki- 

ya; (artist) e-kaki 
water-colour p. . .ing suisai-ga 
oil p. abura-e 
Pair (of boots, socks, etc.) 
is-soku; (of vases, etc.) it-tsui; 
(of animals, male and female) 
Palace Jfcyu^ 
Pale aoi; tisui 
p . . . face aoi kao 
to turn p. . . aejfcu nam 
p . . . c<^our usui iro 
Paim (of the hand) te no hxra; 

(tree) shuro 
Papa see father 
Paper kami; (newspaper) shimr 

please give me a sheet of 
p... kami wo ichi-mai. 

foreign p . . . teiyo no kami 
blotting-p. . . suiifiri-gami 
oil-p. .. abura-gami 
W. C. p. . . otoshi-gami 
saad-p . . . \faswri-gami 
wrapi^ng p . . . tiuUumi-gami. 
Paper-hanger ij«n-va 
p... -store to»»»-W» 
p . . . -weight kesan 
.p... -money satsA 
Papier-mache Aarito; ikkamtMri 



Pa s 

Paradise tengoku 

ParaUel heiko shUa; (similar) 

doj/d na 
Parasol M-gasa 
Parcel tsutsumi 
paper p. . . kami-zutsumi 
p . . . -post kozntsumi-yvbin 
I beg your p... gomen 

See EXCtrsB 
Parents oi/a; ryoshin 

your p . . . go ryoshin 
Park (public) koen; koenchi 
Parliament kokkai; gikai 
upper house kizoku-in 
lower house shOffi-in 
Parrof omu 
Parsley seri 
Part bun; bu 
3 P...8 of water, 1 p... of 
salt san-bu tea tmizu, idti-bu 
too sMo 

1 p. . . out of 10 jH-bun no 

for my p. . . watdkiXshi wa 
for the most p. . . taigai 
in p ... it is true Ocura Jca 
hento desH 

I will go p . . . of the Way 
with you toehU mads issho 

to take in good p. . . ki m 
to take in bad p... ki ni 
take'm; %taruku omou 
you must not take It in ill 
p. . . wanku omoUe %Da 
-to divide into 3 p...8 mVttH 
ni wakeru 

to take p.. . in (be concerned 
in) ni/kankei sum 
to take no p. .. in ni/kankei 

In what p... (of the town)? 
dotdii no hof 

I do n* like to p... with 
thus kore wa le-banas6 no 
waiya da 

to p. . . (of friends) Wakan'm 

p. . .ly ikura ka; hitotsU ni ua 
Particular (strict) kibisMi; 
(spe'cial) tokvbetsU, na; betsA 

I have no p... reasons betsU 
ni wake wa nai 

I want it by* to- 
morrow asMta wu zeki iri- 

in p . . . tokubflsi ni ; bet-vA ni 

I am very p. . . about clean- 
liness in the kitchen uaftrffl- 
shi wa daidokoro no soji wa 
tailien ni kibishii 

p. . .akuuxishii koto 

I want full p...s kuuHtshii 
koto wo kikitai 

for further p...s apply to 
No. 78 kutpnuhii koto wa 
s/iichi-jit-kachi-ban de o kiki 
Partner nakama 
Party (political) seito; (enter- 
tainment) enkai; -kai 

dinner-p. . . bajisankai 

evening-p . . . yakai 

garden-p. . . enyuJ:ai 

to give a p . . . etikai wo 
Pass torn 

to cause to p. .. 0sii 

to p... by torn 

to happen to p... by tort- 

to p... in front of no/maa 
wo tom 

to p . . . tluough the Custom* 
tsSkan saseru 

tap... time kurasH 



to p . . . the night at nil 

tlie stonn has p...ed arashi 
fja yamimashUa 

1 will let it p... once more 
ima dake yurushimasfi 1 
pari'.on you only now] 

kiBciiy p... me the thread 
pan wo totte l-udasai 

p. . . the sweets round viitia- 
san ni o kashi wo ayete ku- 

p . . . -book kayoi-eho 
Passage (corridor) roka 
Passenger jokyaku 
Passion (emotion) jo 

to get into a p... okoru 
Passport ryoko-menjo (Pass- 
ports are not necessary in 
Jaijnn, though they may be 
convenient as a proof of 
one's identity.) 

after tliree years were p... 
san-nen tatU kara 

for some time p . . . higoro 

is p . . . and done for tunde 

in the p... ima made [until 

half p . . . one iclii-ji Iian 

p. . . 4 o'clock yo-ji sugi 

5 n:iiiUtes p . . . 4 yo-ji go- 
fun auffi 

he started a little p . . . 3 
ean-ji xukoshi sugi ni deka- 

p . . . the Bank Ginko no saki 
Paste n«ri 

p... -board iia-gami; bom- 
Pastry o kasJti 

to put on a p... ttusri wo 

Patent tokkyo 

p...ed &vt\c\(i tokkyo-hin 
Path ko-michi 
foot-p... kuruma ga tore-nai 
to be p... (under suffering) 

gamnn «Mr!/; (under provoca- 
tion) kamiin suru 
be p. . . with me kannin shite 

Patriot nikokiifha aikokiishin 
Pattern (model) tehon; (sample) 

mihon; (figure) kaia; mayo 
dyed p... svme-moyo 
embroidered p . . nui-moyS 
woven p... oridasjii-moyo 
ftriped p . . . ehima-moyo 
according to p . . . mihon no 

tori ni 
Pawn V. t. shlchi ni ire'ru 
Pay harau; (a person) ni/kane 

wo harau 
I will p... loataktishi ga 

p . . . t!ie milkman chichi-ya 

ni kauf, wo haratte o kure 
is this book paid for ? kono 

lion no dai wa mo haratie am 

no desU ka ? 
this bill is already paid kono 

kanjo wa mo haraimashiia 
it doesn't p . . . (no prolit) 

shobai ni naranai; soroban 

ga tata-nai 
to p . . . back kaesH 
to p. . . attention ki teo 

to p . . . no attention to wo/ 

mimi ni mo lome^nai; kama- 

wa-nai de 
to p . . . a visit to wo/tazu- 

to p. . . off (revenge) ni/ 

ishm-gaeshi wo suru 




to p... in advance saki- 

how are your p....« mina 


san wa ikaga desU! 

p... (salary) kyUkin 

one'.s p. . . McAi no hUo 

p... (monthly wages) gek- 

like other p... hoka no hUo 


no yd ni 

p. . .-day kanjS-bi 

p. . . wont believe it dare mo 

p . . . ee uketori-kata 

shinji-nai daro harai-knla 

what will p . . . say.? hito wa 

p...ment liarai 

nan to iu daro kaf 

Pea endo 

I don't care what p... say 

p. . . in the pod saya-endo 

hlto no iu koto nanle kama- 

they are as like as two p. . .8 


«n wo fatatsa ni watta yo 

some p . . . say to iu Into 

da [Uke two halves of a 

mo am 


Pepper kosho 

Peace heiwa; (reconciliation of 

Peppermint liakka 

enemies) waboku 


p... of mind anshin 

half p. . . cent go-rin; ichi-bu 

p...ful odfiyaka na; shizuka 

no liambun 


1 p... cent ichi-bu 

Peach momo 

2 p... cent, etc. ni-bu, etc. 

Pear nashi 

10 p. . . cent ichi-wari 

Pearl shinju 

20 p . . . cent ni-wari 

mother-of-p . . . aogai 

p. . . annum nen ni 

casting of p. . .s before swine 

Perfect kanzen na 

neko ni kohan [giving gold (completely) mattaku; 

coins to a cat] 

(ia\i\t\G^i\y) sukkari ; (very) 

Peasant hyakiisho 


Peculiar (strange) hen na; 

to understand yoku 

fusltigi na: okasliii; (special 


kind of) isshu-lolcubetsU na 

t(> be p. . .ly well known shi- 

Peddler akindo 

re-kitte iru 

Peel verb no/kawa wo muku 

it is plain what is 

(come off) mukeru 

meant wakari-kitta hanashi 

Peep V. i. nozoku 


Pen (European) pen; (Japanese 

Performance (theatrical) kSgyo 

brush) fude 

Perfume nioi; (liquid) kosui 

Pencil empitsu 

to use p. . . kosui wo Isuke'ru 

Penetrate ni/iri-komu 

Perhaps tabun; expressed also 

Penknife ko-gatana 

by the future tense or by 

Pension (allowance) onkyH 

ka mo shire-nai placed at 

Peony botan 

the end of the sentence 

People hUo 

p... he will come kimasho; 

good p... ii hlto 

tabun kimasho 

poor p. . . himmin 

p . . . there are tabun aru 

a crowd of p. . . ozei 

desluj; aru desho 







It may p. . . be 30 tabun so 

p. . . the steamer will be in 

to-morrow ashUa toa johisen 

ya tsUhu ka mo tkire-nai 
p... it will rain to-night 

komban ame ga luru ka mo 

See UAY 
Peimission yunuM 
to ask p . . . yurushi w6 ukeru 
to obtain p... yurushi wo 

without p. . . yurushi nashi 

ni; (without giving notice 

beforehand) kototoara-^nai de 
you must not go out again 

without p . . . kotowara-nai 

de mS uchi wo deU wa ike- 

to whom must one apply 

for p...? dare no yurushi 

ga areba ii no desA ka? ■ 
with your p... go shochi 

ask p . . . to see the garden 

niuM too miU mo ii ka kiiU 

do you need a special p . . . to 

go in? fiairu no vi tokubeUit 

no yurushi ga irimasH ka f 
Permit yurusH 
I cannot p. . . this yuruse- 

he is p...ted to do so ano 

hUo toa so shite mo ii no da 
a p. . . menjo 
Perpetual (without intermb- 

sidn) taema no nai; (eternal) 

eikyH no 
p.. .ly shijH 

tq be p . . . ed komaru 
Persevere shimbo suru 
Persimmon kaki 
dried p... hoshi-gaki 

Person Mto; nn;-nin 

one p. . . hitori 

two p. . .8 fOtari 

three p. . .8 san-ntn 

four p . . . 8 yottari 

five p . . . s, etc. go-nin, etc. 

that p . . . ano kata 

in p. . . iibun de 

he must come in p . . . ano 
hUo wa jibun de ko-nake- 
reba nara-nai 
Perspiration ase 

my clothes are wet through 
with p . . . kimono ga ate de 
bisshori desii 

I am covered with p . . . ase- 
darake ni narimashUa 

to perspire" ase ga de'ru 

to be in a cold p . . . (from 
fright) hiya-ase wo kaite i'ru 
Persuade eusume'ru 

I will p. . . him to write knku 
yd ni tusumemasho; do ka 
shite kaku yo ni iimasho 
Pet katvaigaUe iru mono 

to p. .. kawaigaru 
Petition negai 
Pcttv (mean) keehi na; {small) 

Phlegm Ian 
Photograph shasJtin 

to p . . . shashin Un torn 

I wish to have my p... 
taken shashin wo torUai 

p. . .er shashin-ya 

have you any . vipws of the 
town? koko no shashin ga 
arimasH kaf 

It ia. forbidden to take photo- 
graplis in the neighbourhood 
of fortified places without 
a special permit. Among 
the places frequertted by 
tourists where such a prohibi- 
tion holds good, we may 
mention : Miyajima. Nacn- 

saki, Shimonoseki, Mojl and 

Phrase hi 
idiomatic p . . . shoku 
Physician o isha 
Pick torn 
to p . . . out (select) erabu; 

(select and take) Unu 
to p... the teeth ha wo 

hojiru; (with a toothpick) 

ko-yoji wo tsiikau 
to p . . . np hirou; (between 

finder and thumb) tsumamu 
articles p...ed up hiroi- 

a p . . . -pocket suri 
Picnic yusan 
to go f or a p . . . yusan suru 
Picture e; (framed) gaku; (hang- 
ing scroll) kakemono 
p . . . -book e-bon 
p. . .-frame gaku-buchi 
p. . .sque e no yd na 
p . . . post-card e-hagaki 
Piece (formed by cutting) kire; 

(formed by breakmg) kake 
to come to p . . . s bara-bara ni 

to break to p...s (separating 

parts wiiich were previously 

joined) bara-tMra ni suru: 

(destroying tilings which 

were solid) media-mecha ni 

to knock to p ... 3 bucln-kotoasH 
to tear to p. . .s yabuku 
to tear into small p...s 

mecha^mecha ni yabuku 

to take to p. . .8 (a, machine) 

•what a p... of folly baka 

na koto da, nei 
Pier hatoba; (wooden) sam 

Pierce tsiiki4dsii 
Pig biUa 

Pigeon hato 
Pile (heap) yama 
to p . . . up tsumi-kasaneru 
Pilgrim jttnrei 
Pill ganyaku 
Pillar fyashira 
Pillow makura 
Pilot mizusaki-annai 
Pin tome-bari; pin 
P...8 and needlts (sensation) 

hair-p... (European) soku- 
luUsu no pin; (Japanese) 
Pinch tsuHeru; (squeze between 

two hard bodies) hasamu 
Pine (tree) matsU; mom% 
Pink toki^iro 
Pip lane 
Pipe kuda 
a p . . . (pipeful of tobacco) 

to smoke a p . . . ip-puku 

tobacco p... kiseru; (Eu- 
ropean) paipu 

to f Ul one's p . . . tabako un 
Piss V. i. shoben suru 
Pistol pisutoru 
what a p. . . (when refer- 
ring to the second person 
as: I am sorry for you) 
kinodoku desii; (referring 
to anybody) oshii koto desH^ 
I p. . . you kinodoku ni omoi- 

J p. . . that poor child ano ko 
toa katvaiso desa ne 
itisap. . . the house is so far 

uchi .ga tokOte ikemasen ne 
Place tokoro 

in one (a certain) p... uru 
tokoro de 




in the first p... dai ichi ni; 

in the p . . . of nolhawari ni 
all over the p . . . doko ni de 

tt I were in your p . . . tcata- 

kiishi nara 
In its p. .. (in place of another 

thing removed) sono ato e 
put this away in its (proper) 

p. . . kore wo chnnto s/nmatte 
this is not in it-s (jiroper) 

p. . . kf>re iva basho qn chigau 
out of its p . . . basho ga 

out of p. . . (not correspond- 
ing to surroun.dings) ni awa- 

the p. . . where he has gone 

19 very cold ano hito no 

itteiru tokoro wa taihen ni 

to lose one's p... (empioy- 

ment) yosastrareru 
to take p . . . (happen) okoru; 

when did that take p . . . « 

sore ica itm no koto d^nhila 

from what p . . . are you? 

anata no o kuni wa doko 

desu ka? 
to p . . . oku 
to p . . . (the matter) in the 

hands of ni/tanoiuu 
Plasue yakubyo; pesHto 
Plain (level) taira na; hira- 

tai; (a level tract of ground) 

kirachi; (clear) Itakliiri shita; 

(not highly ornamented) 

jimi ni; (not ornamented 

with patterns) muji no: (of a 

woman) junin-nami no 
Ptan (diagram) zu; (scheme 

devised) ku/H; (metliod) iuiho 

the best p . . . will be to — 
— tio ga iehi-ban ii daro 
Plank ila 
Plant ueki 

to p. . . ue'ru 

Plaster (lime) shikkui; (mud) 
kabe; (medical) koj/aku; ban- 

p... of Paris xetfaj 
Plate (for eating off) sara; 
(sheet of metal) ita 

silver-p...d ghn-mekki 

Kold-p. . .d kim-mekki 
Platform piiraUdhoinU 

is this p... richt for Kobe? 
Kobe yuki wa koko de ii no 
dixu ka? 

which is the p. . . for Kobe? 
Kobe yuli wn dotehi desu ka? 

p. . . ticket nyiijoken 
Play a.tobu: (stringed musical 
instruments, piano and organ 
etc.) hlku; (musical instru- 
nients blown with the 
mouth) fiik-u 

to p . . . the fool baka wo 

he is a pood p . . . er (game 
or musical instnunent) ano 
hUo wa juzu desu 
Pleasant (feeling) kimochi ga 
ii; (pleasurable) omoshiroi; 
(of persons) ij; (of eatables) 
umat ,■ (pretty) kirn na 

PLEASE followed by an im- 
perative is generally ex- 
pressed by kudasai at the 
end of the sentence, and 
this is sometimes strengtlien- 
ed by dozo placed at the 
beginning. See the conjuga- 
tion of the verb p. 23 

p... bring me my hat bothi 
wo niotte kite kudasai 




p... lend TT\e yoiu umbrel- 
la dUzo kdsti wo kashite 

p... do this for me dozo 
kore wo sliite kudasai 

yes, p . . . dozo 

I am veiy p ..d to hear it 
Sure ua yokntti 

I am p...d with my new 
house konda no uchi wa ki 
ni irimashila 

hard to p . . . ki-muzuknshii 

whatever you p. . . nande mo 
o s&ki na no 

whichevpr you p . , . dore de 
mo o st'iki na no 

just as you p. . . anata no ii 
yn in 

p. . . yourself artata no ii yo 
ni nasai 

I am p. . .eU ; see 
Pleasure tanoshivn. 

with p . . . yorol.onde 

to travel for p . . . asobi de 

rynku suru 
Plenty takiiaan; juhun 

there are p... lakiisan ari- 

that is p. . . (enough) sore 
de tahusan 
Plum firm 

large red p... botankyo 
. large yellow p. . . hxUankyo 
Plural iiikutu (the Jaiwnese 
language makes very little 
distinction between singular 
and plural) 
Pocket kakiUhi; poketto; (Ja- 
panese use as pockets tlie 
bottom of the sleeve tamoto 
or sode; also the bosom of 
the dress fOtokoro) 

put this in your p. . . kor» 
wo anata no kat&shi ni o 
ire nasai 

it is in the left-hand p . . . 

of my trousers mbon no 

hidari, no kakHshi ni ari- 

p. . .-book tecJio 
p. . .-handkerchief hankechi 
p... -knife ko-omtana 
p. . .-money kozukai 
Poem ski: uta 
Poet shijhi 
Point (end) saki.; (gist of an 

argUMK'ut) shin; (meaning, 

as. <i,' a joke) imi; (dot) ten, 
1 was on the p . . . of going 

out rhodo dekakeyo to suru 

tol.oro deshita 
on tills p... I disagree koko 

wa uat'ishi im hanlai desH 
from my p . . . of view 

(metaph.) watakHshi no mt 

knra wijreha 
t!ie rr>ain p. . .s yoten 
to g.iin one's p . . . molndxki 

wo tassuru 
I make a p . . . of reading 

every morning mai-asa kiito 

hon wo yomimasil (I surely 

read every morning] 
that is not the p . . . sore wa 

betsii no koto desH 
that is the p . . . soko ga 

mondai da 
dont talk so much and get 

to tiie p... yokei na koto 

wo iwa-nai de kanjin no koto 

dake o ii nasai 
to p... (sharpen) logarasH 
p . . . ed logaUa 
to p . . . out (with the hand) 

wo/yubi-sasil: oshieru; (to 

draw attention to) nilehui 
wo suru 
Point-blank (with excess of 

candour) muki-da^ n^ 

(suddenly) dashintike ni: 

(flatly) kipp»ri 




he refused p... ano hUo wa 

kippcri koiowarimashita 
Poison doku 
Police leisatau 

p. . .man junsa; o matoari-san 
p... -station keisatsti-sho 
chief of a p . . . -station kei- 

call a p . . . man jwiga veo 

yonde o Irure 
if there is no p . . . man near 

run to the p . . . -station 

ehikaku ni junsa ga i-nake- 

reba keisatsu-sho t kakete 

itU kwe 
nin and fetch the p... 

hayaku junxa wo yonde o-ide 
where is the p . . . -station? 

keisattH-sho wa doko desiX ka? 
come and explain yourself 

to the p . . . iibun de junsa 

ni o hanashi nasai 
where can I find a p . . . 

man.'»doi-o ni junsa qa iru 

ttiis man has robbed me 

kono hUo ga niuunda no 

the thief was caught in the 

very act dorobo ga sono ba 

ie ttukamarimaskUa 
6ome one has broken open 

my door dare ka to wo la- 

please come and see dozo kiU 

mite kndasai 
this man put his hand in 

my pocket kono hUo wa 

uxUakushi no poketto ni 

U wo iremashUa 
I request you to have him 

arrested dozo tsitkamaeU 

1 had not the least idea of 

giving offence chitto mo 

ioann ki wa nakatta no detu 

I apologise for what has 
happened domo sumimasen, 
warui koto wo shimashita 

I shall complain to ray 
Consul Rydji ni uttaemasH 
Polish V. t., migaku 
Polite teimi na 

be p . . . teinei ni o shi nasai 

pbase take a seat (European 
style) dozo o kake kudasai; 
(Japanese style of room) 
dozo o shVci kudasai [please 
take a cushion zabuton] 

may I offer you something.' 
nani wo agemasho ka? (The 
Japanese don't usually ask 
this question but have tea 
and cakes always brought 
in to a guest irrespective of 
the hour of the day or the 
time of the year.) 

pray be at your ease o raku 

don't hurry away (when the 
guest says he must leave) 
go yukkuri 

please take a cup of tea o 
cha hxtotsu agari nasai 

please go first (aprfes vous) 
dozo o saki e 

please help yourself (of food, 
etc.) go jiyiX ni; (eat what 
has been served you) o agari 

you are welcome to it dozo 

you are welcome to it as often 
as you please (fo^tfeu de mo 

if you want anything done 
pray let me know at any time 
go yd ga areba Hsu de mo itLe 

please do not stand upon 
ceremony dozo go enryo naku 
Pomegnmate zakitro 
Pood ike 
Pool (pond) ik» 




Poor bimbo na; (inferior in 

quaUty) warui; (worthy of 

pity) kaivaisd na 
a p . . . man bimbo na hUo 

p . . . people himrnin 

p . . . fellow; katoaiso ni! 

to be a p. . . hand at galheta 

de aru 
Popular (In general favour) 

hyolmn no ii 
Porcelain setomono 
Pork buta no nikii 
Port (harbour) minaio 
at what p. . .s does the 

steamer call? doko to doko 

no minaio e iune wa yori- 

ynasii ka? 
Porter (gate-keeper) momban; 

(railway) akabo (they wear 

red caps whence their 

name); (baggage carrier) 


p. . .age unchin 
Portmanteau haban; nimotsu 
Portrait shozo; (photograph) 

Portugal UonUogaru 
Position (place where an article 

is put) oki-dokoTo; (situation) 

iehi; (circumstances) kyogu; 

(of the body) mi-gamae 
difficult p . . . mtizukashii 

Positive (definite) tashika na; 

(indisputable) shikkari shita 
I am quite p. . . tashika desu 
it is a p. . . fact tashika na 

koto desu 
a p... answer tashika na 

p... proof tashika na shoko hito 
is it p . . . to do it? lore wa 
dekiru koto de»u ka! 
a f... Maru mtra 

^ qnickly asp... daie 

See AS 
it is just p. . . deki-mai mono 

de mo nai desho 
poisibly tabun; see pkrhaps 
C8nnot possibly tolemo 
I cannot tiossibly go totem» 

Post (pillar, when free at the 

top) kui; (pillar, when sup- 
porting something) hashira; 

(conveyance of letters) yu' 

to send by p... yubin de 

to p... (a letter) yiMn ni 

post this letter for me please 

kono tegami wo dashite kuda- 

saimasen ka! 
parcel-p . . . kozutsumi-yubin 
p. . .man yvbin^a 
p...-box yubin-bako 
p. . .-card hagaki 
picture p. . .-card e-hagaki 
p. . .mark keshi-in 


Post-Offfce yubin-kyoku 

what is the latest time for 
posting letters to England* 
Igirisu yuki no yObin wa 
nan-ji made desu lea? 

what time does the mail arrive 
from Kobe.' Kobe kara yfir 
bin wa nan-ji ni tsukimasH 

has the mail from Kobe 
arrived.^ Kobe kara yObin ga 
tsukimashiia ka? 

have you a letter for John 
Smitli.' John Smith ni tegami 
ga kite imam ka? 

In giving your name or 
address it is better to hand 
in youi card or write it down 




on a piece of paper, 
how much is the postage on 
this letter? kono tegami wa 
ikura de ikimasu ka? 

is this Jetter overweight/ 
korw tegami wa onw-suffiirMsu 

I wish to register this lelter, 
what is the postage* keno 
tegami wo kaki-tome ni shttai 
ga ikura desu kaf 

sny name and address are at 
the back ot the envelope 
namae to tokoro-gali ipt/. ura 
ni kaite arimasu 

I want to send » money- 
order for 15 yen to — 
— ni jH-go-yen no kawase wo 

if a parcel tor Englard is 
wrapped in paper (oil-i aper) 
will that do/ IgMsU e aasii 
ko-zutstimi wo kami (abura- 
oami) de tsiusunde mo kamai- 
masen kaf 

is It necesscry to sew it up 
in linen;'* kire de nui-tsuke- 
nakereba ikemasen kat 

1 want two yen worth of ten 
sen stamps iis-sen no kitte 
wo ni-yen dake kudasai 

1 want live ten sen stamps 
jis-sen no kitte wo go-mai 
don't put this into the letter 
box (in the street) but go to 
the post-ofllce yubin-bako 

e ire-nai de yvbin-kycku e 

dashUe o kure 
express delivery sokiUatsH- 

The Post-Offices, letter-boxes, 

etc. can always be recognized 

^ the sign x 
'VMtyone nobasH 
p. ..ment hi-nobe 

I Pot (small mouthed) tsubo; 
(larjge jar) kante; (for flowers) 
hachi; (cooking) nabe 

Potato tmo 

sweet p. . . satguma-ima 
new p. . . shin-imo 

Pottery yaki-mono 

Pound (avoirdupois) »121 mom- 
me; (sterling) pondo ; equal 
to about 10 yen. 
See p. 32 and 170 

Pour (as, intoa glass) tsMfiTM/ire-m 
to p... water (on your body) 
mizu wo ainru 
to p. . .water (in other cases) 
mizu UK) kake'ru 
it is p. . .ing with rain o-amt 
ga futte imasH 

Powder komt 

gunp. . . kayahu 

tooth-p. . . ha-migaki 
toUet-p... kona-oshiroi 
to p. . . (the face) kona-oshiroi 
wo tsuke'ru 

Power chikara; (right) kenri 
beyond one's p. . . chikara no 

it is not in my p. .. to do so 
(I have no right) waiakUsH 
ni sore wo sum kenri ga nai 

horse-p.. . hariki 

p. . . -of-attomey inin-jo 

p... ful chikara no aru 

to the best of my p. . . chika- 
ra no oyobu dake 
Practical jitsHyo no 

for all p. . . purposes jUsiiyo 
ni um; jissai 
Practice (as distinct from theo- 
ry) jitsnyo; (repitition) keiko 

in p . . . jiUM ni wa 

the usual p. . . jiitsU wa 

to be out of p. . . heta ni naru 
Pcxtise howMK 

to p.,. hmneru 

p. ..-worthy kamhin na 




Prawn ebi 
Pray inoru 
p. . .er inori 

to say a p . . . er inori wo suru 
Preach sekkyo suru 
Precaution yojin; nen 
to take p. . .s yojin suru 
as a p . . . nen no tame ni 
Precious UttUri; daiji na 
p . . . stones hoseki 
P'recipice gake 
which do you p. . . ? dore ga 

yo gozaimasH .« 
I p . . . water mizu no ho ga ii 
which do you p . . . tea or 
milk? o cha to chicfti to dotchi 
ga sUki desU ka? (If offering 
both yo gozaiynasii kaf) 
I p. . . to travel by steamer 
fune de iku ho ga ii to omoi- 
Premium (of insurance) hoken- 

Prepare rw/shUaku wo suru 
to be p...d for (a disagree- 
able contingency) kakugo 
Prescription (medical) shoho 
Present (now existing) imn rib 
in the p. . . instance kondo tea 
at p. . . ima; (as opp. to for- 
merly) ima wa 
for the p... tobun no uchi; 
ima wa 
tkis will do for the p. . . ima 

wa kore de ii 
to be p. .. oru 
to happen to be p.. . i-awa- 
there is no time like the p. . . 
onwi-taMa ga kichi-nichi 
Present (gift) okuri-mon*; (as a 
souvenir from a particular 
place) miyage; (given on a 
happy occasion) itoai-morw; 

(thrown in with a purchase) 
keUmtsA; (in return for a pre* 
sent made) henrei; (fare- 
well) sembetsU; (New Year's) 
o toshidama 

I made a p ... of it to my 
father sore wo chichi ni 

he made a p ... of it to me 
ano Mta ga sore wo kuda- 
saimashUa; ano hUo ni sore 
wo itadakimashUa (I h£^ve 
received this from him] 

I received it as a p. . . sore 
wa itadaita no desu 

thanks tor your p. . . the 
other day senjitsU wa arigaio 

Presently (immediately) ima su^ju 

ni; (soon) tadaima; sugu ni 
Preserve shimatte oku 

to p ... in salt shio ni tsUke'ru 

to p ... in sugar satoni tsUke'ru 

President (of a company) sha- 

eho; (of a Republic) Daitoryo 

Press V. t. osu;osae'ru; (squeeze) 


he p. . .s to be deaf tsun^ no 
iuri wo shinulsu 

he p . . . ed to be asleep ne- 
miitte iru Iuri wo shimashita 

it's no use p . . . ing not to 
know shira-nai Iuri wo shi- 
nakOte mo ii 

don't p. . . you are Ul byoki 
no iuri wo suru no wa o 
yoshi nasai 

I don't p... toiuderstand 
much about this kore wo 
shitte iru to tea tuu-nai 
Pretension nozomi 
Pretext n. ii-wake 

that is only a p . . . tore toa 
ii-wake da 







to use as a p . . . kakotsuJce'ru 

Pretty Idrei na; (fine) rippa no, 

p... little (as of a cliild) 

rather p . . . kanari kirei na 
p... worn in (or girl) bifin; 

I am p. . . strong kanari jobu 

that shall not p . . . me from 

g(iing SOT", de mo ikinuisii 
I am p...ed from going 

ikare^naku narimashita 
I will p... it okora-nai yo 

td shimasu 
I can't p. . . it (to sunt kotA. 

via deki-nai 
don't allow that to p . . . yoq 

sonna koto wa kamawa-nai 

de mo ii 
did auythinc p. . . you? tiani 

ka sasliitsiikae ga alia no desii 

Previous mae no; saki no 

you must give one week's 
■ p... notice is-shukan mat 

ni shirasete kvdasai 
witlioutp... notice A;rt(n«iro- 

nai de 
p. . .ly '-ae kara 
Price' nedan 
cost-p.. . mnto-ru 
nett-p. . seika 
what is the p. . .? ikura desii 

the p . . . is too high nedan 

ga amari takai 
iiave you a similar article at 

a lower p. . . « motto yasui 

no de ko iu no ga arivunen 


fixed p...8 teika 
J do not like bargaining 

jdease give me your lowest 

p... at uuce ntyiru no loa 

iya da kara ichi-ban yasui 
nedan wo itte kudasai 

to sen at a reduced p... 
mUdtte uru 

to reduce the p... ■make'ru 

to rise in p. . . ne ga agaru 
Prick V. t. sasu 
Priest (Buddhist) bozu: (Shinto) 

'kannushi; (Christian) bokHshi 

p. . .ess (Buddhibt) ama 
Prince (Japanese) Miya; 
(others) Kozoku 

P. . .ss (Japanese)'iZi/n€-wn2/a; 
(others) Kozoku, 
Principal omo na; (of a firm) 

p . . . office hontcn 

I cau't do it on p... ihugi 
to sh'Ue deki-nai 
Print (an impre^^ion) ato; 
(impression ol type) han 

foot-p . . . ashi-alo 

to be out 01 p . . . zeppan 
de ant 

to p . . . insalsH sum 

p. . .ed insatsU shUa 

p. . .ed fabric sarasa 

I want some envetopes 
p...ed with my address on 
the ba.c\L }6-bukuro no ura ni 
banchi uo itisatsu shila no 
Oa /loshii 

p . . . er insatsu-ya 
Prison Toya; kangolu 
Private: privacy is not much 
observed in Ja|)aii, and so 
tl)is word is diilicult to 

a p... tiling jinot to be 
looked at) mite tra ile^nai 
mono; (not to be touched) 
sttioatte tea ike-nai mono 

a p... room (into which you 
must not go) haiUe wa ike- 
nai hcya 

s p . . . room (at a hotel, fpr 

myself alone) h'tori klri no 

heya; (as di«t. from a public 

office) skisIrUsH 

p . . . (a notice on the door 

of a room) shime-kiri 
in p . , . (secret) nn.isho d« 
a p. , . ' agri*>^mei)t aiiai no 
Privy bcnjo; hnbakari 
wherH is the p....« benjo tea 
doko rfwii k(tf 
Prize (reward) /lobi 
to p... (value highly) daiji 
ni sum; diincho mru 
I think it is p... «o daro 

tfi ommmaiH 
hi p. . .y will come to-morrow 
tdbun myonichi hum desho 
he has p. . .y arrived by now 
md Onuta dnro 
Procure cru; tori-yosR'ru 
Produce (tr. exhibit) dasi'i; 
(show) mise'm.; (nianufactilre) 
sanxhittu suru: (cause) okosU 
Production mmbutsil 
specLil p . . . of * locality 
Profession (calling) ehobai 
Profej.ior dai-gaku no sensei 

Lteachrr at a upiversity] 
Profit rieki; to!ai 
the p . . . Li small rieki ga 

to p . . . mokeru 
Programme (t)icatre) bamuke 
Progress n. susumi 
Promise yahisok-u 
to break a p... yakOsoku 

too yaburu 
to keep a p... yakOsoku 

wo mamoru 
dont break your. p.. . yakA- 
»oku too yabura-fimi de o 

p . . . to do so'4o guru to jraiW- 
goku shite kudasai 

I won't p . . . yakOsoku wa 

you gave me your p . . . 
now you are trying to back 
out of it yakOsoku shita no 
ni ima ni natte nigeyo fo 

I must keep you to your 
p... zehi yakusoku-dori ni 
shite moratoa-nakereba nara- 

verbal p . . . kudii-^i/akHsoku 

p... in .writing shomon 

to p.. . ydkiisokti sum 

I can not p . . . it yakiisoku 
ga dekiinasen 

when I p... anything I 
always keep my j?ord yakii- 
soku. sureba OsiX de . mo 
Prompt hayai 

p . . . ly hayaku 

I want it done p. . .ly hayaku 
shite nwraitai 
Pronoancc v-dasfi; hatmon suru 

please teach me how to' p. . . 
this; Tord kono kotoba no 
hattv/yo, wo oskicte kudastti 

prpnuncJi<tion hatsxum; on 
P-ool shoko 

'jertain. p . . . . iasMJca na shoko 

in p . . . of that sono shGko 
ni tea _ ' 

fire-p... hi ni ts'uyoi 

water-p . . . mizu ni ttuybi 
Proper tekiio na 

is this a p .' . . book for tt 
child.' kore wa kodotno ni 
yomasetj ii hon desH kat 

Oiat is not p. . . sore wa ifx- 

that is not the p. .. ons 
sore ja nai 




as soon as you have finished 
using anything put it away 
in it's p . . . place again nan 
de mo tsul-atiara aio wa su0j, 
chanto o shimai nasai 
p. . .ly chanto 

do it clianto o shi 
p. . .ly speaking hovio ni ieba 
Property shoyu-bvtsii; zaisan 
to be tlie p... of no trumo 
de ai-u 
Proportion tmri 
in p . . . to no/wari ni 
the j>i'ice is out of all p... 
to th' size, okisa no wari 
ni talcai 
to p . . . to tsumori de aru; to 

what do yon p . . . to do? dO 
ihivQ to omoimasa ka t 

proposal itta koto: tnoshi-lomi 
Proprietor unochi-nusld 
Prospect (view) mi-luirashi; 

(expectation) mikmni 
Prosperous sakan na 
Prostitute joro 
p . . . -quarters yukaku 
Protect hogo sum 
to be p...ed by no/hogo wo 
ukete i'ru 
Protest V. i. jushorhi wo iu 
Proud koman na ; takabutta 
to be p . . . takaburu : ibnru 
to be p . . . of woljiman sum 
lhx)ve (establish by proof) 
shoko-dateru; (test) tnmesu 
p . . . it to me sono shOko wo 
can you p . . . it? shoko ga 
aTimasii ka? 

it p...d to be all in vain 
minna dame desMta; minna 
dame ni narimashUa 

Proverb kototoaza 

Provide (supply) yoi mru 
have you p. . .d for to-morrow.' 
ashUa no shitaku wo skima- 
shita ka? 

p...d that he keeps his word 
ano hito ga yakHsoku sae 
mamoreba [if he keeps etc.] 
Providence (divine) temm^i 
Province kuiii 
Provisions tabe-mono 
will it be necessary to take 
p... with us.' tabe-moTW wo 
issho m motte iku no desu kaf 
Provoke (to anijer) okorase'ru; 
(cause) hiki-okosu 
to p . . . a quarrel kenka wo 

p . . . ing komatta 
Public (not private) oyake 
no: (concerning the public) 
hokyo no 
m p . . . oyakr ni 
in the p . . . street orai de 
p . . . opinion yoron 
tx) make p . . otjnke ni sum 
the p . . . (general body of peo- 
ple) kushU 
is tliis open to the p. . .? dare 
de mo hairemasU ka? 
Publish (muke known) dyake 
ni sum; (a bix)k) shuppan 
Pudding kashi 
Pull hlku; Mppnm, 
to p. . . down (make fall) hiki- 
otosu; (of a house) kowasH 
to p . . . out hiki-dasu; (as a 

nail) nuku 
to p . . . up (a plnnt) nulru; (as 
out of a well) kumu; (that 
which is lying down) hiJci- 
■^ okosH; (stop) tom^m. 
to p. . . to pieces hiki-yaburu 
Pulley rokuro; kasslM 




Pulse myaku 

to f eel the p . . . m.ydku wo miru 
Pump pornpH 

Punctually jikan-dori ni; hUc 

why can't you start p....' 
naze jikan-dori ni dekake- 
inasen ka? 
p... at 7 o'clock to-morrow 
morning myoasa kikkari shi- 
chi-ji ni 
Punish bassum, 
p...ment (domestic) shioki; 
(legal) batsU 
Pupil seilo 
Purchase (thing bought) kai- 

Pure kirei na; (clear) sumi- 
kitta; (free from mixture) 
majiri no nai 
p . . . milk majiri rid na% gyu- 
nyH; junryO gyunyH 
p . . . gold junkin 
p . . . water (not dirty) seisui 
P'urple murasaki 
Purpose (intention) tgumori: 
(object) mokuteki 
on p . . . waza to ; waza -waza 
excuse me I didn't do it on 
p. . . tsui shita :io desu kara 
gomen nasai 
for that p . . . sono tame ni 
for the p . . . of no tam« ni 
for what p....' nan no tame 
to no p. . . muda ni 
that does not answer the 
p. . . sore wa dame da 
Purse sailu; kane-ire 
Pus umi 
Push osu 

to p . . . away oshi-noke'ru 
Put oku 
to p . . . aside (in order) ka- 
tazuke'ru; (to keep) tolte oku 

to p... away katazuke'ru; 

to p... back modosHt; kata- 
to p. . . down oku; orosH: (in 

writing) kaki-tome'ru; tsixfce'ru 
p... it down shita e oiie o 


I p... it down in my note- 
book chomen tsukete okima- 

to p . . . in ire'ru 
to p . . . in order totonoe'ru; 

to p . . . in mind of wo/omoi- 


to p . . . into ni/ire'ru 
to p . . . off nobasH 
to p . . . on (coat) ki'ru; 

(girdle) shimeru: (shoes) 

Itaku; (hat) kaburu 
to p . . . on (somebody else 

coat, girdle, etc.) kife'ru; 

shimete yam; hakaae'ru, 

to p . . . on (tlie price) nednn 

wo ayeru; (sew on) mti- 

to p . . . on (on to) ni/oku; 

to p . . . out (a light) kesii 
to be p. . . out (angry) okoru, 

(annoyed) komam 
to p . . . together awase'ru; (a 

machine) kumi-tate'ru 
to p. . . trust in shinyo turu 
to p... up (erect) tmle'ru 
to p ... up at ni/tomaru 
tup. . . up with ganuin sum 
to p. . . a stop to yamesase'ru 
to p . . . right (wliat is ill done) 

naosfi; (a clock) awase'ru 

I have nowhere to p . . . it 

oki-dokoro ga nai 

you may p... the trunk 

down here koko ye kaban 




uv o oki nnxai 
please p... this down to my 

account lore wo kanio ni 

irete Irudasni 
I glial! p. . . off my departure 

until to-moiTow shuWitw 

tpo myonichi madt nobas/ii- 

1 intend to p... uo at the 

Grand Hotel Gumndo Hoteru 

ni tor/uiro to omoimasi'i 
1 have liad a i:re;it deal to 

o. . . up with Lorrieru koto qa 

takusan arimashU/i 
p... this book on the table 

kono lion wo tcburu. ni oite 

o kure 
tliat man p...s me ui mind 

of my father ano liilo no 

yom wa chirhi wo omoi- 

))... yourself it! my place 

•vutashi no itii vi natte kan- 

tjaete goran iii.s'ti 
Quack (dortoi) tjabtt-isha 
Qiiclity (of sood*) yhina; (fiood- 

aess or badness) yoshi-ashi; 

(kind) ire 
] dont like this q... kono 

■ifrbia wa kirai 
1 dont understand about the 

q... of silk wuUikui>/)i n{ 

wa kivu no yoshi-ashi wa 

have you more than one 

q...? hUo-iro yori yokei 

ariinasu knf 
best q... ichi-ban jo0 
guporior q. . . i60 
medium q . . . nami 
iiifurior q . . . kato 
l;e lias some good q . . .ies ano 

hito ni wa ii teishitsu ga 

Quantity (sum) taka; (bulk) 


a q. . . of takusan 
this q . . . kore hodo 
what q. . .? dore hodof 
Quarrel kenl.a; (dispute) ii-ai 
to q . . . kenka suru: ii-ai wo 

no one will q . . . with yon 

for doing tliat anata ga 

sore wo shUe mo dare mo 

nani mo iiva-mii desho 
I don't want to mix up in 

the q . . . kenka no nukama 

ni hairitiiku nai 
Quarter (one fourth) shi-bun no 

three q...9 shi-hun no san 
q . . . of an hour ju-ffo-fun 

[15 minutes] 
from all q. . .s hobo kara 
from wliat q . . . does the wind 

blow/ dotclii no ho kara kaze 

(la ifikimnsu ka? 
in which q... (of the town) 

does he live:' ano Into wa 

dotriti no ho ni sunde imasii 

Quay hatoba; (river bank) kashi 
Queen Nyowo; (of Japan) Kogo 

Queer hen na; fiishiffi na; 

Question (interrogation) tot; 

(matter in discussion) mon- 

an open q. . . gimon 
the q . . . is whetlier he arrived 

before 9 o'clock or after ku-fi 

viae ni tsxiilci ka sugi ni 

iifuil'i ka ga, niondai desa 
wliat Ls tlie q. . .? mondai un 

nan desu? 
quite a different q... betsA 

no 7nondin 
it is beside the q . . . mondai 

no lioka desH 




out of the q . , , hanashi ni 

it is quite out of the q . . . 

to do so so iu koto wa tolcmo 

it is simply a q . . . of money 

kane shidai da 
beyond q . . . mochiron 
to ask a q . . . kiku 
that is not the q . . . sore wa 


that is tlie q. . . soko ga mon- 
dai da 

q. . .able (suspicious) ayashii 
Quick hayai 
be q . . . hauaku 
q. . .ly hfiyaku 
as as possible dekiru 

dake haijaku 
q... tempered okorippoi 
q . . . silver SKiijin 
Quiet shizuka na.-ctonaxhii 
a q. . . place shizuka lut tokoro 
be q. . . shizuka ni shite o kure 
q . . . ly shizuka ni 
Quilt (beddini;) iuton 
Quite ni<iHul:n; jUbun 
q... well tlianlc you ari/jalo 

jobu desu 
not q . . . iCibun ni (foil, by 

nea- verb) 
I am not q . . . well yet mada ni yoku arinuiarn 
1 d(jn't q. . . understand yoAtt 

not q. . . 2 ri ni-ri tara-zu 
it is q... 2 iiiontlus a'»o sii- 

kunaku mo liitu-tsfiki mae 


q. . . near jik-i chikai 
not q... the same sukkari 

onaji de wa nai 
Quite is often not translated 
it is q . . . warm to-day (saiJ 

in winter) kyo wa aitakai 

desii ne 

Rabbit usagi 
Race (competition) kyoso 
foot-race kakekkura 
horse-race uma-kake; k&iba 
race-course keibajo 
to run a race kyoso suru 
the human race tiingen 
Radish aka-daikon 
Rag boro 

Rage (anger) haradachi 
to get iu a r . . . okoru 
to be the r. . . hijo ni hayaru 
Rail senro 
by r. . . ktsha de 
Railway tetsUdo; (the track) 

r.. .-carriage kisha no hakn 
r... -station teishaba; sOieir 

r... -train resxhn; kixha 
at what time does the train 

for Kyoto start/ Kiioto yuki 

no kisha iva nan-ji ni dcmasH 

first class ii-to 
second class ni-to 
third cla-ss san-to 
one first class ticket for Kyoto 

IxuOto no it-tS ichi-mai 
three second class ticketa for 

Kyoto Kyoto no ni-t'> san-mai 
two first retm-n tickets for 

Kyoto Kyoto no it-to o/Uku 

retuiii-tlcket o/iiku-gippu 
feiiiLle ( not return-ticket ) , 

platiorni-ticket vynjoken 
1 do not want a return-ticket 
I oldku de wa arlnvisen 
1 want a sleepins-car ticket 

shiiiduisha no kippu wo kuda- 

for how many days i3 this 

ticket available.' kono kiprm 

wa iku-nichi tsUkaemasfi kaf 




does this ticket allow nie to 
break tlie journey.^ koyio 
kippu de todiu-gesha ga deki- 
masii kn! 
porter akabo 

I have three pieces of lug- 
gage in all minna de nimo- 
ttH fia mittni arimnsu 
can I take this into the car- 
riage/ kono nimotsu tva khha 
no iial-n e isslto ni motte 
ikemasu kn.' 
put these tilings in a rikisha 
kcre wo kumma ni noscte 
o kure 
1 want to olieck this luggage 
kono ■nimotsu tro azuketai 
cloak-room nimotsu wo azu- 

keru tokoro 
See LuoGAOE 

information office (nt some of 
the principal stations) tetsiX- 
is this the train for Kyoto? 
korc wa Kyoto jiuki desU k<i? 
which is the slmdyside of the 
carriage? I (to not like tlie 
SH!i hi 710 atnra-iiai lid na 
dotcki desu ka ? hinata wa 
iya destj kara 
is there a non-smoking car- 
riage.^ kin-ensha ga arimasH 
Smoking is allowed in all rail- 
way-carriages except those 
marked for non-smokers kin- 
do you object to my snwk- 
ing,' tabako wo nonde mo 
kamai)nasen knf 
what is the name of tliis 
station.' koko wa doko desu kal 
what is the nameot tlie next 
station we stop at? *suai ni 
lonuiru sUteis/u))! tva doko desu 

how long does the train stop 

at Nagoya? Kamya de wa 

iku-fun tomnrimasi'i ka? 
five minutes stop (calleil out 

at railway stations) go-jun 

kan te.isha 
what is the next station? tsugi 

no siiteishon wa doko desA. 

what is tlie name of this 

river.? kono kawa wa nan 

to iimnsu ka? 
must I change for Nara.* Nara 

e iva nori-kaeru no desii ka? 
Rain ame 
heavy r. . . o-ame 
liftht r. . . ko-huri 
to r. . . ami gn turn 
it r. . .s anM ga juttc imasU 
it pours with r. . . o-ame ga 

fuUc imasu 
it has storiped r. . .iug ame 

oa ynmimasMta 
it is likely to r. . . furi so da 
do you think the r. . . will 

stop.' ame wa yumu desho ka? 
the r... comes in, close the 

shiitteis ame ga hairu kara 

to wo shimcie o kure 
r. . .-bow niii 
r...-coat kappa; (European) 

ame no gaito 
r...-door (outside shutters) 

to; nmado 
r. . .-iva.ter ama-niizu 
Rainy ame-gachi na 
r. . . weather ulen 
r. . . season (about three weeks 

from about the middle of 

June) nyUhai 
Raise nqeru; (erect) tate'ru; 

(animals) kau 
to r . . . the price nedan wo 
to r. . . the voice koe wo nnerri 




Raisin hoshi-budp 
Rank (a row) narabi; (graue) 
r. . . and file heisotsu. 
a person of r. . . kurai no 

aru hilo 
Rapid hayai 
r . . . s hayase 
Rare mezurashii 
Rascal gorotsUki 
Rashly muteppo ni 
Rat nezumi 
Rate (proportion) toariai; 

(market) soha 
at any r . . . tonikaku 
at that r. . . so iu /a de wa 
r. . . pretty kanari kirei na 
my mother's watch is r . . . 
smaller than that o 
no tokei wa md.sfikoshi chii- 

I wonid r... drink water 
mizu no ho ga ii 
I would r... go by steamer 
fune de iku ho ga ii to omoi- 

I would r... walk than ride 
noru yori aruku Ito ga ii 
T. . . (of course) mochiron 
Rattan l» 
Raven karasu 
Raw nanm 
Razor kamisuri 

Reach (attiiin to) ni/Wdoku; 
(arrive at) ni/tsuku 
to be witliin one's r. . . wa/te 
ga todoku 
to be beyond one's r... 
(literally) iva/te ga todoka- 
nai; (figuratively) wa/chikmra 
ni oyoba-nai 
will the parcel r. . . me to- 
A&y? ninwtsii, wa kyo tsiiku 
desho ka? 

shall we r... Maibara in 

time tor the Tsuruga train.* 

Tsuruga yuki no ki.sfia ni 

ma ni au yo ni Maibara 

ni t'iukimasiX ka? 
Read yomu 

to r... out yomi-age'ru 
to r . . . to another yonde 

please r. . . this kore wo yonde 

please r. . . this to me kore 

wo yonde kika.'iete kudasa i 
I have r . . . this mo kore tea 

it is very difficult to r... 

naka-naka yomi-nikui 

to get r . . . shitaku wo sum 
to be r. . . shitttJcu ga dekiru; 

please get r... shiiaku too 

shite kudasai 
are you t...? shitaku ga 

dekimashlta ka? 
is it r. . ..^ dekimashita kal 
I can gjt r... by to-niorrow 

morning inydasa made ni 

shitaku ga dekimasn 
I can get it r. . . by to-morrow 

morning myoasa made ni 

when will it be r... ? itsii 

dekimasu ka ? 
let me know when it is r... 

dekitara sliirasete o kure 
I am -always r... to travel 

tisM ryoko wo sMte mo ii 
r . . . -money ifenkin 
' T. . .-made deki»i no 
have you any r...-made? 

dekile iru no ga arimasii ka! 
Real honia no 

I cannot r. . . that iHy friend 

is dead tomodachi ga shinda 




yd na Icokoro-mochi wa shi- 

ReaJIy honto ni; (exclamation) 

jp tliat r... so? hotito desa 

if it r . . . proves to be so 

hcmto ni so imra 
if you r. . . wish to go ho7ito 

ni ikitai nara 

you r. . . must ro do shUe mo 

ika-nakerrba narimasen 
Reason uxike 

tor wiiat r . . . ? do iu wake de? 
for that r . . . so iu wake de 
I can't see tlie r... for it 

wake ga wakara-nai 
I have r . . . to believe so 

to 0})iou wake ga arimasii 
for certain r . . . s ivake qa atte 
there is no r... for your 

thinkiiic so so o omoi nasaru 

wake ua arimoscn 
what could have been tlie 

r. . .? do iu wake nana daro? 
that is not a r . . . sore wa 

wake ni nnra-nai 
that is not the only r. . . 

torio woke bukari ja nai 
that man wont listen to 

r. . . ano hUo wa dori mo 

titere must be some r . . . for 

it sore wa nani ku wake ga 

am ni chigai nai 
ah, tl^at was the r. . . a, S(mo 

turn I dfshita 
without any special r. . . nan 

to vahu 
It stunds to r. . . that — 

— wa cUirimae. dfsa 
to r. . . wake wo iu 
Reasonabk (rational) wake no 

wakatta: (ot price) kakbo ita 
a r. . . fellow wake no wakaUa 


Receipt uke-tori 
ple;i<e pive me a r . . . for it 

dozo uke-tori wo ktjdnmi 
take this letter to num. (iO and 

bring me a r. . . for it kono 

teqami no roku-jH-ban ni 

mottc itte. uke-tori wo moratte 

plea-e r. . . this (account) 

uke-tori ni sliit' kudnsni 
on r. . . of wo/ukctotUi ue de 
Receive uke-foru; (accept) 

morau; itiidnhi 
to r. . . in trust nzukaru 
I r...ed your letter yester- 
day snkujitsii o teyavii wo 

Recent sendatte no; konaida 

no; kono-f/oro no 
r. . .ly konaida; kono-ooro 
Reckless nivloini-u na 
Reckon kanjo .v«r»; (think) omou 
Recognise hiitoiiwru 
1 did notr... him watakOtki 

wa ano hi to ija wakarinvaten 

he r. . .d his fault ano hiio 

wn jilnm no ayamaclii wo 

Recollect omoi-daxd; oboete i'ru 
1 r... onioi-dushihuishitu 
I have no r. . .ion of it chiUo 

mo oboete inuisen 
I have snniR sli^^ht r...ion 

kasvka ni ohoclc imnsii 
Recommend shuLui sum; (ad- 
vise) susume ru 
can yon r... nie a Intel in 

0\n\\\:i' Ohanw no it ymio-ya 

wo sli'itli iniH.u l:a< 
I will r. . . you to my friends 

anata no koto no tomodaehi 

ni hiinasliiiuaalio 
Reconsider (<;liaii!,'i; the mind) 

kangae-naosii: (coiLsider once 

more) wo ieM-do kamjae'ru 




please r... the matter dozo 
mo ichi-do kangaete fcudasai 
Record n. kiroku 
to break a r... rekodo wo 
Recover (pet back again) tori- 
kaesH; (from sickness) naoru; 
yoku nttru; (re-cover) hari- 
Recreation ki-barashi; asobi 
Red akai 
red hair nka-ge 

r. . . ink (Japanese for stamp- 
ing) shuniku; (Jajianese for 
writing) shuzumi; (European) 

to turn r . . . akaku naru 
Reduce lierasu 
to r. . . the price make'ru 
to sell at a r.'..ed price 
mikitte urv. 
Reduction (in price) wariiriki 
to make a r. . . in price 
Refer (has relation to) kamioaru 
thi.i r...s to me kore voa 
wafakilfilti no ktto d'S'X 
I beg to r... you to Mr. 
Tanaka Tunaka San ni kiite 
kudasai [please ask Mr. Ta- 
is ttii-i the book yon 
to.' /•'(•'■ in o /uuias/a no 
hon desil /.•«.' 
Reflect (light, heat, etc ) utsusH; 
huui/tu tiuru; Uiuuk) kitn- 
Reform aratameru 
Refrc.'hment (something to eat) 
tabc-mono: (soraetliing to 
drink> noi.ii-mono; (received 
from another) 170 ckiso; (offer- 
ed to unotlier) mes/tiagari- 
Refuse kotowaru 

I r...ed to do so so suru 

no tva kotowarimashUa 
to flatly r. . . kippari koto- 
Refute ii-kome'ru 
Regard (for another's feeling) 

give my kind r...3 to your 

family mina san ni yoro- 

he sent his kind r. . .3 yoro- 

sliiku iimashita 
in r. . . to ju tsuite 
Region (district) chiho 
to r... a letter tegami wo 

kaki-tome ni suru 
a r...ed letter itaA:i-to/«« no 

please r. . . this lettfer kono 

tegami wo kaki-tonie ni shite 

receipt for r...ed letter fcati- 

toine no uke-tori 
hotel-r . . . yado-cho 
Regret (repent) kokai suru 
I r . . , it for your sake o 

kinodoku sama 
niucli as 1 r... it still — 

zannen de^a ga — 
I r... tliat he cannot come 

an*) liito gu korarc-nai de 

z'nineH dc.sil 
Regular (conformed to rule) 

kiiHiitlu; (usual) fuUm no; 

(securing at fLxed intervals) 
, teiki no 

at r. . . periods toki wo kifie 
\u I . . . older jun ni 
Regulation (nilf) kisok-u 
Reign v. i. kuui uo osameru 

itiirule over a country]; ku- 

mi ni iru I to be iu the 

I Rein taziina 




Rejoice V. J. tanoshimu: yoro- 

Relate (to tell) hanasiX 
Relation (kinsman) thinrui; 

(narration) hanashi; (con- 
nection between persons 

or circumstances) kankei 
is he a r . . . of yours? ano 

hUo wa go shinrui desu kat 
what r . . . is he to you? anata 

no da iu go shinrui desH ka! 
in r ... to ni tsuite 
to have r. . .s with to/tsukiau 
Relatively (comparatively) tea - 

ri ni 
Reliable (person) ate ni nam; 

(information) tashika na 
Relief (comfort) rakii; fof mmd)' 

anshin; (carving) uki-bori 
that is a great r . . . anshin 

to give r... (of a medicine) 

to have r. . . (from pain) raku 

ni nam 
Relieve (give aid to) taniMe 

yaru; (give peace of mind 

to) anshin saseru: (eive 

comfort to) rak-u ni shite yaru 
to r... nature bcnio e iku 
ReliEion shiikyo 
the Sfiinto r. . . Skinto 
the Buddhist r. . . Bukkvo 
tJie Christian r. . . Kirisittokyo 
to r. . . on (a person) wo/ate 

It... on you anata wo, ate ni 

ahimasu; anata ni makasemasH 
can I r. . . upon^ it? daijobu 

desi kai 
yoa can r... upon it daijobu 

Remain nokom; (stay) tomaru 
to r. . . behind (after others' 

departure) i-ttoitoru 

to r. . . in the same state sono 

mama ni natte i'ru 
to r. . . the night tomaru 
I shall r. . . here 4 days 

yokka koko ni tomarimashS 
r. . .der nokori 

it won't r... closed (al- 
though I have shut \t several 

times) ikura shimete modame 
1 will r. . . in Nagasaki until 

September ku-gatsv, made 

Naqasaki ni imasho 
Remedy v. t. naosO, 
what can be done to r... 

this? kore uo naosu no niwa 

do shilara ii desho ? 
Remember (have memory of) 

oboete iru; wasure-nai [to 

forget not] 
to r. . . to have seen mi-obot 

ga am 
can you r. . . what he said? 

ano hito no itta kola wo oboete 

imasu ka? 

I cannot r. . . oboemasen; (can- 
not recall this moment) oinoi- 


1 do not r... the exact num- 
ber tashika na kazu wo oboete 

I don't r. . . saying so sonna 

koto wo itla oboe wa nut 
r. . . tJtLs well kore wo yoku 

oboete ite o kure 
please r. . .to call me at 7 shi- 

eki-ji ni wasure-nai de okoshite 

as far as I r. . . wataktishi 

no oboete iru tokoro de wa 
a geisha called Tora if I r. . . 

rightly r»r« to ka iu geisha 
r... me to Mr. Tanaka Ta- 

naka San ni yoroshiku 
he wished to be r...ed to 

you yoroshiku LimasMta 
Remind wasure-^iai yd ni w 




r. . . me to send off the letter 
tegami wo duini no tvo wasure- 
nai yd ni itic o kure 
that man r . . . s me of my 
father ano Mto no yosu wo 
miru to chichi tvo omoi-dasa- 
Remittance okuri-kin 
Renew .<ihi-^naosv.; (a contract) 

Rent (to somebody) kusu; (from 
somebody) kariru 
the r. . . yachin 
ground r . . . jidai 
Repair ruwsa 
I want it r. . .ed naoshUe 
Repay kaesii 
to r. . . a benefit on wo kaesil 
to r. . . an iniwy nil ishugaeshi 

wo sura 
to r... witli iagratituJe on 

wo ada de kaesu 
Repeat (do again) mo ichi-do 
suru; (do a^aiii in order to 
correct) shi-n'^osv: (say over 
again) ritd ichi-do fuinasiX 
please r . . . wiiat you said mo 

ichi-do 'timiishUe kudasai 
r. . .eilly tiin-tabi 
Repent kokai suru 
Report (iiifortn) shiraseru 
r. . .er tambd 
Represent (act for another) 
no/da iri wo suru; (serve as 
a symbol) araivasu 
I r . . . a London Bank Rondon 
710 ginko no dairi wo shimasu 
what does this sign r...? 
kono shirushi wa nan no_ imi 
desu kaf 
he r. . .ed me for not having 
told him about it sono koto 
uo hanasa-nakaita to itte 

Republic kyowa-koku 
Reputation hyoban 
that firm has a good r... 

ano kai.fha voa hyoban ga ii 
a man of bad r. . . hyoban ga 

warui hVo 
Request negai; tanmrn 
I have a r . . . to make o negai 

ga gozaimasH 
it is in great r. . . (demand) 

ure-kuchi ga ii 
to r. . . negau: tanomu 
I r... yom' attendance o-ide 

wo negaimasii 
I r... you to go there as 

soon as possible dekiru dake 

hayaku astiko e iku yd ni 

at .vour r . . . tanomi de 
I r . . . another cliair 7iw hUolsH 

ijiU ga irimasu 
do you still r. . . this? kore 

wa mada irimasti ka.' 
I r. . . this no longer kore toa 

mo irimasen 

if you r. . . it o iriyo nara 
Rescue y. t. tasukeru 
excuse me but I r...d this 

seat shitsurei des-u ga koko wa 

wotiikushi ga totle oita tokoro 

I to r. . . a berth for 

to-night's train to Kobe 

koivban Kobe made nedai 

ichi-dai totte oite kudasai 
Reside sumu; oru 
Resist ni/sakarau 
Resolution (purpose formed) 

kesshin; kakugo 
to pass a r . . . ketsugi suru 
Resolve (decide upon) kime ru 
to be r. . .d to kesshin shHe 





Respect (esteem) sonkei 
in all r...s doko kara mite 

5n some r...s ikura ka 
to be wanting in r... buret 

de am 

with r. . . to ni tguiU 
to r. . . ionkti suru; uyamau 
I wish you to be r . . . f ul tei- 

nei ni shUe moraitai 
Responsibility sekimn 
will you undertake the r. ...» 

anata tea sono sckuiin wo 

moc/iiirui su ka? 
I will assume the r... uxUa- 

hUshi ga sekinln tvo mochi- 

wlio ii r. . . for this.' kore v>a 

dare no sekiidn dcxii krtf 
if auythHig is lost you are 

r... for it nani ka nnku- 

nareba sore wa anata no 

seJdnin da 
a r. . . person tislnka iin hito 
Rest (iom;iin(ler) nokori; ato; 

(jepo-e) o ycL^umi 
OA ior the r . . . cJo un 
I want r. . . yaxunuUii 
to r. . . y.iHUvvi 
r. . . a moment sukoshi o ya- 

sumi na^ai 
it T...'^ with you amitj dake 

no degu 
Restaurant ryeri-ya; (for 

Eiinipean food) i/'ii/orj/dri- 

ya; (tca-hcuse) cha^a 
Restore (s;ive buck) kaem; 

(mend) )ia««u 
Result kekka 
as a natural r. . . thizen no 

kf-kka de 
final r . . . agdcH no hate 
without r. . . luuda ni 
to r. . . from kara/okoru 
Retail ko-uri 

Retire (withdraw) Mku: hik- 

Return (come back) kaem; 

(give back) kaeiu 
when will he T...f UsA kae- 

rimasu ka? 
he has not r...ed mada 

I wiih to r... home udri 

e kaeritai 
when do you r... to your 

country.? ttetl a kuni e 

karrinMsa ka? 
please r . . . that pen sono 

pen wo kafr'iHe Irudasai 
please r... tiie book I lent 

you kaahile ageta hon wo 

kaeshile kudasai 
how much does it cost to go 

to KauiakUT-a and r...? 

Kam'ikura made ofuku ikura 

dcsu ka? 
I waiit a l.-t class r... 

ticket to Kobe )<-to no ofuku- 

ffifjpu ICO Kobe made ichi- 

mM kiidasai 
by r . . . of post sugu ni [im- 

in r . . . for ret ni 
on the r. . .journey kaeri ni 
r. . .-ticket oiuku-(rippu 
Revenge iahu-nnesld 
to r... (one's selO ni/ishU' 

gaexbi wu sum; (a person 

wronged) no/kataki wo uteti 
Review (milit.) kampeishiki; 

(inas-'azine) hyoron 
Revolution (political) kakumei 
Reward ii mukui; o rei; go 

to offer a r. . . sho wo kake'ni 
to r. . . mukui'ru 
Rheumatism ryomachi 
Rib abnnirbone 
Ribbon rihon; himo 




Rfce (the plant) ine; (raw 

grain) kome: (cooked) gohan; 


to cook r... gohan tco taku 
r. . .-field ta 
r...-tub (for cooked rice) 

Rich kanemochi na 
r. . .69 (wealth) tomt 
to get r... of noke'ru; (a 

Bervant, etc.) yosase'ru 
I have not yet got r. . . of 

my cold mada kaze ga nuke- 

I wish to get r. . . of these 

things kore wo noketai 
I got r... of him by means 

of a lie uso wo iite kaeshiia 

\I told a lie and made him 

Ride Tioru; (a horse) ima ni 

he r. . .9 well jozu ni Htna ni 

do you know how to r...? 

uma ni noremasil ka? 
to go for a r . . . Uma ni notteiku 
Ridiculous bakarashii; baka na 
dont be r... baka na koto 

u>o iu na 
he made himself r. . . Mto ni 

tcaraivareru koto wo shima- 

Right (not left) migi; (correct. moUomo; ?i<ynto no; (not 

mistaken) maetngai no' nai; 

(real) tiorUo no; (suited to 

its purpose) tekito no; (op- 
to moral wrong) kenri; 

on the r... miffi no ho 
must I keep to the r...? 

migi wo torn no desu ka'i 
is it on the r... hand side? 

migi 7w ho ni aru no desa. kat 

you are r. . . rruMomo detH 
you did quite r. . . ii koto wo 

to be r. . . (of a clock) atte i'ru 
to put r . . . (a dock) atvase'ru; 

(what is ill done) naosH 
Is this the r . . . way to the 

station .2 kore • wa teishaba e 

iku michi desA ka? 
r. . . side of a carpet omote 
pay what you think r. . , 

ii to omou dake haratte 

to be in the r. . . ni/dori ga 

to make one's self out to be 

in the r... jibun no ho 

balcari e dori wo tsCtke'ru 
you liave no r. . . to say flo 

anata ni sonna koto wo iu 

kenri wa nai 
that is witliin my r. . .s wata- 

shi wa sono kenri ga aru 
by r.. .8 horito wa 
all r. . .; see all 
he b all r. . . (safe) buji da 
it is all r. . . (to be counted 

on) daijobu desO. 
it is all r . . . (as it is) yoroshii; 

kono mama de ii 
you must be r... kiUo id 

I... in front of your eyaj 

sugu me no mae 
r... -angle chokkaku 
it serves you r... bachi ga 

atatta no da 
Ri^isha kuruma: jinrikisha 
pnematic-tyred r. . . kOki- 

laia no kwruma 
r . . . -man Imruma-na 
extra r...-man (to push) 

s r... drawn by two men 

ni-nim-biki no kuruma 
two r. . .s kuruma ni-dai 







this r. . . wont do kono kuru- 
ma wa ikemasen 
call another r. . .-man kuruma- 

ya mo hitori yonde o kure 
call another r. . . kuruma mo 

ichi-dai yonde o kure 
how much will you charge 
for taking me to—.* —made 
ikura deSd ka? 
I will give you twenty sen- 

ni-jis-sen yarimasu 
to the post-office and back 

yubin-kyoku made o/uku 
I want to liire you for three 

hours, how much do you 

charge per hour? san-jikan 

tanomitai j/o ichi-jikan ikura 

desu ka? 
I want to hire you until six 

o'clock, how much do you 

charge.' roku-ji made tano- 

miUii ga ikura desA ka? 
how much do you charge per 

day? ichi-nidii ikura dem 

It is better to arrange the 

price with the rikislia-man 

before starting, 
take me to the railway 

station teishala e 
put these things under the 

seat kore wo kekomi e xreU 

o kure 
put up the hood fioro ko 

kakete o kure 
put down the hood horo wo 

OTOshiU kure 
fix up the apron mae-doye 

(mae-doyu) wo kakete o kure 
take down the apron mae- 
doye wo orosMte o kure 
wrap tlie rug round my knees 

kelto wo kakete o kure 
I dont want the rug ketUt voa 

be careful hi wo tsikeU 

dont go 60 fast down hill 
tonrui ni fiayaku saka too ori- 

nai de o kure 

dont run so close . to the 
other rikisha, it is dangerous 
abunai kara, gonna ni hoka 
no kuruma no soba e yotte 
wa ike-nai 

dont go so fast sontui ni 
hayaku ika-nai de o kure 

go very slowly soro-soro yatte 


go faster mott.o hayaku 

stop tomete o kure 

go on (after having stopped 
by my order) mo ii [that is 

if you go iast I will increase 
your fare hayaku ittara chin- 
sen wo inash'de yard 

wait for me matte He o kure 

1 will get out and walk up 
the hill orite saka wo aruko 

call a push-man aio-oshi wo 
yonde o kure 

two push-men ato-oshi Ktari 

I want to buy some boots 
take me to a good L-nop 
kutsu wo kaitai kara ii mise e 

1 want to go to the bank do 
you know where it is.' ^n- 
kd e ikitai no desH ga doko 
aa ka shitte imasu ka? 

take me back home uchi e 

take me back (take me again) 

to the bank mata ginLo e 
don't jolt the rikisha gata- 

tsuka-nai yd ni shite o kure 
keep straight on massugu ni 
I will direct you, whereto go 

iku iokoTO wo' oshiemasho 
ask some one to direct you 

dare ka ni michi wo kiite o 


do not put down the shafts 

kajibo wo orosa-nai de He o 

go to the right migi e 
to the left hidari e 
Rim iiuM 
Ring wa 

finger-r. . . yubi-tva 
to r. . . the bell kane wo 

tuirasH; rin wo narasU 
tor... up (on the telephone) 

the bell (small) is rin 

ga natte imasu 
1 have rung twice, why does 

no one answer.* rin wo ni 

do narashita no ni naze 

kimasen deshita ka? 
Ripe jiku shiia 

to be r. . . yoku jiku shite iru 
to become r . . . )iku sum 
Rise v. i. agaru; noboru 

(from a recmnbent position) 

okiru; (stand up) taisit: (of 

the sun) deru 
to r. . . in price ne ga agaru 
to run a r. . . abunai koto wo 

I wiU r. . . it ma, yatte mima- 


r. ..y abunai 
River kawa 

down the r. . . kawa-shimo ni 
up the r. . . kawa-kami ni 
opposite side of a r... kawa 

r...-bauk kawa no kishi 
both banks of a r. . . ryo-ho no 

Road michi 

difficult r. . . nangi na micki 
high r... kaido 
on the r. . . mvM de 
the side of the r. . . michi no 


the r... is very hilly saka 

michi bakkari desH 
can you tell me where this 

r... leads to.' kore tua doko 

e iku michi desU kaf 
See WAY 
Roast yaku 
r . . . it a little more mo chiHo 

yoku yaite o kure 
Rob nusumu 

to be r. . .bed dordbo ni au 
to be r...bed of wolmt«u- 

that man has r. . .bed me ano 

htta wa watakushi no mono 

wo nusumimashita 
I was r. . .bed last night ySie 

dorobo ni aimashita 
T. . .ber dorobo 
Rock iwa 
as firm as a r. . . iwa no yd 

ni ugoka-nai 
Rogue oorotsiiki 
Roll (trans.) korobasfi; (intr.) 

koTobu; (of a ship) yure'ru 
to r . . . up (as a sheet of 

Ijaper) maku 
tor... up one's sleeves udt- 

makun wo suru 
Roman Roma no 
r. . . letter roma-ji 
Roof yane 
Room (apartment) heya; za- 

sh'iki; ma; (space) baaho 
sleeping-r. .. ne-ma 
sitting-r . . . i-ma 
dining-r. . . shokudo 
waitiug-r... (public) machiai- 

separate r. . . betsU-ma 
to do a r . . . heya no soji wo 

to tidy a r . . . heya wo kata- 

there's r... here koko ni 

basho ga arimasH 




basho ga 

there's no 

there is no more r. . . basho 
voa mo arimasen 

there is plenty of r... basho 
ica takiisan arimasH 

there is. r . . . for one more 
mo hitotsU hairimasu 

to take up r . . . iKiskc woJoru 

to make r. . . for (a large 
object) no tame ni/kuchi wo 
nokosA; (a small object) no 
tame nifbasho wo ake'ru 

nmke r. . . (on the road) michi 
wo akete o kurf 
Japanese rooms are measured 
by the number of mats they 
contain. A mat is equal to 
2 s<j. yards. 

an eight mat r... hacfU-jone 

Root (of a plant) ne 
Rope tsiina 

to be r. . .ten h&satte t'ru 

to get r. . .ten kHsant 
Roucli (of surface) zara-2ara 
to shUa; (of tlie sea) arai; 
(not polished) arai; (in tex- 
ture, as a towel) ji no 
arai; (not level) taira de nai; 
(mde) gasatsU na; (careless) 
sotokkashii; (of workman- 
ship) scnnatsii na; (violent) 

to be r. . . areU iru 

the sea is r... umt ga arete 

to r . . . it nanji wo sttru 

T. . . and ready tetton-bayai 
Roiichly (not carefully) soma- 
t*& ni; (with violence) tt- 

r. .. speaking zatto 

Round marui 
in r . . . numbers zatto 
make it a r. . . sum chSdo n* 

shite o oki nasai 
all r. . . hobo 
to turn r... (of a person) 

iuri-kae'ru; (on an axis) 

mawaru; (trans.) nolrnuki wo 

r . . . the house uchi no ma- 

wari ni 
T. . . the comer maoari-ltado 
I want to drive r . . . the town 

machi-ju wo kemb^ttsU shUai 
all the year r. . . nen-jH 
to turn r. . . and r. . . (trans.) 

mawasii; (intr.) mawaru 
Row Oine) narabi; (distur- 
bance) sawagi 

to place in a r. . . narabfru 
to be in a r. . . narande iru 
to make a r... (disturbance) 

to r. . . kogu 
We r. . .ed across in a boat 

fune de koide il:%mashili 
Rub kosuru; (the body witfc 

the hand) sasuru 
please r . . . my back with a 

towel senaka wo tentigui de 

kosiUte kudasai 
I. . . harder motto kUsiiku 

kosuUe kure 
dont r... so hard sonna ni 

kUsiiku kosura-^nai de o kure 
to r. .. out ketu 
Rudder kaji 
Rude burei na 
dont be r . . . sonna koto wo 

shite toa ike-nai [dou't do 

tho<« thin^] 
Ruffitut gorotsiiki 
Rug (blanket) keito; (for the 

Imees ) hiza-kake 
Ruin (ancient remains) haikyo 
to r. . . (spoil) wamku suru 




to be r. . .ed dame ninatte i'ru 
to r. . . one's health karada wo 

warvku, suru 
Rule (measiire) mono-sashi 
I. . .8 kisoku 
according to r. . . icisoku-ddri 

as a r. . . taigai 
he nmkes it a r. . . to rise 

at 6 itsu de mo rtku-ji ni 

okimaeH [he always rises at 

r...d paper keishi; (Euro- 
pean) seiyo-keiski 
I. . .r (for drawing a straight 

line) jogi 
Rim kakeru 
I. . . and see kakete itte mite o 

kure; isoide itte mite o kure 
to r... after wo/oi-kake'ru 
to r. . . away nigeru 
to r . . . over (by a horse) ni/ 

nori-kakeru; (by a Carriage) 

let r. . . over (a liquid) too/ 


to r. . . a race kyoso suru 
to r. . . down (depreciate) 

uxiruku iu; (a ship) butsH- 


in the long r. . . tsumari 
two days r. . .n^ig futsHka 

Rush (to go eagerly) kake-dasH 
Russia Roshia 
Rust sabi 

to get r...y sabiru 
to be r...y sabite iru 
this one is r. . .y kore toa so- 

bite iru 
Rustic inaka-mono 
Sack fOkuro 
Sacred shinsei na 
Sad kanashii 

8 . . . news karuu}M shirase 
to feel 3. . . kanaskimu 

Saddle tura 
to s... a hone Oma m kura 

wo oku 
Safe (free from danger) buji 

na; (reliable) tashVca na; 

daijobu na 
I wish you a s... journey 

buji ni itte iratshai 
B... (for money) kinko 
8...1y bufi ni 
Sail ho 

to set s . . . shuppan suru; derv 
when do you s. . J tteii iema- 

su ka? 

a. : .ing-vessel homaesen 
Sailor suifH 
I am a good s. . . wataski tent 

fune ni tsuyoi 
Sake tame 
for my s. . . wa^tbutki no tame 

for appearance s... mie w» 

haru tame ni 
Salary kyukin; (monthly) gek^ 


for 3... uri^mono 
is this for s. . .? kore mo uri- 

mono desa kaf 
Salmon shake 
Salt shio 

s. . .-water shvo-^mieu 
table-s... sftoktten 
s. ..-cellar tkio-ire 
not 8... enough s/rio go 

too 8 . . . sMo karai 
Soiute (to greet) aisatsU turu; 

(by a discbuge of cannoa) 

no tame ni/shikuAo wo haa- 

Same onaji 
it is aH the s... onaji kot> 

all tbe s. . . (neverthelees) ken- 








at the s. . . time (neverthe- 
less) kerredomo; (not later) 

doji ni 
it is always the s. . . thhig itsU, 

de mo cmaji l.oto da 
not quite the s... mkkari 

onaji de um 7iai 
this is not the s. . . as that 

kore loa sore to chiyiiniAsu 
is tliis the s. . . cup I had last 

night? kono cliauan ua sa- 

kuban no to onaji no rfesa t*.- 
they are living in tlie s... 

house h'dMu no uchi -hi 

tiie s. . . aiiirle onaji mono 
the s... thing onaji kcto 
tlie s. . . person onaji hlto 
tlie «... as before mae U> 

the s... as pattern mifwn to 

the s... as usual ilsH mo to 

the s. . . sort of onaji yo na 
in the s... way o^iaji yo 

the very s . . . one magire mo 

naku onaji mono 
the very s... thing (exactly 

alike, but not the same 

individual) sukoM mo chi- 
gawa-nai mono 

do tlie 8... onaji koto wo o 

ihi nasai 
Sample mihon 

I want some 3. . .s mihon ga 

to be below a... mihon yori 

to be up to B... miJion-ddri 

de aru 
Sand suna 

B...-banl£ «u 

6. . .-paper yasuri-gami 

e . . . y sunappoi 

Sandal zori 
Sardine iwashi 
Sash olii 
Satin shusii 

is it s...? ki ni irima- 
shlUi ka ? 

Cfln you alter it so as to make 
it s . . . ? Ai «i ira yd ni nao- 
semaau, ka ? 
Satisfy nianzoku sase'ru 
to be s...ied mcmzoku shite 
it does not s . . . me manzoku 

(ta dfki-nui 
are you s...ied with it? sore 

dr. a dfsu ka} 
Saturday doyO-bi 
Sauce MgU; kake-shiru; (soy) 

Saucepan nabe 
Saucer soia 

Savaxe (noun) yahan-jin 
Save (preserve from injury) 
tasHkeru; (put by) tameru 

s me! tnsuketel 

to s. . . appearances (aimen wo 

to s. . . time jikan wo habuku 
to s... trouble fe wohabuku 
all 6. . . Iiini ano hllo no hoka 

Saw nokogiri 

Say iu; hanasO,; miJsit; iu is 
probably the conunonest 
word but is often confus- 
ing for a beginner as many 
of its forms are rather like 
those of the verb iru, to be) 
what did you s...? nan to 
iimashita kai 

please repeat what you said 
mo ichi-do luitianhUe kudasai 
you said so anata ga so iitna' 

what did he s... then? sore 

de nan to iimashUa kaf 
everybody s. . .s so dare de 

mo so iimasH 
what do you s... to that? 

sore tva do omoimasu kaf 

ikaga desu ka? 
what did you s . . . to that? 

do iimashUa ka? 
I cannot s... that — — to 

wa ie-nai 
I cannot 8 . . . that she is 

pretty ano hlto wa kirei d 

to wa ie-nai 
he S...3 tliat — ano hUo no 

/lanashi ni wa — 
he S...3 that it is hot ano 

hito no lianashi ni wa atsui 

so desU 
he said " ■ - " ano hito wa 

" — " to iimashUa 
he said " Come with me " 

ano hUo wa insho ni o-ide 

nasai to iimashita 
I need not s . . . that 

— hanasu made mo nai 
I s . . . ! (exclamatory) md; (to 

call attention) -moshi moshi; 

ano ne; chotto 
it goes without iu 

made mo nai koto da 
it is said that — — 40 desa 
he is said to be rich ano hito 

vm kanemochi da so desu, 
8... 10 yen tnazu ju^en 
80 to s. . . iuMba 
that is to s . . . ii-kacrcba 
I am sorry to s... — kana^ 

shii keredomo — 
I have notliing to s. . . against 

it sore ni taishite iu koto wa 

as I have just said ima itta 

«... it in English please Ei-go 

de iUe kudasai 

Saying (proverb) kotowaza 
— as the s ... is — to iu koto- 
waza no tori 
Scales (pair of) hakari; (of a 

fisli) uroko 
Scandalous kegarawashii 
Sc^r kizu-vto 
Scarce ai'ikunai 
it is very s . . . taihen suL-unai 
Scarcely yatto 

I s . . . know yoku shiri- 

he s. . . liad left when I arrived 

ano h'lto ga tatta ka, tnta-nai 

ni W'llukushi wa tsukimashita 

there i;; s . . . any left ikurarno 

nokotte i-nai 

s. . . ever mella ni with neg. 
Scavenger (dust-man) gomi-ya; 

(of niglit soil) soji-ya 
Scenery (landscape) keshiki 
tlie s... is beautiful keshiki 

ga ii 
Scent (perfume) nioi; (liquid) 

Scheme ku/H 
Scholar (student) seito; (learned 

man) gakHsha 
School gakko 
to go to s... gakko e itte 

s. . .-child seilo 
a. . .-teacher sensei 
public-8. . . koritsu-gakko 
Science gakumun, kagaku 
Scissors hasatni 
Scold shikaru; kogoto u)0 iu 
Scoundrel gorolsiifd 
Scratch (an itching place) kaku: 
(inflicting a wound, as a cat) 

to 8. . . out kezuru 
Scream sakebu 

Screen (folding) bydbu; (one 
leaf) tsuitate; (in a Japanese 
house the sUding scieeoft 




covered with translucent 

piper are called skSji; those 

covered with wail paper or 

cloth are called fusuma, or 

to set up a 3... byobu u>o 

to s. . . (from puaishment) 

Screw neji; (propeller) puropera 
8. . .-driver neji-mauxuM 
to s. . . neiiru 
Scrub kosiiru 
Sculptor horirtumo-sM 
Scuttle (coal) surm-tori (this is 

a basket or box for holdiiig 

Sea umi 
at 9. . . umi de 
8. . .-water umi no mizu 
to be s. . .-sick lune ni you 
i am 8... -sick fune ni yoi- 

is the s. . . generally smooth? 

umi wa itsu mo odayaka 

desu ka? 
the s. . . is rough umi ga 

areie imasH 
the s . . . is sometimes rough 

when there is a west wind 

nishi-kaze ga liiku to loki- 

doki umi ga aremam 
B. . .-breeze shio-kaze. 
8... -side kttigan 
to go by s... tune de Hat 
heavy s . . . 6-nami 
Seal (signet) han 
to s . . . ni/han wo osu 
please s... this kare ni han 

wo oshite kudasai 
Search (look for) stHWcd 
Season jistinu 
at this 8... ima jUmn uxi 
oat of a. . . yiitd huure no 
to be in 8... (food) shun de 


rainy s... nyubai (about 3 

weeks from about the mid- 
dle of June) 
Seat (chair) isu; koshi-kake; 

(bench) nagai koxhi-kake 
pray take as... dozo o kake 

is this s . . . engaged? koko 

wa aite imam ka? 
keep this s . . . for me please 

koko ivo totte oite kudasai 
pardon me this is my s. . . 

shitsdrei desu ga koko wa 

watakiishi no tokoro desU 
excuse me but I ra'served 

this s . . . skiUurei desu ga 

koko ton uxdakushi ga totte 

oita tokoro desu 
is there still a s... free.' 

aite iru tokoro ga arimatu ka! 
shall we change s...a* basho 

wo kaemasho kaf 
Second (in number) ni-ban- 

me no; (measure of time) 

8... time ni-do-me 
8... diZ.y futsuka-me 
8... day of the month 


8 . . . class ni-to; ehOto 
Second-hand (urui 
I waut a s... one furui no 

ga hoshii 
as... book furu-hon 
Secret tiaisho no 
keep it s . . . please naisho 

ni sliUe kudasai 
s...Iy naislio de 
Secretary shoki 
Secure daijubu na 
to 5... daijobu ni sum 
Security (financial) teiio 
Sedan-chair kago 
Seduce kudoki-oU>sii 
See miru,- goran nasaru (polit«) 
I wish to s... if milai 




1 hav«* never s. . .n it mita 

koto ga arimasen 
I can't 3. . . it miemasen 
may I s. . . it* mirarema- 

sho ka? 
what is there to be s . . . n 

here.' konv kinjo de miru 

tuhrro wa doko desu ka? 
worth s. . .ing mini yd na 
8... here goran nasai; (to 

call attention) ano ne 
did you s....* miinashita ka? 
let me s. . . your tongue shita 

too misete kudasai (show me 

your tongue please] 
let me s... o mise nasai; 

(when considering a question) 

e to 
please let me s . . . some better 

ones jMoao ii no wo misete 

please let me s . . . some 

cheaper ones vwlto yusui no 

wo misete kudasai 
I wish to s . . . your master 

shujin ni aitai 
can Is... Mr. Nakamura.' 

Sakamura San ni o me ni 

kakaremasu ka? 
I'll 8. . . you to-morrow myo- 

nichi o me ni kakarimashu 
I went to s. . . him ano hiro 

ni ai ni ikimashUa; (more 

social) ano h'do wo tazune- 

when can Is... Mr. Tana- 
be? itsa Tanabe San ni ae- 

masa ka? 
1 have not 8. . .n you for a 

long time shibaraku desMla 
you'll 8. . . ima ni lOfikaru 


yes Is... it now ^1 ima 
I don't 8 . . . bow a thing I 

put here only a moment ago 

could disappear of itself ima 

koko e oiti mono ga hitori de 

nakunaru hazu wa tuti 
s . . . if you can open It akete 

goran tmsai 
touch it and s . . . whether it 

is hot or cold atsui ka ty.ume- 

tai ka te wo atete goran nasai 
s. . . if this will do? kore de ii 

desho ka ? 
3 • • . after the luggage nimo- 

tsU ni ki ivo Isukcte o kure 
will you s... to it please? 

do ni ka shite o kure 
please s... to the child a 

moment kodomo wo chotio 

mite ite kudasai 
to s. . . about (inquire) sAira- 

bete miru ; (consider) kan- 

gaete miru; (arrange things) 

do ka sum 
1 will s . . . about it shirabete 

to 8... off (on a journey) 

I'll go to the station to s. . . 

him olf tHshaba e itiiokuri 

ni ikima.sho 
to send and s. . . mi ni yam 
to go and 3. .'. ittc miru 
let us go and s... Ute mi- 

go .and s. . . if the mail 

steamer has arrived yubin- 

sen ga tsuita ka, it^e mite o 


I s . . . I naruhodo] 
to s... into (examine) sin- 


See is often not translated. 
I s; . . that Mr. Smitli has 

returned Smith San ga kaette 

kimashUa \Mi. Smith has 

Is... that your servant has 

come hack nnata xw iochU 




ga kaette kimasMia nef (the 
woM ne is about equivalent 
to: isn't that so?) 
Seed tune 
Seem mierti; also expr. by 

— rashn; so da; yd da 
it S...S so miemasu 
it 8...S dirty kitanarashii 
it 8... 8 true honloraskii 
it s . . . s good iiraskii 
a thing that s . . . s difficult 
muzuk-fishi-so na koto 
a face that s. . .s happy ure- 

shi-so na kao 
so it would s ... so da so da 
it 8...S as if it would ra;u 
ame ga ftiri so da 
it s . . . 3 as if there is going 
to be a quarrel kenka ni 
nari-so da 

the fire s...s to Tiave gone 

out hi ga kieta yo da 

no one s . . . s to be coining 

dare jiw ko-nai yo desu ne 

it 3. . .8 to me waiakuski no 

omou ni wa 
Seize (grasp) tsukamae'ru 
Seldom tama ni; metta ni with 

he 8. . . comes tama ni kimasH 
often tran. by aneg. sentence 
I have s . . . seen any amari 

tniUi koto ga nai 
it 8 . . . SBOws yuki ga metta ni 

It 8 . . . happens $5 arimasen 
it very s . . . happens mezura- 
«^i koto desa 
Select (choose) erabu 
Self jibun; (ateo) mo 
be did it himself ano hito wa 
fibmi de sHmashita 
I want it mys. . . jibunno ni 
go youis... jibun de o iJci 

by ones. . . (alone) Mtori de; 
(without help) hitori de wa 

I can't do it by mys. . . MtorL 
de UM dekimasen 

I mys. . . can't do it waia- 
knshi mo dekimasen 

s . . . ish wagamama na 
Self-conceit imubore 

8. . .-respect jicho 
Sell uru 

doo9 it s . . . .* UTemasH kat 

would you be willing to s... 
this? kore tea yuzvtte itada- 
kemasH ka? 

how much will you s . . . this 
for.' kore wa ikkra desU kat 

to be sold (for sale) uri-mono; 
(flg.) damasare'ru 

to be sold out un-kire'ru 

that's as... (hoax) ippai ktttta 
Send (a person, towards one) 

i/okosu; (a person, away from 
one) yam; (a thing, a long 

distance) okuru; (a thing, a 

short distance) todokeru; (by 

post) dasa 
8 . . . the maid here please 

jochU wo kochira ni yo/bo- 

shite kudasai 
please s. . . a messenger tgfikai 

too yaiie kudasai 
please s... for the doctor 

o itha wo yobi ni i/atU lot 

please s... to my room for 

my hat hey a ni hoshi too 

tori ni yatte kudasai 
I wish to s. . . somebody to 

Tokyo dare ka Tokyo e 

tsUkai ni yaritai. 
I will s. . . for it dare ka tori 

ni yarinuuho 
please s. . . this package to 

Tokyo kono nimotsU wo 

Tokyo e okutte kudatai 




how shall I 8... it.' io shite 

okurimasho ka? 
please a. . . this to my house 

kore wo uchi ni todokete 

please s... this package to 

Tokyo (by post) kono nimo- 

tsU wo ^ Tokyo e dashxte 

has anybody sent for me? 

dare ka yobi ni kimashiia 

kaf fcome to call me] 
he sent word to say he could, 

not come korare-nai to mo- 

shiie kimashita 
to s . . . away (dismiss from 

service) dasu; (drive away) 

nigasH; oi-dashUe shimau 
to s . . . back kaesH 
to 9 . . . by a messenger tsU- 

kai de yaru' 
to s . . . a message kotozuke 

wo suru 
to B . . . to the wash sentaku 

ni yaru 
to 8... to be mended nao- 

ski ni yaru 
a man of good s. . . mono 

no wakaOa hito 
as... of inseciirity /tt-«mWn 

no kimochi 
common s . . . josMki (not In 

such frequent use as the 

English expression) 

have you taken leave of your 

s . . s? anata wa kidemo ehi- 

oaMa no desa ka* 
B. . .less (foolish) bakaraskii 
Sensible mono no wakatta 
Sentence (gram.) buraho; (judg- 
ment) senkoku 
Sentimental kanjoteki na 
Sentinel bampei 
Separate (of tiungg which 

nave jiot been umted) beUit 

no; (of things wh'ch have 

been united) hanareta 
to s... (intr.) hanare'ru; 

(trans.) hanasiX 
s. . .ly betsiX-betsO, ni 
the parts are not sold 8, ni urematen 
September ku-gatsU 
Serious (grave in maimer) 

majime na 
a 8... man majime na Mto 
as... matter taihen «« kot» 
it is nothing 8 taitkita 

koto ja nai 
8...1y majime ni. 
Serpent fiebi 
Servant koko-nin; (male in A 

hotel comm»idy caUe4) Wt; 

(female) jochU; gejo 
I want to engage a boy who 

can cook. European food 

and speak a little English 

seiyo-rydri gn dekite Ei'^ 

wo sukoshi hatuueru bSi wo 

s...'8 agency kuchOre-ya: 

to engage as... (female) /o* 

ehU wo yatou 

where was your last situa- 
tion ? kono mae iea d»ko ni 

immshUa ka f 
how long were you there T 

dono gurai wfconi trrmshUa^ 

why did you leaveT' note d4» 

mashila ka t 
did you. leave of your owb 

accord or were you dismis* 

sed? jibun de deta no detHka 

soretomodasareianc desUktit 

What wages did you receiyef 
gdcjcyu wa ikura deshUa kit f 

are you married or single f 
kUori-mono dtmi kat [aM 

you single T] 




how old are you? toshi iva iku- 

you must give me a month's 

notice if at any time you 

wteh to leave hima go. toritai 

toki ni tva kUo-tsuki niae ni 

shirase-nakereba ikemasen 
Serve (work for) tsulome'ru 
to s . . . the purpose ma ni au 
to make s . . . the purpose 

ma «t aiense'TU 
I will make it s . . . the pur- 
pose temporarily kari ni ma 

ni cuvaienuuho 
if I can 8 . . . you in any way 

please let me know waUi- 

kilski ni detiru koto ga areba 

iiti kudasai 
it 8. . .s you right btichi ga 

atatta no da 
Service (assistance rendered) 

snva; (orrupation of a 

servant) ?i6k6 
I want you to do me as... 

sOkoshi o negai shitai koto ga 

he his done me a great s. . . 

taihen setoa ni narimashita 
of no B . . . (use) yaku ni lata- 

is this of any 8... to you? 

kore ga irin%a»ii ka? 
will you enter my s...? 

tcatakiiski no tokoro de tsulo- 

meviasen kat 
Set (place) oku; (a jewel) 

hameru; (go below the 

horizon) hairu 
to 8 . . . a bone hone wo tsugu 
to 8,.. an example rei wo 

to s. . . down orosa 
to 8... down in writing 

kaki-tomeru; kaki-tomete ok-u 
to 8. . . forth (show) tftime- 

ti; miie'ru 

to 3... going ugokasu 

to a... up (erect) tateru 

to 8 . . . up in tnule shobai too 

to s . . . apart totte oku 
to s . . . out on a journey 

tabi-dachi wo sum 
to s . . . on fire ni/hi too 

to 8 . . . riglit naostX 
it S...8 my teeth on edge 

ha ga ukinuj.fu 
hurry up and s . . . ahout it 

hayaku hafimete o kure 
the sun has s... hi ga hai- 

the 8.. .ting-sun iri-hi 
suns ... hi no iri 
as... (of things of the same 

kind) kumi 
Settle (fix) k-ime'ni 
to be s...d (fixed, establi- 
shed) k~imaru; (one's resi- 
dence) ochi-tsuite iru 
to 8. . . a bill Kirci ni kanjo 

wo sum; seuan sum 
let us s. . . this nfatter mo 

kore wa k-itnete shiinaima- 

that s. . .8 it sore de kimatta 
Settlement (of an affair) raku- 

chaku; (of an account) 

Seven nanatsU; shtchi; nana 
Sew nuu 
to s... on nui-ts'ike'ru; (so 

as to lengthen) nui-tasu 
please s. . . on this button 

kono bolan wo nui-tsukeU 

Several iro-iro no; U.-utsU ka 
for 8. . . days gc-roku-nichi 

[5 or 6 days] 
8 . . . persons iku-nin ka no 

8. . . times ik-u-labi ka; tabi-tabi 




I have told you this s . . . 
times kore wa tubi-tabihatM- 
shite okimashUa 
I asked at s. . . ^hop?! hut I 
could Hfit set it hobo no 
miu' wo tizunemashili ga, 
arimasen deshUa 
Sex sei (in Japane;<e the 
difference of sex is not often 
9iade kage 

lamp-s . . . rampu no kasa 
Shadow kage 

Shake (intr.) ugoku; (trans.) 
ugokasu; (by taking in the 
hand) luru 
Shall is translated by the 
future except when deter- 
mination or authority is 
expressed: in this case 
the present is used, shall 
NOT is translated by the neg. 
8. . . I do it* shimasho kaf 
where s . . . we go.* doko e 
iJcimasho kaf 

how s. . . I do it* do shite 

thimasho ka? 

Is... go to-morrow iishita 


Is... call again in a few days 

sono uchi ni rtuUa kimasho 

I s... go even if it rains 

ante ga fuUe mo ikiimisu 
Is... not go ikimusen 
Shalldw asai 
Shame haji 

8 . . . less haji wo shira-nai 
a s . . . f ul matter hazukashU 
Shape katachi 
Share bun; (financial) haJbu 
to go S...S (in expenses) 
atama-wari ni suru 
what is my s...? toatakitshi 
no bun wa dore hodo desH ka? 

this is your s . . . kore wa 
anata no bun desH 

to s... (divide) wake'ru; 
(partake) wari-r.te'ru 

Sharp (of an edge) yoku kire- 
ru (cut well]: (of a point) 
yoku togufa; (of a person) 

at 5 o'clock 3... kikkari gO" 
ji ni 

to s ... en (an edge) logu; 
(a point) tognrasu; (of an or- 
dinary pencil) k€2uru 

Shave (the beard) hige wo suru; 
hiqe wo soru; (do not mils- 
take this regular verb suru, 
to shave, with the irregular 
verb saru, to do) 
to get 8. . .d hige wo mm 

Shawl kata-kake 

She ana onna [that woman] 
the expressions ano hlto; 
kono hlto: ano kata are 
eenerally used when there 
is no need to lay si^edal 
stress on the sex. See hb 

Sheep hitsuji 

Sheet (of bedding) shivtsd 
one s. . . of paper kami ichi- 

are the s . . . s clean.* shiiisH 
wa aratte kara dan mo foti- 
kawa-tuikatta no dau ka? 
[has anybody used these 
slieeta after the wash?] 

Shelf tana 

Shell kai; kara 

egg-s. . . tamago no kawa [egg's 
skin]; (empty) tamago no 

Shelter v. t. fwgo suru 
to s. . . from the rain ame 
wo -yoke'ru 

Shine hikaru; (of the 8un, etc.) 




the moon is shining tsuki ga 

tctte iinasu 
Ship fune 
6tcam-s. . . kuen 
sailing-s. . . homaesen 
war,-3... gunkan 
to go on board 3... lune ni 

to s. . . (put on board ship) 

fune ni tsumu 
I want to s... these things 

to London fune de kornn 

nimoUd. wo Rondon e okuriVii 
Shirt (Japanese) jiban; (Eu- 
ropean) shtttsU 
flannel s... furanneru no 


s...-stud shatsU no botan 
Shiver furue'ru 
Shock (collision) sfiototsU; 

(shaking caused by collision) 

it was a great s. . . for me 

taihen na koto deA'tta 
to 'be s...ed at odoroku 
Shoe ' (boot) ktUsu; (slipper) 

horse s. . . (iron) kana-gulsu 
s... -brash kutsu-bake 
9... -horn kutfu-bera 
8. . .maker kvlsu-ya 
Shoot (discharse, hit) utsU; (a 

person) uchi-korosu 
Shop mise 

to s . . . kai-mono sum 
to go s. . .ping kai-mono ni iku 
a . . . sign-board kamban 
Shore kaigan; oka 
to go on a . . . agaru 
how much will you charge to 

take me to 8....« oka made 

ikura dem ka? 
Short (not long) mijikai; (not 

tall) hikui; (near) ekikai 
as... cut chika-michi 
as... time mkoshi 

in 8. . . mijikaku ieba 

to be 9 . . . (of money, weight) 
tari-nai (N. B. aruila iva tarir 
nai means: you are short 
intellectually, i.e., you are a 

50 sen s. . . (wanting) eo-;w-<en 

s. . .-sighted chika-me 

to s ... en mijikaku guru 

to become s. . . mijikaku narrt (snon) jiki ni; (brief- 
ly) mijikaku 

it s... be done sunt hazu da 

it 3 ... be written kaku hazu da 

you 3... take a little ex- 
ercise sOJcoshi undo wo sureba 
a dexho [if you take a little 
•xercise it will be good] 

I '3... have gone earlier (i.e. 
I wish I had gone earlier) 
motto hayaku ikeba yokatta 
[if I had gone earlier it 
would have been good] 

you s . . . have done it when 
you had time hima no atta 
toki ni sinlara, yokatta 

yous. . . do these things with- 
out having to be told iware- 
nai de mo sum hazu da 

which road s . . . I take? dono 
mi-chi tm ikeba ii des/iof 

if anybody s . . . come in- 
quiring for me say I have 
gone to Tokyo dare ka tazu- 
nete kitara Tokyo e itta to 
itte kure 

if you 8 . . . need it I will 
lend it to you ireba kashite 

if that s. . . happen mosfti 
sonna koto ga attara 

Is... not do it if I were yoa 
watakHshi nara to tea sfnma- 




how 9 . . . I know do shite 
ivatnshi ga shitte iru mano 
desu kat 
it is funny he s. . . have sold 
it ano Mto ga sore wo utta 
no wa fuMgi da 
if I had had time T s... have 
gone hima ga attara ilcu no 
de atta 
if I had time Is... go hima 

ga attara iko 
See mcst; odght 
Shoulder kcila 

Shout V. i. okii koe wo dasU 
Show miseru; (polite) me ni 
kake'ru; (cause to know) 
8... me your tongue shiia wo 

o mise nasai 
please s. . . it to me dozo 

misete kudasai 
please s... me some pictures 

e wo misete kudasai 
I shall s... it to you me 
ni kakemasho 
to 3. . . in a (guest) tosii 
a... him in o toshi mose; 
kochira e 
to s... the way (tell) michi 
ICO oshieTu; (conduct) annai 

to s... off (put on airs) itv 
Shower (of rain) tori-ame 
Shrewd nukeme no nai 
\Shrinip shiba-ebi 
shrine (Shinto temple) miya 
shrink chijimu 

ay>es this stuff s . . . .* ko7u> hire 
wa chijimimasH kaf 
Shudder fume'ru 
it makes me s. . . kimi gawa- 
Shut shime'ru 

B. . . the door to wo shimeU 
o kure 

3. . . np damari nasai 

to B. . . the eyes me wo tsuburu; 
we wo tofi'm 

to s... up (a house) shime- 
'ru; (an umbrella) tsubome- 
'ru; (a person, as in a room) 

at what time do you s . . . 
(the shop).* iku-ji ni mise 
wo shimemasu ka? 

the door does not s . . i right 
to ga chanto shimarimaseii 
Shutter mxido no to 
Shy vbchirki na 

to feel s... kazukashigaru 

are you s . . . .* hazukashii no 
desH kat 

don't be s. . . hazukashigatte 
wa ikemasen 

I feel s . . , kimari ga warui 
Siberia Shiberia 
Sick bydki 

to be 8. . . (ill) byoki de aru 

to feel 3 . . . karada ga warui; 
(sickly feeling in the sto- 
mach) mune ga warui 

I feel s... watakiishi wa 
karada ga warui 

are you a....' anata wa go 
byoki desH ka? 

to feel 3... of ni/aki'ru 

to be sea-8. . . fune ni you 

I am sea-3... fune ni yoi- 

Side (position, direction, etc.) 
ho; (of a thing) waki; poko 

this s... kono ho; kochira; 

that 8. . . sono ho; achvra; 

one s. . . katap-po 

both 8. ..8 ryo-ho 

all 8. . .8 hobo 

■the opposite s. . . mukS 

by the a. . . of (close to) 
no soba ni 




teatakfishi no 


— on the 
de wa — 

by my 

soha ni 
from 9. . . to ' 

on the one s. . 

other — ip-po 

t'l-lio de wa — 
on this s. . . o1 no teniae ni 
s. . . by s. . . narande 
this s... lip with care uwa- 

muki yojin 
on wliich a...? dotchi no ho 

on the left s... hidari no 

ho ni 
the wrong s. . . (of a piece of 

cloth) ura 
the riglit s. . . (of a piece of 

elotli) omote 
to go tottie others... muho 

e iku 

on each 3 . . . ryo-nawa ni 
to s . . . with no/kata uo 

sieve umgouhi 
Sigh tcDiieiki 

to s . . . Utmeiki wo sum 
it is an unpleasant a... w(im 

no ica iya da 
I liate tlie s... of tiim mim 

no mo iya da 
as... worth seeing miru yd 

na mono 

s. . .9 (of a locality) meisho 
what S...9 are there to be 

seen in this place.? kono 

kinio de mini tokoro iva doko 

dem kaf 
to go about 9... -seeing kem- 

bulsu sum 
I only know him by s... 

kao dake xhitte imasfi 
a pereon one does not know 

by a. . . miUi koto mo nai hito 
my B . . . is bad me ga tMtrui 

to be in a. . . mie'ru 
out of s. . . mir-mn 
to lose s... of mi-ushinau 
to lose s. . . of somebody (to 
know no more about him) 
do sh'iia ka shira-nai 

Sign (visible mark) skiru.'-hi 

s. . .-board kamban 

to s... namae wo kaku 

please s. . . your name 
imnuie J'o kaitc kudami 

to s... and seal namae wo 
kaile lian wo oi»'i (tlie seal 
is generally of more import- 
ance than the signature 

where am I to sign my name? 
doko ni na wo kaku no desA? 
Signal aizu; sJiinjo 
Signature jibun de kaita na- 
mae: (seal) han (the seal ia 
generally of mure importance 
tliaii the signature proper) 
Silence shiziika na koto 

B... jilease shizuka ni shite 

be siltMit dnmari nasai 
Silk (woven) kinu 

floss s . . . muwata 

8...-.'itore kinu-inmw wo ura 

3. . .worm kaiko 

s...\vonn cocoon m/iyu 
Silly baka na 

dont be s. . . tuika na koto 
wo ill na (dont say silly 

Silver oin; (adj.) gin no 

s . . . money giJika 

s. . .-plated gim-mekki 

8. . .sniitli kazari-ya 

s. . . ware frin-zaiku 
Simple (easy) yasashii; (plain, 
unadorned) kazari no nai; 
(simple-minded) mujaki na 




Sin isumi 
to s... tvnnv. koto wo sum 

[to do something wrong] 
Since kara 

a... limn sono ioki kara; 
sono nnchi 

s... 1 iiave come to Yoko- 
kama I feel somewliat l>et- 
ter YokohrmM e k'te kara 
sUkoaki yokxi 7Mrimash'\t/i 
8... I was passing your gate 
kado wo torlmashiUi kara 
s. . . you will not come with 
me anala ya issho ?u ika- 
rmi kara 

why don't you go 9. . . I told 
you ? iki nasai to itta no Hi 
naze ikimascn ka ? 
w. . ■ 3 Diontlis mi-tsitki mae 

it is long s. . . I had the 
pleasure of seeing you shiba- 
ratu o me ni kakarimasen 
desh 'ita 

it is ten minutes s. . . 1 met 
hiin ano h'do ni jip-pun mae 
ni aimasliUa 
Sincere vuikuto no 
Sing utau; (of a bird) naku 
to s. . . a song itta vm utau 
8. . .ing-giil geisha 
Single hitotsU no 
as... man (unmarried) hitori- 

without a s... umbrella kasa 
ip-pon mo nashi de 
there is not as... one hito- 
tsU mo aritnasen 
s. . . (not return-ticket) kata- 

Singular mezurashii; hen na; 

Idshiyi na 
Sink V. i. shizumu 
Sister onna no kyodai 
elder s. . . ne-san 
younger 9 . . . imoto 

Sit (on a chair) kake'ru; ko- 
sh i.-kake'ru; (-iit on the floor 
crDss-legged like Japanese 
rn'-n) aijura wo kaku; (-it on 
tlie floor like Japanese wo- 
men, i e. kneeling and sitting 
on heels) suwaru 

pli-ase s . . . down (on a chair) 
dozo o kake kudasai 

please 9. . . on a cushion o 
shiki kudasai (you dont invite 
a person to sit on the floor 
in a Japanese room, but 
when sitting you invite him 
to draw a cushion under 

R.. .tiiiy-room i-ma 
Site (for building on) shikichi; 

(situation) basho 
Situation (site) basho; (employ- 
ment) kuchi; (circumstances) 

to look for a 3 . . . kuchi wo 

to lose one's s . . . yosase- 

Six muttsii; roku; mu 
six of one and half a dozen of 
the other nitari yottari no 

Size okisa; (bulk) kasa 

according to s... okisa ni 

medium 3. . . chO, gurai no 

wliat 8...? (number, as of 
boots, hats, etc.) nam-ban- 

wliat is al)out the a....^ 
okisa wa dono gurai desu kaf 

Skeleton (human) gaikotsU; (ol 
an animal) hotie 

Sketch (rough drawing) e-zu 

Skilful jozu na 

akin kawa 

Sky 8ora 
a. . .-blue snra-dro 





to s . . . (somebody) no koto 
v:o/waruku iu 

Slate aeki-ban 
s. . .-ix'iicil seki-hilsu 

Slave dorci 

Sleep V. i. nemuru; ne'ru 
to be ;ililo to s... nerare'Tu 
I slept wtll yoku nemasMta 
I luivc not slept tlie wl>ole 
iii;ilit hito-txtn-jCi neraremanen 

I uiii s. . .y ncmiUai (colloquial 
ciiiitiuctioii of nemurUai) 

Sleeping-car ahindai-sha 

SIct.'vc .vof/c; tamoto 
to laugh in one's 3... ham 
no vata de wurau 
I ;;;\i sure he has got some- 
tliiiis up his s... hara «t 
mnii hi aru ni ehigai tiai \ 

S'-cj /.ire I 

Slide V. i. suberu 

Slight (of figure) hossori shUn 

Slip suberu 
s . . . pevy subekkoi 

SHppcr uwa-gutsu 

Sloping nnname ni natte iru 

Slovenly zoazai ni 

Slow (beliiiid the time) osoi; 

(not quick in motion) noroi 
to be s... (of H wat^h) oku- 
retf. iru; (in understanding) 
ivakari na warui 
s . . . !y noroku; (good sense) 
yukkuri; (bad sense) guzu- 
i/uzu; (of locon.otion, in a 
Kood sense) soro-soro; (of 
locomotion, in a bad sense) 
■tioso-iioso; noro-noro 

please speak s. . .ly dozo yuk- 
kvri hanashiU kudasai 

lie SI loke too s . . . ly ano Mto 
wa amari noroku hanashima- 

Sly zunii 

s. . .!y koso-koio to 
Small chH!<ai; chiisa na; (slen- 
der) /i.Ot>r i 
Sinart fele;;ant in dress, witli 
forei'-jM t^mlencies) haikara 
vn; (iti a jiure Jnpaese way) 
o share mi; (clever) subashik- 

to s. . . shimiru 
i-'mash V. t. kowiisu 
to lie s...ed koivurde iru 
Smell nioi; (in a bad sense) 

whnt a s...! A-i'twi, kOsail 
wliat a fearful s...! nani ka 

hidoku kOfidi 
to s. . . nioi ga suru 
1 can s... it nioi rja sMmasu 
)t S...S like an apple ringo 

no yd na nioi ga sliimasic 
it s. . .s of sweat ase-kusai 
Smile V. i. niku-niko suru 
Smoke keiiuiri 
to s... (emit smoke) knnuru; 

(use t<ibacco) tah'iko wo nouiu 
to liave as... ip-puku noinu 
do you s...? Utbako wo no- 

vnimts-ii k(i? 
is snioking alliAved here.' koko 

dc tali'iko wo tionde mo kamai- 

iHiiseri kit? 
have a s... ip-puku o agari 

I do not like s. .. tabako wa 

smoky kemu-darake 
a carriage for non-smokers is 

called kin-eiisha 
is tlicre a non-smoking car- 
riage.* kin-ensha ga arimusH 

ka? ' 
I s. . . a little now and then 

loki-doki tabako wo nomimasA 
I smell s... kina-kOsai desa 



the lamp is s. . .ing rampu ga 

kusubuUe imasii 
no s... with(jut fire hi no 

nai tokoro ni kcmuri agura- 

Smooth (not rough) subekkoi; 

(of tlie surface of water) oda,- 

yaku na 
to s... subekkoku siiru 
to s... out (as a crumpled 

pap(;r) no/shiwa wo nobasu, 
s. . .ly sube-sitbe to 
Snake hcbi 

Sneeze kushanii wo suru 
Snore v. i. ibiki wo kaku 
Snow yrtki 
tlie s... lies on the ground 

yuki ga tsuwotte iru 
is there nuicli s....' yuki ga 

takusan txurnoUc imasu kaf 
s. . .-flake yuki-bira 
s. . .-stom. lubuki 
to s. . . yuki ga juru 
So so 
don't do so so shite wa iker- 

nut sen 
is it not so.2 so de wa arv- 

wu,sT» ka'? 

is that so ? so desU ka ? 
that is not so so ja nai 
so it is so desu; sayO de gozai- 

if it is so so tuiraba 
not so good as tliis kore hodo 

yoku nai 
tliere is nothingpo convenient 

as a rikishii kuruma hodo 

benri na mono iia nai 
1 have not \v;ilkedso tar as to 

be tired ktitaOtreru hodo wa 

my i.'.tlier is not so well to-day 

cliiehi wa kyo amari yoku ari- 

so that yd ni 


come early so that I may 

catch the train kislui ni ma 

ni au yo ni hayaku o-ide 

be quiet so as not to disturb 

people hiio no jama wo shi- 

nai yo ni shizuka ni shite 

o-ide nasai 
the hght is .so bad that I 

cannot read akari ga kura- 

kiite yome.-iuti [tlie light is so 

dark 1 cannot read| 
this is so pretty I really must 

buy it aiiuiri kirei da karado 

s?ute mo kaimasho 
so much tlie Ijetler sore wa 

nao ii 
so much the worse sore wa 

so much the woi'se for you 

wataknshi )w shiiip koto ja nai 
and so on alo ira kihiu tori 
a «eek or so is-shukuii gurai 
I think so so oinoimasH; so 

I told you so wfitukiishi ga so 

iiUt jii arimasfn, h,? 
why ho.' na.:e.' 
make it about so liiph kono 

gurai no takasa 7ii shite mo- 

1 do not go to Yokoliama so 

often as I u-^cd to I'oAo- 

/uziiia e sen hodo tubi-tabi 

doi.t go so fast sonna ni 

hayr.ku il-a-nai dc o kure 
you must not drink so much 

beer sauna ni biiru wo nonde 

wa ikenutsen 
1 was never so pleased iu ray 

life a7ina ureshii koto wa 

1 liave already jiaid the 

likisha-map, so tell him to 

go away mo ftaratta no desCt 







hara, kuruma-va too kaeshUe 

I did buy it so I cannot say I 
did not katta no ni kawa^nai 
to tea iwaremaaen 
BO you bought a watch the 
other day konaida tokei too 
katta no desH ne 
BO you took a red one akai 
no too taOa no desH ne 
he takes so long about every- 
thing domo nani tvo sum ni 
mo nagaku kakaru 
I have so little time now-a- 
days domo kono goro hima ga 
nakate komarirnagH 
he ate so much he could not 
move, tigoke-tiai hodo dossari 
Soap shabon 

Society (an association) kumiai; 
(the commimity at large) 
Sock (European) kutsti-shUa; 

(Japanese) tabi 
a pair of s...s ktUsu-shita 

Soda goda 
fl. ..-water soda-sui 
Soft (not hard) yatoarakai; (not 
harsh) yasashii; (of colours) 
assari shUa 
to s. . .en t/atoarakaku sttru 
8i>eak s . . . ly Misai koe de 
o hanashi nasai 
Soil (earth) Uuchi 
to B . . . yogosH; kiianaku sunt 
to be s. . .ed yogorete i'ru 
to become 8...ed yogore'ru; 

hUanaku nam 
8...ed yogoreta; kitanai 
Soldier hedai 
Sole (of a boot) soko; (of tlie 

foot) ashi ru) ura 
StM (hard) katai; (not hollow) 
$H»iiu; (strong) jobu na 


I have 8. . . arimasC 

I want 8... water mizu too 

please buy b. . . of them dore 

ka katte ktidasai 
there must be 8. . . reason for 

it sore ni tea nani ka toake 

ga am ni ehigai nai 
at s. . . time or other itsU ha 
8. . . time to-day kyo-ju ni 
B... time next week raishU 

no uchi ilsU ka 
s. . . i)ersoiis say — — to tu 

hUo mo am 
B. . . sayyes 9nd s. . . sayno 

so da to iu hUo mo ari, so de 

nai to iu hilo mo arimasH 
s. . . tables have three legs 

sam-bon ashi no tebum mo 

s . . . of tliem are better than 

others naka ni tea ii no mo 

8... went, others remained 

behind itta hito mo ari 

nokotta hUo mo arimashifa 
8... of the singing-girls are 

very pretty geisfia -no uchi 

ni tea taihen kirei na no ga 

there is s. . . (emphasised) not 

koto UM nai 
to s. . . extent mazu 
8... one. See samkbody 
8. . . other time ato de 
sprinkle s... there sukoshi 

soko e iuri-kakete o kure 

[sprinkle a little there] 
s. . . more (in addition) nu3tto; 

(left) mada 
I want s. . . more naUs motto 

ktiffi ga irimasU 
tliere are s . . . more in my 

room tiiatahuski no heya m 

mada arimasfi 

%... time shibaraku 

I have not been to Tokyo 

for 3. . . time shibaraku Tokyo 

e ikimasen 
Somebody dare ka; am hito 
8 . . . else (not this person) 

dare ka hoka no hUo ; (an 

action whicli is repeated) 

mata dare ka 
8. . . else has come mata dare 

ka kimasMia 
8 . . . said so so itta hito ga 

here is s . . . 's hat koko ni 

dare ka no boshi ga arimasH 
this belongs to s . . . kore tva 

Mio no mono desii 
he was speaking with s . . . 

hUo to hanashi too sMte ima- 

Somehow do ka 
8 . . . or other (if not in this 

way, in that) do ka ko ka; 

(1 don't know in which way) 

do ka guru to 
I will do it s . . . or other do 

ka ko ka shimasho 
this must open s . . . or other 

but rMon't know how do ka 

suru to aku no desH ga do sum 

no da ka wakarimasen 
B... I don't feel well today 

nan da ka kyo toa guai ga 

Something nani ka 
8. . . else nani ka lioka no mono 
take some fruit or s . . . kuda- 

mono ka nan ka o agari 

I am afraid that s . . . has 

happened nani ka aUa no ka 

mo shire-nai 

tkere must be s. . . the mat- 
ter with him ano kilo uxi do 

ka shita ni ehigai nai 

I want to speak to you about 
s . . . o hanashi shitai koto ga 

the carpenter came and said 
s . . . about his not being 
able perhaps to come to- 
morrow daiku ga kite ashita 
tea korare-nai ka mo skire 
nai to ka nan to ka iimashUa 
Sometimes toki-doki 

it is s . . . used 0ki-doki tsU- 
Somewhat ikura ka; sUkoshi 
Somewhere doko ka 

he lives s . . . in this neigh- 
bourhood doko ka kono kinjo 
ni sunde imasO, 

it must be s . . . kitto doko ni 
ha aru desho 

I want to go s. . . (W.C.) benjo 
tea doko desH ka? [where is 
there a W. CJ] 

8 . . . about (place or time) 

8... else doko ka hoka no 
Son musUko 

my s . . . uchi no musiiko 

your s. . . musiiko san 

8. . .-in-law nmko 
Song xtia 

please sing a s . . . dozo tUa 
ujo utatte kudasai 
Soon (in a short time) jiki ni; 
(of days or longer periods) 
chikai uchi ni; (early) haya 

come back again a... yikini 
o kaeri nasai 

will the bridge be finished 
s. . J hashi wa ddkai ttchi 
ni deki-agarimasit ka? 

he ought to be back 8. . . mo 
kaette kuru hazu desH 

it will 3 ... he ready mo jiki 







as s... aa (with a future) 

past cond. foil, by sugu ni; 

(with a present or past) 

infinitive foil, by to sugu 

please send it as s... as it 

is ready dekitara swju ni 

okutte kudasai 
as s... as he came kuru to 

sugu ni 
as 8 . . . as possible dekiru- 

dake hayaku, 
as s... as convenient tsugu 

B. . .er or later osokare;hayakare 
Sore D. kizu 
a... (painful) iiai 
I am s. . . (for that) oshii koto 

desu.; warui koto deshila ne 
I am s... (for you) o kino- 

doku desH 

I am 3... (filled with regret) 
zanncn da ga 
I am s... that we must 

part zannen da ga o wakare 

I am s. . . (for a fault) sumi- 

masen dcslnla 
I am s... to give you so 

much trouble o te-kazu wo 

kakete sumimasen 
I am not very strontr, I am 

8..-. to say atnari johu de 

nakute kontarimasC 
1 am s. . . to hear that sore 

wa ike-nai koto desu tie 
I gave away that book and 

now I am s. . . I did so ano 

hon wo h'Uo ni yuttx ga itiia 

de wa oshlkiMc lainura-mii 

I am s. . . to trouble you but 
would you please lielp me a 
moment? o kinodokn dfsu 
ga, chclto te wo kashlte kuda- 
saimasen kat 

I am s... but I "cannot let 

you have it by tomorrow o 

kinodoku desH ga, ashUa 

made ni wa dekimasen 
Sort (kind) shurui; (of persons) 

what s...? donna shuruif do 

all s. . .9 of iro-iro no 
different s. . .s of iro-iro no 
one of each s... chigatla no 

wo hUotsii-zutsU 
this s . . . of person ko iu 

that 9... of person I like so 

iu hito ga suki dcsti 
a good s... of fellow taehi 

no a hito 
tliat 3. . . of (i iu; so iu 
tliis s. . . of Ao iu 
what s... of man is he.* do 

iu hito desa? 
that is not the right s... 

so iu no ja nai 
the sajne s . . . of onaji yd na 
he is out of 9...s (it seems) 

do ka sh'itimsKii 
one s. . . hUo-iro 
two S...S iiita-iro 
how many s. . .s ? iku-iro f 

to s. . . yori-wake'ru 
Sound (noise) oto 
8. . . (free from defect) kizu 

no nai; (healthy) jobu na 
to s . . . (appear) kikoe'ru 
that s. . .s funny sore wa hen 

ni kU:oemasu 
that S...S very pretty sor$ 

tva kirei ni IdkocmasH 
Soup soppu; sui-mono 
Sour suppai; sui 
this fruit is s... kono kudo- 

mono wa suvpci 
a s... face niga-nigashii kao 

to turn s . . . suppaku nam 

Source (of a river) minamoto: 

(origin) moto 
South minami 

s. . . wind viinami-kaze 
Spade saki (in^^tead of a spade 
the Japanese ccmimonly use 
a kind of lioc kiiwa) 
Spain Hiipeiti 

Spare (dcjirive one's self of by 
being frugnl) kenj/aku suru; 
(forbear to inflict hanu) 

can you s... this book for 
a little while.' koyio hon wo 
sUkoshi kashile, htdasaimasen 
kal [wi'nt you lind ine this 
book a little while?] 

can you s... tinie.^ o hiuta 
ga arimanu kaf 

not to s . . . pains hone wo 

Sparrow suiume 
Speak hanasi'; iu 

please s... slowly dozo yuk- 
kuri haimshite kudami 

please s. . . louder vwUo oki 
na koe de hana shite kudasai 

8... the tnith honto no koto 
wo /uniashi nasai 

to s... ill of wnrtiku iu 

to s... well oi yuku iu 

to s . . . of 710/ koto wo iu 

so to s. . . iwaha 

to s... (a lan<;uage) deki'rn 

I s... Jajiaue^e very im- 
perfectly yihon-ijo wa sukoxhi 
shika dtkiiiutt<en LI only speak 
a little JupaneseJ 

is there any one here who 
S...S Kii^hsh.'' koko ni Ei-go 
no dekiru hito ga imasu ka} 

can 1 s... to Mr. Tanabe.* 
Tanabe dan ni o ine ni kaka- 
reinasu. ka? [can I see Sir. 

I wish to a ... to him ano hito 

ni hanashitai koto gaariiiuisu 
is this the book you were 

s . . . ing of? kore ga o hanashi 

no hun destl ka! 
I will s. . . to him about it.- 

see .^HOL'T 
to a... without being asked 

kuchi wo ire'ru 
it u nothine to s... of nan 

de mo nriivcsen 
I cannct understand long 

sentences, please say what 

you waiit in a few and 

easy words nagai hanaslii wa 

ii\/kitriiiiascn kara motto niiji- 

kaku ytisa.shii kotoha de itte 
do you understand.' wakari- 

7110 su ka? 
T don't (juitc understand yoku 

do yous... English.? Ei-go 

ga dekinnixi'i ka} 
Is... a little Japanese NUton- 

go wa siikoshi dckimasU 
my pronunciation is bad 

ivalakushi no luUsuon tva 

I understand better than I 

sixiak hanasU yori kiku hO 

ga wakarimasii 
Special toktihetsu na 
lor no a... reason nan to 

1 liave no 6 . . . reason belsH 

ni wake wa ariniosen 
of s... iniiioittnce daiji na betnu 7ii; tokubetsu ni 

a lidirid s. . . mugoi koto 
s . . . s meyune 
Speech (discourse) enzctsii 
to make as... emitsii suru 
Speed luiyasa 
at lull s, . . zen-sokuryoku de 







Spend tsUkau; (pass the time) 

to 3. . . money on ni/kane 

wo tsukau 
to 8 . . . the whole of tsiikatte 

I liave spent all my money 

kane wo minna tsUkatte shi- 

to s... one's time hi wo 

kurasii [pass the day] 
I spent the winter in Kago- 

shima Kagoshima de fuj/u 

wo knirashimashUa 
8. . .-thrift kane-zukai no arai 

Spider kumo 
6. ..'s web humo no eu 

[spider's nesti 
Spill (intr.) koboreru; (trans.) 

Spinach horenso 
^irit (as dist. from matter) 

ki; (alcohol) arukoru 
to be in good 8...3 vukai 

dc ant 
Spit (eject saUva) tsuba too 

haku; isu^ki u>o suru 
to 8... out something too/ 

in s . . . of nilkamawa-zu; 

in 8 . . . of what he says there 

are some so iu keredomo am 

koto wa arimasu; so iu kere- 

domo nai koto wa arimasen 
in 8 . . . of ditilculties tutnoini 

in 8 . . . of that he went sore 

de mo ikimashila 
out of 8. , . tsurorou m 
s. . .ful jat«» na 
Splash (trans.) hanekasH 
Splendid rippa na 
Spoil sonji'ru; waruku $uru 

to be B. . .t dame ni nam 
my hat is s. . .t boshi ga 
dame ni natta 
s . . . t child dadakko 
Spoken Language (as different 
from the wiitten language, 
bungo) kogo 
Sponge kaimen 

to throw up the s. . . taji 
too nage'ru 
to 8. . . on another isoro sum 
to s . . . on another for one's 
entire livelihood no/sune wo 
kajiru [to bite the legs of] 
Spoon saji 

one s...fuU saji ip-pai 
Sport (jest) jSdan; (out-door 

recreation) undo 
Spot (place) basho; (speck) ten 
on the s . . . (time or place) 

sono ba de 
Sprain (verb) kujiku 
Spread (as a carpet) sMIm; (as 

butter) nuru 
to s. . . out (something folded) 
Spring (season) ham; (of a 
carriage) bane; (spiral, as in 
a watch) zemmai 
s . . . (of hot water) onsen; (of 
cold water) immt; (of mineral 
water) kosen 
to s. . . (leap) tobu 
Spy kanja 

Sqtiare shikaku; (honest) iho- 
jiki na 
one s. . . foot is-s?iaku shi-k6 
two feet s. . . ni-shaku shi-hS 
two s . . . feet is-shaku </ti-Ao 

no ni-bai 
Squash (verb) oshHsObuta 
Squat (verb) shagamu 
See SIT 

Squeeze (between two things) 
hasamu; (in one's hand) 
nisn'Tu; (press out liqxud) 

skibom; (extort money) 

I have 8. . .d my finger yubi 
wo fiasamiinashita 
to 8. . . the hand te too nigiru 
8. . .-money kasuri 
Stable Uma-ya 
8 . . . -boy betto 
livery s... kashi-Hina-ya 
Stag shika 
Stage (theatrical) biUai; (a place 

of rest on a road) shiku 
landing s. . . haioba; (wooden) 

Stain V. t. yogosH 
as... (a dirty spot) shimi 
Stairs hashiqo 
ups. . . ni-kai 
downs... shita 
Stale iumi 

to become s . . . luruku nam; 
(when emitting a bad smell, 
as fish) husaku nam 
Stalk jiku 

Stamp (seal and its mark) han 
l)0stage-s. . . yubin-kitte 
revenue-s... sliUnyH-inshi 
to 3. . . (put on a postaige- 
stamp) ni/kitte wo ham.; (with 
a seal) ni/han wo osH 
Stand (be upright) tatsU; tatte 
im,; (to set upright) tate'ru 
as it 8. . .s sono mama 
is one obliged to s. . .? tatte int 

no desu ka? 
• to remain s . . . ing taUa ma- 
ma de im, 

how do we 8....' do nano 

it is difficult but I think I 
can 8. . . it out mumkashii 
keredomo gaman shite irareru 
to omoimasu 

it 3. . .8 to reason that dori 
ni oite wa 

to 8. . . the erpenses (for some- 
body) ogom 

to s. . . still iitto tatte i'm, 

to 3. . . up tachi-agaru 

I can't 8. . . this cold samukiUe 

I wont 8 . . . that tamara-nai; 
(more forcibly) tamam mono 

a 8. . . (to set anything on) dai 

rikisha s... jinriki-tateba 
Star hosM 

north s. . . hokkyoku-sei 

Starch nori 
to s . . . ni/nori wo tsuke'ru 


to 3... at wo/mi-tsume'ru 
Start (set out) dekake'ru; (of 

a train, etc.) de'ru; (begin) 

what time does the train s . . . .» 

kisha wa nan-ji ni demasii ka? 
when do you s,,J itsvi, a 

dekake desu kaf 
I s... to-morroW asAtto d«- 

at the moment of s. 

dekakeru toki ni 
to 8... in business shobai wo 

you made me s . . . bikkuri 

the 3. . . (tlie act of setting 

out) dekake 
to 3 . . . raining ame ga fun- 


to 8. . .crying naki-dasH 

to be 3. . .d bikkuri sum 
Starve (intr.) ue-jini shikakalU 

State (a body politic) kokka; (a 

province) shu; (oonditioa) 

moyo; ySsH, 
United S...s OassliO-kcku 




station teishaba; sUteishon 
from the s. . . tehhabi kara 
to the s . . . teishal'fi e 
where is the s...? teishaba wa 

doko desu ka? 
which is the s... for Nikko? 

Nikko e iku klsha wci doko 

kara demasu ka? 
how far is it to the s. ..? 

teishaba made dono gurai 

aritnasu ka? 
s. . , -master ekicho 


Stay tornaru; (to be) ont; i'ru 

I will 3... here to-ni<?ht 
kombnn koko ni tomari- 

I s...e(i at the Grand Hotf^l 
Gurando ni tomari 

how long did you s. . . in 
A'aqasaki.' dono gurai Naga- 
saki ni orimashita ka? 

I s...e(l f(jur days yokka 

during my 9... at Kobe 
Kobe 7ii orimnshVn toki ni 

Ikav many years are you going 
to s... in New York? ikii- 
nen gurai hiyil YOku niiru 
tsuitwri dead ka? 

it- won't s... closed (al- 
though I have cloPed it se- 
veral times) ikura ahimete 
wo dame 

is Miss Ito R. . .inf! here? ItS 
San ua kochira nio-ide desiX 

to s . . . indoors uchi ni ko- 
■motte oru 

I shall s... up until you 
come back anaia no kaeru 
Tnade okite irnasH 


to s. . . money kane wo nu\ 

some one has stolen my purse 

dare ka ivatakOshi no saiiu 

uo nunumrrremashtta 
this man tried to s... my 

watch kono hito wa wata- 

kHshi no tokei wo nummo 

to s/iimashUa 
Steam joki; yuge 
s. . .-engine juki-kikan 
Steamer kisen; (small) jokixen 
when does the s . . . start? 

kisen wa nan-ji ni demagU 

when is the next mail-s. . . 

due from America? tsugi no 

yvbinxcn wa Usii Ameriica 

kara kuru hazu desii ka? 
pleni-e show me my berth 

witakushi no ncdoko wo misete 

o kure 
can I have another berth? 

hoka no nednko ni tori-kaeru 

koto ga dekiinaxfi ka? 
is tliis beitii encaged? kono 

nedoko wa uitc iiiutsu kai 
I would like this one koko ga 

ii ga 
I will enpnsie the whole cabin 

heya wo kui-kirimasho 
put my hiKjjage in tlie cabin 

niriiot'^u wo lieya ni irete kure 
to be sea-sick fune ni you 
I am sea-bick fune ni yoi- 

mash Ua 
is the sea generally smooth? 

umi wa itsU mo oiCayaka desu 

the sea is rough umi ga arete 

IrnasH ., 
the sea is sometimes rough 

when there is a west wind 

nishi-kaze ga fiiku to toH-dohi 

umi ga aremasH 
do we go alongside the pier 

or must we land in boats 

haioba nmde tsukimasu ka 




tore to mo Juishike de iku 
no desU ka? 

must I itay the boat-man 
hashlke-chin tvo dasO, no desU 
how much will you charge to 
take me to shore? oka made 
ikura desu ka? 
Steel hagane 
Steep kyU na 

is this hill s . . . ? saka wa kyU 
desit ka / 

Step (a pace) ashi; (footprint) 

ashi-ato; (of a staircase) dan; 

(sound of foot-steps) ashi-olo 
one s. . . hUo-ashi 
it is but a s . . . from here 

koko kara h'lto-ashi desU 
s. . . by s. . . dan-dan 
8. . .s (small ladder) jumi-dai 
Btone 9. . .s ishi-dan 
to s. . . on fumu 
8. . . in please o hairi nasai 
B. . . this way kochira e 

Step-chiM mama-ko 
Btep-fathtT mama-chichi 
step-mother mania-kalta 
Steward makanai-kata 
Stick bo 

walking-3. . . tsue 
to walk with a s . . . (as a 

necessary Jielp) tsue wo tsuile 

tos. . . (pierce) sasii; (adhere) 

to s . . . out tsaki-dasa, 
to s . . . on hari-tsiike'ru 
a... tliL-i advertisement on 

the wall kono kokoku wo 

icabe ni hatle kure 
that man s.'..s to what he 

says ano h'Uo wa jibun no iu 

koto wo doko made mo toshi- 


Stiff katai 
I have a s . . . neck waia- 

kHshi wa ne-chigaimashita 
Still (quiet) shizuka na; (yet) 
mada; ima made; (more) nao; 
(nevertheless) keredomo 
be s. . . shizuka ni; jitto shite 
he is s. . . growing madaokiku 
are you 9. . . living in Kobe? 
mada KOue ni surni desU 

is there any coal s . . . left? 

sekilan iva mada arimasvt, kaf 

I have 3 . . . two more letters 

to write iegami wo ato ni-kon 

kaka-nakercba nara-na.i 

s... that can't bo de mo, 

sonna haztiwa nai 
s . . . better nao ii 
this one is s... better kore 
wa nao ii 
s . . . more motto 
s. . . less motto siikunai 
Sting V. t. sasU 
Stink kHsai 

what a s . . . ! kusai, kUsai ! 
what is it s . . . ing ? nani ga 

kusai no daro ? 
Stir v. t. kaki-TnawasA 
Stirrup abumi 
Stocking kutsu-shita 
a pair of s. . .s kuisu-shlta is- 
Stomach i 
to have as... -ache hara ga 
Stone ishi ; (of a fruit) tone 
precious s. . . hoseki 
to tiirow s. . .3 ishi wo horu 
Stop (arrest tt>e progress of) 
tatneru; (cease) yame'ru; 
(cease motion) tomarv; (so- 
journ) tomaru; (wait) rnatsU 
s . . . I wish to get out tomete 
kudasai, orimasu 




has it 8. . .ped raining? ame 

ga vamimasMta ka f 
how long do we s . . . here ? 

ikv-fun tomarimasU ka ? 

[how many minutes do we 

t^top ?] 
Ave minutes s . . . (called out 

at railway stations) go-fun 

kan Uishi 
does it (the train) s. . . at 

Kozu ? Kozu de tomarimasu 

my watch has s. . .ped tohex 

ga tomarimashita 
aX what hotel did you s. . . in 

Nacasaki? Nagasaki de dono 

hoteru ni tomarintaskita ka .' 
please s... a few moments 

sukoski machi vasai 
to be s . . . ped up (choked, of 

a pipe) tsukaeUi'ru 
Store (shop) mine 
s. . .-house kura 
s . . . -room mono-oki 
Storey (of a house) kai 
a two s. . .ed house nikai-ya 
a one s...ed house (ba.-e- 

ment only) hira-ya 
Stork tsuru 

Storm arasfii ; (wind) o-kaze 
s. . .y weather are 
to be s ... y arete i'ru 
a s. . . is coming arashi <ja 

Story hanashi ; (fib) uso 
a funny s. . . okafhii ?ianashi 
s...-book o kanoihi no lion 
Stove mitobu 
Straight mn^itugu na; (honest) 

shofiki va 
go s ... on nwsBugu ni o^ide 

8. . . ahead massugu 
8. . . Une maxsugu na sen 
Strain (filter) kosi'i; (harm by 

over-e\ertion) tiulcui-sugiru 

Strange mezurashii: fftshigi na; 

hen na; (suspicious) ayashii 
what a s... thing md, /it- 

shifi da 
he is a 8 . . . fellow hen na 

hUo da 
it Is not 8... mezurashiku 

there is nothing s. . . in that 

chitto mo Imkigi na koto mw 


6... to say fien da keredomo fmidgi ni; hen ni 
he is behaving very s..Jy 

ana hUo iva hen na koto too 

Stranger shira-nai hlto; (an 

out-ider) yosn no hlto; (a 

foreigner) gaikoku-jin 
he is a s. . . to me ano hUo 

tva shira-iUii h'lto dew 
I am quite a s. . . l»re koko 

tva iiuiru de shirinuuen 
a complete s . . . to me mUa 

koto mo nai hito 
Strep kawa no himo 
Straw war a 
it is not worth as... ichi- 

moit no ne-iichi mo nai fit 

is not wortii a i vmdredth 

part of a sen] 
it does not matter a a... 

c/ritto mo Icainaimasen 
Strawberry icMtio 
Stream (current) nagare; (small 

river) ko-gawa 
to go against the s. . . najare 

ni mukaxt; (fig.) jtnei, ni 

Street michl; (c-oosidered as an 

assemblage of houses form- 
ing a small district of tlie 

town) nuichi 
does this s . . . lead to the 

station? kono nrichi wa tei- 

siulxi t ik-u no deau ka} 




8... -door omote-ffuchi 
s. . .-gate omote-mon 
Strength chikara 
by main s . . . cliikara-zuku de 
with all one's s . . . issho 

beyond one's s... chikara no 

Stretch nobasii 

to s. . . one's self nobi wo stiru 
Strict (in conduct) Arotoi; 

(severe) kibishii 
Strike (beat, men or animals) 

tmtm; (beat, other tilings) 

tUsfi; (quit work) domei- 

hikd sum 
what did it (the clock) s... 

just now.? ima utta no tea 

nan-fi desa kal 
It did not 8 . . . me (I did 

not think of it) hi ga tmJei- 

masen deshiia 
It stnick me as strange 

(sus)iicious) ayashii to omoi- 

I was struck by her beauty 

ano hiiono kirei na no ni wa 

to s. . . a match matehi nv suru 
to s. . . out (erase) kesu 
to 8. . . with the fi.>t genko 

de butsu 
to 8. . . against (trans.) bulsu- 

ke'Tv; (intr.) biUi-ukam 
String ito," him» 
tioick b... !tJtoi himo 
thin s... fiosoi hitiio 
long s... iuujai himo 
to have two S...3 to one's 

bov. ryo-tembin wo kake'ru 
Strong Iswjoi ; (reliable, not 

easily broken) dnijobu na ; 

(healtliy) jobu va 

Is it s. . . ? daijobu desii ka? 

I want it made )obu 

ni koshiraete morailai "^ 

it is not 8 . . . enough kore 

yori motto jobu na no ga 

hoshii [I want a stronger 

one than this] 
Struggle (use great efforts) 

hone rvo oru ; (strive with 

contortions) mogaku 
Stubhorn ganko na 
Stud (of a shirt) shatsU no 

Student shosei ; seito 
Study V. t. na7au ; maTUibu; 

benkyo sum 
StumMe tsumazuku 
Stupid baka na, 
Style (manner) /« 
SiiitHect (that which is brought 

under dismission) mondai 
let us change the s. . . mondai 

wo ketema.-//o; hoka no Imivx- 

shi wo shimashd 
Submit shitagau 
Subscribe (to a newspaper) 

Succeed (as a son to his father) 

no/ato ICO tsuqu; (accomplish 

an object) seii-o swu; timaku 

will this book be a s... ? 

kono hon wa amaku iku 

drsho ka > 
I hope you will be R...ful 

go Seiko no itozontimasH; 

umaku o yar> 7ui:;iji 
Such sotina : so in yO na 
no s... thiny: ocrurrcd son- 

na koto wa nukutta 
s . . . as wo yd na 

s . . . is the c;ise ko iu betai 


tliere are no s... things as 

gliGsts yt'trei to iu yo na 

mono wa nai 

don't talk s. . . nonsense son- 

7ia baka na koto wo lu na 





245 Sure 

it is s. . . cold weather (very 
cold) amwari samui 

I have never f^een s . . . cold 
weather as thi-s konnn samu- 
$a ni ica alia Into on na i 

where can one buy s. . . cabi- 
nets as tliese ? konna tansu 
wa doko de kaemasu ka ? 

have you ever seen s : . . beau- 
tiful flowers as these? zuiburt 
kirei >ia liana ja arimasen 

I saw s . . . a pretty pirl this 
mornins; kesa honfo ni kirei 
na rrmvume uo imm((f:hitn 

I saw s . . . a preti y sa'jh that 
I had to \my itnniari kireina 
obi vomiiiiiishila kara kaiva- 
zu ni irarcmascn dcshita 
Suck s?iabii7-u; nameru 

to s . . . the breast chichi wo 

Sudden kj/u na. 

all of a s. . . kyU ni 

s. . .ly kyu ni 

Suffer (be in pain) kurns?iimu; 
(eiidurr with paticnre) oa- 
man svru; (tolerate) yunisii 

to s. . . loss son ICO suru 
Sufficient iaku^an : jiibun na 

that is s. . . sure de taknsnn 

it is not s. . . tnada lari-mn 

will this be s. . .? kore dciakH- 
san desii ka ? 

Sugar sato 

loat s. . . bo-zato; kaku-zatj 

white s . . . sainbonjiro 
Suggest (propose) ii-dasA ; 
(hint) tn-mau-nshi vi iu 

can you s. . . anything? nnni 
ka ii kangae ga arimasen 

I B . . . we all go together issho 
ni iku ho ga ii desko 

I will do as you s. . . anata no 
iu tori ni shimasho 
Suit (of clothes) soroe 
tos. . . (tobebecomin2)7!t/n{- 

au; (to be perfectly satis- 
factory) ki ni iru 
does this s... Die? kore tea 

uvtakiighi ni ni-diiinisii ka ? 
it does not s. . . me (I dont 

want it) kore wa ike-nai 
that will s... me very well 

sore tea taihen ii dcsho 
he is not s . . . ed for such work 

sono yd na shigoto ni ua mu- 

will fitlicT of these s. . . you? 

dotrhi ka o ki ni irimashUa 

how would this s . . . you? 

kore lea iknqa desii ka ? 
you (the articles you have 

made for nic) have always 

s. . .ed nie until now i«i<i jxa- 

deannta notokoro nichiimon 

sh'ita mono ua nmumyokatta 
s.upi)nse we say tomorrow 

how would that s... you? 

ash'it'i ',ii -viU:' ua go tsuyo wa 

ik'iiia dc i/o.:aimasit. ka? 
Suitable tekito na; sold na 
Sulphur id 
Summer Jinlsil 
Sun hi; tnlyo 
s. . .set hi no iri 
the s. . . has set hi ga hairi- 

8. . .rise hi no de 
the s... rises hi ga demasH 
s. . .light hi no h'tkuri 
the s. . . shines hi ga terimasA 
to dry in the s... kinata de 

Sunday nichiyo-bi 
Superficial (of knowledge) nama- 

kajiri no 

Superior (higher ii. excellence) 
sugureta; (in official rank) 
has no s . . . no/migi ni derii 

mono wa vai 
of s. . . quality j'dd no 
Superstitious goln't-knlsv/ii va 
Supper ban no shokuji (means 

also dinner) 
Supply (provide) kyokyii suru 
Support (\crb) samcte vru 
Suppose (to believe, think) 
omou; (ill the suppositimi) 
moshi (foil, by the condi 

Is... so so ornoinuisu 
I s... you will go anata wa 
iku desho 
B...ii!K it is too late moshi 

osokd tiara£r tliat were to happen 
moshi so iu koto ga atiara 
s... we say tomorrow how 
would that suit you? 
ash'ild ni s/iite va go l^u-ju 
wa ikaga de gozaimnsi'i ka? 
even that — t^tioe — 

(foil, by Keruiid and uio) 
even; that he came 
now I would not go tiioc 
kite mo waUikUihi wa iki- 
SUPPOSE is often omitted and 
the verb expressed in tlie 
future or probable past 
Is... it is very liut in Kago- 
.shJMia KagoshiiiLJ, tva taihen 
atiui diiro 

do .you s... the steamer has 
arrived.* klsen wa tsuitaro 

Is... the man is dead by 
now mo shinda daro 
la... she is HI (because she 
has not come U) her work) 
byoki na no daro 

I 3... she is ill (because she 

has alw.ays some complaint 

or other) hyoti dnro 
The dill'erenre biitween these 

last two sentences is that in 

the first case there is a 

special reason for the belief 

and in the second there is 

I s . . . a man-of-war has 

arrived (becau>^e I hear the 

salutes) gunkiin ga kiin no daro!,' he docs not come 

what shall 1 ilo.* ko-nake- 

reba do s/timashii? 
s... you sTe her to-morrow 

(a sugge.stion)«vKi(a ua asl/l- 

ta ano hUo ni attara ikaga de- 

he is s...d to be a very 

clever person hyiJban no riko- 
mono desii 
Sure tashika na 
are you s . . . of it' tashika 
desO. ka? 

I am not quite s... tashrka 
ni ua wakarimasen 

are there any.^ to be a... 
there are arimasu ka? ari- 
masu to mo 

be s . . . to zehi (with im- 

be s. . . to come early zehi ha- 
yaku o-ide nasni 

be s... to remember this 
uasurcte wa ikemasen [don't 

make s ... of your opportunity 
ori wo hazusu. )ia 

this tia'M is s... to be late 
(greatly to my annoyance) 
dose kono klsha u>a okureru 

to be s... (positive) daijObu 
to omou 

to make s . . . (leave abso- 
lutely no room for doubt) 




tasMka me'ru; (feel subjectively 

convinced^ Mtlo — to orrum 
I made s... he would come 

this momina hitto kesa Iniru 

to ommmankUa 
I'm 8. . . I could not say 

konto ni shirimasen 
I am not s. . . what the man 

said nan to itta ka yoku tva- 

I aia g . . . I have made uo 

mistake kesshite mac/iigae- 

be s. . . and liave them ready 

by Saturday doyo-bi made 

ni kiilo koshiracte kudaaai 
don't be too s... ammari 

amshiv ii:a narittMsen yo 
8. . .ly kiMo you will go to-morrow 

kitto 7nyonichi wa iku no 

desho ne 
Surgeon fjekc-isha 
Surname myoji; see NAME 
Surprise v. t. odorokasu; bikku- 

ri saseru 
to be s...d bilckuri siint; 

I am s...d bikkuri shimaslnta 
I am s...d to see you here 

ma. knko ni ila n' dcm hi! 
I wouldn't be s. . .d if he fell 

ill ano hlt'j >ca byoki ni 

nam, ka. mo shiraiuiien 
to my s. . . omoi-gake naku 
to take by s. . . no/lui tro uUs'i 
to be taken by s... wa/fui 

wo utnrcru 
they wil! be s...d bikkuri 

xuru desho 
tliat is very sore wa 

fUshifii da 
Surround 'akomu 
Suspect (imagine to be guilty) 

ntagau; (imagine to exist) ki 

iia suru 

Swallow (verb) nomi-komu 
I can't s . . . that sonna koto 
wo shinjiru hodo baka ja 
nai [I am not such a fool 
as to believe tliat] 
Sweat ase 
to s . . . a^e go, deru 
Sweep haku: (clean) soji sura 
s... the room Iteya wo haite 
o kure 
Sweet (of taste) anvai: (of face) 
kawairnskii; (of disposition) 
tliis fruit is s... kono kuda- 

mono wa arnai 
too s... nma-sugiru 
Swim oyrigu 
Swollen harcta 
to be t;. . . harete i'ru 
Sword katana 
SyrinRe chusha; (clyster) kan- 

System IiiJM; kata 
witliout s. . . wecha-kiicha rti 
Table (European) tchuru; tsU- 
kw; (Japanese low little 
tables) tsiikuf; rluibudai 
tiine-t... jikanJiyu 
Tack (small nail) byo 
Tail shippo 

Tai!or (for Eurojiean clothes) 
yolitlai-ya: (for Japiinese 
clothes) shitate-ya 
Take torn: (airiy) niolsii; nwtte 
iku; (cost, need) kakaru; 
(accept) vMe'ru; morau: (eat, 
said of another) agani; (said 
of one's self) tabe'ru; (sup- 
pose) OJrtOM 

1 took a photofrraph of the 
temple o tera no shashm 
wo torimashita 

pardon nie biit you have t. . .n 
my hat skiLsurei d^esU ga 
sore uu watufilii no bosM 




t... this letter to Mr. Smith 
Smith San ni kono tegami 
wo motte ittc o kure 
t... my luggage to the hotel 
voatakH^h) no nimf.tsh wo 
hoteru ni iiint'e itte o kure 
who has t...ii my book? 
dare ga n'riinlnxhi no hon 
wo motte iklniaxh'ili kn? 
how long cl «^s tiie steamer 
t. . .? liDif de nn dono gurai 
kakarimnxt't ka? 
it t. . .s about 2 hoiuT? ni-jikan 

gurai kakaiimasil 
how much (money) will it 
t..J ikurn kakaru desho? 
let's t... that tram-car ano 
den-sha ni norinwsho 
to be t. . .n ill hyoki ni naru 
to t. . . along tsttrete iku 
to t. . . a walk sanipo suru 
to t. . . away (as dishes etc.) 
sageru: kataznke'ru; (carry 
off) nwttc itte shimau; (deprive 
oO tori-age ru 

to t... back (something be- 
longing to the subject of the 
Bcnteucc) tori-kaesu; (other- 
wise) motte ik-u ; (conduct 
back of a person) tsurete. iku 
to t... care ki wo tsiike'rti 
to t . . . care of wo/dalji ni 

to t. . . charge of wo/azukaru 
to t. . . down orosH; (in writ- 
ing) kaki-tome'm 
to t. . . me hi ga tsnku 
to t... for (mistake) to/ 

to t. . . fright odoroku; Ink- 
kvri suru 
to t... from kara/tom 
to t... in (deceive) damasii 
I was Cf)mi)lcteiv t...en in 
ip-pai kuuasara.i 

to t. . . leave itnmagoi wo suru 
to t... notice ({nr one'3 

future guidance) kokoroi-ru 
to t... notice of ni/ki wo 

to t. . . no notice (when 

siK)ken to) shtraji kao $ur7i; 

(not to obey) iu-koto wo 

t<i t. . . off (clothes, foot gear) 

nugu; (iiat) toru; (to mimic) 

no/niane wo 
without taking off one's boots 

kutsii no nvqa-nai de 
to t. . . offence okoru 
to t... out (as from a box) 

diisii; (a nail, a stain) nuJcu 
to t... out of the way kata- 

to t... place okoru; aru 
to t. . . time hi ma ga iru 
to t. . . to (conduct a person 

to) e/t-surete iku; (carry a 

thing) e/motte iku 
to t. . . up (lilt) moehi-aqe'ru 
to t. . . up ro(jni basho wo 

to t. . . with one (persons) 

tsurete Hm: (.things) mWe t/tt« 
t. . . your time go yukkuri 
all my time is t...n up 

hiirui ga nai 
t. . . me to the station tei- 

shaba e 
t. . . care ki wo tsUkete o kure; 

(danger) abtinai 
what will you t....' (to eat 

or drink) nani wo agema^hS 

i« this place t...n.« koko wa 

aite imasii ka.' 
this seat is t. ..n koko u» 

totte aru no dem 
excuse me, I took you for 

somebody else gomen nasai, 
niach igaernash Ua 




what will you t... for it? 

ikura de yuzutte iiadake- 

masU ka? 
to t... medicine kHsuri too 


to t... exercise undo suru 
to t. . . liberties with a wo- 
man onna ni tawamure'ru 
I t... tlie liberty of asking 

you shitsurei desu ga o ta- 

zune skimasH 
Tale lianashi 
a true t . . . honlo no hanashi 
dead men tell no t...s sh,- 

nin ni IcucM nashi 
nursery t . . . otogi-banashi 
to tell t . . . s about a person 

hUo no koto ivo ii-tsuke'ru 

Talk banasu; (prate) shaberu 

wliat are you t. . .ing about? 

nani wo hanashite iru no 

desU kai 
dont t. . . so much sonna 

ni shabette wa ikemasen 
how you do t. . . to be sure 

yoku shaberu koto 
to t. . . about (a person) 

no/uwasa wo suru; (a thing) 

no/hanashi wo suru 
there is something I want to 

t . ... to y^u about sukoshi 

go 'sodan shttai koto ga ari- 

%... of the devil he is sure 

to appear uwasa wo sureba 

kage ya sasit 
to t. . . to (scold) shikaru 
to t. . . together hanashi-au 
t. . . (noun) lianashi 
it is only t . . . hanashi dake da 
idle t . . . muda-banashi 
Tall takai; (of a person) sex 

no takai [tall of height) 
at... man sei no takai Mlo 
at... building takai tatemono 

how t . . . are you.* aruUa no 

sei wa dono gurai desU kaf 
Tame nareta 
Tape teppu; himo 
Task shi"oto [work] 
Taste aji; - mi 
sweet t. . . amami 
bitter t. . . nigami 
acrid t. . . karami 
a nasty t. . . iya na aji 
of good t. . . umni: (artistic- 
ally) kosho na; jdhin na 
of bad t. . . (inpipid) ma^ui; 

(artistically) gcbitn; gehin na 
not loud but oJf good t . . . (of 

dress, works of art, etc.) shibui 
this t...s of salt kore tea 

shioke ga aru 
Tatoo (markings on the skin) 

Tax zei 
Tea cha 
black t . t . kocha 
powdered t . . . koclia 
i . . . -caddy clui-ire 
t. . .-cup chaimn 
t . . . -house cJia-ya 
t... -kettle (uon) tetsHbin 
t. . . -pot (eartlienware) dobin; 

(motal) clia-dushi 
to make t . . . cha wo ire'ru 
Teach oshirru 
please t. . . me oshiete hudasai 
who tauglit him? dare ga 

oshiemashUa kat 
t. . .er sensei 
Tear v. t. yabuku 
to be torn yabukete i'ru 
to Jb. . . into small pieces 

mecha-mecha ni yabuku 
to t. . . off from a surface 

to t. . . up saite shinum 
1 have torn my coat uwagi 

ga yabukemashita 
at... (a rent) yabure 




Tear (from the eye) namida 

with t . . . s in the eyes nami- 

to shed t...s (cry) naku 
Tease ijime'ru 
Telegraph denshin 

t...offic« denshin-kyoku 

telegram dempo 

I want to send a telegram, 
take me to the telegraph- 
office (said to a rikisha- 
man) dempo wo kaketai kara, 
kyoku e 

I wish to send a telegrani 
to London Rondon e dem- 
po wo kaketai 

can I send a telegram in 
English.? Ei-go no dempo 
too kakeraremasu kat 

what is the price per word.' 
seiyo no kolobg, wa ichi-ji 
ikura desu ka? 

I wi.^ih to pre-pay the reply 
henshinryo mo haraitai 

this is my address kore wa 
uxUakushi no tokoro-gaki desu 

I wish to send 100 yen to 
John Smitlv in Kobe Kobe 
no John Smith San e hyaku- 
yen no denipo-gawase wo 

how much is it.' ikura desu kaf 

please give me a receipt 
uke-tori wo kudasai 
Telephone denwa 

to t . . . denwa wo kake'TU 

what is the number of the 
t. . . in your office? o mise 
no denwa ua nam-ban desU 

is there at... in that house.* 
asoko no uchi ni denwa ga 
arimasa kaf 
Telescope boenkyo 
Tell hanasH; iu; (instruct as 
to) oshie'ru 

go and t . . . him so itte so ha- 
7iashUe o kure 

please t . . . me hanashite 

don't t... anybody dare n* 
mo itte VM ike-nai 

don't t... a lie uso wo itte 
wa ike-nai 

t . . . the truth honto no koto 
wo a nasai 

t . . . my boy to come boi 
ni Jcuru yd ni itte o kure 

t... my l)oy tlirt I shall 
leave at 6 o'clock ivatakw- 
shi ga roku-ji ni dekakeru 
to boi ni itte o kure 

wlio has told you to do this.* 
dare ni iivaretc suru no desHf 

I told him to go ano hiio ni 
iku yo ni iinMshita 

I told you so "Mitakushi oa 
so itta jt ariniasen ki,S 

you .should do these things 
without having to be told 
iware-nai de mosuru hazu da 

I have told you this several 
times kore wa tabi-tabi hana- 
shite oita no ni' 

tell the rikisha-man to ask the 
doctor to come as soon as 
possible dekiru dake hayaku 
irashitte kudasaru yo ni o 
isha soma ni tnnonde o-ide 
to kuruma-ya ni itte o kure 

please t... Ei San wliat I 
told you ima no hatmshi wo 
Ei San ni itte kudasai 

please t. . . her I have called 
wntakushi ga mairimashita 
to itte. kudasai 

do as 1 t . . . you untakHshi 
no iu tori ni shite o kure 

why don't you do as you are 
told? naze itta tori ni shi- 
nai ka i 




to t . . . the truth honto no 
koto wo in; (mcanin>;, as a 
matter of fact) hu)ito wa 

to t... tlio way michi ivo 

please t... mo wliore tlic 
post-offioe is i/utnn-lri/ii/cu 
wn dnko ni nrimasii In 

I cjin't t. . . (I clout know) 

can you t... me whether 
tlie train iroin Koho has 
arrived? Kuhr kara klsha 
ga kita dmliCi kn? 

t... us all ahout it dovna- 
deshttn ka ? 

T t. . . you what de tea ne 

to t... the difference (by 
seeinc) mi-wakr ru; (by hear- 
ing) kiH-wakeni 
Temper (inborn disposition) 
umare-tstiki; ki: (disposition 
of the moment) iigen 

t<y iteep one'a t. . . gaman 

to lose one's t . . . okoru 

to be in a t . . . kiyen ga 

ho is in a bad t. . . thia 
morninK hetia wa kiyen ga 

in a ROOtl t. . . u kigen de 

a quick t. . . okonppoi iji no ii: yasa- 

bad-t. . .ed iji no warui 
Temperature jiko; ondo 
Temple (Shinto) o miya; (Bud- 
dhist) o tera 
Temporary kari no 
Ten tu; jH 
Tenant kari^iuhi 
Tent tetUo 
Tepid nurui 

Term (condition) joken; (in 

schools) gakki 
to I'n on good t...s nnka 

ga a 
to come to t...s hanaflii ga 

Terrible o'^nrnshii: taihm nn 
Test (to find i.ut by trying) 

tartuMli- mi'ru 
Than yari 
this is bcttf-r t... that korx 

via are yori ii; are yori kore 

ga ii 
my house is smaller t... 

yours waliikuKhi no iiehi tra 

atutla no yori dtiimii 
I have more apple>< t... 

pears naxhi yori riiigo ga 

taktisan arimasH 
I have more apples t. . . yon 

(ntdtd jiori riniio ga fei/tugan 

it is better to ro t. . . to 

wait iruiUu yori il.~u ho ga ii 
I would rather walk t... 

rido noru yori arulu ho (ja ii 
uo more t... 30 persons 

Kan-jil-niti yori i'>'il,-ui:ni 
more t... lU yiars ju-n«n 

not less t... 10 yeara jtZ- 

ncn yori nukuuaku nai 
a little less t... an hour 

ichi-iikan ni sUkoshi turi- 

lesst... an hour icki-jikan 

yori sfikunai 
in less t... a year icJii-nat 

tata-TUii uc/ii 
t. . . yon arigatS 
t. . . you very much dBmo 

t. . . you (to an inferior, for 

service rendered) oo-kwi 





t...s to your kindness go 
shinsetiiii ni ariguto 

t. . .s to your iufluenc* o-hage 
sama;- o-seioa suma 

t...s to your kind assistance 
o seiua sama 

t...8 (after ))artakin(? of any 
refreshment) go-chisCi sama 

don't mention it do ilanlii- 
nMshUe; (after heinp; thank- 
ed for ri'freshmeuts) o 
lomatsU sama 

it is a mere nothing anna 
numo; anna koto 

yea, t. . . you (I will take 
some) itadakvnasH 

no, t... you (I won't take 
any) lakilsan; itadakimasen 

no more, t. . . you mo lakv,- 

t. . .8 for your khidness the 
other day sfnyiUiX wa ari- 
gato gozaimashlUi 

t. . . yon for nothing (wlien 
angry) oki na o Sfuxi 

give iiiin my best t...s 
arigato to iUe kudasai 

did you say t... you? ari- 
l/a^ to iimashitii kaf 

to be t...ful for arigataku 

t. . .less on wo shira-nai 
That (as noun) sore; (if more 
remote) are; (as ad j . ) sono; ano 
t. . . won't do sore *ca ike-nai 
what is i...t tore wa nan 
dcsH kat 
whose house Is t . . . .' are tea 
dare no uchi deshS! 
t.. . one tore 
t . . . one won't do tore d*. wa 

for t. . . reason tono lame ni 
t... house ano uc/d 
the book t... you showed 
me Is very good anaU g» 

inisete kudns'Ua, hon wa tai- 
hm ii 
I tliotitjht t. . . he would 
come ano hilo ga kuru dtskC 
to omoiinasJiUa 
he sjiys t . . . there are ano 

hilo no hanathi ni tea am 

so desii 
I told the hoy that he was to 

go immediately boi ni sugu 

ikti yo ni iimtinhita 
iu order t . . . yu ni 
so t . . . yo ni 

t. . . way (of doing) so iu fH 
who told you t . . . / dare ga 

so iiiiinshUaf 
t. . . is the question toko ga 

mcmdai da 
t... Is au Interesting book 

fono hon wa wnoshiroi 
find out the names of those 

who came dare-dare ga kila 

ka shirabctc kudasai 
the light is so bad t. . . T 

cannot read akari ga kura- 

kUte yome-nai 
The There la no definite 

article iu Japanese, 
that is t. . . man ano kUo desU 
t. . . sooner t... better Aaj/ai 

hodo u 
t... older he grows t... 

worse he becomes toshi wo 

toru liodo waruku naru 
Theatre shibai 
Their ano hilo-tachi no 
t . . . 8 ano hUo-iucfti no 
Tbem (dat.) ano hito-tachi ni; 

(ace.) ano hUo-tachi wo 
Then (at that time) sotto toki 

ni; (after that) tore hara; 

(ut that point) sore de; (In 

tJiat case) tore de wa 
I will be here t. . . tono UAi 

ni watakOtki urn kolu m 







t. . . I called a rikisha tore 
icara kuruma teo j/obimashita 
what did you say t....' sore 
de nan to iimashita kaf 
t... I dont think you will 
find one in Tokyo »ore de 
wa Tokyo ni loa run desko 
and t. . . s&re de 
by t. . . sore made ni 
now and t. . . tokirdoki 
since t. . . sore ka/rd 
t... and not till t... tono 

toki hajimeie 
t. . . and there sono ba de 
till t. . . sore made 
now t. . . sdl 
There (in that place) soko ni; 
(less definite) sotehi ni; (in 
that place yonder) asoko ni; 
atcki fd; (to that place) 
soko e; asoko e; (less definite) 
sotehi e; atchi e 
t. . . he is sore, HmamasJiita 
t. . . It is asHko ni arimasU 
to go t . . . and back soko 

made itte kaeru 
t. . . I sora! sore goran! 
here and t . . . atcki-kotchi 
t. . . and then sono ba de 
is he t.. .? imasit kaf 
t. . . is aru 

he says that t. . . are ano 
hUo no /tarutthi ni tea aru 
«o des& 

t. . . are some Japanese who 
don't like European food 
Nifum-jin no naka ni tea 
seiyo-ryori tio kirai na Mto 
ga imasA 
t. . . are many Japanese who 
dpn't like European food 
teiyo-ryori ga kirai na NiJum 
no Mto wa ozei arimasi 
t. . . ore . no elephants in 
J^pan Sihon ni tea zo wa 

let's walk t. . . aruite ifoima- 

about t. . . asoko ira; soh« 

t. . .abouts (near that place) 

asoko ira; soko ira; (aproxi- 

mately) gurai 
10 men or t. ..abouts }u- 

nin gurai 
Therefore da kara 
Thermometer kandankei 
what does the t. . . mark.' 

kandankei wa nan-do des&t 
75 degrees shichi-jH-go-do 
Fahrenheit t... kashi-kan- 

Centigrade t . . . sesshi-kan- 

They ano hlto-tachi 
t. . . say thst — — s5 desH 
t... say that he is rich 

kanemochi da so desH 
t. . . say so so da so desi 
t. . . are mending the road 

michi wo ruwshUe irruisii (in 

sentences like this they is 

not translated) 
t . . . have (there is) very 

good tea in China Shirui ni 

wa ii o cha ga arimasH 
Thick (of flat things) atsui; (of 

round things) iOtoi; (of 

liquids, hair, etc) koi 
how t. . . is it? dono gurai 

no attOsa desHi dono gurai 

na fiUosa desut 
thi'ough t. . . and thin donna 

koto ga aXbe mo 
Thief dorob6 
you are a t. . . omae uu 

dorobS da 

Thigh TtlOTHO 

Thimble pubirnuki 

Thiiv (of flat things and 
liquids) Usui; (of round 
tilings) fiosoi; (of persons) 

yaseta; (sparse as beard, 
trees, etc) mabara ni haeta 

to get t. . . yaseru 

you are getting t. . . anata 
wa yasemashUa 

Thing (abstract) koto; (concrete) 

mono; shinamono 
anyt. . . nan de mo 
everjrt. . . nan de mo; minna 
as t . . . s now are ima no 

tokoro de toa 
poor t . . . kawaiso ni 
that's the t . . . a sore nan da 
there is no such t. . . sonna 

mono wa arimasen 
take my t...s up to my 

room watakH-shi no mono 

wo heyu ni inotte itte o kure 
there are no such t . . . s as 

ghosts yCrei to iu yo na 

.imono wa nai 
jt is a t . . . that happens 

frequently tabi-tabi no koto 

there are many t...s to be 

done sum koto ga takfisan 

that was a good t. . . ii 

ambai deshita 

Thiidt omou; kangturu 
what do you t... of it* do 

ommmasA kaS 
I t.. , it is not very good 

amari yoku nai to omoir 


It... so w omoimasA 
I don't t. ... ao sS ja nai to 

omoimasQ, [I tbinS it is nof 

I don't t. . . he will come 

to-day kormieki wa kotuii 

to omoimasH [I think he will 

not come to-day] 
I thought he was not coming 

ko-rmi daro to omoimasMta 


It... you had better write 
down everything minna kakir 
tomeru ho ga ii to omoi- 

I thought you were ill bydki 
da to omoitnashUa 

I don't t. . . much of him s8 
ii hito da to omoimasen 

I thought you knew I was at 
home ucki ni iru no wo shitte 
iru to omoimashUa 

It... I heard footsteps asAi- 
oto ga kikoeru yo desu 

I will t... over it kangaett 

I t ... I counted right kanjo 
toa machigawa-nai tsumori 

what are you of do- 
ing? do sum tsumori desHf 

I am of going to 
Tokyo Tokyo e iku tsumori 
desH; Hi more doubtful) To- 
kyo e iko ka to omoimasH 

what am I to t. . . of this; 
kore uxi do iu tmke desHf 

I should t. . . so (probably 
so) so omoimasH; (most cer- 
tainly) mochiron 

do as you t. . . best ii to 
orpou yo ni nasai 

to t. . . better of it (change 
one's mind) omoi-naosti, 

I often t. . . of you anata 
no koto wo tabi-iabi kangae- 


did ^ you t... of it.« (remem- 
ber it) oboete imashUa kaf 

1 did hot t. . . of it ehot0 
wasuremashrta (1 forgot itl 

It... he must be ill byoki 
na no- daro 

I dont t.'. . you will like sakA 
sake wa sain de nai degho 

I dont t. . . yon will find 




any bread there asoko ni pan 

wa nai daro 
I never thouelit of that so«o 

koto wa nukoslii itio kangae- 

masen deshtta 
a man called. It..., Suzuki 

Suzuki to ka in hito 
Third san-bav-me no 
t... time .fan-han-we 
t. . . day nn.H-a-jiie 
t... day 01 the month mik- 

t. . . class san-to 
are yo« t. . ..» nodo ga katoa- 

kiinashita ka? 
I am t . . . nodo ga katoaki- 

this heat makes one t... 

kono atgi'tsa de wa nodo ga 

Thirteen ju-san 
Thirty san-jH 
This kono 
t. . . day konnichi 
t. . . eveniii? lomhan 
t. . . month konoetsU 
t. . . tinie Londo 
in t. . . maimer kono tori ni; 

ko iu IQ m; ko yatu 
on t. . . «iile kfili'lii no ho ni 
I have nothini; but t. . . kono 

hoha ni ?w nuiiiii mo nai 
t. . . one korc 
only t... one kore kiri 
Thorn loffe 
Thoroughly honlo ni 
t. . . honest lionto ni sJiojiki na 
I want it t . . . done yoku lun 

wo irete shite moraitai 
Though kered/ntw; mo; no ni 
t. . . he bought it he said he 

did not ano kUo ua katta no 

ni kawa-Tun to iimashUa 
I heard a noise as t . . . some- 
thin" had broUen nanikako- 

wareta yo na oto ga shima- 

Thousand sen 
ten t . . . man; ithi-man 
hundred t . . . jH-inan 
Thread ito 

to t. . . ni/ito wo iosii 
Threaten odokasu, 
Three mittsu; san; mii 
t... -cornered sankaku n« 
t. . .-legged sam-bon-ashi no 
Throat nodo 
to liave a sore t. . . nodo ga 

to clear the t. . . seki-barai 

wo sum 
Through (with a trans, verb) 

wo/idshite: (with an intr. 

verb) wo/lotte; (in between) 

no aida kara 
I saw a house t . . . the trees 

ki no aida kara uchi wo 

I got this t... my friend 

toinodachi wo- loski'e kore wo 

go to the station,, passing 

t. . . tlie gardens iMevfhi wo 

tutte leislta'Hi e ilte o kure 
pass the threa<l t . . . the 

needle hari ni ilj wo loshite 

he was looking t... the 

window mado kara mite ima- 

to fall t. . . (fail of accom- 

plLshmeut) dame ni nam 
to stick a needle t... (a 

piece of clotli) ni/hari wo 

SOS a 
Throw haru; nage'ru 
to t. . . away siitele shimau; 

sOleru; (waste) muda ni 

to t. . . away money nmda- 

zukai u>o suru 




t. . . it away sOtete o shimai 
to t. . . at ni/lmri-tsuke'ru 
to t . . . into ni/hori-komu 
to t. . . up (vomit) haku; 

(abandon) utchattf sHmau 
to t . . . up the sponge saji 
wo nagrru 
Thumb oya-yvbi 
Thunder kaminari 
to t. . . kaminari ga naru 
Thursday molruyo-bi 
Thus (in this manner) kono tori 

ni; ko iu iu ni; ko yatte 
Ticket kippu 
return t. . . oliiku-gippu 
single (not retuni-t. . .) kata- 

t. . .-office kippu wo uru loko- 

admission t... nyujokcn 
Tickle kusuguru 
dontt... me kOsuguttai, o 
yoshi imsai 
Tide shio 
high t. . . michi-shio 
low t. . . hiki-shio 
the t. . . is rising shio ga 

agete imasii 
the t . . . is falling shio ga hiite 
TWy kichin to shita 
to t. . . kata;u:;erit 
Tie shibaru; inal-u; (to t. . . a 
knot) mufidni 
to t... the belt obi wo shi- 

to t . . . up (a parcel) iwaku; 

(an animal) tfuiiayu 
please t. . . this up kore wo 
stdbatte ktidasai 
Tiffin hiru no shokuji 
where will you take t....' 
doko de hiru no shokuji wo 
skimasU kaf 

Tiger tora 

Tight katai; (of cloches) kyO- 

k-utsil na 
this coat is too t... kono 

uivagi wa aniari kyUkutsu desH 
to t...en kaUiku suru 
Tile (roof) kawara 
Till made 
t. . . now inia n'.ncii>. 
t. . . then sore nuide 
wait t . . . I come waUikiishi 

ga kuru made o machi nasai 
It was not t. . . ne told me 

that I noticed it cinn hUo 

no haiiashi wo kiku made 

shirii/iasen dcsMta 
I shall wait t... after I 

recover naotte kara ni shi- 

1 can't go t . . . the letter 

arrives tegami ga ko-nai uchi 

wa ikari^nnasen 
I can't tell t... I've tried 

tumesh'ilc mi-nakerebc waka- 

Timber zaimoku 
Time toki; jikan; (personal 

leisure) hlma, (number) do; 

tabi; (o'clock) ji 
it reouu'es t... (long dura- 
tion) nagaku ka/.tiriniasU 
thcie isn't t... (ii;ort dura- 
tion) iikan ga nai 
is there t. ...' Hkan ga ari- 

nitisU ka? 
there is plenty of t . . . mada 

takCisun jiknu ja urivtasii 
the t . . . is too short jikan 

^ a»iari mijikui 
how much t. . . have we 

before the train starts.? ki- 

sha ga dcru made ni dono 

gurai ar imasu ka? 
to kill t. . . tuii-utsU wo shi- 





to waste t. . . hima wo tsUhusH, 
to while away the t. . . jikan 

wo sugosU 
in order to gain time jikan 

wo hubuku Utme ni 
have you t . , . ? (leisure^ 

hima ga arimasu ka? 
have you t. . . now to so to 

the post-olflc? ? ima yuhrn- 

kyoku e iku hima ya arima- 
su ka f 
I haven't t. . . hima ga nni 
when I liave t. . . hima ga de- 

it is about t. . . now mo jiki 

jikan desd 
you take too niucli t . . . 

anata wa aimtri noroi Lyou 

are too slow] 
how many t...s? iku -do ? 

any number of t...s (very 

many) iku-tabi mo 
once ictii-do 
twice ni-do 
three t. . .3 san-do 
lour t. . .8 yo-tabi 
five t...s, etc. go-tabi, etc. 
first t. . . hajimete 
second t. . . ni-do-me 
third t. . . etc. san-do-me, 

this is the second t . . . 1 

have Clime kcre lie ni-do 


3 t. . .s as bis Kam-bni Ckii; 
sain-bai hodo okii 

4 t...s as h\<i yo-hiii clii 

6 t...s as long rokuiiui Uodo 

the first t . . . I met you 

hajimete o me ni kakuri 

iruishUa loki 
this t. . . krmdo 
next t... tsugi ni; kondo; 

kono Isuyi 

next t. . . you come kondo 

o-ide no toki 
last t . . . I was in Japan 

kuiio mae A'ihon ni iPi toki ni 
several t. . .s ik-u-tabi ka; tabi- 

eacli t. . . mai-do 
one at a t . . . hUottii zutsu 
what t. . . is it? nan-ji acsic 

at what t. . . will you come.' 

nan-H ni kimasii ka ? 
at what t. . . does the steamer 

arrive.' nan-ii ni kisen 

ga Isiikiritasv, ka> 

1 minute ip-pun 

2 miuntes ni-jun 

3 minutes sampiin 

4 minutes shi-!un 

5 minutes go-fun 

6 minute^', rop-pun 

7 miiiutft* sliichi-fun 

8 minutes hachi-lun 

9 minutes ku-1un 

10 minutes jip-pun 

11 miiir.tes iH-ip-pun 
20 minutes ni-jip-pun 
at one o'clock ichi-ii ni 

it is one o'clock ir/d-ji desU 

half past twelve ]u-ni-]i /lar 

a quarter past twelve ji'i-ni- 
ji jit-go-fun suyi 1 15 minu- 
tes past 12] 

twenty to three ni-ji sfii- 
jip-pun[U^o forty]; san-ji ni- 
jip-pun mae 

five minutes to three san-ji 
go-fun mae 

at three o'ciock san-ji ni 

It will soon be tour jiki yo-ji 


it has just struck four yo-ji 
utta bakari desii 

punctually at seven to- 
morrow nioriiinp i.iyoasa 
kikkari shlchi-ji fii 




it is t . . . now to (jo to school 

TOO gakko e ilea jikan desfi 
It was just about this t... 

last year chodo sakunen no 

ima-goro deshila 
it is t . . . he came back mo 

kaeri-so na jibun desu 
to be in t. . . ma ni au 
shall we be in t....' mani 

aimasho kaf 
on t. . . jikan ni 
shall we arrive on t....' 

jikan ni tsUkiirmm kaf 
to be behind t. . . okure'ru 
the train is behind t. . . 

kls?ui ga okuremashita 
if, will be t . . . enough when 

you come back kaeile kara 

de mo ii 
to keep good t (of a 

watch) poku au 
a long t . . . nagaku: shiba- 

a short t. . . nHkoshi 
for a short t . . . sUkoshi no 

I haven't seen you for a 

long t. . . shibaraku desMta 
you have been a long t... 

about it nagaku kakarima- 

shita ni 
I will be back in a short 

t. . . jiki ni kaerimasu 
at the present t . . . ima wa 
for a t. . . kari ni 
miidem t. . .s kinsei 
ancient t . . . s mukashi 
once upon at... (the begin- 
ning of children's tales) 

mukashi mukashi 
another t. . . (next time) 

tsugi ni; kondo; (again) mata 
Bome other t . . . tUo de 
some t. . . or other ttoti ka 
some t. . . shibaraku 

any t . . . this week kono shU- 

kan nara itsU de mo ii 
some t . . . next week raishU 

no uchi itsu ka 
at all t. . .3 shim 
all the t . . . shijH 
since a short t. . . kono aida 

at any t. . . itsU de mo 
at the same t. . . (never- 
theless) keredomo; (not later) 

do-)i ni 
many t. . .s tabi-tabi 
any number of t. . .s iku-tabi 

to naku; iku-do mo 
a little at a t . . . sukoshi-zutsU 
a few at a time sUkoshi- 

at the t . . . sono toki ni 
at that t. . . sono toki ni 
by that t . . . sore made ni 
at t. . .3 toki-doki 
from t... to t... toki-doki 
by way of making up for 

lost t... sono ume-awase ni 
every t. . . tambi ni 
every t. . . I come kuru tambi 


bad t. . .8 fiikeiki 
for the t. . . being sashi-atari 
in course of t. . . oi-oi 
in 10 minutes t. . . jip^un tatte 
take your t._. . go yukturi 
t. . . is up jikan ni narima- 

it is high i, . . we went mo 

ika^takereba nara-nai jikan 

in t. . . of need masaka no 

toki ni 
ta pass t . . . kurasU 
a short t. . . ago (hours) 

sakki; (days) tsui kono aida 
a long t. . . ago zutto mae; 

shibaraku mae; sen; mukasM 
See AGO 




Time-table jikarJiyo 

Timid okubyo na; ki ga chiitai 

Tin svzu 

t. . .-plate burikki 

t . . . receptacle kan 

t. . .-opener kan-kiri 

t...ned provisions kan-zume 

t...ed milk miruku 
Tip (end) saki; (gratuity) koko- 
rozuke; (drinlc-money) sakaU 
Tipsy see drunk 

to be t...d UUkareru; ku- 

I am t. . .d tsukaremashUa 

t. . .d (languid) darui 

to be t...d of ni/akiru 

I am t. . .d of it sore ni aki- 

I am t. . .d of telline him ano 
hito ni hanasfi no ni akite 

to be t...d out tsvkarete 
Tiresome (wearisome) taikiitsfi 
na; (annoying of a person) 
shit^ikkoi: (trouitlesome, dif- 
ficult) vtfiidoktisai 

how t. . . vrvsai'. 
Tit-for-tat qobu-gohu 
To \motioii towards) e: ni; 
(as sign of the dat.) ni; (as 
sign of the infinitive) koto; 
(for the purpose of) ni; 
(after verl«s of command- 
ing and saying) yo ni 

1 am going to Tokyo to- 
morrow myonichi Tokyo e 

come to me watakOshi no 
toko e o-ide nasai 

go to the doctor o isha e o 
iki nnsoi 

give it to that man ano hUo 
ni yatte o Irure 

I am not able to go iku koto 

ga deki-nai 
I went to see mi ni itla 
he has gone out to make 

some purchases kai-mono ni 

tell him to come ano hito ni 

kuru yd ni kanashite o fcure 
he sang to a samisen accom- 
paniment samisen ni awa- 

sete utatta 
a quarter to three san-ji ju- 

go-fun niae [15 minutes 

before three] 
from A to B j1 kara B made 
I am glad to see you (t-aid to ynku irasshuimashita 
in order to tame ni 
1 need some money to buy a 

book hon HO knu no ni siXko- 

shi kaiif ga iri»iasu 
it requires money to buy a 

house ie no kan ni tea kant 

ga irir.iasu 
be careful not to lose youi 

ticket kippu wo otosa-nai yd 

wi nasai 
Ls there anj-thing to eatl nani 

ka taberu motw ga arimasU 

have you a book to read ? 

yoi)iu hon ga an'ynasii ka f 
to and fro acki-korhi 
to my great disappointm-^nt 

he did not coiiio nyio Itito 

ga kiwafen de^hUa kara gak- 

kari s/iiniashita 
to ttie best of my powei* 

chikara no oyobu dake 
up to ten ]il made 
Toast yaici-pan; tosfito 
Tobacco tahako 

t. . . pipi-' liseru 
To-day kminichi; kyo 
Toe ushi no yubi 
Together isalw ni 
all t... niinna; minna de 




to add t. . . yoseru 

t... with to issho ni 

to live t. . . issho ni sunde vm 

to talk t... hanashi-au 

I gave it to him t. . . with 
the box hako to mo waUishi- 

they both came t... iHtari 
de kimashita 
Toll (tax) zei; (at a ferry) wa- 
tashi-sen; (at a bridge) 
Tomato tomato: aka-nasU 
Tomb haka 
To-morrow myonichi; ashUa 

the day after t. . . myogo- 
nichi; asaUe 

t... evening myoban 

to... morning myoasa 
Tongue sh'ita 

to hold one's t... damaru 

hold your t... o dantan 
To-night komhan; konya 

at 10 o'clock t... konya ju- 

ji ni 
Too (also) mo; (excessively"! 

I will buy this t. . . kore mo 

it is t. . . hot ammari ril'-"i 

When TOO qualifies an adj. 
in English it is often ex- 
pressed by the verb suniru 
suffixed to the stem of the 
adj. or by the geruiulial 
form of the adj. followed by 

it is t... dear taka-sugimasi 
[it exreeds in pi;ce]; taka- 
ktite ike-tuii [being dear it 
won't doj; ammari takai 

it is t... long naga-sugiru 
[it exceeds in length); na- 
gakOU ike-nai [being lon^ 
it won't do) 

it is t. . . dark to see kura- 

ktite mie-nai [being dark 

you can't see] 
these clothes are t. . . old to 

wear kono kimvtw ua ammari 

lurukute kirare^nai 
it is really t. . . funny okashi- 

kitte s)iiyo ga nai 
you have brought me t... 

small a fork kmina chiisai 

hoku ua ikcmasen 
t. . . much ammari; takHsan; 

sugiru: yokei 
t. . . much for me (I can't eat 

it all) takiisan sugintasH; 6- 

sugimasu; (it is beyond my 

control) watakushi no te 7i,i 

to drink t. . . much nomi- 

won't that be t... much 

salt? sore de va shio ga yokei 

ja uiimasi'H kn! 
t... many ammari lakusan 
there are t... many books 

on ttiat table sono teburu ni 

wa hon ga ammuri takOsari 

this LS a little too much 

aukoiihi o-sugimasU 
this is a little too dear sUko- 

shi taka-sugimasU 
it was my best one t. . . ichi- 

bati it no de atia no ni 
you walk t... fast anata na 

hayaku aruki-sugimasu 
Tool dogu 
Tooth ha 
false teeth ire-ba 
one's teeth ache ha ga itai 

it sets my teeth on edge ha 

ga ukimnsa 

to brush the teeth ha wo 

t. . .-brush yoji 







t... -powder ha-miffaki 
i, ,.-pick ko^oji 
tbe baby has cut another 
t. . . akambo ni tnata ha ga 

to piok the teeth ha voo ho- 
jiru; (with a tooth-pick) 
ko-yoji ux> UHkau 
Top tte 

to put on the t. . . of no/tu 
m oku 

pat this on the t. . . of the 

books hon noueni oiie o kure 

to pile one on the t. . . of the 

other tsumi-kasane'ru 
t. .. (toy) koma 
Topsy-turvy mechakucha ni 
Totrent kyii na nagare 
Tortoise kame;(smB.\l)kamenoko 

t, . . -shell bekko 
Total minna de; shimete 
what is thff t...? (money) 
mifma de ikura desH ka? 
t...y marude 
ToikIi saumru; ijiru; (be in 
contact) UvJcu 
dcMi't t. . . sawatte wa ike-nai£ (pathetic) atcare na 
Toas^ katai: tsuyoi 
Tour ryoko 

t. kembutsH-nin 
Towards no ho ni; no ho wo 

bA had his back t Die 

uxUakushi no ho ni senaka 
vo mukeU imashUa 
be is looking t. . . the nK>un- 
tain ano hito tea yama no 
Uo too mite imasH 
Towei (Japanese) tenugui; 
(European) taoru 
» clean t. . . kirei na taoru 
a wet t. . . nureta taoru 

Tower to 

Town maehi; (capital) miyako 
Toy omocha 
t. . . shop onuxha-ya 
Trade akinai; shobai; boeki 
to t. . . akinai uo sum 
t. ..-mark shohyo 
Train kisha; ressha 
down t. . . (from Tokyo) 

kudari no kisha 
up t... (towards Tokyo) 

nobori no kisha 
express t. . . kyUko-ressha 
the first t. . . ichi-ban-gisha 
the last t. . . shO-ressha 
the night t. . . yo-gisha 
to enter the t. . . kisha ni nOru 
to get off the t. . . kisha kara 


what t...t nan-ji no kishaf 
I leave by tlie 2 o'clock 

t ni-ji no kisha de 

I shall leave by the next 

t. . . tsugi no kistia <fe dekake- 

is this the t... for Tsuruga? 

kore wa Tsuruga yuki no 

kisha desa ka? 


Tramcar (horse) tetsftdo-basha; 

(electric) densha 
a return-ticket please ofOku* 
where does this car go to* 

kono densha tea ntini yuki 

desH ka? 
do3s this car pass the station? 

kono densha wa teishaba no 

soba wo torimasu ka} 
does this car go over the 

Nilion-bashL' ko7U> densha wa 

• fieturu tickets can often be had' >m Japanese tramcars: 
two peisons making a siigle journey may use one return 

Nihon-bathi voo vxUarimasO, 

please give me a transfer 
norirkae-kippu wo kudasai 

where must I change for 
Aoyama? Aoyama tea doko 
de nori-kaeru no desH ka? 

please tell me when we get 
to the place where I must 
get off oriru toki ni wa 
oshiett kudasai 

I have lost my ticket l-ippu 
wo nakOshimashita 

you have not given me my 
ticket yet kippu wo mada 

I have already paid you mo 

stop I wish to get out tomete 
kudasai. orimasi 
Transfer (a tram-car ticket) 

Translate yakusii 

please t... tiiis into English 
for , me kore wo Ei-go ni 
yakushiie kudasai; (in writ- 
ing) kore wo Ei-go ni yaku- 
shiie kaite kiidasai 

t. . .tor tsOben 

t. ..tion yaku 

free t . . . tion iyaku 

literal t. . .tion chokuyaku 

Trap loana 

rat t . , . nezumi-tori 

Travel r/ioko sum 

have you been t. . .ling? ryoko 
shVf imashita ka? 

I am t...ling on business 
yo de ryoko Si'iUe imasii 

I am t...ling for pleasure 
asobi de ryoko shite imasU 

I am t . . . ling for my health 
karada no tame ni ■ ryoko 
shite imasH 

t. . .lh»g expenses ryohi 

t . . . ler tabirbOo 

commercial t. . .ler ehumon- 

Tray o ban; bon 
larse t. . . hiro-buta 
Tread fumu; (walk) aruku 
treasure takara 

to t... badly somatsU ni 
sum; (persons) hidoi tne ni 
to t. . . kindly shiruelsii ni 
Treaty joyaku 
Tree ki 

Tremble furue'ru 
to t... with cold $amukiite 
Trial (testing) tameshi; (law) 

to take on t. . . tameshi ni 
Triantrle san-kaku 
right-angled t. . . chokkaku 
triangular sam,-kaku no 
Trick (mischief) Hazurn; (dodge) 
ghi-kctta; (a peculiar habit) 
it is a t. . . (not serious) tot- 
shita koto ja nai 
it is a mere t. . . (don't 
mention it) anna iMno; anna 

I am not to be t...dwith 
baka ni suru nara shtle go- 
ran nastti 
Trigger hlki-gane 

to go for at... asobi ni iku 
Trouble (bother) mendo; (an- 
xiety) shimpai 
excuse me for giving you t. . . 
go mendo kakete sumimtp- 
1 am sorry to t. . . yoo. go 




mends kakeU tnakoto ni su- 

it is no t. . . at all do Uashi- 

I am very much t. . .d about 

my friend tomodachi no koto 

too shimpai shite Imasu 
to give t. . . mendo u>o kak*'rn 
I am giving you a great deal 

of t. . . amari go mendo wo 

I won't t. . . you any more »no 

kore de go mendo wo kakema- 

much obliged to you for your 

t. . . taihen go mendo wo 

it is not the least t . . . sukoshi 

mo mendo na koto wa arima- 

you need not take so much 

t . . . with it sonnrt ni teinei 

nitShi-nakule mo ii 
it, is too much t. . . ammari te 

ga kakaru 
prjvy Ao not take the t. . . 

ddzo kamai kudasara^nai 

yo ni 
dont t . . . any more about it 

mo ka)7iawa-nai de mo it 
I can't t. . . about it sonna 

koto ni kamatte irare-nai 
take care or you will get into 

t. . . ki wo tsUke^nakereba 

hidoi me ni airnasH. 
may It... you for the bread? 

pan wo Votte. kudasai 
what is the t. . . about? 

(dispute) do shita no desuf 
to be in t. . . komaru 
I am in t. . . komarimaskUa 
without t. . . zosa mo naku 
to dislike taking t... hone 

wo osMntv Ito spare your 


o take t . . . issfiokemmei sum: 

hone wo oru [to break your 

to save t . . . te wo hahuku 
Troublesome (of persons) shi' 

tsukkoi; (of things) mendo 

na; mendokftsax 
how t. . .1 urusaV. 
Trousers zubon 
True hovio no; makoto no 
t... story honto no hanashi 
at... square mnsshikaku 
at... circle manmam 
tT\i\y honto ni; makoto ni 
t'lat is not t... sore wa xtso 

my words have come t... 

waiakushi no itta koto ga 

Trumpet rappa 
to blow one's own t.,. fiora 

wo fuku 
Trunk (tree) miki; (box) oki- 

na kiban 
Trust shinyo 
to receive in t . . . aeuharn 
to t. . . shinyo sum 
I cannot t. . . him ano hUo 

wa shinyo dekimasen 
to give in t . . . azuke'm 
to put one's t. . . in (a person) 

shinyo sum 
t. . . worthy tashika na 
Truth honto; makoto; (facts) 


in t . . . honto ni; honto voa 
the t. . . honto no koto 
to speak tlie t. . . honto no 

koto wo iu 
tell the t . . . honto no hoto 

wooii nasai 
to tell you the t. . . (i.e. in 

fact, frankly speaking) honto 

t...ful (of peisoBs) tuo wo 

tgHka-nai; (of aa account) 

honto no 




Try (prove by experiment) 
tamesii; (endeavour) yntte 

I will have a t. . . yatte 

just t. . . yatte goran nasai 

you cannot tell without t. . .- 
ing yatte mi-nai uchi tva 
wakara-nai desho 

to t... to mini (used after 
the gerund) 

to t... to do yatie mim 
(compare the Eu;;lbih " to 
see whethei you can do it"; 

to c... to see mite mi'ru 

to t. . . to read yonde mi'ru 

to t. . . on clothes yojuku 
too kite miru 

t. . . it please tameshUe goran 

t . . . to do it if you have time 
tsugo shite yatte kudasai 

to t. . . hards^iifo dashite yam 

to t . . . the eyes me ni 

at one t . . . itchaku ni 

you could do it in this way 
if you tried ko sureba deki- 
masu [U you do thus, you 
will be able to do it] 

I willt. . . you a little longer 
mo tHkoshi tsOkatte mirnasho 
Tub oke 
Tube kuda; — fain 

iron t. .. tekkan 

lead t. . . enkan 
Tuesday kayo-bi 

to t. . . down (from the up- 
right position, of persons) 
korobu; (of things) taorem; 
(from a height) ochi'm 
Tumblei: (glass) koppu 
Tune (melody) iOshi; (correct 
note) ehothi 

out of t. . . ehoshi no hazureta, 

Tunnel tonnem, 

Turn (tran.) mawasH; (intr.) 

mauaru; (become) naru 
to t . . . a corner kado wo 

to t. . . aside yoke'm 
to t... away (trans.) ot- 

to t. . . back (trans.) kaesH; 

(intr.) kaeru 
t... back (to rlkisha-man) 

kaeshile o kure 
to t... inside out ura-gaesH 
to t... mto (trans.) ni/suru; 

(intr.) nilnaru 
to t... off (water) lome'ru; 

(gas, when alight) kesiX 
to t. . . on dasit 
to t... out (expel) oi-dasH; 

(a lamp) kesu; (manufac- 
ture) sanshitsu sum; (result) 


it has t...ed out fine (wea- 
ther) tenki ni narimashi- 

silk has t. . .ed out well this 

year kotoshi tea ito no deki 

ga ii 
it has t. . .ed out different to 

what I expected mikomi ga 

t. . . him out oirdashlte o 

the servant 1 engaged t...- 

ed out to be very good 

tpatakushi ga yatotta no wa 

ii jochU desO, [the servant 

I engaged is good] 
to t... over (in one's mind) 

omoi-mauHisii; (a leaf) akeyu; 

(one's self in b«i) ne-gaeri 

wo guru 
to t. . . over a new leaf Uma- 

re-kawatta yo ni naru 
to t. . . round (of a person) 

ituri-katru; (on an axis) 




mavxiru; (traas.) no/muki wo 
to, t... round and round 
(trans.) maKOfsd; (intf.) rna- 
tot... up (roll up) mnlruru: 
(of a per,-i4-.n to riiakc an 
apj>earaii(*) ya</« kuru; (of a 
thing, come to liglit) drf? 
to t... ur«i'Je-down (trans.) 
hUlruri-hafiH; (intr.) hikLitrir 
Turn (revolution) watcari: 
(\j':ivi of a ruul) nuitjari- 
it is my t. . . KotakHt/ii no 
tion da 
tiLi t. . . comes flr-t «no hito 

ga irhirlxtn luijime da 
eacii in liLj t. . . /</« ni 
by t...s kavMri-'jtiiatri ni 

V) take t 8 kawarinjaurari 

ni tiiru 

to take at... in tlie jrardcn 
kC'.t ICO It'Uft-muwari tuiu 
Turning (a hide htret-t> yoko- 

^(■'•j'.fl t... to tliC ri;j:lit ni- 
Ijan-me uo migi no pokocfto 
Turnip kaiw 
Turpentine matau-yoni 
'jii of t . . . terenifni-yu 
Turtle k'vrrie 
Twelve /ii-rii 
Twenty ni-yu 
Twkx; ni-rfo 
t. . . as big hai okii; bai ho- 
do okii 
t. . . as much bai hodo 
t... Jol'.owjng ni-do ttuzu- \ 

Twiiijjht Cevening) yv/jaia I 

T»ine /io>,'/V yi/j 

Twins jxdn-'io 

Twist rujiru; (of a cord; yoru 

Two /tifcitn!/.- «t; !& 
ill one or t. . . days iekv^ieki 

tutt'ika no tichi. ni 
to divide in t... iHiaUrCi ni 
I t... men f atari; ni-nin 
Type (sort) toWji; (kind of 
I 1< tfcer-i in printing) ji 
' i.i'/veable t... kaUuji . 
I Typhoon araahi; o-kaz: 
; Lgly miuiiui 
Lmbreila i-ctM; (paj-ier) Z-ara- 
/•^««,- arna-gata; (i;uror<ean/ 
to o(>en an u. . . Iom tro *W(i 
to Khnt aa n . . . kata wo 
tlie -I ring of an u. . . kata 
no hajiki-onne 
tin: r>\>i- of an u . . . kata no 


L'mpjrs chumv^iin; (at wre»> 

tiin,,') ow'tii 
L'n. prolix to adjectnes i3 
oft' n translated by «ai 
which v, added to the ad- 
veri'ial form of adjectives 
or to tiic 4th (negative; 
ba^ of v(.'riy=. 
uni;.ir Vidantuku nai 
urid(-c;de<J kimara-nai 
L'nahle o'eki-nai; abo eipr. bj 
sK'ial form of tfie cor- 
re^ixjjiding verb 
1 r.:fi u. . . to ."-ee miru koU 

ga o'il-nni: iuirare-fuii 
Lnavcfdab!e nl.l-kata ga nai; 

yijiulohjTO nai 
u... cir';uin.staDce3 yondokort 
nai xtmI-.k de 
Lnbearable tamara-vai 
Lncertain t/uUika de nai 
Lncic- o/i ; crji tan 
LncomiortaWe kokoromochi no 
warai; (iiiconvenieiit; ■ juUn 




It mn5«t have bei^n very u... 

zuifAin luhen deihiUiro 
thu c)iair i- v«r>' "■-. fcwu) i 

iru «•« srw2 i 'hi "ami 
to fe«:l u, . . (mentally) kokoro- \ 

meyhi waruku ornou; shimpai 

u. . . to live »n i-gokoro ga ] 

warui , 

■a... to sleep in ne-gokoro ga \ 

warui I 

n . . . to wear ki-jokoro ga 

warui \ 

L'ncornmon mezuraif.ti; liuhi(fi j 

rui; h'.ri, na j 

Vncf/rxitMS ki'fOni shJla [ 

Lncork korcrppu ho I'uku 
Lncover(taWt;ofIa !id) no/ful/t 

u'f U/fu; (take off a covering) 

t-'j/'jl xr-, toru I 

to u . . . the fiead t-ijthi wo toru 
Undecided kimara-nai 
Under no «/i'fei ni; no */«'ta ' 
plnce it u . . . the table & | 

no .7/1 »M ni criU o kure 
it is u . . , the rrife 

tore va Tnutfi-rie yari yami 
I would notw-l! it u... fifty . 

yen tio-jH-yen thita de wa 1 

n the circnrn^tano?-' (con- { 

sef;ii -iitiv) yfitU; l\i tliat is t 

the <a.-^> »o iu tcake nara 
Und.rciorhrnK thUn-fii \ 

LnJerdone narrta-yake 
Lnderhand naUJio no 
L.Tdtmtath no thita ni; no ' 

*hUii e 
put something u... $liitani\ 

nani ka shiite oite kure 
Understand wakaru 
do you xi...'f wikanrnoiu 

I don't u... wakarirruuen 
I u... quite well yfJni wa- 


I don't guite u... yoht wa- 

I don't u, . . in the leaat «ii- 

kotfei mo uakaTinumen 
I don't u . . . wfiat you say 

anata no lu koto ga uMka- 

do you u . . . English? Ei-go 

ga wakarinuurd ka' 
I do not u . . . Japanese at 

al! Sitirm-'io wa guko»ki mo 

ft is understood that — 

— tcakari-kitta koto da 
I cannot a long =eritenr*8; say what you want 

in a few and ea.?y words 

nagui /larunfti tea icjkarima- 

$en hnra, m/Ato mi/ikaku 

yasiatkii kotoha de itU kuda- 

In... tJiat Mr Yamada ar- 

riv(-'l l,i-t nitfht y'tb^ Ya- 

madfi Sun na tiuili Itazu da 
Undertake hiki-uhe'ru 
will you u... it' Atii-ut«- 

nuifU kai 

I win n ... it kiki-ukernatho 
diil'.rt you u. . . to do it.' 

fiiiota wn iore wo hlki-uketa 

ja rtai ka'- 
wliy did you u . . . rt if you 

foiild not do it' d.eii-na< 

kij't nara naze kiki-ukema- 

ishUa ka! 
Undo ro/jt-j no tori ni tyiru; 

fur.tie) hodokvi 
to cunie undone tuxUkeru 
Undress (one's* self) klrruyno wo 

nufu: faomcbody eU^) not 

kirnono wo nugateru 
to be u . . . kohr/rr/mor.fri wa- 

ruk-u omau; shimpai rum 
to feel u . . . aixiut no tame 

ni/'kimpai rura 




not to feel u... anskin $hlU 

Unequal =<?e equal 
Lneven taira dt nai; delo- 

Unexpected rmim-qole-nai 
Lnfair Uid^fhilca nni 
Lnk>rtunate fu-shiaicase na 
u. . .ly niniku 
Lnjcrateiul on vo ~hira^nai 
Unhappy tanoflnku nni; (bd- 

fortunate) Itt-tkiitrmn na 
Unhealthy (of person?) byoihin 

na; (bad for the health; 

Unheard of UjtuU wo nai 
Uniform (<ires.s) teii'H-u; (adj.) 

onaii yo na; fomi no 
Unimportant daiji de nai; 

(w.,rthU«<s) ttumara-nai 
Union kyodo 
Unite awmtru 
UMted States GoMhvL-koku 
Universal ippnn no 
u . . . ly ipp€n n\ 
it w u...]y admitted to/dare 

mo mitonteru [everybody 

admrtA that! 
Uaiversity dai-tjaku 
Unio»f la-kohei 
Unkind fH-shinxeOni na 
UnlcM frequently »xj)ressed by 

neg. conditional 
n. . . you wjme quirkjy haya- 

ku ko-nakertfxi [if you do 

i»ot come quiclciyj 
I shall go u . . . it rain? ame 

Oa fvn^naJxreba ikimagho 

to be u... thiontU ira 
u. . .ly (impiT>bable) qtx to mo 

nai; (not likely to be true) 

uso mitai 
Unlucky 'unfortunate) /u-«Ai- 

OMxue na; (omeos; en-ji no 


Unmarred hitori-mnno 
Unpack nimr/Uu un ake'ru 
Unpleasant iya na; kinuy-M ga 

Unreasonable wake no uxika- 

Uas-ifc nbunai; (not strong 

;uid v-cure) jobu de nai 
Lnsatwfactory marizo'ru ga 

u . . . weather tadamara'nai 

U) l>e u ... (of a country) 
doyo xhile i'ru 
to rniTiaiii u. . . (ct a qtiestion) 

nuid'x kimnrn-n/ti 
Unskilful heta na 
Lan-itable timoo na 
Untie V. t. hodoku 
Until 'V: TILL 
Unusual hi)6 na; (rare) mezu- 

nrtriirig u... has happened 
kawatta koto ga rwi; mezu- 
Toshii koto vml arimaten 
a very u. . . thing tuJihigi na 

Urrwell luai ga icarui 
Up ue ni 

up to the knec<« hita made 
X/) \i«i up to one's neck in 
debt thakkin de kubi ga 
thi.s side up with care uioa- 

muhi y&jin 
tirne Is up yikan ni nari- 

to be up (out of bed) okiU 

he B tiot tip yei mada 

to move up and down (lotr.) 
ai^atlan-tafeaarxtttru; (transj 
agetari'iaifetari tvru 



to walk up and dowu ilturi- 

kiUirl yum 
up tl;e river knica-kami ni 
up and d'l'An (of an uneven 

road I dH'ili'tk') 
U[) there toko ni ftlicrc] 
stand up o Uichi natai 
a I'ttic h'glier up ino suko- 

nhi ue 
what .' up.' do shita no d'tu"! 
full up ippax ; (of a tramcar) 


Upon ito ue iti 
u. . . my word /lonto ni 

S<v> ON 

Upriefit ■ cr-c-t) l-ilt^ iru; (honest) 
ulioikl n-i 

Upset (tran^.) hikl-urirkaetH' 

Ontr.i hikhiri-k'n^j 
til'; c;ini.ic;i.- iias u. . .bmth'i ga 
hikku rikarntnayf' iOi 

Upside-down nahts'inm 
It 13 u . . . mkanutn'i di»(i 
ti) turn u... (trans.) hikku- 
ri-knexii: uikatiirrui ni tsuru; 
fiiitr.) /liiluri-kaeru 

Upstairs ui-kai nx 

u... in my rorim watakiuhi 
no heij'i )"•. ,iii my room] 

Urchin aal-i 

Urge V. t. 'wnimrru 

Urgent tn^xyt no 

Urinal thijijenjo 

Urinate sliohen sunt 

Urine thobfn 

Lis (dat.) uatakusJii domo ni; 
(ace.) Kfit/ilruthi d(/mo tco 

Use V. t. Umkau 

to u. . . up tMuiaOe fhimau 

timorfii or kokoromochi, 
which 13 u...d rnorit fre- 
quently/ kimocKx to kckoro- 
nuKtti to wa df/tehi ga yukei 
Irukatcare-niOiH kat 
wfiat U ttiti u...d for.' tore 
voa Ttan ni Igukau no derU kat 

I to u . . . every means te vo 

Is til-Hi li 
I u. . .d to ^formerly) sen ua 
: I u. . .d to do it sen tea shi- 
I mut/zi/ji 

; to Ijc u. . .d to nurete i'ru 
! to he n...d to u-ing teuiai 
mjTtie iru 
to \>t u...d to eat-ng tahe- 
\ voTt^e i'ru 

to t><: u...d Uj hearing kiJci- 
j narefe i ru 

I I am u...d to foreign 

I to».-U wnakmhi va taoru tco 

ttakai-tinreU; imoiu 

1 aiH iiotu...d U) Jai»anesc 

lf<od vuitcLiuiiii wa Xihon no 

ijohan tco VtU-tiarete iniasen 

Use, noun 

it is no u . . . 'Jumc dexO. 
it'.* no u. . . your -jettifig an- 
gry like tluit xoiina ni okotle 
ti'O shU:olt ija nai 
it's no u... goiiig .so earlv 
i Konna ni li'i-jakii iUe nlo 
I nint.i nu> nara-ruii 
] it i-" of no u . . . sore tea yaku 
ni taeldnasm 
ii this of any u . . . to you? 

kore »«r o in.yfi dtm kaf 
daily u. . . mai-nichi ixubiu 
tliW glas.s Is in daily u . . kore 
ton mai-^iichi tsdkau k'/pvu, 

to be in u... (and m) not 
available) tsukatte iru 
to be of u . . . yaktt ni uUsi; 

iru [to needl 
it is of no u ... to me korr 
tea irimasen 
it is (or BTiy pergonal u... 
jihun (Je uukau no dcmi 
to make u. . . of Isukau 
wfiat IS the u . . . of writmg 
to htm.< ano kUo rri 'Mtami 
tco das/lit^ mo darrut dfMio 







that is no longer fit f9r u. . . 

sore wa mo tsukae-vai 
Useful yaku ni UUsu; choho 


to be u . . . vaku ni taUi'i 
it is very u . . . taiken ni 

yaku ni Utchimasu 
Useless (fruitless) dame na; 

viuda na; (unserviceable) 

yaku ni 'ata-nai 
u. . .ly muda ni 
Usual atarimae no; fudnn no 
as u . . . every year reinen no 

tori ni 
in the u... way itsa mo no 

ton ni 
<;u.icker than u. . . ilsii mo yori 

the iianie as u. . . iisO. mo to 


the same kind as u. . . but a 

little larger Usui mo .to onaji 

mono de si'il.oahi Ckii no 
the u. . . thing is to walk 

taioai arukimasH [generally 


u . . . iy taiijai 

I u. . .ly rise at 6 taiyai roku- 

ji ni okinuisu 

I shall do my u... dekiru- 

dake shiinasho 
Utter (adj.) 

an u . . . stranger maru de shi- 
ra-7ioi hito 

u . . .ly nuiru de 

it is useless (to try) 

inarn de dunie di:su 
Vacant aUe iru; kara 

V . . .room aile iru heya 
Vague bonyari sh'Ua 
Vain (conceited) rMmaiki na; 
(inetlectual) muda no; dume 

in v.. . muda ni; dame n« 

it was in v . . . dame deshUa 

my anxiety has been in vain 

s/iimpai ga muda ni narima- 

my efforts are in vain hone-ori 

ga muda ni nurimashUa 
it proved to be all in v... 

minna dame deahUa; minna 

dame ni narimtishUa 
v.. . glory unuhore 
Valid lashika na; (having legal 

vahie) yilko no 
is tliis time-tabie still v...? 

kono jikanhyo wa mada ii no 

desu kaf [still a good one] 

Valise kaban 
Valley tani 

Valuab'e In'doi; neuchi no aru' 
(import.'itit) (laiji na 
V. . .s diiji nn n,ono 
V... tiling takara-mono 
Value at'ii; neuchi 
a ♦liiii? of no V... tsunuira- 
iiai inono 
to V. . (appraise) ni/ne u>0 
t-iikeru: (think important) 
dxiiji ni nuru 
wliat do you v... it at.' 
(wliat do you thnk that is 
wort tin korc wa do7iO gurai 
V. . .less neuchi no nai 
Variable kawari-yasui; (fickle) 

Variety (various kinds) iro-iro 
for tiie sake of v... mesaki 

wo kiteiu l/ime ni 
Various iro-iro no 
Varnish (.Japanese) urushi, 

(Kuropean) tinnisH 
Very l/nriiru 

Vase (il:jwer) hana-ike; kabin 
Vegetable vasai-mono 
Veil (curtain) maku: (fcr the 
[ face) beru 
I Vein ao-suji 

Velvet hirodo 
cotton v... membirodo 
Ventilate ni/kaze wo ireru 
v.. . . tills room welltorio hcya 

ni ka:e uo yaku irtte o kure 
I v... to think that — 

— to omnuMremum 
I will trust to fortune and 

v... it vn ni makasete 

yatie mimas^ho 
at a V . . . ichi ka bachi ha 
V . . . some daiian na 
Verify tasfnkanieru 
Vermin mu,^/ii [insect*]: kiianai 

iii"ilii [d.rty insects] 
Vertica! >a'e no 
Verv tiihen; goku; naka-naka; 

V . . . good taihen ii 
it was V... hot last night 

yiibe wa laihen atxnkati/c 
it is V. . . bad laihen warui 
it '3 V... difficult Jiate-7M7Aa 

V. . . small children goku chit- 

sai kodomo 
V... much ('n degree) tai/V)i' 

(a great deal) daibu na 
I love you v... much annta 

ux) taihen mki dc.tu 
V . . . much money daibu na 

I fee! V. . . much better tnihen 

yoku narimnshita 
it i-! V. . . much like it yoku 

nite imasu 
in tlie V . . . act sono ba de 
this is the v. . . thing I want 

kore wa chodo omotte ita 

mono desu 
not V . . . ammari loll, by neg. 

it isn't V... interesting am- 

mari omoxhiroku Jiai 
they didn't seem v... sat's- 

fieil annniri manzoku shi-na- 

kntia yu dcshita 
not so V . . . sonna ni (with neg ) 
not so V . . . big sonna ni 

okiku 7iai 
tile V... same one numnf 

mo naku onriii mono 
the V . . . same thing (exactly 

alike not the same in- 

dividnal^siitos/ii mo chigawa- 

vni iiumo 
Vessel (ship) iune 
sail:ng-v... homaesen 
v . . . surgeon jUi 
Vex ijimeru 

to be V . . . ed mushakHsha suru 
via S'ber'a Shiberia kara; 

Shiberia too totte 
Vice wanii koto 
V . . . -consul 1iXku-Ty5,'i 
V . . . -versa abekobe 
Vicious taehi ga warui 
Victory (in warl kaclii-ikiUa 
View (prospect) keshif.i; (from 

a height, a^ from the top 

of a tower or hill) mi-hara- 

the V. . . is fine keshlki ga ii 
are there any fine v . . . s 

near here.' kono kinjo ni 

ke^htki no ii tokoro ga ari- 

rnasH ka? 
the 3 famous v. . .s (of Japan) 

a piace from wliich one ob- 

tams a beautifu' v... mi- 

harashi no ii tokoro 

* The three famous views of Japan are: Matsushima, Mlya- 
jima and Ania -no-Hash idate. 




have yon any v . . . s of the 
town/ koko no sshaskin ga 
arimasu ka^ 
from my point of v... 
VMtakii-thi no me kara mireba 
to be within v... mi^ra 
to keep m v. . . nifute ni sum 
witli a V. . . to 'anie »»» 
Vigorous oejiki na 
Vile iyaskii 
Village miira 
Villain ak~u-nin 
Vinegar »u 
Violence (wTong application of 

force) muri 
by V. . . muri ni 
violent rambo na 
Violet (flower) sumire; (colour) 

Virgin ki-musiXme 
Virtue toku; (chastity) mixao 
y . . .oils katai 
V . . . ous woman teiio 
Visit tazune 

to V . . . vDoltazune'ru; (a monu- 
ment) e/HM 
when will you pay me a 
V...? ilw iraahitte huda- 
mimasu ka? 
v...or kyaku sama meishi 
If on arriving at a Japa- 
nese house tliere w nobody 
in the hall {genka) you may 
call out: Gom^n kudasai (ex- 
cuse me] 
does Mr. Tanabe live her^? 
Tanabe San toa kochira desu 

is Miss Ito staying here? ltd 
San wa kochira ni o-ide desu 
is Mr. Tanaka in? Tanaka San 
Ka o-ide desa ka t 
can I see him "> o meni kaka- 
rmuMv. ka ! 


what is your name? o namae 

my name is John Smith 
wntak-tl-ihi uxi John Smifh desH 

You had better hand the 
seivant your card than 
trust to her ability of re- 
pea^mg your name cor- 


please take a seat (Euro- 
)iean style) dozo o kake 
k-udasai- (Japanese style of 
room) dozo o shiki kudasai 
'please take a cushion 

may I offer you something? 
nani wo aijemasho f:a! (The 
Japanese don't usually ask 
thjs question, but have t^a 
and cakes always brought 
in to a guest irrespective of 
the hour or the day or the 
time 01 the year.) ^ 

pray he at your ease o raku nt 

dont hurry away (when the 
guest says he must leave) 
go yukkuri 

plea^e take a smoke ip-pvJM 
agari nasai 

p.ease take a cup of tea 
cha hUotni o agari nasai 

p'ease help yourself (of food. 
etc.) go )iyu ni; (eat what 
has been served you) o 
agari nasai 

please go first (apr^ vous) 
dozo saki e 

good bye xnyonara 


Voice koe 

loud v . . . oki na koe 
to speak in a loud grum- 
bling V. . . donaru 
in a low v . . . chiisai koe de 



Volcano kazan 

Vo!i:rre 'lulk) kasa; (book/ 

Voluntary kntte na 
Vomit hak-u 
Vote tohi/o 
to v . . . tCi/iyo tiuru 
Vow ckikai 
to make a v . , chikai wo 

Voyage (by sea) kokai 
to make a v... kokai suru 
Vulgar gehin na 
a V... person gehin na hito 
Waddin? wnta 

silk \v. . mawata 
Wages kyukin; (monthly w. . .) 
what w... should I pay per 
month.' gekk-yu wa dono <rurai 
karattara yokaro* 
Waggon ni-(juruma; bariki 
Wai>t koshi 
w. . .coat chokki 
Wait matsa 
w . . . a moment chotto matte 

I. udn>:ai 

tell him to w... a little 

sUkoshi rnatsU yd ni itte 


shall I w . . . .» machimasho ka? 

please w... until 1 come 

kurv, made matte kudasai 
you had better w. . . matsU ho 
ga a 
don't w. . . for me mxita-nai 
de kudasai 
you had better not w... 

rrMtn-nai ho ga ii 
I shall w . . . for you matU. 
I can't w... matt^ irare- 
I can't w... any longer mo 
nmtte iraremasen 

what are yon w, for.* 
vani tvo matte imasti? 

w . . . outs'de soto de matte 
o kitr» 

I uever make dthers w... 
for me, and 1 don't ,ik<» 
w... ng for others drire mo 
nuiUiKcta koto wa •ex^hite 
arii)iaxen kara, watakushi 
mo iitotsu no ua iya deaU and machi 
ni miitte 

to ketp another w...iEg; 

to w . . . impatient.y machi- 
kavcle i'ru 

to grow of 

to w. . . at table kyu)i wo sum 
Waiter box (irrespective of 

Waitress onrui no boi [femaJe 


Wake (trins.) okosU; (intr.) 

vie ga sanie'ru 
please w . . . me at 6 o'clock 

nujoasa roku-ji ni okoshiU 

o kure 
uhy did you not w... me.' 

naze anata wa tvatakiushi 

tvo okoshimasen deshita ka? 
I woke at 7 o'clock shichi- 

)i ni me ga savieiiMshita 
tiie earthquake woke me 

lishin de me ga samemashUa 
Walk nruku 

1 will w... arukimaiiho 

2 hours w . . . aruite ni-jikan 
I w...ed all tl'.e way from 

the sUition teisJiaba kara 

you w . too favSt anata u» 

hayaku aruki-suginiagu, 
please w... in ohairinaM,i 
to go for a w. . . sampo twru 




I went for a w . . . in the 
afteruoou gogo vm sampc 

w . . . ing-stick tsue; sutekki 
Wall kabe 

brick w... renaa-bei 

StoQH w. . . ishi-bei 
Want ofton expressed by iru 
[need]; or hoshii [desirable] 

I w. . . a rikislia at 8 o'clock 
to-morrow moruJna viyoasa 
f-ioM-ii ni huruma ga 

u.. you w... this? kore wa 
irimasen ka? 

anything you w... nan de 
mo hofhii mono 

I w , . . it larger motto okii no 
ga irimasu 

It is juu^twiiat I w. . .eichodo 
hoshii to omoitc ita mono 

1 w . . . some bread pan wo 

wliat else do you w . . . » 
nani ka hoka ni hoshihu 
arimasen kai 

do you w... some bread.' 
pan ua ikaga desu ? 

take as much as you w... 
hoshii dake o tori nusai 

please make use ol it when- 
ever you w . . . it iri-yo no 
tok* vja itsU de mo tsUkai 

WANT TO — '3 expressed by 
a special form ot the verb 
ending in — tot. See con- 
jugation of the veib, p. 23 

I w... . to go to Kamakura 
Kamakura ni ikitai 

I w . . . t« ask you some- 
thing siUcoshi kikitai koto 
ga mrimasH 

do you kncrw of anyone 
who W...8 to. sell a korse^ 

ama wo uritai hito ga nai 
demo kaf 

I aui in w. . of money o 
katie :ja tari-nai 

lie cou.d not the house 
for w... of money o kune 
ga tari-nai kara', uchi ux> 
tatete shimau koto -ja deki- 
masen deshiia 

what do you w...» (what 
have yon come for.') nan 
no go yo desu ka'> 

1 w . . . somebody to write 
a letter for me dare ka ni 
tegami, too kaite moraitai 

one page is w. . .Ing ichi-mai 
War senso; ikUsa 

to make w . . . sen w guru 

man-of-w... gitnkan 
Wardrobe (chest of drawers) 

Ware-house Irura; dozo 
Warm utiakai 

it is gu'le w... to-day (said 
in winter) ky6 tea dttakai 
desu, ne 

it is very w... to-day (said 
in summer) kyo wa taihen 
atsui desu ne (ypry hot] 

it is too w... attaka-suyim 

the water has become w . . . 
(after being cold) mizu ga 
attakaku narimashita 

the water has become luke- 
warm (after being hot) o yw 
17a nuruku narimashita 

to w . . . atiame'nt 

w . . . it up attnnute kure 

to w... one's self at the 
fire *t ni «tom 

w . . . yourself at the Are « 
atari naaai 
Warn imanhim'.'ru 

I w. . .ed you in advance mae 
kara kctouM^i shite arimasii 




I w . . . you that he is very 
insincere in what he says 
o seji ga jozu na no da kara, 
sono tsumori de irasshai 
Wash arau 

I want to w... my face teo 
wo arailai 

to cause to be w...ed ara- 

to w . . . clothes sentnkii sum 

to send to the w . . . sen- 
taku ni yarn 

have this plate w . . .ed please 
kono sara wo arawasete kuda- 

eend these things to the w.. . 
kore wo serUaku ni yatte 

has my linen come from the 
w.. .? seniaku-mono ga kima- 
shita kaf (tiie clothes them- 
selves) serUaku-mono 

I must have it (thn w. . ing) 
by Saturday doyo-bi made ni 
kitto aratte moraitai 

w...erman sentaku-ya 

chemise onna no jiban 

collar kara; eri 

cuffs kaliXsii; sode-guchi 

diaper (for children) oshime 

drawers zubon-shita; shUa- 

handkerchief ?uinkechi 

neck-cloth eri-kazari 

night-dress nemaki 

petticoat oJiTirt no shUa-gi 

pillow-case maf-Uia-bukuro 

shirt shatsv: jiban 

sf'irt-front jifinn no mune-ate 

socks kutf!u.-shita 

stocking* naiai hutsii-skUa 

towel tofiru. tenugui 

vest shlta-fihan 

waistcoat chof-ki 

white shirt sftiioi jiban 

cotton women no 

flannel /Uraneru no 

silk kinu no 

woolpn ke no 

m.xn's otoLo no 

lady'? fujin no 

cliild's kodonu) no 

woven otta (silk) chLrimen; (cotton) 

Waste muda ni suru 
dont w . . . the water mizuteo 

muda ni sh'de mw ike-nai 
I cannot bear to see anything 

w. . .ed na7i de mo mudani 

suru no wa ichi-ban kirai 
dont w . . . your time hima wo 

txubu.ihitc wa 
w. . .-paper kamikuzu; hogo 
w , . .-paper basket kamikuzu- 

Watch (timepiece) tokei; kai- 

to wind up a w. . . okei wo 

w . . . goes wrong tokei ga 

kuruite iru 
w . . . ia fast token ga susunde 

w. . . is slow tokei ga okwrele 


w . . . is right tokei ga atle iru 
to put aw... right tokei Mto 

w... does not go tokei ga 

to tp on the w. . for ni/ki 

wo uakele i'ru 
tc w. . . (observe the actions 

of) ni/ki wo tsUkeru; »be 

evpertant) ukagau 
to JJeep w . . . ban voo suru 
to w . . . for an opportnnltgr 

w... maker tofc«i-va 
w. . .man ban-nin 




ni^ht w . . . man yo ban 
fire w. . .man hi-no-han 

cold w.. . muu 
hot w. . . yu: o yu 
teyid w . . . nurui yti 
drinking w. . . nctni-mizu 
clear w. . . Mrci va mizu 
frc-li w. . . maiiHTU 
vpry cold \v. . . Uumetai mizu 
iced w. . . lori wo ire'a mini 
hard w. . . ami mizu 
so't w. . . yannrahai mizu 
rain w. . . amn-hdzu; (caught 

n a barroli t'u.'iui 
w. . . laid on in a houje suido 
w... from a well ido no 

w. . . for washing the hands 

te wo arau 7n'zu 
Fait w. . . shio->,iim 
?ea w... uii'iTio mizu 
mineral w. . . /.d'.in 
to go by w. . . h'.iie de iiu 
there ii no w. . . in my room 

watu'cUshi no heya ni mizu 

ga arimaxen 
bi the hot \v... ready? oyu 

ga witkiiimah'itii hit [l>as the 

hot water l<nilrd/] 
this \v. . . is too hut kono yu 

tea uUu-mqiru 
the w... ha^ hccome luke- 
warm ^a'tnr bein? hot) o yu 

qa nxiTuku nariinii''Iiita 
the w... has become ^va^m 

(after he'ng uiizu -ja 

attnkalm nnriirKisItUi 
a glass of w... mizu ip-pai 
gi%e me a glass of w. . . ml:u 

ip-pai o knre 
br:ng me some w. . . mizu wo 

mode kite o kure 
it is .ow w . . . now ima wa 

hiki-shio desij. 
when will the w. . . be at its 

hishest? aje-skio wa nan' 

ii dcsu ka f 
w. . .tall taki 

w. . .-colour pamtinR nuinni-ga 
w. . .-pipe mizu no kudu 
w... proof i)ii-u ni Uuyoi: 

(overcoat) o^mu-hiki no gaito 
w... wheel )iiizu-guruma 
w. . .-melon siiika 
w. . .y mizup/ioi 
to w... (plants) ni/mizu wo 

yarn; (roadi ni/mizu wo 

to make w... shohon sum 
I v.iiit to make w... shoben 

Sll 'ltd i 

VVater-Clcsct henjo; hihakari 
where is the w...? benjo wa 
doko de.w kail 
to pi-s shuhen sum 
to so to the w . . . (lit.) benjo t 
liK.-^tohave a motion otthe 
bowels) tiM.ii ga aru; daiben 
please g'\e nic some papei 
i.-'jmi ICO stiko.ihi kudaxai 
excuse me but 1 real'y can- 
not wait any longer shitsHrei 
dead na wntikaski wa hmito 
ni mo jamun dekinuisen 
Wave nami 
Wax TO 

Wav (road, mlchi; (manner) 
tori, iCl' yd 
w. . . in iri-'fuchi 
w. . . out de-ijuchi 
oi.ce in :• w... tamn ni 
one w . . . kata-michi 
both. W...3 (there and back) 

hall V. . . (hUto 
on the w. . . michi de 
on the w... back haeri ni 
on the w... to e/iki-ynke 
while on tlie w . . 'when 
gums;) iki niaara 




out of the w... place Aewpt 

na tokoro 
by the w. . . (by the bye) 

toki ni; sore wa «' to 
by w... of wo/lotte, (for 
the purpose of) Vime ni 
I came by w. . . of (v; ; ) Si- 
beria Shiberi'i ito totle kima- 
by which w... (route) are 
you i:;oing? doko kiira iki- 
masii ka ? 

by w... of precaution nen 
no tame ni 

in a w. . . ikura ka 

in tills w. , kO: ko yatte; 

_ ito iu 10, ni 

in tlie same w. . . onaii yo ni 

in a different w. . . chioatta 7m 

la ail entimly different w... 
mam de cliionttn tu ni 

which is the b&'t w. . . to 
do iV do iu ,/u ni sureha 
ii desko> 

either w... will do dochi- 
ra de mo ii 

any w... will Ao do de mo ii 

you must not do it this 
w... tM iu in ni shite wa , 
ike^nai ' 

you had better do it tliis 
w. . . ko iu /u tit suru ho 
ga ii 

there must be some w. . . out 
of the difllcnlty do ka shika- 
ta ija aru deshu 

the other w . . . about abe- 

over the w. . . miilo 

Bome w. . . or(.tli'3r dokakoka; 

which is tlie shoite-t w. . . 
to »lie stiition/ tHshaba e 
wa dotc/ii (la idd-ban chika- 
michi desu .'ru? 

which is the w... to the 

hank; ninko e ik't michi 

Wft docldra dcsa ka.' 
is tliis the w. . . to the park? 

kore wa kuen e iku michi 

de.sii ka? 
it is a lonz w. . . off tui desH 
is on our w... tori michi da 
to be in the w. . . vima dearu 
is this parcel in your w. . ..« 

/o/?n nimotan wa o jama 

desu ka? 
to get out of the w . . . doku 
get out of the w... o doki 

to take out of the w... 

to make w... for ni/miehi 

wo yuziiru 
to lose one's w... michi wo 

to give w. . . (break) ho- 

ivareru: fsubmit) make'ru 
to have one's own w. . . kaUe 

ni suru 
to let one have one's own 

w. . . kiitte ni snse'ru 
to like to have one's own 

w. . . (expressed by the adj.) 

waiiamama na 
to try to get one's own w... 

7if^un-(jiiU-' wo shield to suru 
cannot liave one's own w... 

omou I/O ni nara-nai 
to show the w. . . (tell) mieki 

tro o<ihie:ru; (conduct) annai 

whichever w... you look at 

it doko knra mile ino 
steii this w... kochira e 

how can I get to Miyano- 

shita' Miynnoshita e tea 

do s/iite iku no desH kaf 
you can go by train to A 

and from there take a 




rfldsha A made lAtha. de iite 

toko kara kuruma de o iki 

eould I go there hy steamer? 

fune de ikaremasO. ka? 
how must I go? to the right, 

left, straight on? dotchi e 

ittara ii deshol migi, hidari, 

eeoond turning to the right 

m-tan-me no migi no yokochS 
is it a good ro&d? mlchi tea 

ii desho kaf 
the road is in bad condition 

mielti ga tcarui 
the road is -very hilly wia- 

miehi bakkari desa 
muddy danmko 
stony ishi-darake 
to it a big roadi d-dori deeA 

a lane ko-miehi 
« foot- path kuruma ga tSre- 

MX mxcki 
bow fa» is it to Asakusi? 

AgakAia made dono gurai 

arimasti kaf 
do you cross the river by a 

bridge or by a ferry-boat* 

tatea wo wataru ni voa, hanhi 

de doA ka, wataehi de des& 


how much does \/he ferry- 
boat charge for each person? 

each riklshaf kuruma iehi- 

dai to hitorirmae no funa-chin 

M» Ucwa des& kai 


Wo vsatakuihirdomo 
Weak yowai 
w. . . point yowa-mi 
I am still w. . . maia yobu ni 
marimasen {£ have not yet 
become strong] 
■Wealrti tomi; takara 
w...y kanemocAx na 

Weapon buki 

Wear vCoat) kim: ^trousets, 

shoes) liaku; (girdle) sfti- 

me'ru; (hat, kaburu 
to w. . . (endure use) tnotetl 
this w. . .8 well kore wa moehi 

to be worn out tearuku nam; 

furuku nam 
to w... a hole ana ga aku 

fa hole is womi 
to w . . . out H-yabwru 
Weather tenki; o tenl:x; jiJeS 

(Remarks on the wea^lwfr are 

frequently equivalent to a 

what a fine day it o tenki deed 

we have rainy w... to-day 

kyo uja ante ga furimasit 
what a m^sty day iya na o 

t/mH dr^-U ne? 
the w. . . is cloudy to-day ky6 

wa kumotte imasil 
what sort of w... is it' o 

tenki wa do desa fto* 
do you think the w... will 

turn out fine or not? o tenki 

ni nam dexh5 kaf 
I think Lhe w. . . will clear np 

tabun tenki ni nam desho 
how hot it is atgui dewaarir 

masen kaf 
how cold it is rnmui de «a 

arimasen kaf 
Weave oru 

Web (a spider's) kumo no nt 
Wedding konrei 
Wednesday miyo-bi 
Weed kika 
Week thukt,n 
one w.. . is-shrihan 
two w. . .8 ni'shiihan 
this w. . . kon*Mk 

Inst w. . . tetuhn 

next w. . . raishQ, 




every w. » , mai-tkO. 

once aw... is-shiLkan ni icki- 

at the end O' the w,.. shu- 

kan no owari ni 
at the beginniag o* the week 

shukan no ha nme ni 
in a w. . . is-shUkan tatte 
within aw... is-$hukan no 

ucki ni 
more than a w... is-shUkan 

during this w... konshukan 

no uchi ni 

all this w . . . konshUkan-m 
what day of the w. . . is it? 

ky6 ica nani yo-bi deeu kaf 
Sunday Nichiyo-bi [sun] 
Monday GetsHyo-bi [moon] 
Tuesday Kdyo-bi [fire] 
Wednesday Suiyo-bi [water] 
Thursday Mokuyo-bi [wood] 
Friday Kinyo-bi [gold] 
Saturday Doyo-bi [earth] 
Weigh hakaru 
how much does this w...? 

kono mekata wa dono gurai 

deshof [how much is this 

Weight mekata 
gross w . . . s6-mekata 
nett w . . . shomi^mekata 
articles sold by w. . . mekata 

deuru mono 
to attach great w, . . to ni/ 

omoki wooku 
you are w. . . yohu irasshai- 

mashUa; (dont inention it) 

do itashimashUe 
you are w,,. to it ddzo 
you are w. . . to it as often as 

you please dSzo HsH de mo 
Wen (of water) ido 
w, . .-water ido no mtati 

are you w....» go jobu deta 

thank you I am quite w... 

arigatojobu desa 
are you w. . . again? md yohu 

narimashUa kaf 
I dont feel quite w. . . to-day 

kyo wa ^fiJcQshi kimochi ga 


I am not w. . . bpoH dexa 
I hope you are qu.te w . . . 

it<<iX mo go kioen yokOte kek- 

ko desA 
do it w . . . ki vx> tsUkete o ski 

nasai; yoku o shi nasai 
this 13 true as w... kore mo 

honto dfsil 
as w... as (also) mo— mo; 

(equaJ.y well) »o ni yoku; 

yo ni jozu; (superlative 

degree) dake 
brmg tlus as w. . . as that 

lore mo sore mo motte kite 

o kure 
as w... as you can dekirv 

dake yof:u 
he speaks English very w. . . 

Ei-go ga jozu da 
this picture is very w . . . 

painted kono e wa naka- 

naka Umaku kaite aru 
it suits you w... yoku ni 

that's w... sore tea kek1:5 


very w. . .; see AH. (all right) 
w. . . then, don't do it de tw 

o t/osAi nasai 
w. .'. I must go home dore 

w... dooel Umai/ 
w... now hate na 
w... I never m& 
w. . . kaown ySmH no; itado' 

V... 'to-do kanemockina 




to be w... off iMuemochi 

de am 
West ) I ?'.?/• I 
w... wind nuhi-hnc 
w...ein iiU/k vc ho no; 

(Eiiroi)r;irO neii/O no 
Wet nureti 
diippiug w... hiishmi, nu 

to w. . . nurasn 
to be w. . . nureti i'ru 
to get w. . . nnrcru. 
w. .'. wojitl er anie-fiiri 
w. . .-nurse iiba 
Wliaif Itatoba- ■. wooden ■ saw- 

w... is tiw Japanese n.-'me 

for this? kore wi yUinv 

go de lum to (u/f/rsii Ictif 
w... is tliis made oU Korc- 

wa win de koHhiracta no 

dafO. ka? 
w... is this thing' kore 

uia nan desU ka? 
w . . . is a Iryo? by 5 'tte nan 

desu ka? 
w. . . is this for' kore wa 

nan n' Lfukaimasu l.n! 
w . . . oucht I to do/ ''J 

shltara yoharo! 
*... '\A he diiinc? nani wo 

shite imasu kaf 
w... are yfni waiting foi? 

nani wo matte inuisn' 
w... shall I do nr>t.' nani 

too saki e t^Mninshof 
w. . . are you tliinl-iiig of? 

(lit.) nani uo kdnmute iru 

no desu kaf (what do you 

mean by this behaviour.') do 

shUa no desU? 
w . . . are you looking at.? 

nani wo mite imasu to' 
w. . . is your business.' (what 

have yon come for.?> imn no 

no yo d'.'sii kuf 
w. . . is it all about.' do alula 

no desu! 
w. . . has hapiiened? nani ga 

Oi'.otta .' nan den/iiti? 
I don't know w. . . to say do 

ithii ii ka tia,\arimasc}i 
w. . . i- tlie niattor witli you.' 

do sluta 110 flei-H.' 
w... is tliiit to me.' wata- 

kiisl.i no fkitla koto de xva 

w. . . do you mean.' do iu imi 

desu ka> 
w... did .von say' nin to 

itta no d'su ka! 
w. . . do you say to this? kore 

iva ikaija den'i ka .' 
w... co\ild have been the 

reason.' do iu wike nnnn daro 
w... do y(,u propose to do' 

do shimas-u ka! 
w... shall I do.' (Speaking 

to one's self, do slmnnsl-d! 
w... should I ever do with- 
out you? anala r/a i-nakereba 

do h'liimasho 
do w . . . you like suki nu yd 

ni shi naiai 
do w. . . you will I will never 

consent do shite mo shochi 

at w... hotel did you stop 

m Kobe' Kobe dedono hoteru 

7ii tomurihias/nta ka! 
at w. . . time does the steam- 
er arrive.' nan-ji ni kisen ga 

tsukinuisU kai 
Dart is 1 
w. . . is Mr. A's native coun- 
try l A San u'a doko no hito 

w. . . is your name.' o namae 


w. . . Dart is the coldest? doko 
ga iciti-ban samui des/io ? 




w . . . a fine day nante ii o 

tenkl desho 
w... a fool he is nan to 

iu baka daro 
w. . . a hurry you are in 

taihen o inoni dem ne 
w. . . an awfully bad roado«o- 

roshiku donio michi ga icarui 
w. . . he rsiid it>n koto 
from w. . . I lieard you have 

been ill aywtn wa go bydki da 

to kikiwashtta 

w...! is that man dead? 

nani, ano hito ga shinda to! 
I am very busy w , . . with 

one thing .nnd another 7mni 

ya ka jin. y5ji ga ariinnml 
I can't teli w. . . is the reason 

naze drxi'i ka wak'irimasen 
w... you (tlease'nan de mo 

o suki na no 
dow... you like si'iki va yo 

ni shi vasai 
w may happen donna koto 

ga alte mo 
w... you may say donna ni 

ifte mo 
Wheat ko-mwji iVnw kn-mu'ii no ko; 

(foreign) Mci-ik''ti-ko 
Wheel kuruma; tea 
When iU::'i: :oki 
w... did you arrive.' Usii 

tsUkimashiUt ka! 
w. . . will it he leady? itsii-de- 

kimasH ka ! 
w... can I liave ii'y coat.' 

n,aUtVwhi no uimgi tea Utu 

dekimasH ka! [when will my 

coat be ready.'] 
w... that Happened I was 

n England sore ga okolla 

toki IgirisH ni orimahh'i- 


the boy mistook the meaning 

w. . . I said it in .Tapauese 

uaUikushi ga Nihon-go de 

hannahibiraboi ga macliigae- 

excuse me for interrupting 

you w. . . you were busy o 

isogn.ihii tokoro uo o jama 

wo ita sh i m n .</; itn 
w... travelling ryokO shite 

iru toki 
w... doe:* the train start 

for Tokyo.' Tokiio e iku 

ki!:ha ua nan-n ni deinaau 

kn' '.at what o'clock'] 
please order a riki.-ha for me 

w. . . you go out detn tsuide 

vi kumma wo tanonde oite 

sir^re w. . ..' ii<;u hira! 
about w... i'.Tu goto ' 
it will r..c done w... (by 

tiic time) he comes tuns 

wndc ni wa dekimam 
it will be time enough w. . . 1 

come back kaette kara de 

mo ii 
w... (after'' you h.ave swept 
tlie room c ose thp shutters 

hnia wo soii skitura anmdo 

wo shimetc o kure 
let me know w. . . (as soon as > 

you have done dekilnra sugu 

ni ithirasctc ki'dasui 
he went hack I don't know 

w. . . itxu ka kaette shimai- 

\i\\ me w... you cm come 

itsH o-ide ni nareinasu ka 

shirnmte ludiisai 
VVhcnc\er tuwA ni; itsU de 

w. . . he comes kuru tambi 

w . . . f go he is not at horn.- 
it-fit it e mo i-nai 




w . . . you like ifctl de nu> 
please make use of it w . . . 

you need it o iri-yo no toki 

toa itsA de mo o tsukai tuda- 

Where doko; dochira 
w. ; . are you going? dochira 

e iicimasu kat 
w... liave you been? doko 

e o-ide deshUa ka ? 
w... do you come from? 

dochira kara kimashUa kat 
w... are you from? (which 

Is your country?) o kuni 


w . . . is my boy? watakHshi 

noboiwa doko ni orimasuka? 
w . is it? (a place, town) 

doko desa ka? (a small 

object) doko ni arimam ka? 
w . . . do you live? o taku wa 

doko desa ka? 
w . . . does he live? ano hUo 

no uehi toa doko desu ka? 
do you know w . . . it is? 

doko ni aru ka shirimasen 

w. . . does this road lead, to? 

kore wa doko e iku michi 

desu ka? 
I don't know w . . . he has 

gone doko e itta ka shiri- 
I do not know w. . . he lives 

uehi ga ufakarimasen 
I wonder w . . . it is? doko 

ni am, no daro? 
w. . . to? doko e? 
w... from? doko kara? 
anyw... doko de mo; doko 

e de mo 

every w. . . doko de mo; hobo 
now... doko ni mo (foil, by 

a neg.) 
the place w. . . I was bom 

vmiakHshi no Umareta tokoro 

w. . . else? hola ni doko ka? 
is this w . . . we take the 

boat? koko wa fune ni noru 

tokoro desH ka? 
w . . . about doko ira 
Wherever doko — mo 
he smokes w . . . lie is doko 

ni He mo tabako wo rumde 

go w . . . you like doko ni de 

mo itts irasshxti 

I do not know w . . . I shall 

see my friend iomodachi ni 

au ka do da ka wakara-nai 
do you know w . . . there is 

any? aru ka nai ka shirima- 
sen ka? 
everyone w . . . Japanese or 

foreigner Nihon-jin de mo 

gaikoku-jin de mo 
it is impossible to Icnow w 

he made it koshira'ta ka, 

do da. ka. do mo wakarirrtasen 

[did make it? how is it' 

really don't know] 
w... you like it or not iya 

de mo d". mo 
you must do it w... you 

like it or not iya de mo 

o de mo shi-nakereba ike- 

do you know w . . . he has 

arrived? tsuita ka do ka 

shitte imasu ka? 
I do not know w. . . it is a 

dog or a cat inu da ia 

neko da ka shira-nai 
please ask w . . . he is going or 

not iku ka ika-nai ka kiite 

w. . . book? (of several) dotu> 

hon? (of two books) dotchi 

no hon? 


281 Wbo 

w... is the better? (of two) 

dotMra ga ii desho? 
w. . . is the best* (of several) 

dore ga ii? 
w. . . do you prefer? dotchi 

ga ii to omoimasH? 
w. . . is the best hotel? doko 

ga ichi-ban ii hoteni desU ka? 
w . . . road shall we take? 

doko kara ikinuisho ka? 
w. . . shall I do first? dotchi 

wo saki e shimasho? 
do you know w . . . ? dotchi 

da ka shirimasen ka? 
w . . . do you like best tea or 

coffee ? o cha to kohii to do- 
chira ga yoroshii desu ka ? 
the doer w . . . I saw yester- 
day kino mita inu 
the train w. . . starts at 10 

jH-ji no kisha [10 o'clock 

w . . . road oni* goes dono 

michi wo it'e mo 
w. . . you please dore de mo 

sUki na no 
w . . . way you look at It doko 

kara mite mo 
w... 1 was in America 

Amerika ni ita jihun 
a man called Kiniura came 

w. . . you were out ayviti no 

rusu ni Kimura to iu hiio ga 

w... I was doing bo so 

shite iru aid-.i ni 
w . . . you are about it s'mo 

tsulde ni 
w. . . you are mending it 

you had better put in a 

new spring naosH Isuite ni 

zemmai tvo wri-kaeiu ho 

ga ii 

w. . . on the way (whfle 

going) iki nagara 
w. . . returning kaeri nagara 
it took a long w. . . /tima 

ga toreta 
a long w. . . ago gutto ma» 

a short w . . . ago sakki 
after a little w... «iU»«M 

a little w... sUkoshi 
iu a little w. . . jiki ni 
a short w... chotto 
a good w... shibaraktt 
a long w. . . zuibun 
in tlie meanw . . . sono aida 
is it worth w...|jfc«i gaari- 

rnasH ka? 
it is not worth w... tot 

ga nai 

It was not worth w . . . go- 
ing to see mi ni itta keredo 

to w . . . away the time 

jikan wo sugosH 
Whip muchi 
to w. . . mueki de utsa 
Whisky uisUkii 
Whisper mimikosuri wo turu; 

r.aisho-banashi wo nufu 

(to i-peak m secret] 
Whistle (with the month) 

kui-hi-bue wo iuku; (of the 

wind> hyU-hyii fUku; (of a 

train) kit''ki ■;<•■ nam 
w. . . (the instrument) /im; 

(of a train) kiteki 
White khirvi 
w. . . liair shira-ga 
w...wasli yoiun 
w . . . of an egg shiromi 
Who (inter.) dare 
w . . . came thL« momingf 

dare ga kesa kimashUa kat 
w . . . has done this.* dare 

ga kore wo shimashita kaf 




w. , . is he? are wa dare 

desii ka? 
w. . . are you? donata des-ti ka? 
the man w. . . came this 

morning kfxa l-iu; h'lto 
w. . . cares even ii it i.-; dan- 
gerous? abunakiite mo kamau 

niorw ka ? 
Whole minrca 
the w... body kamdn-ju 
the w. . . d.'iy ichi^nchi-ju 
the w. . . niglit yo-ju 
the w... time nhiiu 
the w. . . of tliis month 


the w . . . year ichi-nm- ju 
aw... year mam icld-nen 
on the w. . . daitai kara 

ieba; Uvmari 
I saw the w... thing sono 

koto ua hajivie karc, minia- 

to encafre tlie w... of a 

vehicle btis-lia tro kai-kiru 
Wholesale oroshi 
w. . do you recommend? 

dftre ga ii to omoimasO. ko! 
to w... must I give thisj 

dare ni kore wo yaru no 

desU kat 
the , woman w... I saw 

watakualii ga mita oiuia 
Whose (interr.) dare no 
w. . . duty is It? dare no 

kakari iU.<u ka? 
w... is this? kore wa dare 

no desu. kaf 
Why naze? 
w. . . did you come so early? 

naze so liayaku kiia no d'su \ 

ka? I 

w... did you come to-day? 1 

it is not Friihiy kyo ua kin- 

yo-bi de nai no ni do shite o- | 

ide ni narinmshiUi? I 

I cannot tell you w... 

nazf ti'i ka shirimasen 
I will tell you w... ko iu 

wake desu: naze 'tleba 
w . . . ? do iu wake desii kaf 
•.V ... 1 via'. 
w... you are quite red! 

7na. al.ii'. 
I won'Ur w... do iu wake dinv 
I wandiT \y . . . you think so 

raze sonna kUj wo omou no 

w. . . doesn't lie come? do iu 

ivuke (Je ko-nni no desii? 
Wick shin 
Wicked wirui 
Wide hiroi 
:> tect w... haha san-jaku 
Widow go'!:e: yamome 
w. . .er oiiiko-i/amonie 
Width hubii; hirosa 
your w... (of an equal or 

';u]pcr:or)o,',)f-4'r»,' oki'i-samn; 

(of an inferior) o kaini-san 
my w. . . kanai 
hi-; w... ano hUono okH-san; 

ano hito )io o kaini-saii 
Wild (tiiihnlent) rnmho na; 

(of ph.iit-1 yama no [of the 

mount. liiij 
Will (te-taniei!t) yuigon-)0 
a.E:;>in--t one'.s w. . . kokoro 

iiara-!u mo; muri ni 
at w. . . katte 
to have one's own w... 

(v.ay) kattc ni sunt 
wii.i, i< tran-ilated by the 

future when stiitmg an 

oi>iiiki:i or one's purpose; 

by tlie j>rcseTit when there 

is the idea o! reitainty or 

detei 'lunation, also when 

;n(inirint; into another's 





WILL NOT is translated by the 

neg. present. 
I w . . . call again mata 

w... you go or not.* iki- 

masu ka ikimasen kaf 
I w . . . go even if it rains 

avie ga fuHe mo ikimasii 
I w. . . not go ikimasen, ika- 

that one won't do sore de wa 

that won't do sore wa ike- 

won't that do? sore de ii ja 

nai ka ? 
where there's a w. . . there's a 

way lokoroyisiii tute areba na- 

ni !J')u> de ino d<'kimasu 
to be w... to mo ii (alter 

I am w... to go itte mo 

he is w... to go wie ino ii 

so des-ii [he says he is will- 

wj to go] 
aie you w. . . to go? ikimasii 

kaf >\\ill you go?) 
Win torn (traus.); katsU (iatT.) 
to w. . . a prize hobi wo toru 
to w... a race kyoso ju 

kaim [to win in a race] 
to w... a battle senno ni 

kalsH [to win in a battle] 
Wind kaze 

contrary w... mukai-kaze 
fair w . . . oi-keze 
high w. . . 6 kaze 
to pet w... of kagi-uHke'TU 
nortli w... kH»-ka.ze 
south w . . . viinami-kaze 
cast w. . . hiqashi-kaze 
west w . . . nishi-kaze 
where is the w...» nani 

kaze desii ka? 

w. . .y kaze no tsnyoi 
to w . . . maku 

to w ... a watch lokei wo maku 
Window mado 
open the w... mado wo 

akele o kure 
shut the w . . . mado wo shi- 

mete o kure 
do you object to my open- 
ing the w...? mado wo 

akete mo kamaimnsen ka? 
w. . . shutters nuido no tn 
Wine bitdoshu 

\\... -irlass koppu 
W'ing liane 
Wink V. i. mabaUtki suiu; (•'> 

give a sign) inekubase suiu 
Winter fui/u 
for w. . . w^e fuyu-nmki no 
in w . . . iuyu 
W ipe fiiku 
w... t))is well yoku o Ivki 

Wire hari-gane 
Wise chie no aru 
in no w... do sh'Ue mo with 

n g. of verb 
peuLy w... and pound 

foo)i--h Ichi-nion oshi>ifi no 

hyakii zon [save one and lose 

a hundred] 
w. . . man chie no aru h'Uo; 

(learned person) yakOsha 
Wish often expressetl by a 

special form of the verb: 

See p. 13 
I w . . . to go ikitai 
do you w . . . to go.' ikitai 

desu ka? 
I do not w.., to go iki- 

taku nai 
I w. . . you to go to Tokyo 

Tokyo e itte moruitai 
1 was j\u,t for one 

chodo hitotsA hoshii to omoUe 





I w. . . I knew his address 

ano hito no tokoro ga waka- 

reba ii ga 
I w. . . I knew how to make 

this kono koshirae-kata ga 

wakareha ii ga 
I will do as you w..._ 

anata no siiki na yd ni 

1 w... I could go ikereha 

ii ga 
I w . . . he were here ano hUo 
ga koko ni ireba yokaita 
I w . . . I could have gone 

iketara yokatta 

I w . . . you luck go kigen yd 
Wistaria fuji 
With (together with) to; issho 

ni; (by means of) de 
1 will go_ w. . . you issfio ni 

come w. . . me issho ni o-ide 

I want to go for a walk w. . . 

you anata to sanvpo ni ikiiai 
he left w... my mother 

yesterday kino haha to de- 

didn't a letter come w.'. . 

this box? kono hako ni te- 

ga'iyii ga tsuite kimasen de- 

shita kal 
wipe w... a (dirty) cloth 

tSkin de fuite o kurt 
I do not know anyone w . . . 

that name so iu na no hito 

wa shira-nai 
the geritlenian w. . . the red 

beard akai hige no haeta 

the lady w... the blue hat 

aoi boshi wo kabutta kata 
I am staying w. . . my frienls 

tomodachi no u<Ai ni ori- 


to bring w... one (of a 
thing) motte hum; (of a 
person) tsurete kuru 
I have it w . . . me motte 

w . . . or without atte me 
nakiite mo 

what will you do w... it.* 
nani ni shimasu kaf 
have you done w . . . this 
book? kono hon rua aki- 
mash'da ka? 

I have done w . . . him (he 
being unsatisfnotory) ano 
hito to te wo kitta 
I wish to have nothing to 
do w . . . it uxitnkushi tea 
sonni koto wa shira-nai 
it has notliiiig to do w . . . 
me sore wa watakOshi no 
shitln koto ja nai 
tliat has nothing to do w,.. 

it sore wa chiguimasu 
to Rhiver w . . . cold samukUte 

wliat shall I do w... this? 
kore wo do shimasho ? 
I don't know what to do w . . . 
this child kono ko ni ica ko- 
Without (not with) nashi ni; 
nakiite; often expr. by neg. 
gerimd; (outside) no soto 
w . . , permission yurushi nashi 
ni; (without giving notice 
beforehand) kototoara-nai de 
you must not go out agam 
w . . . permission kotowara- 
nai de mo uchi wo dete wa 
don't do it w . . . letting me 
know watasKi ni damatte 
shite tm ikemasen 
he camre w... it motle Jfco- 




he came back w... buying 

it kawa-nai d: kaerimashlla; 

katte kimasen deshita 
this letter came w... a. 

stanip kovo tegami wa kiUe 

ICO hara-nai de kimnshita 
better w... it nai ho ga ii 
I cannot do w . . . it nakiite 

wa shi-yo ga nai 
can do w. . . it nakiite mo li 
to return w . . . seeing mi 

nai de kaeru 
I cannot show you in w... 

learning your business go 

yo rco kika-nakereba o ire 

sum koto wa dekimasen 
he left w. . . saying anytliing 

damatte itte shintairruishita 
it goes w . . . saying iu made 

mo nai koto da 
it opens w . . ^ a key kagi 

nashi akitnasu 
w . . . due cause chanto shita 

wake ga nakiite 
you sliould do these things 

w . . . my telling you iware- 

nai de mo suru hazu da 
w... waiting for a reply 

henji wo mata-nai de 
w . . . an umbrella kasa nashi 

1 can do w . . . you anata ga 

i-nakiUf, mo hamaimasen 
what should I ever do w. . . 

you ? anata ga i-nakereba do 

shimasho ? 

w . . . doubt utagai mo naku 
w . . . exception nok(/ra-zu 
Witness shotiin 
Woman onna; fujin 
old w . . . ba-san 
there's a w . . . in It onna 

ga kartkei- sbUe iru 
w . . . ish onnarashi i 
w...ishly onnarashiku 
Womb skikyii 


it is a w. . . it does not 

break yoku koicare-nai mono 

it is no w... that he went 

away ano hUo ga itte shinuiUa 

no wa aturimne da 
no w. . . atariinae da; dori de 
no w. . . lie is not to be seen 

dOri de nde-nai 
I should not w... if — 

— kii mo shire-nai 
I w... 'f f'-iy one has come 

dare ka r:i!ji ka shim 
1 ]W... whether it will rain 

ame ga iuru ka shira 
I w. . . whether he luvs arriv- 
ed ano hito wa tsuita ka 

I w . . . who has come dare 

ga kitd no daro 
I w. . . why.'^ do iu, ivtikc na 

no daroi 
1 w. . . where it is doko ni aru 

no daro 
what would Tokyo people say 

I w... Tokyo no hito wa 

nan to in desho 
not to be w . . . ed at atari- 

mae da 
w . . . ful lushi'ji na 
Wood ki; (forest) hayashi; 

(timber) zaivuoku 
f irew . . . maki 
w ... en ki no 
Wool (yarn) ke-ito 
w . . . en ke de otta 
w. . .en cloth rasha 
Word kotobu; ji 
by w . . . of mouth kuchi de 
ill a w... hito-knchi ni ieba 
in other w . . .■a ii-kaereba 
to leave w . . . ii-oku 
to send w. . . itte yaru 
without aw... hUo-koto mo 

itoa-nai de 




w... for w... ichi-ji noko- 
not another w. . . o damari 

a w. . . with you chotto 
a man of- his w . . . ate ni 

nam hito 
I give my w. . . honto ni 
take my w . . . for it daijobu 

I will take you at your 

word tashika to omoimasu 
kindly send me w... sfdra- 

shiU kttdasai 
] am at a loss for w. ..a nan 

to mo ii-yo ga nai 
upon my w... honto ni 
Work shigoto 
hard w... ?ione-ori no tfii- 

goto [work that breaks your 


to set to w . . . (begin work- 
ing) shigoto wo hajime'ru 
to w... shigoto wo sum; 

t6 w . . . hard yoku hataraku 
to be out of w. . . asunde i'm 
there is a lot of w . . . in this 

kore wa tetna ga kakarvmasu 
w. . .8 (of a clock, etc.) kikai 
w . . . man shokunin 

World seJcai 
the w^iole w... sekai-ju 
what wiU the w... say? hito 
wa nan to iu darof 
Worm mimizu; memezu; (in 
the bowels) onaka no mushi 
w. . .-eateo mushi-kui ga ant 
Worn-out iuruku natta 
to be w... (of a person) 

tatabirete shtmau 
Worry shimpai 
I have a great many w . . . les 
■ shimpai ga takilsan arimasH 
to w . . . shimpai sum 

not to w. . . anskin sunt; 
shimpai shi-nai 

I can't help w. . .ing about it 
naka-naka ansMn tea deki- 

dont w. . . about it $himpax 
shite wa ikernasen 

w. . . than you anata yori 

Btill w. . . nao wami 

he is w . . . to-day kyo wa 
nao toanii 

so much the w. . . sore wa 

BO much the w . . . for you 
waiakiJishi no shitta koto ja 
nai [that is not my business] 

to grow w. . . and w. . . dan- 
dan waruku nam 
Worst ichi-ban warui 

at the w. . . warukute mo 

if, tlie w . . . comes to the 
w. . . moshi taihen unruAit 

he got the w. . . of it ano 
hito no ho ga makete iru 

how much is this w. . ..* kore 
wa ikura desho? 

it is w. . . 50 yen sort wa 
go-ju-yen no neuchi ga aru 

it is not w... anytlduR 
at all nan no neuchi mo na 

I want two yen w . . . of ten 
sen stamps jis-sen no kitte 
wo ni-yen dake kttdasai 

that Is not w . . . mention- 
ing sore toa nan de mo 

it is not w. . . much but 
sonuUsH na mono .desH ga 
(may be used in making 
a present; the sentence 
need not be finished) 




is it w. . . while? kai ga ari- 

magO. kaf 
it is not w. . . while kai ga 
it was not w. . . while go- 
ing to see mi ni itta keredo 
w. . . less tsumaratiai; ne- 
uchi no nai 
he said he w. . . go iko to itta 
if I were you I w . . . go 
waiakiJLshi nam ikimasH 
it w... have been better 
if you had gone ikeba yo- 
I w. . . ad>ise you to take 
a hot bath anata tea yu 
ni haittara yokaro [if you 
take a hot bath it would 
be a good thing] 
I w. .. go if I were not 
busy isogashiku nakereba 
w... you come if it rain- 
ed? ante ga futte mo kima- 
«u kaf [even if it rains] 
w. . . you come if my father 
asked you.' chichi ga o 
tanomi sureba o-ide nasai- 
masH ka! 
although I asked hfin he 
w... not come o tanorni 
tkite mo kimasen deshila 
I w... rather not go wala- 
kHshi wa ika-noA ho ga ii 
I w. . .n't do it for anything 
do shite mo shimasen 
I w. . . call on him only I do 
not know where he lives anu 
kata no tokoro e ikiiai no 
desO. ga uchi ga loakarimasen 
Wound kega; kizu 
to w... kega wo sase'm 
to be w. . ,ed kega wo sum 
tVrap tsutsumu 

please w. . . it up tsutsundt 
w..,per (coloured cloth like 
a handkerchief used by 
Japanese for wrapping up 
bundles) furoshlhi 

to bc) w.,.ed (of a ship) 
nasen sum; (of a person) 
hasen ni au 
Wrestle sumo too torn 
■w.. .r sumo-tori 
w. . .ing sumo; (another kind) 
Wring shiboru 
Wrinkle v. t. ni/shiuxi wo yo- 

se'ru ; v. i. shitea ga yoru 
Wrist te-kubi 
Write kaku 
please w. . . a letter for me 

tegami wo kaite kudasai 
please w... to me tegami 
wo kudasai 
I will w... to you tegami 
wo dashtmasho 
please w... another copy 
mo ichi-mai kaite kudasat 
please w. . . it again (cor- 
recting it) kaki-naosAite 

please w... to your father 
to-san ni tegami wo dashi- 
te kudasai 
I wrote back at once tugu 
henji ux> dashimashita 
to w . . . down kaki-tomeie oku 
w...r (author) chosha (handwritmg) te; 
(what is written) kaita-mono 
in w. . .Ing kaite 
in his own jibun de 
Wrong (mistaken) mackigatfa: 

(bad) tcarui 
to be w. . . machigatte i'ru 




this is w. . . (Intorrect) hore 

UM maehigaUe imasH 
I was w. . . mackigatte ima- 

you are in the w . . . ancaa 

ga mackigatte iru no dem 
I beg your pardon but I 

believe you are in the 

w. . . shitsurei desu ga awita 

ga mackigatte i-nai desho ka? 
it is altogether w . . . mani de 

to take the w . . . road mi- 

cki wo marhigae'ru 
the w. . . side uppermost 

to take by the w... end 

sakasamd ni moisU 
to do w . . . shi-sokomiu 
to hear w. . . kiki-sokonau 
to write w... kaki-sokonau 
the w... one ckigau no 
the w. . . side (of a piece of 

cloth) ura 
you set about it in the 

w . . . way sore de wa dame 
something is w. . . with me 

but I dont know what nan 

da ka shira-nai ga kimochi 

ga warui 
Bometlung is w... with the 

clock tokei no guai ga warui 
is anything w. . . with the 

bell ? rin no guai ga uxiruku 

natta no desiX ka f 
you were told w. . . mackigat- 
te oshierareta no desU 
Yacht yotto 
Yard (garden) naka-nitoa; 

(measure) j/ant; kaneno sari- 

Yawn akubi 
to y . . . akubi wo sunt 
Year toshi; nen 
this y... kotoshi 
last y... kyonen; sakunen 

y... before last ototoshi; 

next y . . . rainen 

y . . . after next sarairun 

y. . .ly mai^nen no 

every y . . . mai-nen 

within the y... loaki my 
ucJd ni 

In former y. . .8 sennen 

all the y . . . round nen-jH 

end of the y . . . toshi no hire 

New Y . . . 's time sho-gatsU 

New Y...'8 day gavjUsu 

the new y... shinnen 

I wish you a happy New 
Y... shinnen o medetd 
goMimasH kotoshi mo ai- 

for y. . .8 and y . . .s iku-nen 
mo iku-nen mo 

for y...8 past go-roku^tn 

' mae kara 

y... by y... nen^nen 

how many y . . . s? iku-nenf 

how many y...s old.« toski 
wa i/cutsHf 

two y . . .s old fUtatsii See Agb 

the y. . .1913 Taisho ni-nen 

Yellow ki-iro 
Yes sayo; sayo ie gozaimasH 

yes, please dozo 

I want a plain answer, yea 
or no inaya no henji too 
shite kudasai 

In answering a negative ques- 
tion the Japanese often use 
•yes' where we would say 
'no.' and vice-versa: 

isn't he coming.* kintasen ka? 

no sayo de gozaimasH [yes, i.e. 
it is ~so as the negative of 
your question implies] 

yes He [no] 
Yesterday kind; sakujil»A 

y. . . morning k/inotio asa 




y . . . evening sakuban; yUbe 
the day before y... tssoifcu- 

jitsH; ototoi 
not y . . . mada (vetbt if 

any, neg.) 
be has not y... come mada 

it - 18 not y . . . finished mO' 

da detimasen 
and y . . . desH ga 
y... (nevertheless) he would 

not come keredomo kimasen 

Yolk (of an egg) kimi 
You armta (polite); omae (not 

you (plural) anata-gata 

(polite); omae-tacki (not 

Young wdkai 
to be tothi oa ghUa 

de aru 
two years /iUart 


y...est ichi-ban ihUa - 
when I was y. . . viakai USA 

my brother otSto 
my sister imotxt 
Your anaia no; anata-gata 
no; also expressed by the 
honorific prefixes o; go; 
and by the use of polita 
y... brothers go kySdai 
y. . . house o taku 
y...self go jibun (polite); 
jibun (not polite) See SBLf 
yours anata no 
Youth (period) u>aka% toki 
(person) loakai hUo 
y . . . ful wakai 
Zeal nesshin 
Zero rei 
three, four, z .., sevett 
(3407) san, ski, rei, skichi 
Zigzag unekuns gkUa 
Zinc totan 


Yes sayo 

No He 

If you please dozo 

Have you? arimasu kaf 

Give me toataJcushi ni kudasai 

Show me misete kuiasai 

Thank you arigeto 

Don't mention it do Uatki- 

Good morning o-hayo 
Good day konnichi tea 
Good evening komban tea 
Good night (on retiring at 

night) yasumi nasai 
Good bye sayonara 
What do you call this in 

Japanese? kore wa Nifion- 

g<\ df nan to iinmstl kaf 
Do you speak English? Ei- 

go ga dekimasu ka? 
Do you understand English? 

Bi-ao ga, uxikarimasu kaf 
1 understand nnkarimasu 
I do not understand teaka- 

I am an Englishman wala- 

kuihi wa Igirisu-nn desu 
I am an Amorican tcatakuthi 

wa Amerika-jin desH 

A rikisha kuruma 

How much? ikuraf 

How much to take me to 

the station? Uisliaba mad* 

To the station and back fei- 

ihaba made Sjiiku 
Until 5 o'clock, how mucM 

go-ji made ikurat 
How long does it take? dono 

furai kakarimasH kaf 
Right migi 
Left hidari 
Stop tomeie 
Here is something for yoa 

(on giving a eratuity) 

sukoshi da ga 
Ticket lippu 
Two tickets kippu ni'mai 
Return ticket o/uku-kippu 
First class it-to 
Second class ni-to 
Two first returns Xyoto 

Kyoto no it-to ofUku ni-tnai 
Where is the W. C.r benjt 

tea doko desa kaf 


I am hungry o naka ga sC- 

Come here o-iie nasai 


Excuse me gomen nasai 

1 want some bread pan wo 

It doesn't matter kamai- 



A meal shokuji 

It can't be helped shi-kala 

A foreign style restaurant 

ga nai 


It is no use (your trying to 

I am thirsty nodo ga ka%Ba- 

do that) dame dasH 


Too dear awMri takai 

Bring me a bottle of beer 

Cheaper motto yasui 

hitru U)o ip-pon moUe kite o 

Get out of the way o doki 



ImmedLitely su{;u nC 

Don't make such a noise 

Cold water mizu 


Ice-water kori wo ireta mizu 

What do you want? nan 

Hot water o yu 

desii ka? 

Tea clia 

Take care ki wo isHkeU 

Cakes o kashi 

Tliat wont do sore wa ike-run 

Milk gyunyu 

Don't do that so shichd ike- 

Bread pan 


Waiter boi 

Hold your tongue o damari 

Servant (female) joc/m 


What is the time? nan-ji desA 

Go away achira e 


N.B.— These last sentences 

Please show me your watch 

are more or less impolite 

tokei wo misete kudasai 

and should be used only 

Make haste hayaku 

to inferiors. 

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